Resistance Band Glute Exercises: Crab Walk [Ep49]

In this video, I’m going to show you one
of my favourite resistance band exercises to target your glutes, those butt muscles. In a previous video I showed you a resistance
band glute drill you can use in a bridge position to teach your body how to engage glute max
and glute med. As a progression from that exercise, today
I want to show you one of my favourite exercises to build strength in the glute muscles in
a more functional weight bearing position. The resistance band crab walk exercise is
great for strengthening external rotation and abduction of the hip, movements the glute
muscles are largely responsible. As you step sideways, the band wants to pull your knees
together into internal rotation and adduction at the hip. Your job is to resist this! Start standing with your feet hip width apart,
with the band around your lower thighs, just above the knees. In this position, you should
have slightly flexed knees. Keep your back straight and sit back a little into an ever
so slightly crouched position. You should aim to keep your torso still as
you step sideways against the resistance of the band. I like to give the cue of imagining
you’re holding a tray of drinks! Place the lead foot on the ground, and follow
with the trail leg. These sideways steps should be slow, wide and deliberate. Make sure you don’t drag the training foot
on the floor. It’s a distinct ‘pick up and place’, while the band wants to snap
the legs back together. Fight this! Start with 30 seconds of slow side stepping
in one direction, followed immediately by 30 seconds in the other. Rest and repeat 2-3
times. After the second set, your glutes should be
feeling worked! You can progress this exercise by placing
the band lower down the leg, towards the ankle, essentially making the lever arm from the
hip longer. However, as you do, make sure you maintain the focus on keeping the knees
apart. Let me know how you get on with the resistance
band crab walk. It’s one of my favourites. Tell me how you find it, in
the comments. Speak to you soon. Bye now!

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