Restoring Dirt Bike Radiators To New!
Restoring Dirt Bike Radiators To New!

I’ve got a fun little project I’m gonna
share with you guys here is the radiator set off of my Oh three cr250 and when I
started out with them they were completely mangled all twisted up dirty
and corroded so I’ve got him straightened out and cleaned up but now
I’m gonna see how close the new I can get him to look so the radiators
actually don’t look too bad they’re pretty straight and clean but I’m gonna
go through and straighten out some of these fins and I know I can get that
finish to look better and here is going to be my weapon of choice for cleaning
up the radiators a little dremel tool with brass and stainless wire cut at change of plans I came across these
scotch-brite attachments in the shop and I’m hoping that leaves a more consistent
shine the wire cup seemed to work alright but the finish is a little
spotty the scotch-brite attachments work a
little better but still not quite the finish I’m after and as you can see they
wear out pretty quickly but I’ve got another tried-and-true option I’m gonna
explore the good ol scotch brite wheel on the buffing machine this should be
magic that definitely did the trick however I
think the dremel tool with the Scotch by attachment would still work pretty good
in some of the tighter areas all right the next step is pretty
straightforward just gonna go through and straighten out some of these fins
using a small flat blade screwdriver should be able to get these sides
looking good but the back sides are pretty rough it is going to be tough to
get them perfect so I’ve got these things looking pretty
good really happy with the outcome and it didn’t take too much work either the
majority of the feds are straightened out but on the backside here like I was
saying earlier there’s some damage that just isn’t repairable shouldn’t affect
their performance much though I hope you guys picked up a tip or two from the
video like always all the tools and supplies used throughout the video are
down below so please go use those links and if you haven’t seen the video of me
straightening out these radiators yet it is pretty amazing just click this box
right over here to go check it out that’s it for today thanks for watching

69 thoughts on “Restoring Dirt Bike Radiators To New!”

  1. Rhys Sneddon says:

    Perfect! Exactly what I need 🙂

  2. Sana Zafar says:

    Love the video when do u plan on finishing the crf250 build

  3. scummy braap says:

    Ni ce dude 😉

  4. Nathan Mescher says:

    Just got my Mag Wheel cleaner in last night ready to try it out tonight!!

  5. AuMechanic says:

    Those scotchbrite tips are cool
    Be handy for finishing off ports.

  6. Christo Viljoen says:

    Do more videos dude!!!! Cant wait to see this bike complete!!!!

  7. Jason YZ250 says:

    Hell yeah. That looks great

  8. Christo Viljoen says:

    P.S. Check out TX Race Plastics on restyle kits for the 2 strokes. Pretty bad ass!

  9. Kaleb Johnston says:

    cool vid man love all your videos

  10. maico 490 says:

    Another great video with plenty of tips. .. I was watching your older video on the ttr125 carburettor I was wondering what the other black pipe was for there was the fuel pipe overflow pipe and another pipe going up under the fuel tank 🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍

  11. Jakob N says:

    When are you going to put the engine together?

  12. TheDirt BikeRider says:


  13. sucker punch says:


  14. Jordan Bates says:

    Awesome that looks awesome I really like your pryme mx hats and tsirts

  15. Christian Regitz says:

    When are you going to put the bike back together?

  16. Thatonekid 5666 says:


  17. Blubby 6255 says:

    I had to remove Kawasaki green paint off my 1974 gas can it was no their good but it had holes and it was sad 😢 to watch

  18. Brian Williams says:

    Turned out amazing as we all expected! Great job!

  19. Stevie Munier says:

    Hey Cam! I have fixed a lot of my dirt bikes fins this last winter and what I found works out the best is taking two little razor blades and put one on each side of one fin and then press the razor blades together. I found this to make them look better and for the whole job to go faster.

  20. Maxim Trepanier says:

    men this CR250 will be mint as F. Only complaint here is that you really do make the average joe mechanic  look so damn sloppy lollllgood stuff keep it up!!

  21. Evan Anderson says:

    Thanks from your vids I straightened my radiator for my 06 crf250r.

  22. Blake Ogan says:

    I love how you just get right to work. Keep up the work bud

  23. Brodie Bennett says:

    I was cleaning a heater matrix from a '72 MGB GT not too long ago… Some of the fins were bent, but I attacked them with a pair of tweezers, and managed to get them looking Pryme.

  24. thareal13 says:

    Cameron I was wondering if you could help me with my pit bike it bogs when you give it too much throttle I tried what you said in your video but still bogs

  25. jacko g says:

    Keep up the good work

  26. High Choice says:

    Nice video. Keep it up

  27. Max Joseph says:

    They make a tool for fixing the radiator fin things.

  28. 87snooney says:

    cant wait for the CR250 reveal! Keep it up brother!

  29. علي الوحش says:

    Wow 😯

  30. Ethan James says:

    hey great vid! i am a bit confused on how the raw metal on all your parts arnt going to rust. r u putting clear coat on them? thanks

  31. Josh MX says:

    i like all the videos n everything, but this project is DRAGGING. sorry, i know it takes time to be perfect but it feels like forever…

  32. Anthony R says:

    I have a gyro draml I didn't know what Scotch-Brite was I have those attachments for my Dremel as well I use sand paper small grit

  33. Malky 1550 says:

    nice man and much cheaper than buying a new set

  34. Michael Peretto says:

    Theres a tool for straightening radiator fins i believe. Would make life much quicker lol

  35. IvicaKX450 says:

    Dont get me wrong i love watching your channel. But donyt you have a god tip to make alimnum look like from showroom, not the polished like you do: I love the matte finish from shoowrom , how do i make it look like OEM?

  36. Wheelie Everything says:

    tx race has really cool plastics to make it amost look like an AF build

  37. Marcus Bevzyuk says:

    Hey Cameron, how'd you find the cr250 for $400? Was it in craiglist or what? What's the best way to find these deals?

  38. Felipe K. says:

    Scotchbrite needs to sponsor you Cameron hahaha

  39. Val Correa says:

    love the build but every episode is just cleaning aluminum…..

  40. Cr 15 says:

    Nice man

  41. Honda says:

    Could you do a new video on how to make a dirt bike motor look brand new.

  42. Todd Thompson says:

    Hey man do u rebuild motors I have a yz450f motor that needs a rebuild

  43. Bell Cheese says:

    When are u going to revel ur big track that u were doing for ur big bikes

  44. brandywell44 says:

    Nice job Cameron. You may want to consider a set of ex medical tools like tweezers, ratchet forceps, picks. So useful for small jobs like rad fins and for clamping things when you paint and hang them to dry. Train Model Engineers shows are a great source, high quality and cheap to buy being used and they last. eg;

  45. Island Riders Dirt bikes & Quads says:

    Short and sweet video, thanks

  46. Deepak Gupta says:

    Plz give me wts up nm…i wanna tLk to u …i am indian mechanic..plz …ya other opinions talk to u

  47. Mathew Haufle says:

    You should put a Trx plastic conversion kit on the bike when it's all done look pretty dope

  48. Honda CR125 Motard says:

    If anyone needs new pair of radiators for their dirtbike i reccomend GPI Racing Radiators from E-Bay, i bought it for my CR125 supermoto and the work great, the fitment is spot on and they look waaay beter made than OEM, the sides are thicker and the welds are stronger….And theyre ONLY 100$ (85€)

  49. ProfabDesigns Inc. says:

    HI CAM,
    A quick tip, is the thin wooden stir stick at StarBucks coffee stores work perfect for this task. They are thin enough to straighten the very fine aluminum fins and it will also help push out any small rocks or debris out the other side. I try not to use a small screw driver, as they can easily puncture the the tubes or tear a fins, leading to a small leak. i usually grab a dozen or so every month. They work great with scotchbright soft “Gray” very fine pads for polishing too. As well as the old stand by’s, tongue depressor or a popsicle sticks are cheap and do the trick too. Great video too.

  50. Gary A says:

    Good vid, Cameron. Love my Dremel for fine work, too. 🏍👍🏍

  51. Joshua Towner says:

    You wouldn’t know where I could find some 14/15/16 Kx250f air box parts from, would greatly appreciate a hand

  52. Christopher Budlong says:

    I have an 09 crf 250r, I will be doing an oil change for the engine side and the transmission/clutch side. I’m using 10w-40 synthetic motor oil for the engine side. What would you recommend using for the clutch side?

  53. Carlton says:

    Are you from finland

  54. Luan Opperman says:

    Man you never finished the honda crf with the colour coated rims pleas make a vidio of it and i hope i can win one of your give aways . In which country do you stay.

  55. PEPPINO says:

    what?? Last time I checked you had 20k subs and I felt bad for you because you made so good videos and had so little subs and just like that you have 65k. Congrats!

  56. Marky Carey says:

    Will you please do a shop tour

  57. leandro says:

    Hey man ,look im 8teen and im thinking in buying a bike ,i had bike already ,but never dirty one so for first bike to motocross or just to go off road u think 250 2 stroke is good or its too hard ? Would like to know your opinion ,thanks !

  58. Lars Cajvall says:

    You are great!!!!

  59. Mxrider2stroke Braaap says:

    I’m a little late, but this video was great!🤙

  60. Niner Empire27 says:

    Your smart.

  61. Marko Martinac says:

    Why didn't you sandblast it? Could you even do that to a radiator?

  62. GumDarw says:

    How important is it that the thins is streight

  63. evilvicious says:

    just ran into your channel , good stuff sir, subbed !! !

  64. Kyle Grasso says:

    I've stripped bikes in the past and cleaned and restored several parts only to just loose tons of money in the end. 🤔🤬

  65. Alias Incognito says:

    Curious, did you try a radiator Fin Comb? I've never tried one but I ordered one today…seems to me that it'd make straightening the fins more uniform. Have you ever tried sandpaper and follow up with scotchbright by hand? I love these vids!

  66. Jethro Sagun says:

    what is the inside diameter of radiator hose? thanks.

  67. Jethro Sagun says:

    what is the inside diameter of radiator hose? thanks.

  68. Tim Sage says:

    I like what you did here restoring the radiators. I did a tear down and rebuild as well, because of you influence, and decided to restore mine as well as well. But in the meantime, I went with these.

    They cost me $120 CDN when I bought them.

    This was my first ever build. Right down to bare frame as well as a complete engine rebuild.

    Thanks for all the "How To" vid's. They inspired me to rebuild my own bike.

  69. Erik Bredt says:

    what? you're not going to anodize them?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,amazing ,,,from taco'd to near perfect !!,,,your patience is a gift >

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