Return of the mighty bearing ball
Return of the mighty bearing ball

[Intro music] Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel. Today we have some hard balls. So, these are ceramic bearing balls. They are twice as hard as steel balls. and they have also a bit better, uhhh…. compressive strength, or something like that. I’m not sure what is that right term there. And then we have these marble balls also. Two of each. Let’s start with these because I am a bit afraid of what they are going to do. [Speaking nervously in Finnish] Uhhhhh… I think this ball is extremely hard because I used way more power than with the steel one. and it just dig, like, hole for itself into our hardened tools. So, we are going to of course use the full force, but I think this is very risky and dangerous, so we are taking some distance to the press. and use an extremely complicated remote control. and take cover behind some kind of blast shield. [Explosion] [High pitched metallic ringing] Vaat. Da. Faaak? [Anni:] Whaaat?! So, we are just inspecting the situation and the first thing that we noticed is that there isn’t any ball between those tools. That is a good thing. And then second… thing that we noticed is that this used to be right here and… this should be on those. So, our blast shield was also planning to escape the situation. and… These have jumped. You can see that nicely on the slow-motion film. It was about… I think the pressure meter was about 250, so it was about the full force, so… We really won’t be able to crush the larger one with this press. It has to… be left for the mega-press. And now, the moment of truth! What lies behind the press tool? Yeah, no ball. So the mighty ball is now fine dust. It’s just like sand. and… check out that hole in the… [Anni: chuckles nervously] in the hardened steel. These are… I think these are much stronger than steel balls. And I have some secrets to show you. So, here is the larger one of those two balls that I just showed to you. and… this isn’t going to be crushed with this press. But I have a nasty surprise [Anni: Evil laughing] that I haven’t show you yet. This is the ha…ha faaking shit! Look at the difference! [Anni: laughing intensifies] [Lauri:] I think this is going to be a really tough ball for even our mega-press. Yeah. And then the marble balls. These are going to be child’s play. [Anni:] Whooo! [Anni:] Haha Yeah. That is all for today. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day! [Outro music] And for today’s extra content we have this strange looking bird. It is extremely dangerous because it has bird flu, and it may attack at any time, so we must deal with it. [Anni: laughing]

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  2. CUBIE says:

    the bird in the extra content is a cartoon character

  3. Lion de Oliveira Lorena says:

    where the crushing of the other 2 balls?

  4. Daniel Kaplan says:

    5:12 Alolan Muk

  5. Alex Li says:

    Vaat. Da. Faak? Congratulations. You now got a new subscriber.

  6. andyofyork says:

    1:33 best "what the fuck" ever

  7. Hort inger says:

    and that is how an eartquake is created

  8. funny FRIES says:

    it was little like a bullet

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  10. Kawaii Potato says:

    "VAT DAH FAHQ!!!!"

  11. Eskramut says:

    This isn't even my final form

  12. avaruus olio says:

    Voii vittu

  13. Jack Burton says:

    Awesome scenarios

  14. Mohd. Nishikata Sitohang says:

    can hydraulic press destroy "balls"?

  15. Shorne Pubique says:

    This is cool. these are used for big turbines or something?

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  17. DECCAS8 says:

    He must spend so much money on pressing tools

  18. my mind is digital 2 mad-doctor17 says:

    voi vittu! 😂

  19. Mäysseli :3 says:

    Nää videot on tosi koukuttavii

  20. WildCatBoot82 says:

    That was imPRESSive

  21. Spectrox says:

    "vot da fuk" is now my WhatsApp status

  22. PhilHewkin says:

    wot da fok? they used ironwood to make bearings out of in the old days. I would like to see wot da fok up against modern bearings! thanks, and, wot da fok?

  23. MAST3RFARM3R227 says:

    "Keyramic" idk?

  24. Ranz says:

    4:25 "And so, the mighty herodraulic press defeated the evil crystal bead, releasing the light back all over the world in a powerful blast of energy"

  25. Neoslayer PW says:

    Why don't they ever make a hydraulic press out of what those balls are made of?

  26. Alex N says:

    Good topic but explicit language defenetly dislike

  27. Rudrashiva Gaming says:

    I am here for my daily dose of Vat da fok

  28. vinay ky says:


  29. Leunr Phantom says:

    The tiny ball was gone when the press barley touched it.

  30. ucoep semoking says:

    try crushing hydrolic press with hydrolic press toll

  31. Jonathon Knite says:

    0.o that is a huge bearing… oh yeah!!

  32. The VCR King says:

    V A T D A F U K

  33. JOEEE says:

    voi vittu! XD

  34. Metatron says:

    Crash Internet ;]

  35. Noname says:

    I just want to sit there and drink a beer. Love your video

  36. Bob Vagene says:

    Vaat.da.Faaak Best CC for any video on Youtube

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  38. Hợp chế Tổng says:

    The result of drinking too much vodka
    -> VOT DA FAC

  39. Big Bomb says:

    1:32 to 1:40 Best part

  40. udlerf says:

    You're welcome.

  41. Omar Jamal-Eddine says:

    Changee this stupid intro music

  42. Hollow Knight says:

    We have some hard balls.

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    This guy's accent is one of my favorite reasons for watching this channel

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    3:22 gave me a massive boner

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    “Today we have some hard balls”. Sir, indeed you do.
    “Voi vittu.” LOL. "Vaat da fak!"

  50. Natinol Pharma says:

    Suck my bearing balls

  51. Cameron Gray says:

    "What the fuuuuuukkkkkk?"

  52. Tiamat Blaze says:

    that was almost like watching a prince rupert's drop shatter, amazing that it denting the steel before breaking though. Hope to see those bigger ones in ultra-slow motion.

  53. Vector says:

    *waht tha fock*

  54. Burn Roe says:

    Please crush dynamite stick

  55. Fromtheoak says:

    Balls of bearing.

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  57. Al Truist says:

    That chick is HILARIOUS !!! She just laughs her buttocks off at everything lol I love it !

  58. Atmos Reactionz says:

    The marbles got destroyed as soon as they got touched by the press lol nice crush

  59. Gerndel Wood says:

    Where/when did you learn English? You have an accent but it’s very good. I always understand what you’re saying

  60. Tyler says:

    This is the… Fucking shit! Look at the difference

  61. daveytn says:


  62. Video game music and fun stuff says:

    0:51 Voi vittu!

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  76. mkaali says:

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  77. Toxix says:

    The ball turned into Avengers

  78. James Porter says:

    Its like watching porn trying to find the good stuff in these videos

  79. Prancing Corn98 says:


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    3.45 he says shower not show her xD

  81. Carlos Lopez jauregui says:

    I love the extra content ajajajaja

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    Perfect ammo for muskets

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    I also have some hard balls

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    Some John Wayne balls

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    3:50 that's a bomb

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