[REVIEW] Bronson Raw Skate Bearings Speed Test – New vs. 1 Year Old
[REVIEW] Bronson Raw Skate Bearings Speed Test – New vs. 1 Year Old

My name is Justin Lauria, and today we’re going to be speed testing Bronson RAW shieldless bearings. So, before we get started, first I want to
make it clear that while I do have a lot of nice things to say about these bearings, I’m
not sponsored by Bronson, so you can expect this review to be an honest account of my
experience with them. So the first and probably the most important
factor that I want to go over is, “are these bearings fast?” After using them for a little over a year
now, I can say with confidence that they’re definitely fast, at least on par with Bones
Swiss bearings, despite the price point being significantly lower. They cost around $40 US compared to around
$60 for Bones Swiss. Right out of the box, you can see that they
allow your wheels to spin almost frictionlessly around the truck axle, and in the free spin
test that I did, they spun for well over a minute on the first try. Now it’s one thing for them to be fast when they’re
brand new, but how long does it take before they start to slow down? If you’ve ever used Bones Reds bearings, you
probably know that after around 3 months, dirt and grime will accumulate inside the
bearings and start to have a noticeable impact on the rolling friction you experience while
you’re riding. You can temporarily extend the life of your
bearings, however, if you clean them out and lubricate them with speed cream, but in my
experience, each successive cleaning seems to further reduce the time until the next
cleaning is needed. Now, Bronson RAWs on the other hand don’t
seem to ever need any maintenance at all for some reason. My guess is it’s possibly due to the fact
that they don’t have a dust shield on them, which may actually work against other bearings
by keeping the dirt trapped inside. So, one of the reasons I decided to try these
out in the first place was that I figured that when the time finally did come to need
to clean them, I wouldn’t have to take each wheel off, pull the bearings out, and then
remove the dust shields in order to apply speed cream. Instead, the plan was just going to be to
put the speed cream on it while the wheel is still on the axle of the truck, but like I
said before, that time hasn’t come yet, so I haven’t really had a chance to try that
out. Now, one thing that I don’t really understand
yet is that these bearings are advertised to sound better than other bearings, but personally,
I really haven’t noticed too big of a difference, if any at all. As far as I can tell, they sound just the
same as any other skateboard bearings. Alright, so now it’s time to go outside and
do a speed test comparing the year old Bronson RAWs that I haven’t ever cleaned to a brand
new set right out of the box. Alright so we have the year old Bronson RAWs
installed right now and we’re going to just drop in from a specific point up there and
time how long it takes to get to a specific point down here. I’m thinking the end of the bridge where the
two types of cement meet. Then we’ll keep everything else exactly the
same except we’ll just change the bearings out to brand new Bronson RAWs and do the exact
same test again and see how much wear and tear took place on these in a year’s worth
of skating. Hopefully that will give you some kind of
guage of how durable they are. Alright, so now we’re going to replace those
with brand new Bronson RAWs. From having skated down the hill already with
the old ones, I don’t think these are going to be a whole lot faster. Those actually seemed pretty frictionless. Alright, so now we’ve got the brand new Bronson
RAWs in, and let’s see how they compare to each other. Alright, so we’re out here at the second location. At the first location, the concrete on the bridge seemed a little rough. It had lines in it going all the way across,
and I’m not sure if that’s going to ruin the test, so we’re going to repeat the test on
a different hill and make sure the results are consistent. Just like before, we’re going to start and
stop at the same point, and this time, we’re going to start with the new bearings since
I already have those installed, and then switch to the old bearings. OK, so we’re about as high up as we can go
where the other camera can still see when we touch down, so this is actually perfect. We have a nice line right here to start at,
and then the blue reflector at the bottom of the hill is going to be where we stop the
timer. So it should be perfect. Someone moved my stick, man! Alright, much better. Alright, so now we’re going to put the 1 year
old bearings back in. Some tips on replacing your bearings: It’s easier with a good skate tool. This one is made by Silver. I highly recommend it. I’ll put a link to this skate tool in the
description. Whenever you install your bearings, I would
recommend putting a speed washer on each side of the bearings on the axle. When you’re removing these bearings out of
here, you don’t need any special tools, you just basically put it slightly on the axle
and pull it off just like that; it’s no big deal. Then when you install your bearings, just
put the shield side, or in this case, since these are shieldless bearings, the side where
you can see the ball bearings, face down. Take your wheel, push it down onto the bearing
until it’s flush. Repeat for the other side. Then obviously, don’t forget to put your speed
washer on, the wheel, the other speed washer, and then the nut. Then tighten your nut so that the wheel just barely can wiggle around, but not too much. Alright, so I don’t know what kind of person
I would be if I didn’t try to go down the entire hill, so I’m going to do that now,
just for fun. I’ve always wanted to see what this looks
like in slow motion. Alright so after seeing the results of the
test, I’m sure it’s easy to tell why I have so many nice things to say about these bearings. Even after a year of riding them, they’re
still just about as fast as they were when they were fresh out of the box, and not
having to do any cleaning or maintenance on them is a huge advantage over the other bearings
I’ve used. If you’re interested in getting a set for
yourself, check out the description section below, as I’ll leave a link to these bearings,
the skate tool, and my favorite wheels. If you enjoyed this video, leave a comment
down below and let me know, and as always, never stop improving.

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  3. Hailey Morgan says:

    Hey Justin

  4. NSI Skateboarding [Justin Lauria] says:

    Hope you guys dig this type of video, even though it's not the sort of thing I usually post! Let me know your thoughts!

    Check out how the front left wheel seems to completely stop @ 10:55 =D

  5. Skate The Fat Away says:

    cool tutorial

  6. Greg West says:

    My bronson raws latest two sessions (one indoor and one out) before two wheels slowed down considerably. Went back to G3s and couldn’t be happier.

  7. simonfilm says:

    Great video!! Thanks!!

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    Awesome channel man, keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. Marcel Müller says:

    Can someone help i started Skating again after 5 Years im back at it but with 220 lbs and shoe us size 12 i have no idea what size Skateboard i should go with i do more Flatricks/Streetskating i have 148 Thunder Trucks what Deck should i go with 8.125-8.35? i think 8.5 is to big to flip and my truck axle is to small for 8.5

  10. The Narrow Gate says:

    Picked up the raws due to thus review, love em. Thanks.

  11. Patrick Reed says:

    Thank you for actually implying the scientific method and trying to produce control. It's frustrating sometimes what's posted lol. I've also now have had my RAW's for a year. I think I need to buy another set because i'm too tired of always swapping them into different wheels. They really are the best bearings out there, you gotta use spacers too. They sit inside the wheel on the axle between the bearings. It allows the bearing to properly sit on the races and the axle. You never have to worry about tightening too far. Once it's tightened its set perfectly. I'm sure you know this though, SO FOR ALL THE GROMS IN THE BACK, LURKING IN THE COMMENT SECTION! Buy Bronson RAWs, ask your skate shop for spacers (they're free), install them bitches, then go rip ride and die!

  12. Emmanuel James says:

    Sick ass NIKE's!!

  13. liam says:

    It all depends on the indivual tho some dudes just have that raw aggressive push lol push twice and all of a sudden there flying and switch bombing down a hill

  14. Normandy Kush says:

    Is that a 7an half or a 7 inch board?

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  16. Robert Kelly says:

    Skated Swiss Bones for years. I got a set of these a little over a year ago; they quickly became my new favorite. A couple months ago I left my board down in my dank musty basement…

    They quite literally rusted tight. They'd hardly move at all. The horror!!!!
    So I boiled them, baked them dry, and oiled them up and they were like brand new again.

  17. tomwolber says:

    These don't seem to ship with spacers – are they needed?

  18. Venomous Goat ' says:

    I love your videos

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    A man balding on top is a great thinker, a man balding on the back of his head is a great lover. A totally bald man thinks he’s a great lover.

  20. Tristan W says:

    Glad you've had a good experience with them man. I bought a set when they very first showed up at Fast Forward (RIP) here in Austin. They seemed a bit slower but I was also riding a harder wheel so I assumed it might just be that. After about a month I popped them out to see how they were holding up. The outer ring on one of them was cracked straight through and would barely spin and a couple others were slow but just dirty. I contacted NHS about the cracked one and they were nice enough to send a replacement. There was a mix up between the people I talked to, one of them was confused and thought I was actually a team rider for Bronson (somehow) and so in the end they actually ended up sending me 2 sets of Raws and a set of G3's. They said it was fine just to keep them. Unfortunately though, within a couple weeks another bearing ring cracked on the Raws. I contacted them again and never got an email back. I swapped to the 2nd set of Raws and within a week the inner cage had broken on 2 bearings and they would barely spin. I ended up just giving them to another guy at the skatepark who later told me they cracked for him too. On the bright side, the G3's are still going strong on my cruiser. Since then I've just gone back to Bones. I'm still riding a set of Reds I bought in February. Ride them for about a month until they dry out, then pop the shields. They're still just as fast as always as far as I can tell. Hopefully Bronson has improved the Raws quality since then but I still feel they're absurdly overpriced at $40.

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    This guy looks like a cheap Drake

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    My bronson's are faster than the first 3 day imo.

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    Is that an 8" deck

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    La re calcada concha de tu madre los bones swiss son los mejor skate del mundo los bronson speed raw son una mierda se rompe en seguida los mejor bones swiss buenos rulemanes y duran pila de tiempo . Sí sos skate Porfavor no compre esa mierda . Saludos de Uruguay

  25. Robert Hartmann says:

    U should tested them from other bearing companies!!. Like swiss and reds and other company's

  26. Robert Hartmann says:

    Should had testing something to test speed between each minutes. Like if u going 10 miles per hour or something to see how fast u going each test.

  27. mike dhmhtriou says:

    started skating again after many many years, and i want to ask you Mr Lauria if you know which brands have the steepest concave this days…here most skateshops dont even write the concave 🙁
    we need more videos like that, thanks a lot dude 🙂

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    you forgot the spacer in between the bearings.

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    Is it me or do the Raw's wear out hella fast??

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    They sound way different

  32. Justin says:

    When you clean your bearings, you have to actually clean them before you add speed cream. Just so you know

  33. Mac Baise says:

    I had a pair of Bronson G3’s for about a year and then I took the shields off and gave them to my friend about a year ago and he’s still skating them.

  34. pickle jar says:

    what shoes do you have?

  35. Tee Jay says:

    Why not do the same test with some cheaper bearings? The major argument against them isn't that they're the worst bearings, it's that they're overpriced and the marketing is ridiculous. You're basically paying twice as much for them to pop the shields for you. Get some Flip HKD or Indy Black or Reds or Modus or any other bearing in that $15-20 range and you'll get the same or better performance for half the price. Pop the shields and bam you've also got "audible speed technology".

  36. camelo says:

    Got my hands on some reasonably priced bronson hybrids. And Holy shit they are fast. The kids in the park had a go on it and pretty much agreed with my observations. Swit he'd them out for Swiss ceramics but going back to the bro sons again as its been a couple of months and the Swiss have slowed down dramatically.

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