RIDGID – How To Change Rollers 918 Roll Groover
RIDGID – How To Change Rollers 918 Roll Groover

How To Change The Rollers In The 918 Roll Groover Hi, I’m Mike from RIDGID. I’m going to show you quickly how to change
the grooving set in a 918 RIDGID Roll Groover from the 2 to 6-inch set of rollers to the 8 to 12-inch. So we’re going to start with the top
roller first, so for the removal of that, we need the Long Allen Key out of the case, and that goes in the side here,
just turn this around for you. There’s a hole in there that has a
little Allen Key grub screw in there. So put the Allen Key in and just
undo that a couple of turns. Now what we can do is push the
shaft through from the back. Okay. So the shafts come through, take the
shaft, and then just lift the roller out. So we’re going to leave the top roll out whilst
we just tackle the shaft now in the bottom. So for this, turn the groove around. On the side, here, there’s a push pin. That push button there locks the
shaft so we need to turn the shaft and push the pin at the same time. There. And that’s dropped into the hole now. We can take the square key out of the box, and all we need to do is simply,
just undo the locking nut. And spin that off. So with the locking nut removed
from the back of the shaft, we can just pull the shaft forward, and now it’s the groover. So putting the 12-inch set back in the groover
is just a reversal of removing the 2 to 6. So shaft in first. So with the shaft in place, it’s time
to put the locking back nut on. This has a particular way that it goes. And it actually says on the nut here, if
you just see that, it says this side out. So you put it onto the shaft that way,
with the tapered edge going in first. Press the shaft lock. Take the key. And tighten the back nut up. Now time for the top roller, so the roller
has the key way, and there’s a key on the shaft. So what we need to do is just roller in, and
then make sure that the shaft goes through, and line up the keyway, and that
should slide all the way back here. And then, what we do now is
take the Allen Key again, into the hole, and just tighten the grub screw up. And there we go, there’s the 8 to 12
shaft and groove rolls. Ready for grooving.

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  1. Tripnotyst says:

    Awful design on this thing. If you tighten the top knob too much the pipe will get stuck on it and you have to cut it off with a grinder. We have 1 of these and several others made by different manufacturers at school and these are the only ones with cut marks all over the shaft due to students over tightening and getting their pipe stuck and having to take a grinder to it.

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