Riding Every Roller Coaster at Cedar Point in 1 Day – No Way!
Riding Every Roller Coaster at Cedar Point in 1 Day – No Way!

Well, we’re here today at Cedar Point in
Sandusky, Ohio – the roller coaster capital of the world. And we’re about to attempt
the impossible. I’m gonna try to ride all 18 roller coasters in one day. We got off set to kind of a late start. The park is open from 10:00 till 8:00. We got
here at 11 and that means we’ve got 9 hours to ride 18 coaster, that’s roughly two roller
coasters per hour. I’ve got my daughter Sadie with today. That’s the beauty of being a homeschool dad. We go on a school day, May 21 where it’s not quite as crowded today, a little overcast so the odds are in our favor. We gotta get moving, so come one, let’s go! First up – The Gatekeeper! What a great way to start the day. Now we’re gonna try the Wicked Twister. Come on. Let’s go! Well obviously we’re not gonna get all
18 roller coasters in today because Planet Snoopy is not open today. So that
means we’re not gonna be going on Snoopy’s Express Railroad and the
Peanuts Road Rally roller coasters. So that means we gained a little time.
We’re gonna go for 16 instead of 18, but next up, the Iron Dragon. Looks like fun. Come on, let’s go. Well, that was a pretty good ride for probably back in the 80s, but or maybe for beginners, but that Iron Dragon was more like a paper dragon. it did pick up at the end, but there’s bigger and better ones ahead. Come on, let’s go to the Millineum, . . . Is that what’s next ? The Millineum Force. The Millineum Force. Come on. Wow, it’s not often you go on a ride and have your ears pop. Now that’s a roller coaster. Next up – Rougarou. Come on. We just finished the Rougarou and it was
a rough one. My heads like like a pinball machine bouncing between the head pads. Next it’s time for the Maverick Let’s see what the Old West has to offer. Come on. Well, that was definitely the best one so
far. I forgot how much I love the Maverick. Now it’s time to move on to Steel
Vengence. Come on, let’s go! Next up we’re sticking with the Old West theme. We’re
going to the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Well that was pretty tame, but it did have a few sharp turns and twists and I can’t complain. It only took five minutes to get through the line, so it’s time to people let’s go. We’re about to go on the Gemini. Fortunately, it’s only a
five-minute wait. We should be on in no time. Let’s have it. Wow, the Gemini was a lot better than I
thought it was gonna be. I thought it’d be like an old rickety thing, but it’s actually pretty smooth. Kind of jerky at the end, but it was worth it, and now we’re on to the Pipe Scream. We just got done with a Pipe Scream,
which was pretty smooth, but definitely a ride you want to do before lunch, not after. We’re getting ready to do the Magnum – my favorite ride at all Cedar Point. Let’s go and have some fun, shall we? Wow, the Magnum’s a lot bumpier than I remember it 30 years ago, but still a lot of fun. I’m
have to pay my chiropractor a visit. Well, up next is a ride that I’m really a
little bit nervous about. It’s called the Dragster. And, uh yeah, I’ve been nervous about this long time, and today’s the day, I’m gonna give it a shot. Maybe. Well it was a long wait for the Dragster and I don’t mind. We’re gonna try the Corkscrew first, come back to the Dragster a little bit later. Let’s give it a shot. Come on. We just finished the corkscrew, which is appropriately named, as I think I’ve screwed up my back. Fortunately it was a short ride, only about two loops and you’re done. Now it’s time for one of the newer rides called the Valravn. Looks pretty exciting. Let’s give it a shot. Come on. Wow, the Valravn is one of the smoothest ride so far in the park. And now it’s time every go is an oldie but a goodie – The Raptor. Come on. I forgot how much left the Raptor was. That thing was smooth and exciting. And now it’s time for one I’m not looking
forward to – the Blue Streak, probably the oldest roller coaster at the park and also
the ricketiest. My back hurts just looking at this thing, but we got a knock it up
list. So let’s go. Here we are back at Steel Vengeance. We
tried earlier, but it was an hour and half wait. And it looks like it’s still an hour and half wait. Let’s give it a shot. Hopefully we can get this done quick. Come on, let’s go! Back at the dragster for the third time now. The first hand we came, the line was too long. The second time they had a malfunction. And now we’re running out of time. It’s now or never. I kind of wish it was never
because it’s still a little bit nervous. But we’re gonna see what happened. I know it’s back open. Come on. Wow, that Dragster was the longest
17-second ride of my life, but it was more exhilarating than I ever imagined.
Well, here we are at Steel Vengeance once again. We’ve tried a
couple times today. The lines were too long. Now we’ve done every roller coaster in the park. It’s 7:30. The last one. Let’s see if we get on and make this thing happen. Come on! Wow, we did it! We hit every single roller
coaster at Cedar Point in one day, except for the Snoopy ones, but those
don’t really count. So that’s 16 out of 16. And if I had to rank my top five, number 5 goes to The Raptor. I’ve always loved that. It’s always what my favorites.
It’s still exciting. Number four has to go to the Dragster. It was a surprise to me
because I was scared to go on it. But it’s amazing. Number three: Valravn. It’s a newer one, but it was a lot of fun. So smooth. Number two – the Maverick. It’s a classic.
It’s been around forever, and still exciting. Number one, not just roller coaster, but
the number one ride I’ve ever been on in my life has to be the Steel Vengeance. That thing was beyond amazing, and it was lightning fast. It’s so exciting you have to try it. In fact,
I’m curious. What is your favorite roller coaster you’ve ever been on? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. And we will see you next time for another
installment of Manly Moments.

32 thoughts on “Riding Every Roller Coaster at Cedar Point in 1 Day – No Way!”

  1. Adamthecoasterfanatic says:

    Dragster is my personal favorite!

  2. The Justin Roth Show says:

    Great video, Steel Vengeance and Maverick are my favorites at Cedar Point!

  3. Tom A says:

    I like your vid but speeding up the vid speed makes it hard to judge the coaster speed .

  4. Scott Sarah says:

    The wife and I almost did it…. TTD was down the whole day tho…. had the platinum pass so got an hour start on everyone else. Didnt count the Kiddie rides… those are for kiddies ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. CrazyWharf625 says:

    R.I.P. No Woodstock Express or Wilderness Run. Also Pipe Scream isnโ€™t a coaster.

  6. slide yt says:

    heheh ii did this easily. ii bought fast lane plus๐Ÿคฃ

  7. Jesse Dominguez says:

    I remember when an hour and a half was an actual decent wait lol

  8. Owens Coaster reviews says:

    The beast is my favorite

  9. Allysen Gildenmeister says:

    i just got back from cp rn and i rode 3 rides i never did before//Rougarue//Raptor and MILLENNIUM FORCE!!

  10. Jonathan Cox says:

    at 5:48 he uses the entrance to the valley fair corkscrew. I can tell cause unfortunately its my home park. OOF

  11. AjGames H says:


  12. Raquel King says:

    Maverick is my favorite! We are going to cedar point in July! Iโ€™m excited to ride the Steel Vengeance!

  13. Max Moore says:

    Stop saying โ€œtheโ€ before the rides.

  14. Kari Woodson says:

    I was there the day you filmed this and saw you by Steel Vengeance recording. Now I know what it was for! Cool!

  15. Tevaun stewart says:

    Those planet snoopy rides arenโ€™t coasters. Great video tho!!! And my top 6 at the park is
    6. magnum xl 200
    5. Raptor
    4. Top thrill dragster
    3. Millennium force
    2. Maverick
    1. Steel vengeance

  16. Delta TV says:

    I road all of them

  17. Danny Danny says:

    pipe scream is not a roller coaster, as it is completely powered.

  18. Danny Danny says:

    those are not loops on corkscrew. they're corkscrews.

  19. robert polk says:

    I've ridden every coaster in one day a few times, usually in May or October when the park is empty. This includes riding Woodstock Express and Pipe Scream (which can be counted as a coaster, RCDB leaves it off their site only because of the manufacturer, Zamperla; makes a regular Disko model that doesn't use gravity and they say the extended model is too similar, even though it isn't powered the entire ride.), but not Wilderness Run. It was easier to do before Steel Vengeance, when it was still Mean Streak. I've been to Cedar Point 78 times and have ridden 336 different coasters.

  20. Justin hadsall says:

    Fury 325 at carowinds

  21. Frank Tesfaye says:

    Magnum XL-200 is my favorite

  22. Emily Bishop says:

    Just got back from CP and we rode everything besides dragster and valravn because sadly it was closed ๐Ÿ™

  23. Jayden Paul says:

    How long did it take to ride all those rides

  24. Natascha Hinduja says:

    What about gatekeeper

  25. Derrick Rowley says:

    Top thrill dragster

  26. TyDusky Coasters says:

    Why didnโ€™t you put Millennium At 3?

  27. TyDusky Coasters says:

    Steel Vengeance is my favorite

  28. Anna Toevs says:

    Oh my gosh Steel Vengeance was a PAIN!!! When I went with my dad and friend, we waited like an hour and a half apparently bc someone threw up in the ride and then they kept having to test it aaaaggggghhh sooooooooo not worth the wait ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  29. Snapmagic Studios says:

    Why did u put "the" in front of every coaster name?!?!?

  30. Lucas Flaherty says:

    My favorite is maverick or steel vengeance

  31. Life of an autism mama says:

    It's not official but wicked twisters last day ever may be September 8th 2019

  32. lanceflx63 says:

    Itโ€™s not like it canโ€™t be done….depending on crowds

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