RIMBA Racer | Meet The Racer | Axle & The Falcon Mach-1
RIMBA Racer | Meet The Racer | Axle & The Falcon Mach-1

The name is Axle. Speed is my business. The Falcon Mach-1 can take anyone on. They call me ‘The Ace’ for good reason. I race, I win. ♪ RIMBA Racer ♪ ♪ The race has begun ♪ ‘SHARE’ this video by clicking BELOW or TOP RIGHT corner of the screen.

3 thoughts on “RIMBA Racer | Meet The Racer | Axle & The Falcon Mach-1”

  1. King Leo LionHeart says:

    A fourth time Rimba Grand Prix champion will Axel be a 5th time winner in season 2 only time will tell

  2. Peter Le says:


  3. JadeStep 96 says:

    I really enjoy Axle as a character. His personally, his appearance, his vehicle and driving style I always found appealing since Lap 01.
    Axle is convenient in his abilties but is not one to be cocky nor arrogant, he's experienced straight-forword and won't go down easily. I've always adored Falcons since I was a kid. Their my favorite Bird of all time. Such powerful, majestic, intelligent creatures. And oh boy, those color choices White and Turquoise, my favorite! The design choice of an Native-American Indian is very fitting too. ^o^ I adore his calm, raspy, intimating voice with complex motives and a elusive backstory yet to be discovered. The Falcon Mach-1 is an super fast car that keeps the competition on the edge of their seats to catch up. The 4th-conservative champion racing to the finish and always fighting to honor his title. Axle, from day one was my favorite character and still is to this day.
    Rimba Racer did a great job with this character. He's nothing like the vast majority of fictional characters of the "Seasoned Veteran" archetype. Then the team could of just designed Axle to simply be another one-dimensional stereotype, but they chose not to. They took the time to create and develop an intresting character who is unique from a type of category that is almost always dull and flat. Axle is such a fantastic inclusion to this series and the same can be said for the rest of the star cast as well.
    I really enjoy Rimba Racer, I discovered this series about a month ago and after going through some very dark times this year, this amazing show was the first thing to make me smile in a long time. So to the entire development team of Rimba Racer, I want the give a very big thank-you, you have shared such a gem I am greatful for. I wish you all the very best. <3

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