Riverside Sheriff Identifies 3 Men Found Dead In Perris Cemetery
Riverside Sheriff Identifies 3 Men Found Dead In Perris Cemetery

19 thoughts on “Riverside Sheriff Identifies 3 Men Found Dead In Perris Cemetery”

  1. Isaias Morales says:

    That was retribution



  3. ImperiumGrim47 says:

    Wow they were in a cartel bs drama shit

  4. bigbangnone says:

    More Mexican Cartel member murdering each other while Democrats force the Mexican borders open in California while tying the hands of ICE agents and promising Sanctuary Cities.

  5. Frank Strange says:

    Build a wall

  6. Frank Strange says:

    Safety is not a concern. The ammo laws didn’t stop this wow that’s surprising

  7. wopalongcassidy says:

    Sounds like the Sheriff is overwhelmed.

  8. Adam Unknown says:

    open border sanctuary state problems

  9. Pj Pj says:

    Pelosi will get an extra fat envelope from the cartel this month, to smooth things over.

  10. Christina Leon says:

    Why does it say Pomona though 🤔

  11. AmazingAsianRacistTrucker says:

    Good now go send them to mehico were they belong

  12. AmazingAsianRacistTrucker says:

    Trump 2020

  13. Tyler Jhonson says:

    This cartel killing bullshit has to stop.

  14. Hamradio Junkie says:

    Demorats have a immigration problem now you let them in you can't get them out…….

  15. Stephen Contreras says:

    Just don’t get involved with criminals
    People are over reacting

  16. MW3 KINGDOM says:

    More wonderful dreamers 🤓

  17. Lance Washington says:

    Seems like cartel

  18. Joel D Valle says:

    Cartels are all over USA no worries

  19. Gene O says:

    Look at all the last names and the motives then tell me we dont need A WALL!! We get nothing but problems by letting these people run amuck in the USA! Not to mention now you have a killer on the loose in a state that dont allow guns! Good luck protecting yourselves! I bet the killer has a few guns because he dont care about your stupid law if he is ALREADY a killer!!

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