Rock Exotica P53 Omni Block Pulley – GME Supply
Rock Exotica P53 Omni Block Pulley – GME Supply

I’m Sasha with GME Supply and these are
the P53 omni blocks from Rock Exotica. Omni blocks are great pulleys for a number
of different reasons. They incorporate a swivel into the pulley design. This eliminates a
piece of hardware from a traditional rigging system, which makes the entire thing more
compact. Also, you can open the pulley using this side gate while it is still attached
to the anchor. They also use high efficiency ball bearings, so you’ll barely lose any
work due to friction. These pulleys are machined from a solid block
of aluminum for strength and reduced weight. Just holding this thing, you can tell how
well it’s made. It’s extremely solid, everything fits together nice and tight. You
can feel the quality right away. The P53 have a 2 inch sheave and come in a
single and double sheave design. They accept up to half-inch or 13 millimeter rope and
have a maximum breaking strength of 36 kilonewtons and a working load limit of 8 kilonewtons.
They’re also available with a black, making them ideal for stage rigging. To see the P53 and all omni block pulleys,
visit us at GME Supply dot com. Watch our videos as soon as they’re released
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