Roller Champions: Rules of the Arena | Ubisoft [NA]
Roller Champions: Rules of the Arena | Ubisoft [NA]

[SKATING SOUNDS] What’s up, champions? I’m Zach Ryan. This is my friend
Youssef Maguid. And we’re here at E3
2019 to talk to you about Roller Champions, a
brand new title from Ubisoft Montreal. Why don’t you tell us a
little bit about the rules of Roller Champions? Yeah, so it’s 3v3 PvP. You’re basically going
around a roller skating rink. And the objective is to
throw a ball through a hoop. But it’s a lot more complicated
than that sounds, actually. Basically what you
have to do is possess the ball for one full lap. And if you do that and you
make a goal, you get one point. And Roller Champion matches
are played to five– first team to five points. So if you want to take
a risk, actually, you can compete two laps in a row
and throw it through the hoop, and then you go up three points. And if you want to even
take it a step further, you can do three laps. And if you score that,
you get five points. You end the match right there. And matches are played
for seven minutes long. So if you haven’t– no
one’s gotten to five points by the time, the team with the
highest score at seven minutes wins. ZACH RYAN: And that
risk/reward sort of gameplay is what encourages
different strategies in offensive and
defensive stuff, right? YOUSSEF MAGUID:
Yeah, absolutely. Because, you know,
you’re going– you might get one
lap fairly easily. But it’s only going
to get you one point. Do you want to take the risk
of going for that other lap to get three points and risk
losing possession of the ball? Because once you lose possession
of the ball, that’s it. All your progress is gone. The other team gets it now. They have to clear it
at the starting line. And they begin their own lap. So there’s actually a
ways you can advance the ball around the track. You can just try and
carry it yourself by pumping and speeding
through and using the momentum of the track
to really build up speed. Or you can pass it
to your teammates. And if you’re passing
it, you’re actually worried about the advancement
of the ball, not the players. So as long as your
team has possession and the ball is moving
around the rink, you’re still advancing it. And the only time
you’ll lose possession, even if your tackled is if
the other team picks it up. You mentioned pumping is
sort of like a key component of the mobility of this game. And I think momentum
is– is right there at the sweet spot of what
makes this game play work. It’s very easy to jump
in and just sort of move your way around the ring. But knowing when to ride up
a wall and crouch down to, like, really maintain
your speed is key to keeping your momentum
going and being successful in things like
tackles, dodges, jumps, and, honestly, even shooting. YOUSSEF MAGUID: Yeah. I think at first I was
just sort of holding down the accelerate button. And I realized that
there’s actually a lot more finesse towards
navigating and building up speed in Roller Champions
than just holding that down. You have– really have to work
in the grooves of the track if you want to catch
the other team. You know, if they’re– if
they’re going for a goal, and you’re trying to
catch them from behind, you have to use the–
the track, you know, to your advantage to– to
really catch up to them. GAME ANNOUNCER: Trying
for a second lap. For more on Roller Champions,
subscribe to this channel, or visit us at GAME ANNOUNCER: What a goal!

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  1. R D says:

    I like it 🙂

  2. Dmarcus Baus says:

    This makes me think of Jet Set Radio Future.


  3. Jourdan Nance says:

    The game should have music. It looked super awkward

  4. Exotic says:

    Like the concept but music would make it better

  5. Fallen Angel says:

    Fucking alitta battle angel sport

  6. William Martinez says:

    Ubisoft when can we get more information about a beta for “Beyond good and evil 2 please??

  7. Matt Noudelman says:

    Looks great, but you should add music

  8. That Horror Show says:

    I'll give it a shot

  9. Kai says:

    Rocket league 2.0?

  10. WulfCry says:

    Where Allita and the other guys.

  11. Null_ says:

    Why aren't they charging money for this game? It looks pretty fun ngl

  12. GODSPEED 33 says:

    Ubisoft make a football game please. With the same passion you put into AC and GR

  13. FTWItachiPlays says:

    Come check us out we stream 7 nights a week and upload 7 days a week featuring tons of different gaming content. We respond to any and all comments as well as very active!

  14. Muhammad Taufiq Abdul Rahim says:

    Wish someone would make a game something like Galatik football

  15. Hey, That's Pretty Good! says:

    Played the DEMO, so much fun, but if the game costs 60 dollars I’m not buying it

  16. Light _ says:

    I can’t wait for this game 😋

  17. Ubi Psowak says:

    Can wait for it to come out !!!

  18. suion says:


  19. HamBoy says:

    I fell like this would get stale real quick, needs abilities or something idk

  20. Diegox1.0 says:


  21. Animefanboy4life says:

    Battle Angel Alita skin needs to show up here

  22. Alexander says:

    We get this
    Instead of new splinter cell guys…

  23. zengrath says:

    I'm sorry but ubisoft while i love them for single player they are the absolute worst at putting together a good multiplayer experience. Just look at crew 2, they manage worst matchmaking then first game, kyou spend way more time getting into a multiplayer game then you have actually playing. You cannot easily join people in open world and in fact never had any success doing so. You can't even chat in multiplayer. And i'm sorry why can't i drive around while matchmaking is looking for a match at least? why do i have to wait for a match,, finally connect to one, find that everyone left because they just finished a match, then have to wait again, why not just do this in background then warp me into match when i actually have a match to play? it's so beyond frustrating how they keep failing to implement multiplayer that i simply don't trust them anymore. There is no way in heck they are going to implement an amazing quick matchmaking system like rocket league for example when crew 1 been out for years with far worst and crew 2 manages to be even WORST. you'd think they would have learned from first game, but i'd rather go to first game…. sigh.

  24. Terence Caron says:

    Feels like you announce the game way too early. That kind of game should release very soon once its announced, 2020 ? that's so far.

  25. X Marks The Spot says:

    This looks like most other Ubisoft games in that it will become very repetitive quickly. And then be packed with micro transactions…

  26. Gabriel Scindian says:

    I am was a Blader and this is AMAZING!!!

  27. DarkTetsuya says:

    I just wanna know when the next preview build will be! Even though I'm still getting the hang of the game, but I can't stop thinking how much fun I had during the E3 demo playtime…

  28. Steph2Steph says:

    Is it only xbox

  29. Gabriel Castro says:

    Ja vi esse jogo em um filme kkkk so não lembro qual

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    ابعتلي رابط اللعبة ممكن

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