Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]
Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]

100 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]”

  1. Vat19 says:

    What’s the best roller coaster you’ve ridden and at what theme park?

  2. Pokefan131 evee says:

    One in Disney land that when

  3. Filip Golonka says:

    Allahu Akbar


  4. Swyft Salty says:

    Is the baby a boy or a girl?

  5. Slimey Annihilation says:

    I wanna buy this

  6. Guest3DGamingTV Gaming says:

    But weed it bad it very very bad!

  7. Objects 4e says:

    This is basically roller coaster tycoon in toy form

  8. Jacob Magpoc says:

    If this hasn't done the burning question thing, I have one, can you buy more sets and put the pase plates together to make a mega rollercoaster.

  9. Leonard OP says:

    0:50 lolololololol

  10. Braydan Gaiennie-Lovell says:

    Why not create your own track? 😀

  11. Tino Martinez says:

    i have it and i literally made a derailing rolarcoaster that works!!

  12. Xtream Gaming says:

    I just love the comments for vat19

  13. Historical Lemons says:

    Do a will it crash?


    talking to police “there was a radioactive beaver”
    police “ok I’ve heard enough”

  15. Gabrielle Chaddon says:

    What du

  16. Zachary Gonzales says:

    and I'm pregnant

  17. lm jin says:


  18. AC J says:

    I think his parents told him the bird and the beeds wrong and told him the corndog and the pee that's not how you make a MALE pregnet

  19. federico saviano says:

    Yeah blame the radioactive beaver

  20. Doughnut Dog says:

    Do it but BIG

  21. ItsMeSwirl says:

    That's some gayass Vekoma level drop coaster smfh, why not an intamin launch coaster? Deadass

  22. Glen Wei says:

    Oh our class bought this but the thing is it’s impossible to build its soooooo hard! It just won’t click in

  23. Emeraldstar_14 says:

    A more fun knex

  24. Agustina Purepark says:

    That is stupid that says a lot because I'm only 10

  25. Wendi Mekins says:

    You make two many words largest gummy pizza videos

  26. MelonedSnail says:

    And I'm pregnant lol

  27. DKtamr 1 says:

    Eric are you a sea horse

  28. ChickenNuggetGame GD says:

    I have this

  29. Red Hot Vibes says:

    just ordered

  30. Variety of Everything says:

    Just like Laser Maze!

  31. sansan ho says:

    This thing cost 28.99 im on indonesia which cost 423,688.85

  32. I betray people lol says:

    Hmmm so I can make the best roller coaster and ppl are going to ride it how much
    Video: 29.99$
    H E C K

  33. Zek Teh Kek says:

    LMAO of course it was gordouix!

  34. Bách Lâm says:

    I want this so freaking bad

  35. Cameron Whitehead says:


  36. Bella3853 says:

    jimmy :can i play too

    Me: shows him this video

    VAT19 : Fun SINGLE Player Game

    Me:Go away Jimmy!

  37. The Cantaloupe c: says:


  38. glorbguy says:

    O:37 planet coaster/ roller coaster tycoon


    Vat how do you keep doing this

  40. Anshine says:

    Radioactive beaver.

  41. 2Tri says:


  42. pokemaster james lv53 says:

    You know you can just make ur own roller coaster

  43. Kumiko Reyna says:

    Peed on a Corn Dog Stick
    Turned Blue
    Me:*Seems Legit

  44. Applebee’s bar and Grill menu says:

    Can we see Eric’s baby

  45. Melissa Lathrop says:

    Vat19 products are awesome and I buy them all the time

  46. Gameboss49 says:

    The ride in the background was manufactured by the Dutch company known as Vekoma

  47. Kremit The Frog’s Brother says:

    1:09 feel ya buddy

  48. Kremit The Frog’s Brother says:

    1:04 I feel ya

  49. Gaming Thingz says:

    Oh hey I have that

  50. Cupcake plush productions says:


  51. engie boi says:

    Roller coaster tycoon in real life.

  52. TornadoTy3007 says:

    they had to say its single player

  53. Natalie i like pizza says:

    Lemi loves roller coaster

  54. ELverdaderoOVALAO says:


    at Target: FREAKING cheap.

  55. Von Lagon says:

    I wish have this….=(

  56. Kurt Number1 says:

    Men are unable to become pregnant. Only women who have hit puberty and who are under 50 years old are able to become pregnant 1:04.

  57. Gamegun331 says:

    Eric never turn. Down a corn dog! Take it from Brewstew films

  58. kao the numberblocks fan 2019 says:

    Well I’m gonna make the sonic level

  59. Shadyaidy004 Gaming_YT says:

    Why not add brickhats to vat19

  60. Shadyaidy004 Gaming_YT says:

    You gave guvua juice mad mattr

  61. Shadyaidy004 Gaming_YT says:

    I saw his video

  62. Garrett's Corner says:

    Ehh I won’t do puzzles I will just make my own

    *trys to make Loopty Loop but fail* *flys a rocket to the sun and throws it* THERE BAKA MAKER!
    Will you just make your own

  63. random content says:

    Ive played this before

  64. JP Wilson says:

    Omg I was planning to get this

  65. Hitode says:

    “whatchu mean your pregnant wtf”

  66. Summer Stiles says:

    Th roller coaster in the background was boomerang from wild adventures theme park

  67. I am Megatron says:

    Well I can tell that he has aids because he pee in a corn dog since he got no balls to go on a damn roller coaster.

    I’m also scared 😱 🤮😖

  68. My Little Brony says:

    deep frying cotton candy

  69. Just Jack says:

    Well no wonder that ride crashed
    It was a vekoma

  70. Manuel Riccobono says:

    0:52 when your teacher calls you out for oral test

  71. Amazing Havlect / ABFDie says:

    So its roller coaster tycoon but in puzzles…

  72. The YouTube Judge says:

    Not bad!

  73. Idon'tknowwhattocallmyyoutubeaccount says:

    Can you make a rollercoaster by using all the pieces of the game??

  74. 5JLazerMan YT! says:

    That’s Awesome!!!! need it

  75. Bananamations Or something says:

    Vat 19 should make an actual store

  76. Dragonitz Games says:


  77. Diamond Gamer says:

    Nice Vid

  78. wiltedcherrytree says:

    -and, i'm pregnant
    eric, 2018

  79. lyssette craig says:

    Do you have to do the challenges or can you play by your own rules???

  80. errorchamp gaming says:

    1:20 i wonder who did it? 0:38 i wonder?

  81. Totally_not_galaxy-midnight_fan ‘ says:

    Rct font

  82. Ej Alcon says:

    I have that in my class

  83. Abdulaziz Al-Jadaan says:

    0:01 “Fun”? No!

  84. Sonia Prakash says:

    How does it go with plastic

  85. bloodlust says:

    0:30 makes sense

  86. Mason Animates says:

    I hope the little girls parents weren’t on that ride

  87. laith nabaa says:

    The question mark from warner brothers world in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

  88. Jack Smolko says:

    They are so creative!!

  89. Alex Lugrin says:

    "Nailed" it

  90. DaFuqqq ????? says:

    I need this.

  91. LoganXavierGaming says:

    My best rollercoaster is the only one I had where I died.
    .. It was pretty sad. I flung off.

  92. なかwhipcreaam says:

    is it wrong to watch ads for entertainment?

  93. Gacha Gab🤙🏻👧🏻 says:

    They were probably inspired to make this toy because of Danny hiding from his boss #5

    Please tell me I’m correct

    If I’m not correct I’m gonna be soooo soo so pissed 🙂

  94. Leo League Animations says:

    0:35 Final Destination 3

  95. MrZiiman says:

    "Peed on a corn dog stick. It turned blue. liget"
    That had me on the floor laughing

  96. Bailey Trinidad says:

    Hidden in plain sight 5 reference anyone?

  97. XxVenoMxX Gaming says:

    "i was deep frying a cotton candy"

  98. Block Head says:

    Why did Eric stand and waited for the ride of he doesn’t want to ride it mysterious.

  99. Charline Levine says:

    Try using those broken roosters make a real life roller coaster

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