Roller Derby Girl | Marvel Make me a Hero
Roller Derby Girl | Marvel Make me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Allie. Watch Marvel make me a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING] I am an artist. I’ve always really
loved storytelling, so I do a mix of
comics, painting. Right now I’m taking an
illustration class at SVA. I’d say a lot of my style is
like psychedelic, bright color, girl power kind of groove. [MUSIC PLAYING] I grew up watching
X-Men Evolution. My little brother and I,
we loved action figures, so any X-Men things
that would come out or a lot of the older stuff. Like we went to Costco once
and got the Fantastic Four pack from the 1990s, and we
would just, for hours, watch it over and over and watch
them defend and beat up people and also champion justice. Eventually for
Christmas, my brother got the Marvel encyclopedia. And I was so jealous,
because I was like, why doesn’t anybody think
that I like the Super Heroes? Whatever. So I stole it from
him, and I was looking through in the
middle of the night, looking at all the characters. And I remember waking up the
next day and going to my mom with the 500-page book and
putting it down and pointing this character and
just being like, this is what I want
to do with my life. And she was like,
OK, you’re nine. Like, I get it.
You like Super Heroes. I’m like, no. I want to make Super Heroes. I love the phrase, “We’re
all made of stars.” It’s very comforting. But what if somebody had
a little bit extra in them and that was your power. Like you just had a
little bit extra boost, and you could take galactic
energy and just kind of like beam it out, or
you can force field out, and if something’s
coming at you, you’d be like, pew, but
then shoot it back, pew. I definitely would want
her to look like me. I’d like her to be blonde. I was thinking she would kind
of be built like a derby girl, because they’re strong. They can also flit through
different obstacles and stuff and other people. And I guess when
I think of a hero, it’s kind of somebody that
is strong at the core. I love the ’80s, so I
definitely would want my hero to be that color
palette, where she’s got a lot of bright colors
going on, but it works for her. I love heroes that wear
skirts, especially when you pair it with this badass cape. Roller skates, definitely
dazzler inspired. Masked identity, to keep
my personal life and my professional life separate. The gloves are just
very ’80s, very retro. I would love her to
have star earrings. It’d just be really cool. I think ideally I would want
to be a friendly neighborhood kind of hero. I’m from Long Island. Long Island can
always use a hero. Oh, my god! She’s perfect! The roller skates are on point. They’re like the
exact same color as the roller skates I have. The mask is just perfect,
because it has a lot of angles, and it looks like Starbursts. She’s got her star energy,
and the eyes are glowing. The fingerless gloves and
the off-the-shoulder cape are exactly like the ’80s
vibe I was going for. It just flows well,
but it also feels very in-fashion right now. If I wasn’t her, I’d
want to be her friend. The character is iconic. The stars are iconic. She’s shooting stars. She’s wearing stars. She is a star. It’s everything I
could have wanted. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ORB DINGS] Thanks, Marvel, for
making me a hero.

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