Router Repair – Replacing the Bearings (Porter Cable 690 Series)
Router Repair – Replacing the Bearings (Porter Cable 690 Series)

Hi, I’m Mark from In this video, I’m going to show you how to
replace the bearings in a Porter Cable 690 Router. When you consider that your 690 router spins
at 23,000 Rpm, it’s amazing that the bearings last as long as they do, but eventually they
will fail and will need to be replaced. Signs that the bearings have gone bad will
be unusual sounds, such as a ticking sound or the bearings starting to squeal. You may also notice some excessive heat around
the bearing locations on the motor castings.Another sign that your bearings are going bad is that
when you rotate the router spindle by hand there’s a lot of resistance. It doesn’t rotate freely. If this is the case you’ll need to replace
the bearings. Replacing them is easy to do and I’m going
to show you how. Router bearings as well as many other parts
can be found on our website. Let’s get started.I’ll begin by removing the
router motor from the router’s base. Now I’ll go ahead and remove the two screws
that secure the cap to the motor. Now I remove the brushes so that they don’t
get hung up on the bearing as we remove the top half of the motor housing. I’ll make a reference mark between the upper
and lower motor housings. This will just make it easier to line everything
up when we go to put it back together.Now I can remove the two screws that secure the
upper half of the motor housing to the lower half. A few taps with the rubber mallet will help
me to separate these two pieces. Next we need to remove what’s called the chuck
from the armature shaft. If you have it already, you want to remove
the collet from the chuck. Then I’ll grab the exposed portion of the
armature with a rag just to protect my hands. I’ll use an impact wrench with an inch and
1/8 socket to remove the chuck.Now I need to remove the armature from the bearing within
the lower motor housing. The best way to do this is to use a bearing
press if you have one. If you don’t, you can use a rubber mallet. Make sure you use a rubber mallet and not
a metal hammer as striking the end of the armature with a metal hammer will damage its
threads.The bearing is held in the motor housing with a retaining ring. I’ll use a pair of retaining ring pliers to
remove it. I’ve selected a socket that has the same diameter
as the inner race on the bearing. I’ll place the socket on top of that inner
race and then use my mallet to tap the bearing out of the motor housing.Now we can install
the new bearing. I’ll slide it into the motor housing and then
use a socket the same diameter as the outer race or just slightly smaller and I’ll tap
it in with a mallet. Now reinstall the retaining ring. Now I can install the armature back into the
lower motor housing. I’ll line up the shaft with the lower bearing
and again use a rubber mallet to tap it back into place. I’ll use a bearing puller to remove the upper
bearing. I’ll line up the center post of the puller
on the dimple on the end of the armature shaft and then go ahead and pull the bearing.Now
we can install the new bearing. I’m going to apply just a very small amount
of grease to the end of the armature shaft so it’ll make installing the new bearing a
little bit easier. Place the bearing onto the shaft and using
a socket the same diameter as the inner race on the bearing, I’ll tap it into place. Now I’ll reinstall the chuck. I’ll thread it onto the spindle. Again, I’m holding the armature with a rag
and I’ll secure it with the impact.Now I can reinstall the
lower half of the motor housing to the upper half. I’ll insert the armature through the field. Make sure that it lines up properly with the
top half of the housing and line up our reference marks that we made earlier. Just like that. I’ll secure the upper and lower halves of
the motor housing with the screws.Now I can reinstall the cover. I just want to make sure I have all the wires
tucked in and make sure that nothing is going to get pinched, especially in this area when
I put the cover back on. Now I can reinstall the brushes. The brush just slides into the brush holder.Then
I line up these tabs on the end of the brush wire with the slots in the brush holder. Hold that in place and slide one of the caps
on. This part can be a little tricky. It might take a couple of tries to get all
that lined up. Then I’ll secure the brush with a screwdriver. I want to be careful not to over-tighten these
or you will crack them. I do that same thing on the other side. I’ll finish up by reinstalling the base.Now
you know how to replace the bearings on your Porter Cable 690 Series Router. If you found this video helpful be sure to
give us a thumbs-up and leave a comment.

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    great job

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  3. Bob Martin says:

    While I was making a sign my router took a dump. It is a Rockwell 4676 Type I, I’ve had it for 35 years plus with no problems, the problem is the lower bearing. I’m mechanically inclined but I cannot open the router up to replace the bearings. I have checked through U-Tube with no success. Do you know of anyone that could help?

  4. Siale Saili says:

    You guys are awesome! Great how to videos and diagrams along with all the parts you need!

  5. B Gordon says:

    unable to separate the two pieces after tapping with the rubber mallet, its rotating about 1" but its still not separating…having some heavy arcing coming from around the fan…any ideas on both problem?

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