Sander Repair – Replacing the Pad Bearing (Porter Cable Part # 865119SV)
Sander Repair – Replacing the Pad Bearing (Porter Cable Part # 865119SV)

[ Music intro plays “Anchor” by “Wrong Way” ] Hi, I’m Mark from In this video, I’m going to show you how to replace the pad bearing on a Porter Cable random orbital sander. The pad bearing allows the pad itself to rotate freely. The pad should be able to spin without spinning the motor. When the bearing begins to fail, there’ll be quite a bit of resistance when trying to rotate the pad. And you’ll notice that the motor itself also spins. Replacing the pad bearing is easy to do and I’m going to show you how. Pad bearings, as well as many other parts, can be found on our website. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the three screws that secure the sander pad to the sander. [ Impact driver chatters ] Now I can remove the clutch belt. Next, I’ll remove the black sander pad housing. It’s held in place with two screws. [ Impact driver whirs; chatters ] With the screws removed, I can separate the two halves of the housing. Now I’ll remove the dust pad housing O-ring. I’ll use a screwdriver to get it started. And then I’ll just pry it away from the housing. Now I’ll remove the sander pad support. I removed the sander pad housing so I would be able to grab the fan So that the screw doesn’t just rotate as I try to remove it. With the pad support removed, now I can go ahead and remove the bearing. The bearing is secured with a retaining-ring. I’ll use some retaining-ring pliers to remove that retaining-ring. To remove the bearing from the pad support, I’ll place the pad support over a vise. And use a socket to tap the bearing out. [ Repetitive Hammering ] [ Bearing falls; clanks on table ] Now I can install our new bearing. As I tap this in place, I don’t want to strike the inner race of the bearing. And I don’t want to strike the bearing shield. So, what I’m going to do is use the old bearing to press the new bearing in. And I’ll place a socket on the bearing shield of the old bearing, ’cause It doesn’t matter if we damage that. And I’ll just tap this into place. [Repetitive Hammering] With the bearing installed, now I’ll reinstall the retaining ring. Now I’ll place the pad support back over the fan and spindle. Next comes the washer. The side with the recess should be facing towards you. And I’ll secure it all with the screw. And again, I’ll hold the fan to prevent the motor shaft from spinning as I tighten down the screw. Now I can install the pad housing O-ring. Now I’ll install the pad housings. They just slide over the gray motor housing. And I align the ends with the seam in the motor housing. Both sides. And then I’ll secure it with the screws. [ Impact driver whirring; chattering ] [ Impact driver whirring; chattering ] Now I can install the clutch belt. First, I’ll wrap it around the fixed pulley. And then, around the pad support. And I’ll rotate the pad support Until the belt’s in place. Now I can install the pad. A trick to make it a little easier to align it is to insert a small screwdriver through one of the holes in the pad. Then I put that same screwdriver in the hole in the pad support. and then I secure it with the screws. [ Screwdriver grinds quietly ] [ Screwdriver grinds quietly ] [ Screwdriver grinds quietly ] And that’s all it takes to replace the pad bearing on a Porter-Cable random orbital sander. If you found this video helpful, be sure to give us a thumbs-up and leave a comment. [ Music “Shadows Don’t Exist” by “Wrong Way” fades over voice ]

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    I like this guy. Seen many of his videos, easy to watch, clear, and I always learn something. Thanks!

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    How to riposte good morning k760 runs and Teller gets hot then quits and then will start back how to repair it

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    I liked the tip about using the old bearing to protect the new bearing.

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    I have the same Porter Cable 6" random orbital sander and it turned into an orbital sander. Do I just have to replace the belt?

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    Great video, thanks. Just curious, why remove the O-Ring?

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    Do you know what part number I can use to find a replacement bearing for a model 333 type 4?

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    thanx very much mate.. that helped a lot.. i need to do that on my black n decker sandstorm sander

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