Sandra Bullock Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions
Sandra Bullock Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions

It’s time for you to play
a special round of Burning Questions. And I’m going to
read a question. And we are going to
answer the question. First thing that
pops into your head. They have to be correct answers. Don’t lie. For each correct
answer, it’s going to go to the charity
of your choice. What charity? Warren Easton High
School in New Orleans. Warren Easton High School
in New Orleans, wonderful. All right. So $1,000 for each
correct answer. Ready? [CHEERING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] What is the most rebellious
thing you did as a teenager? Got drunk at a marathon dance
and wound up in the hospital getting my stomach pumped. [BELL] I know. That’ll teach you. I know. The most useless
talent you have is? Tying a cherry stem
with my tongue. [BELL] Oh. But it’s impressive. It could be useful. Yes, it could. Which co-star was
the most fun to kiss? [LAUGHTER] In honor of you, Keanu Reeves. [BELL] [CHEERING] That could have been me. Could have been you. [LAUGHTER] You could have
been kissing Keanu. Who was your first
celebrity crush? I would have to say
probably Keanu Reeves. Really? Mm hmm. Good one. [BELL] All right. What is physically the scariest
thing you’ve ever done? Like have you ever
jumped out of a plane? Did you swim with sharks? I swam with sharks. [BELL] Wow. Did you like it? No. [BELL] Did you mean to
swim with sharks? Yes. [BELL] [LAUGHTER] Were you in a cage? Nope. [BELL] You were just free diving with– Free, free. And they chummed the waters. And we were on the water. They chummed the waters? They chummed the waters. They shouldn’t chum the waters. They do. That’s what calls the sharks. [LAUGHTER] What is something that you love
that everyone else doesn’t? Penis facials. [BELL] [LAUGHTER] Oh, penis facials. [BELL] Have you ever seen
George Clooney naked? No. [BELL] [LAUGHTER] Name three things in
your bedside table. Oh, lip balm, water, and, um– Wow. You just stopped
yourself from something. And sweet cards that my
kids have written me. [BELL] [LAUGHTER] You did it. I did it? That was it? You dodged it. Oh, whoa. You dodged whatever
you were going to say. Remember, Laila’s in the back. Laila’s in there. She’s going to go open
mommy’s drawer now. What part of your
body is your favorite? Shoulders. Your shoulders
are your favorite? [BELL] Yeah. Shoulders by Simone. Yeah, shoulders by Simone. I’m working with her
trainer now because I want to look like that. Let me feel. Oh, nice. OK, thanks. Feel mine. Wow, better. [LAUGHTER] What’s your favorite curse word? [BLEEP] me. [BELL] [CHEERING] That’s what Portia
says all the time. You say what? Portia says that, [BLEEP] me. That’s good. It’s just like, it
doesn’t go outward. It takes it out on me. Yeah. [BLEEP] me. OK. [LAUGHTER] Hi, Laila. Who is someone you’ve never
worked with that you’d like to do a love scene with? Ellen Degeneres. [BELL] [CHEERING] What do you sleep in at night? Oh, full on, head to toe
pajamas unless the kids are away on sleepaway. [BELL] OK. And then it’s naked? Oh, full on. OK. [BELL] So you keep things on in
case they crawl into bed? Yes. [BELL] OK. What celebrity can you
do an impression of? Sarah Paulson. [LAUGHTER] What’s the weirdest thing
you’ve ever done to make money? I used to open up for drag
queens in North Carolina by dancing. Really? [BELL] [LAUGHTER] Whe– where? [BELL RINGING] In North Carolina. At a club? College. Oh my god. You were the precursor
to the drag queens? I was. I was. That’s fantastic. All right. Shutterfly loves supporting
charities like this and they are going
round it up to $20,000 for Warren Easton Charter
High School in New Orleans. Ocean’s 8 opens in
theaters June 8. We’ll be back.

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