Service A Freewheel Hub On A Bike Wheel
Service A Freewheel Hub On A Bike Wheel

Take the wheel off the bike and remove the
freewheel from the hub. Hold the cone on the left side still with a cone-spanner and loosen
the lock-nut. Unscrew and take off the lock-nut, washer and cone. Catch any balls if they fall
out. Count them. Separate the axle from the freewheel hub shell
and shake and catch any loose balls. Clean all the loose parts and the cups inside
the freewheel hub. The freewheel hub may have removable push-fit dust-covers that will come
out to make cleaning inside easier. Check the surfaces – on the cones and inside
the freewheel hub-shell – where the balls run, for roughness or uneven wear. Worn cones
can be replaced but if a freewheel hub is worn it may need to be scrapped. If you need to replace the cones, measure
the position of the one still on the axle, and make sure they go back in the same place
so the axle is centred in the freewheel hub. The drive side may have more spacers between
the lock-nut and cone. If you’re replacing the cones you may need different sized spacers
if the new cones are shorter or longer than the old ones. It may be easier to replace
the whole axle if you can’t find cones that match the thread on the old axle. Pack the races in the freewheel hub with new
grease and press the same number of new balls – of exactly the same size – into the
grease. Changing the balls prolongs the life of the other parts. If you’re not sure how
many balls came out, or if you suspect that the freewheel hub was packed with the wrong
number of balls, fill a race with balls and then take one out. The balls need room to
roll around. Check the lock-nut and cone assembly on the
right side of the axle are locked tight. They won’t be accessible once the freewheel is
back on. Feed the axle into the freewheel hub taking
care not to disturb the balls. Assemble the other side and adjust the freewheel
hub. Remount the freewheel and put the wheel back in the bike.

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