ShaftDesigner. Modelling
ShaftDesigner. Modelling

The Shat Designer software provides various
shafting calculations. This demo shows the example of shafting modelling. Modelling starts by creating a simple shaft
element. Then add a fixed or controllable pitch propeller. Add a stern tube. Insert two stern tube bearings. Now place intermediate bearing. Insert a flange coupling. Adjust aft stern tube bearing length and position
of the forward one. Properties also may be exactly set in the
object inspector. Then add a linear layer on the propeller shaft. Change propeller shaft diameter at the aft
part. Set number of the propeller blades. Next, insert the gearbox shaft. Replace the flange with the half coupling
or joint. And replace the other flange coupling with
sleeve or clutch one. Now create engine crankshaft instead of gearbox
shaft. Set engine firing order. Add flexible coupling. You can go back to the previous version of
the model using the history tab. Adjust the length of the gear shaft. Change type and angle of the gear teeth. Replace journal bearing with rolling bearings. Add the thrust property to the gearbox bearing. Your model is finished and ready for the calculations. Run applications of Alignment, Whirling, Torsional
and Axial Vibration. Look for more information at the website.

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