Shaved 14 Bolt – 13 Bolt Conversion – Crane Axle
Shaved 14 Bolt – 13 Bolt Conversion – Crane Axle

Alright guys, coming to you today to tell
you guys about Crane 13 bolt covers. So what we’ve got here is pretty much
you’ve got all your bolt holes we’re just taking off this bottom hole
on the 14 bolt axle. A lot of guys we have different options on
shaving this axle. Some come in and shave everything down and we’re just not a fan
of it because it weakens the housing so much. You see a lot of ring gear problems
out of this from the ring gear being shaved down you also see problems out of
this because a housing has deflected whenever the plate got welded in also
you see a lot of problems with the welding in a plate to a cast iron housing
from some guys. You can, of course there’s some success with it but this right here
is the best bang for your buck as far as clearance is going to go and as far as
easy installation. What we’re going to do I’m going to show you how to bolt this
sucker on, make a mark, trim your housing off, grind everything down smooth
and give yourself that ground clearance that you’re looking for that this
cover right here is pretty much it’s offering. So you can see we’ve got a lot
of cool tools around here. I could put this thing in a mill, fly cut it, whatever
else. Make it really just really really over complicated and a nice job but what
we’re going to do is I’m pretty much going to bolt this thing on here, use a
sawzall, cut this puppy off, weld up a hole, grind it down
smooth and flat and get it done. The same way you can do at home as long as you’ve
got pretty much a four and a half inch angle grinder, a sawzall. You really don’t
have to have a sawzall, you cut it off with a you can cut that lip off with a
four and a half inch angle grinder and a cut-off wheel if you really wanted to
you could just grind it all the way off but that’d be a long time. So then you’re
going to need a little bit of a welder to fill up this bottom hole and then
you’re gonna want to grind it back smooth. I’m gonna show you how to do it
goes pretty quick but way to pick up some ground clearance out of a regular 14
bolt that’s not no really good ground clearance but man you got the benefit of
a 14 bolt really strong ring and pinion and then we can go up an axle shaft size
and everything else. So this right here like said best bang for the buck there is on the market but let’s just jump right into the install of it and we’ll
go from there. Alright guys, so what we’re looking to
do is pretty much come in here bolt the cover on it and cut this bottom lip off. Now
this is the way it would be be kind of if it was in a vehicle or anything else but I’m going
to take this thing since it’s out and then we can get a better camera angle, I’m
gonna just kind of flip this thing up on this sawhorse. So now, got the axle turned over, spun
around, this is the bottom of the housing, 13 bolt goes this way. What we’re gonna
do now, we’re just going to take the cover bolt it right to the housing. That’s
gonna actually, we’re going to use this or place to get our line or our
cut mark. Alright, guys so this right here what we’re talking about when we’re
saying the best bang for the buck. This is a newer style of 14 bolt not all of
them have this big lip, but right here we’re looking at… With this mod, we’re
going to gain right at about an inch and a quarter of clearance. So for the cover
and a few minutes worth of work, you’re going to have a lot more clearance underneath your rig. Got our cover all put on here, now it’s time for pretty much one
of my favorite tools the Sawzall. This right here is not the time to get
greedy with this cut. Leave a lip after the cut you want the cut to start it in
the front and angle a little bit back that way. That way we can take the
grinder and final blend all this in. We can get rid of all this material, but we
cannot cut it back on. We can always cut it off. So one simple cut leave yourself
enough room here we go. Alright, so what I’m looking for when my blades
going through is that I’m staying out of my cover, leaving it enough and not letting
the back of the blade get too far off in my housing. You’ve got to watch a couple of
things at one time just take your time it’s going good. Here, you can see that the saw drifted up
this way and then from this side whenever I
coming in but I just hit it with a hammer and broke it here. But we’ve left
plenty of good material here to where we can take the grinder now and start
straightening this thing out and kind of forming these edges and getting this
this thing slicked down and getting that ground clearance and getting a good slick
bottom that’ll slide over rocks. so right here we’re digging into that
bottom bolt hole that’s now not in the cover. So what we’re going to do is
remove the cover, take the angle grinder, turn it on its side and actually groove
this out really good, get down in there to good metal, fill this up with weld,
grind all this smooth. Now that we’ve got this grooved down with a
grinder, just take the MIG welder. We’re gonna fill it up, we’re gonna start at
this end and we’re going to fill it up and back push the puddle back and make a
good high-rise on the housing right here that way we’ve got material to take down
with the grinder and also whatever we come out of the front may them pulse
weld a little bit at the last minute to build up on the front. That way we’ve got
something to grind us down to good and flat. So right here’s one really important part.
Whenever you’re grinding down the weld that hangs over the front this is your
sealing surface for the diff cover. Make sure to use a straightedge and see how
we don’t have I haven’t dug a divot in here at all. So you want to keep that
nice and straight. Don’t go overboard with a grinder. It’s even best to use a
file to final finish this this part right here. Alright, I’ll swap back out to
a soft pad to clean this thing up and give it its final shape so now we’ve got everything cut, welded,
ground off, and cleaned up. It’s time to put the cover on it and see what it
looks like. got that thing cut off and smooth kind of pretty cool when you can
just kind of watch that drop right away now you’ve got a lot of good clearance
for the cost of a cover, and a little bit of time.
Have fun with it.

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  1. Blue Duck says:

    Cool video – been waiting months for this thing to come back in stock.

  2. ShaneCLSmith says:

    Good video. Thorough and concise.

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