Sh*t I Never Knew: “Rollin’ Till the Wheels Fall Off”
Sh*t I Never Knew: “Rollin’ Till the Wheels Fall Off”

– Hey guys, Shawn again, Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Got another episode of Shit I Never Knew, this is gonna be episode 12, and it is Rollin… Til… The Wheels Fall Off. So you’ve probably got tagged,
or have been tagging people or have been sharing
pictures all over the ‘gram and Facebook of guys driving around with a wheel that fell off. One of our guys recently
had his wheel fall off at 60 miles an hour and has
still not find his wheel and tire cause it’s in a
swamp somewhere in Georgia. So what we did, we did
a thorough investigation to try to figure out
why this is happening. So the first reason it’s happening
is because people go out, John will you go grab me the eBay spacer? They go out and they buy cheap spacers, and I’ll show you what that
looks like in a second. So number one reason that
your wheels are falling off is cheap spacers. The way to identify a cheap
spacer is, number one, it does not have a hub. Can you get me also a good BORA spacer? Yeah, I know. This is intense. So I’ll show you the two. So one is that it doesn’t
have a hub-centric ring. Another one is that they don’t
list the grade of aluminum. A third one is that they don’t list the grade of the studs. Thank you, sir. So if you look at these
things side by side, you’re gonna see the number one, this is the hub-centric ring. So this cheap spacer
does not have that ring. So what it’s gonna do is two things. When you go to install the wheel, the wheel won’t have anything to center on, so it’s just going to land, you know, roughly on the studs. This helps center that. The other thing is, it
takes some of the weight off of the studs and puts it
on the center of that spacer. So your truck has a hub
that that wheel sits on. When you put the cheap spacer on there, you eliminate that centering
point and that place to sit. And this is what an eBay spacer looks like at 35 miles an hour, when
your wheel falls off. The other thing is, we
only use BORA spacers, and the reason we do that
is because it’s aluminum that’s aircraft-grade
aluminum and you can look up on the website exactly what it
is, I don’t get into details. And then the studs are a 10.1 steel stud. So the grade of the steel in the studs is significantly higher, so
that your wheels don’t fall off. So that is one way to make sure that your wheels don’t fall off. There’s another way that we
discovered with this one, because we knew he was
running BORA spacers, and it was the first time we
have ever seen a BORA fall off, so we knew something was wrong. And what we found is,
there’s a little catch that he missed when it
comes to stud length. So we will get people that will order an inch and a half spacer, and they want to put it on their Chevy,
and what happens is, this one’s a 2 inch. But what happens if you
have an inch and a half is that stud… on a Chevy, is… About an inch and… It’s 1/16″ short, an 1/8″ short of 1.75″. So it’s over an inch and a half. So what happens is, that stud
sticks through the spacer. So when you go to put your wheel on, your wheel smacks right into that stud. You don’t realize it, and you go and start tightening everything. So picture that. The stud’s sticking through there, you go to start tightening everything, and you’re tightening these studs now, where they used to be,
and it hangs up because you hit those studs, the
back of the wheel does, before it gets tight. So now you’re driving
around, you think it’s tight, it torqued right down, but there’s a gap between the wheel and that spacer. So now you just drive
around until things start to loosen up, and then
your wheel falls off and you become Instagram famous. So. Here’s the trick. This is a 2″ spacer, a BORA
spacer that was on a Super Duty. We always kind of said, you know, Chevys are under an inch and 3/4, so you can run a 1.75″ spacer, no problem. Some of the Fords and
stuff are under 1.5″, so you don’t have to trim
the ends off the studs and you can run like a
1.5 on some of those. Super Duties, for certain
years, they started making the studs just over 2″. So just that nipple
sticks out and it smacks right into the back of the wheel. So what happened was, he
thought this was on there, thought it was tight, but
it just had that paper-thin spacing between the spacer and the wheel. And you can see, the paint’s
not even worn on the spacer, because it was only touching
on the outside edges when he tightened it down. And then it just vibrated itself loose, sheared off the hub-centric
ring, and there goes the wheel, heading down the highway,
and you’re following it, not quite as fast. So the moral of that story
is, there are Super Duties out there that just have a
touch too much for a 2″ spacer. He should have went
through and took a grinder and took that nipple off
every one of these studs. The best thing you can do,
the only way you can make sure you ain’t gonna roll until
your wheels fall off, is when you go to install
them, measure those studs and make damn sure that the
length of that stud is shorter than the thickness of your
space of your adapter. So that’s how you know
that you have the adapter sticking out further than the stud itself. And you can bolt it up, torque down, and you know it’s touching. So I hope that helped. This was a short one,
because we are really sick of seeing people’s wheels fall off. The moral of the story is,
if you buy a cheap spacer, it’s not if, it’s when, that
the wheel’s gonna fall off. And then if you buy the correct spacer, you’ve gotta measure that stud length, and sometimes, because
they’re custom made, you should take the wheel
off and measure this before you order, cause if
you’ve got a Chevy 1500, a 1.5 means you have to cut
every one of these studs in order to get it to
fit without sticking out. If you’ve got a Chevy 2500,
most of them have to be cut to get a 1.75″ on it, cause
the 2500 has longer studs. So it’s best to just measure them up, and then go from there. – [Jonny] And it won’t
help rubbing in front, by adding spacers. – Yeah, we won’t even go there today. Yeah, you can’t just keep adding spacers and think it won’t rub up front. It rubs more when you
add spacer up front, so. That helps you out with
how to keep your wheels from falling off. Remember to subscribe,
remember to come follow us, remember to share these videos. Let us know what else you want to hear. As we see people failing,
we will keep bringing you knowledge of how we keep
you from failing, peace.

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