Skateboard Or Die – Full Movie
Skateboard Or Die – Full Movie

[phone beeping] [indistinct chatter] [keys jingling] [car beeps] [engine starting] [man] Wha– [gasping, choking] [groaning] [dial tone, phone ringing] [Ed] It’s done. Have I ever let you down? [laughs] Hey, hey,
she was asking for it, you know that. -What’s next?
-[man groaning] -Australia?
-[groaning] [Ed] Well, what about Manson? Yup. All right, book it in. [engine starting] [“Stitches” by Shinobi playing]♪ When the solider lost
his way home ♪
♪ The music he must face ♪♪ We are ♪♪ Put some color
in the great doors ♪
♪ We are ♪♪ Put a little color
in the great doors ♪
♪ Can you see it now?
Can you see it now? ♪
♪ Can you see it now? ♪♪ We are…
We are… ♪
♪ We are…
We are… ♪
♪ We are…
We are… ♪
♪ Don’t shift the blame
When the black dog wakes ♪
♪ When battles engage
inside you ♪
♪ To despise you
Yeah ♪
♪ Now the stitches break
One by one ♪
♪ And all these seams
are coming undone inside you ♪
♪ And all these seams
are coming undone inside you ♪
♪ Yeah, inside you ♪♪ Can you see it now?
Can you see it now? ♪
♪ Can you see it now? ♪[grunting] [grunting] Hey. Right there, yeah?
Right there. [groans] [woman grunts] Whoa, whoa. Okay, all right. -What?
-You all right? -Dude yeah, I’m fine.
-Well, I thought I was hurting you. Good. Yeah, fine. Okay. [instructor] Line up! What happened?
And I don’t wanna hear, “Mike got hit over the head
with a cricket bat.” Oh, I think he failed
to wax off, sensei. [laughing] What Mr. Miyagi
is trying to say, high blocks and leg sweeps
will only get you so far. You have to commit
to the attack. Okay, free training. [man] Mikey! -That was awesome!
-Oh, thanks man. Except for the part
you chickened out. Oh. Good to see the message
of self defense isn’t wasted on you. Why do you think Mark
wants you out there? He wants to see you
kicking ass. Oh okay. Hey, you know
that wooden dummy -that I’m gonna make?
-Yeah. Yeah, it’s gonna look
just like you. You’re gonna need
some sexy trees, huh? Hey! Oi, where you going?
Oi, you training tomorrow? No, I can’t. I gotta work. You scared of this? And this. -No, no. I’m good, man.
-You could be great, Mikey! Don’t forget to wax off, Mike. [instructor] Oi Miyagi!
Get over here! Sorry. [crickets chirping] Hello. I have been waiting
such a long time for this. Tonight is my night. [chuckles] You are sure about that? Yeah, you’re right. The red. Not that. I just got word
that Eddie’s back in town. And you know
how much the boss loves Eddie. Fuck off. That’ll never happen. I’m just saying. Go get the car. You’re not due for another
half an hour. Yeah. Go the red.
Brings out your eyes. Cheers. [Sarah] Down. Bend up. Hold. And bend. Breathe out and bend down. That’s great. Oi. Just give me five minutes. [indistinct TV chatter] -[laughing] I almost got ya.
-No you didn’t. -Boom! I did then.
-Oh, okay. -That’s for perving on my class.
-What? No, no, doesn’t count. -What?
-Well– only counts if they’re hotter than you. [clears throat] Excuse me? Oh, no, no– It wasn’t–
I didn’t mean it– Come on, Sara. We’ve gotta get
moving. You know how much -I love night driving.
-Yeah. Oh, whoa man. You hear that? The weather’s gonna be horrible
up north. -Look, I’ve got a better idea.
-Mm-hmm? Why don’t you skip
the workshops– No, no, no, just drop
the workshops and you can just hang out
with me. You know, we could have some
PlayStation, paintball, pizzas. -Yeah. Tempting, but no.
-No? No. Okay. Gotta go.
I’ll call you when I get there. -Love you.
-You too. [indistinct TV chatter] [Flick] We’re here. [Ed] Always a pleasure, Flick.
Do say hello to Manson for me. Bitch! Oh, where the fuck am I?
Oh, you crafty f… [Mike] So I moved the shields
to the side but the veneers didn’t show up. [man, on phone]Okay,
thanks mate. Have a good night.
[Mike] Oh yeah, what time
do you want me to come in tomorrow? [man]
I’m not gonna need you now.
-[Mike] What?
-[man]Well, if the woodain’t sharp,
there’s not a lot you can do.
[Mike groans]
Dude, I need those hours. [man]Sorry Mike.
Not a lot I can do about it.
[Mike] All right. That’s okay.
I understand. Meet next week. Goddamn it.
Guy ripped me off. -[Mike] Whoa, whoa!
-[metal clangs] Nice one,caballero.[Mike] Oh yeah? Yeah, says
the guy outta nowhere. Ed? Sorry, mate.
You’ve got me mistaken. No, no, no man. You’re not
getting away that easy. I recognize
that ugly mug anywhere. I don’t know who you are. [crack] [groans] Fu… -Sorry about your board, man.
-Hey, hey, hey. Come on, man. -Come on. I know it’s you…
-What? …all right?
I promise I won’t make fun -of your pretty hair.
-You’re probably concussed, man. Just go home! Forget this–
any of this ever happened. E– Damn it! [Mike] Ed! [Mike] Shit. Not my phone. What are you playing at? [metal creaking] [Mike] Now where’d you go? Oh shit. [Manson]
Sir, I’m all for being fair, but how much longer
are we going to wait around? -Completely un–
-[Ed] Hey, hey. -Sorry guys. Sorry I’m late.
-See? He can’t even turn up
for a meeting on time. [Ed] Yeah, well,
no thanks to you. [Manson] Something you’d like
to share, Edward? No please. Don’t hold back
on my account. [Ed] You know I would love
to indulge your petty ego, man. But I’m sure that everyone here
has better things to do than listen to another tale
of your inability to finish up this problem. -[indistinct chatter]
-[floorboard creaking] -[Mike groans]
-[indistinct chatter] [door creaks] [Ed] Is that really the best
you can do? I’ve heard
better comebacks from… [Manson] Well, it’s good to know
there’s still one place -girls won’t reject you.
-[Ed] Oh, I’m not the one that has a problem. [Manson] The only lady I have
a problem with is you. You started as nothing.
And you’d be nothing without me. -Fuck you, minor.
-[Ed laughs] -Fucking hotshot.
-You’d be dead without me, -Al Capone. Yeah.
-Is that right? You know what, sir,
it’s a matter of class. I rode a BMW here tonight,
he rode what? -Yes, all right you two.
-Judging by the look of things, -I’d say it’s a…
-Pack it in. [Boss] I did not invite you here
for a pissing contest. Nice pants. As you might be aware… following some complications, we’re in need
of a new chapter head. Yes, we are.
And as you know, we nearly lost the Solomon deal
to the Kiwis because this prick decided to improvise. Under my control,
I will personally guarantee that this sort of thing
will never happen again! -Huh?
-Look, what’s the point of killing
anybody -if you can’t have fun doing it?
-[gasps] [Ed] Like any profession,
killing takes a little bit -of creativity. Look, in my ex–
-[phone ringing] -Shh!
-[phone continues ringing] [Ed] In the end, things
don’t always go to plan -but I have managed to always–
-[Manson] Yeah, alright… [Manson]
All of what you just said… [floorboard creaks] -[man] You make a good point.
-Members only. [guard grunts] -I’ve got you.
-[guard grunts] [grunting] [guard yells] [guard] Fuck! -I know how to use this.
-You better. [both grunting] [Boss] The decision
of this counsel is absolute. Congratulations, Eddie. -I don’t fucking believe–
-[grunting] -[guard groans]
-[man] Hey, what the– [man] Oi! Get your guns up. -Cover him.
-[guns cocking] [guard groans] [club guard] Easy, buddy. [Ed] Whoa, whoa! Settle!
Hey everybody. Whoa! Tony, tony, he’s with me.
Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [coughing] This is Michael. We all know
he shouldn’t be here right now. But, um… he’s one of my associates
and he wants in. Uh, well, look we– I did tell him to wait outside,
but, uh, what can I say?
He’s a keen bean, boss, um– What better to start
my new career than by replenishing
the ranks, eh? You’ve gotta be
fucking kidding me. This guy falls in from the roof? He could be a fucking cop!
He could be anything! Hey, I told you he’s with me.
He’s gonna be okay. He’s gonna be good, huh? -Yeah, he’s gonna be good.
-Yeah, the best. Best. -Come on.
-Boss. He’s good muscle. [gulps] Yeah. Yup. Come here. [Manson] Are you serious?
You’re gonna let him walk? While I get reamed with a set
of fucking kitchen knives! -Come on!
-You better make sure they glow, you don’t want
those inferior things -up your ass, Manson.
-Fuck you! [Manson] This is bullshit! -[Mike] If you just–
-Shut up! Shut up! -[Mike] But I won’t–
-[Ed] Shut the fuck up! You’re lucky
I don’t fucking kill you, man. Come on.
You gotta be kidding me. -Calm down, all right?
-Don’t touch me. What the fuck, man? You– What the fuck happened?
Until ten minutes ago, I thought
your decapitated corpse was rotting somewhere
in the middle -of the fucking desert.
-Seriously, mate. Do you have any idea how close
you were to getting your fucking head blown off
in there? Oh, no chance, man.
I kicked that dude’s ass. Oh yeah, yeah,
and what about the rest of them? -Ed?
-What are you gonna do? Try the dazed
and confused approach? -Ed?
-Listen, if I don’t spin some serious shit
and we go right now, -we are fucking both dead.
-Ed! You’ve been dead for a decade.
It hasn’t done you any harm. You have no idea
what I’ve been doing. -I did what I had to do.
-[Mike laughs] Bullshit. Bullshit! Mate. You know what?
You don’t wanna tell me? Fine. All right? But what about
your family? Huh? Yeah, your mum was a wreck.
And your dad? Your dad,
he was all like crying and shit and there was the funeral.
And all those people who– Hold it. My dad really cried? -No. Not really.
-Man. All right, all right. -How far did I fall?
-Not far enough, man. Eddie. I gotta go. -This. Not over.
-Hey, hey, hey. -What do I do?
-Go home. For real this time. -[Ed] I’ll be in touch.
-Well, what if you’re not? Then you don’t have
to go to work on Monday. [“Wisdom Teeth” by WAAX playing
through stereo]♪ Wisdom teeth breaking through
No more sugar for you ♪
♪ One easy kiss,
gonna teach you all about it ♪
♪ I know the smart ones say ♪♪ Reject the handshake
Reject the handshake♪
♪ I’m never gonna leave you
alone, oh no ♪
♪ We’re never getting
out of here ♪
♪ I’m never gonna
leave you alone ♪
♪ We’re never getting… ♪Welcome home, mate.♪ Not safe for long… ♪[birds chirping] [metal chinking] [Ed] Mm. I see Sarah’s taste
hasn’t improved. How’d you find me, man? My mum doesn’t even have
this address. [Ed] What? No, “Hello Ed”?
No, “Thanks -for saving my life yesterday”?
-[Mike] Hey, hey, hey, how about you stop screwing
with me, Ed? Okay. Several of my associates
from last night want to kill you. -[Ed grunts]
-What? Yes. Lucky for you,
I’m a fantastic liar and I’ve bought us some time by telling them you’d be
a good man to have around. What does that mean? It means that someday soon you’ll be asked
to do us a favor. -How soon?
-Today. [Mike] Damn it, Eddie! I– Hey, you fell
into the wrong room, my friend. Members only. No loose ends.
Them the rules. It was the only thing I could do
to save your life. I thought you might like it
that way better than dying. No. No man, no entirely.
My life plan didn’t include owing the mob some kind
of favor. Hey, hey. Club, -Mikey, the Club.
-The Club, whatever is it, man. I’m guessing if I don’t help you
kill someone, I’m dead. Is that it? That’s it, isn’t it? -No man.
-I’m dead. I’m dead, man. No, no. You read
too many comic books, man. The Club is like
a massive organization. Only a select few are killers. Besides… I told them
that you’re only a prospect. All right? Now we just make it look like
you’re not a very good one. Huh? You’re gonna be fine, man. I got your back. -What do you want me to do?
-[Ed] Nothing. Just want you to come with me
when I pick up my ride. [Ed slurps] -Got any wheels?
-Yeah. Plenty. [Flick] Just what are we doing
here anyway? Shouldn’t we be back
at the yard? After what went down last night, that’s shit’s going to have
to wait. Okay… and what if the boss
finds out about this situation? And how would he do that,
exactly? Believe me. Edward’s like a cartoon nappy. It’s cool on the outside,
but inside he’s full of shit. [Flick] Here we go. And about time. You, uh, you sure
you’re up for this? Some things you never forget. Hey man, which one’s the nose?
[laughs] Really, Edward?
A skateboard? -[Manson] Follow them.
-[engine starting] [“Wasted time”
by The Brightside playing] [Ed] Go on, mate.
Try and keep up. [Mike] You keep up.♪ We spent our lives
wide awake ♪
♪ Trying to find a way out ♪[Manson] Not too close. [Ed laughs] [Mike] Race you to the end.♪ Can’t let myself move on,
move on ♪
[Ed laughs] Too slow. [Mike] Yes, that’s a move.♪ Think of all the time
we wasted ♪
♪ The shattered dreams
That we’ve been chasing ♪
♪ Know that we could find
a better way ♪
♪ To run away from this place ♪♪ Now that all the days
Are fading ♪
♪ We’ve all gone
our separate ways and… ♪
[Mike] Watch this, watch this,
watch this.♪ …way to run away from
This place ♪
[Flick] Do you see them? [Ed] Whoa! [Ed] That’s good. That’s good. [Ed] Keep up! You’re on the road, mate.♪ Back then, it seemed to go by
so fast, so fast ♪
♪ If I could go back
and do it all again, I would ♪
[Manson]Here they are.♪ …I wouldn’t change a thing
at all ♪
♪ Think of all the times
we wasted ♪
♪ The shattered dreams
That we’ve been chasing ♪
[Ed laughing] On the right. Headed
for that lot. Turn here.♪ To run away from this place ♪[laughing] -That was filth, man.
-Thanks. Yeah, that was fun. I wish we had more time, Mikey. -That’s why I’m here, isn’t it?
-Eh? Once I finish this thing, right? We can go for a real skate,
yeah? You know, hands down,
wheels out? -Yeah maybe. Maybe man, maybe.
-Yeah? Stay here, I’ll be back
in a sec, yeah? All right. [skater 1] I’m going to need
something to drink soon. [skater 2] There’s a 7-Eleven
at the end of this block. [skater 1] My money’s at home. [skater 2] I’ve got five bucks.
I can buy you a slurpy. [Mike] Hey, guys. -How you doing?
-Hey. Yeah, all right. Yeah? You guys skating today? -[skater 1] Yeah.
-[skater 2] Yeah, later on. [Mike] You too?
Where’s your helmet? At home. [Mike] So you’re going
to skate without a helmet? -Uh, guess so.
-[Mike] really? A couple of likely boys.
What do you think? [Flick] Mm-hmm. [SD member]
Just gagging for it. I… [Manson] Hey boy! [whistles] [SD member] She was just all
over me like a fly on a turd. Crazy. Need you to do something for me,
big man. -[T-Dog] I’m listening.
-[Manson] Mm. [Mike] Well, try this one. See how it fits. That doesn’t feel too bad,
does it? Just clip that. There you go. -Perfect.
-Hey, what are you guys up to? [Mike] Is this your sister? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Yeah, she hasn’t got a helmet.
-[boy] She always forgets. [Mike] Well, she can borrow
this for now. -Come on, sis. Time to go.
-It’s T-Dog. Let’s get out of here.
Come on. Come on. Let’s go! [Mike] Hey, hey!
That’s my helmet! [T-Dog] Oi you!
You’re in our lot. Yeah? That’ll be 20 bucks
for the helmet. [Squid] Whoa!
Man, this thing is huge! Hey! Hey, hey man!
Don’t ollie on that. -You got a smart mouth.
-[Mike] What? -Wait a sec, guys.
-Nah, mate. You wait a sec. That was fucking rude. [hooting] -[Squid] Yeah, T-Dog!
-[man] Come on, T. -[man 1] Snap him, T.
-[man 2] Yeah, T. -[man 3] Smash him up.
-[man 4] Come on. [chip beeps] Fuck him up, T-Dog. [T-Dog grunts] -[man yells]
-[thud] Now look,
if you don’t have the money, you can just pay me
another time. -Slice him up.
-[Mike] I wouldn’t do that if I were you. [T-Dog] Oh, geez! -[Mike] Drop the knife, mate.
-[T-Dog] Fuck! [yelling]
Broke my fucking shoulder. Yeah, well,
you tried to kill me, man. -I think we’re even.
-[T-Dog] Fuck you! What are you pussies
waiting for? Get him! [grunting] -[thud]
-[man groans] -[Flick] Kid’s got skills.
-Yeah… how about that? -[car engine revving]
-[tires screeching] [Ed cheers, laughs] [tires screeching] What are you waiting for, man?
Get in. Come on. Come on. [Ed] Buckle up! -Wasn’t that K-Z’s ride?
-[man crying] -[Ed laughing]
-Shit man! Dude! What was that, man? What? You saw that?
What happened to you? What happened to
“I got your back”? Clearly, you don’t need
my help, mate. Problem is, I’m not the only one
watching, Mikey. What? What, we’re being watched?
I didn’t see anyone. And you won’t. But that little display
back there is gonna help the others think
that you’re legit. I mean, even if that dude
did need his ass handed back to him
by the real Kung Fu master, man. So, uh… what do we do now? -We? There is no we, Mike.
-Yeah. -I’m taking you home.
-[Mike scoffs] Oh, no, no,
not if they’re watching me. No, I’m sticking to you. No, no, no, look,
that is not how this goes down. [T-Dog] Better give me
a hundred more reasons why me and the boys
don’t end you right now. You did what I ask? [T-Dog] Oi, Squid!
You do as I ask? [Manson] You’re SD? [T-Dog] That’s right, old man.
Boy ain’t safe nowhere. Well, I think we can help
each other out. Clean your shit up…
load your crew… and meet me here.
You’ll get your chance. -[T-Dog] All right.
-[Flick] Oh, and T-Dog? Put a shirt on. Bitch tits. [Manson laughs] Okay. Get us back so I can see where
those two clowns are headed. [phone beeps] There’s an applicator for that? Yeah…
there’s an applicator for that. [Manson]
Yeah, of course there is. [Ed]Listen, it’s like this,
I am working, right?
You’re pretending to work. Working, not working.
Real, fake. Coke, Pepsi. I’m the Coke, man. I am the fucking coke, man. I’m the Coke. [Ed snorts and exhales] I am the fucking Coke, man. Ed? Um… if you can guarantee my safety
at home, you know… then just drop me off
’cause I’ve got comics to read. [Ed scoffs] [engine revving] [Ed] Fuck it! Those things
will rot your brain, man. [Mike]What’s this place?[Ed]It’s one of my safe-houses.-[Mike]A safe-house. Really?
-[Ed]Yes, really.[Ed] Listen.
You don’t touch anything. Ah! What’d I just say?
You don’t touch anything? [Ed] Our primary
is Terry Winston. This guy started a meth lab
for one of the local gangs and he has outlived
his usefulness. -[Mike] That’s a nice car.
-[Ed] Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, look,
the plan is to make it look like a gang war.
That’s why I took that. Ed, what kind of club
are you in exactly? Plausible deniability
is a powerful ally. [Mike] I think we’re
a little bit past that point. Don’t you? Not even close, man. -We specialize.
-In? -[Ed] Killing.
-[Mike] Damn it, Ed. I thought you said
only a few were killers. Yeah, look, I know and I might
have relaxed the truth on that a little bit, Mikey.
But it was for your own good. I mean, who ever heard
of an assassin’s club that was made up of killers?
Huh? But you don’t need
to worry, man. I’m gonna make sure
you don’t become a member. So trust me, man. Oh, considering the bullshit
you’ve spouted so far, I don’t see why I should. It’s nothing I can’t get you out
of if you’d just do what I say this one time
on this one simple gig. If I don’t like it… I’m out. Deal. Should be
honored though, recruit. -It’s a very exclusive club.
-Sarah will be thrilled. Hey, you check that shit.
You hear me? If she finds out one thing
about this, we’re all fucked. You copy that? Cheer up, man. It’s like an opportunity for us to get to hang out
like old times, man. -Ed.
-Don’t you reckon? -Ed.
-Huh? -I’m not killing anyone for you.
-Yeah, I know. [Manson]Oh, excellent!
I didn’t think you’d be able
to access it that quick.
Start recording as soon
as you–
-[girl crying]
-[Manson] Hang on. Will you be quiet
while I’m on the phone? Yeah. No, no, no, no.
It’s all good. -[girl sobbing]
-Really? Huh! Nice work.
How long will it take? Help. Okie dokie. I’ll be there
shortly, okay? [crying] Help! Help! -Help. Help–
-[smack] Did I say you could speak? God! Damn! Wah wah! Here. If you hurry, you might
get there first. Yeah? Don’t wanna hang around?
See Cindy become a cyclops? Now where were we? [cackles] [engine revving] -[Mike] Ed, they have cameras.
-[Ed] Yeah, I know. -Oh shit!
-Relax. [metal door creaking] All right. After I get out… you count to five,
you shoot anything that moves. And if you have to speak,
use a Russian accent. You ready? I’m just kidding, man. Listen, you keep
your shit together, you hear? -Yeah.
-All right. And try not to look
so scared, man. -That’s a good look.
-Shut up. Un-fucking-believable. Hello. Anyone here? Where the fuck is everybody,
man? Hey, you Serrig? I’m Mark, Tejo sent me. Tell me, is this how
you look after an SD Investment? -Huh?
-Where’s Katie? Don’t you fucking answer
my question with a question. This where you keep the girls? Okay, okay, man.
This is bullshit. I want your crew
out the front now. Let’s go. Come on, girls. Let’s go.
Let’s go, let’s go. Not the girls,
you fucking junkie. You girls get back to work.
Come on, back to work. Everybody back to work.
Come on. Chop chop. Where are the boys, man? The men that were sent here to keep this place
locked down, man. There ain’t no one
watching the girls, there ain’t no one
out the front. Ed was right to send me, man. These motherfuckers are wasting
our time, huh? Do you want me to call Tejo? Huh? Is that what you want?
Hmm? -All right.
-[phone beeps] No, no, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait. -[man moaning]
-[woman laughing] [horn blares] Is that everyone? Where’s T-Dog? In emergency. [gunshots] Oh fuck! [wheezes] Fuck!
Did you see that guy? I thought I was gonna
have to reload, man. Come on, come on, let’s go.
Get moving! Go, Mike! Go watch the door. Mikey! Go watch the door.
No following me, no street fights.
Watch the door. Go on, go, go. Come on. Get your little chicken leg
in there you motherf– -[screaming]
-[gunshots] [women screaming] Ed. Ed. Ed. You there? [person choking] [gun cocks] Let’s see him dodge this. I didn’t know
you were left-handed. [person choking] [in Russian accent]
It’s time to be going, comrade. [person choking] [gun cocks] [person choking] [Mike] Don’t tell me
we came here so you could score. Whoa, whoa! What the hell
are you doing? [Ed] Haven’t you heard
of karmic justice? [Mike] I don’t think this
is what Buddha had in mind. I don’t know. Maybe not, man. But Mandela, now he’d be able
to shit like a fat kid on cake. Whoa. Man, who’s watching
the door? Forget the door! What the hell
is wrong with you? Are you shitting me, man? I’m sorry this little scene
disturbs you, but this is my job. Yours is to watch
the fucking door. Are you doing it? No. Why–
what– Are you lost man? Do I need to put a sign?
Look, there is a sign, huh? I was worried, okay? -The door, now!
-The door’s fine. There’s no one -around for miles.
-[door creaks] Yeah, well,
that’s not the point, Mikey. When you say you’re gonna do
something, man, you do it. You don’t just up and leave
whenever you feel like it. [scoffs] There it is.
This isn’t about the door. You’re still choked that I left
the service. Now, how long have you been waiting
to say that? About an hour. And I probably could’ve waited
longer, Mikey, but I’m super fucking pissed
with you right now, man. And we’re at it… when were you gonna tell me
about Sarah? [Ed] Oh no, no, no.
You’re in no position… [indistinct chatter] [Mike] …I couldn’t talk to you
on account of you being dead. You had no idea
what things were like, Ed. I was the one that helped them
get through after you were gone. In turn, Sarah helped me accept
that life goes on, all right? So like it or not, things
have changed, Ed. Nothing has changed, man.
You can’t commit to anything. [Mike] …rich coming from you.
Anything else you wanna say? Considering we haven’t seen
each other in how long? -Not long enough, man.
-I’m sorry. When did you turn into such a gigantic asshole? [Ed] Oh, I’ve always been
an asshole, man. At least I’m not
a fucking pussy. You should’ve stayed there. You should’ve stayed
by the door. Will you get over it already. -[Ed] No, man.
-Why? [Ed] Because we got
Charlie-Foxtrot. Oh shit! [Mike]…Police![Mike] Okay,
what do you want me to do? -[Ed] Shoot someone, man!
-[Mike] Yeah, right. Here. What am I? An octopus?
You have it. [Mike] I got an idea. -[Ed] The fuck you doing, man?
-[Mike] Just keep killing! [Mike] Coming through! [gunshots] [Ed] What was that? -Two-minute sleeper.
-[Ed] Shit, man. I gotta get the security drive
from upstairs in the office. -Cover me.
-Forget that. You’re a better shot than me. -Upstairs, right?
-[Ed] Yeah. I’ll be done in one. [gunshots] [papers rustling] Where’s your skateboard now,
bitch? [gun clicking] Fuck! -[grunting]
-[panting] [both grunt] [Ed] Who’s alive out there,
huh? Anyone bleeding? [T-Dog] Rise, get away
from the wall. [grunting] [panting] Yeah. We’re done, mate. It’s over.
We’ve gotta get out of here. [T-Dog] Okay, let’s bail. [bullets clinking] [T-Dog] Okay. Run through
the door in three, two, one. [SD member] Oh shit!
Where’d he come from? What the hell do we do now? -[bottle explodes]
-[T-Dog] Ah! What the fuck? -[T-Dog] Smoke?
-[SD member] Smells gross! [gang members coughing] Hey, what was that? When you said sleeper, I figured
in two minutes, you’d be like… [imitates explosion]
Not like sleeper, sleeper, man. -[gunshot]
-You should be embarrassed. -[gunshots]
-[Mike scoffs] I should? Yeah. What about you? I thought
you were going to show me some kind of cool,
stealthy accident. I mean, what do you call this? [Ed] Gang related accident. Come on, man. Let’s go. Hang on. [car door opens] [laughs] -[Ed laughs]
-[Mike] What? I only need 20. [Manson] Did you get it? You don’t keep me here
for my fashion advice. No, I do not. Feed died about 20 minutes ago. Soon that’ll work through
the final protocol and then transfer it to disc.
It’ll be a few hours at least. How are we on the other matter? -[Manson] Oh.
-[Simone] Factory worker. Three years, sixth RAR.
Does some martial arts. Couple speeding tickets.
No arrests. [Manson] Kinda boring.
Who’s that? [Simone] I think he’s in love. -Mm. Girlfriend?
-Fiancé, actually. -What’s her go?
-Not much. Yoga instructor. Born in Melbourne. And, uh… this. Oh… blessed be the gods. I wasn’t sure
if I should call it in or– Oh no. No need.
I’ll deal with this. -All right.
-[Manson] Mm. -[Manson] Thank you.
-Yes. You didn’t shoot yourself today,
man, I’m proud of you. -We done here?
-Yeah, for now. Good. What’s gotten into you, man? [Mike] You know, I can ask you
the exact same thing. I don’t know who that was
back there, but it sure as hell
wasn’t the Ed I know. Yeah, too fucking right
it wasn’t, man. That guy’s dead. And now it’s just you and me,
brother. Nah, man. It’s just you. Where do you think you’re going,
man? You can’t just get out -on your own.
-Out? I’m not even in. Yeah, fucking A-one you’re in. The moment I saved your life
you were in, man. You need to get it straight. The only thing that is keeping
you alive right now is a lie. My lie. You don’t just fucking rock up
on these guys and tell them how it is, man,
they’ll kill us both. You know what? And as far
as the Club’s concerned, man, this is
the only fucking way out. [phone buzzing] -[phone clicks]
-Shit. Just– just promise me
you’ll go home, man. We had a deal. [phone buzzing] Yeah, your ears must be burning.
I was just about to check in. Yeah, yeah. Yup. Gypsies in ten.
Yep done, done. [“Weekend Behaviour”
by Blonde on Blonde playing]♪ If I sound analytical it’s
’cause I’m from out of town ♪
♪ My baby remembers
She got it figured out ♪
♪ Girls covered neon
in the back of a Taxi ♪
♪ We’ve made the wrong friends ♪♪ And we’re shit out of
luck again ♪
♪ Love sick and brain dead
The wheels are in motion ♪
♪ Pray my plane will crash deep
into the ocean ♪
♪ She wasn’t a target
I selected at random ♪
♪ The best of mistakes
undertaken in tandem ♪
♪ See that girl
with the shy eyes ♪
♪ Wants me to stay
and to dance till the sunrise ♪
♪ Found myself in the wrong
place at the right time ♪
♪ Looking for some place
or someone to call mine ♪
-[cats meowing in phone video]
-Look at their eyes glowing. That’s ridiculous. Well? Nothing much to tell.
Bing, bang, boom. In and out. Quiet as a mouse. [sirens wailing] Okay, well. Look, it was
a little less “quiet as a mouse” than it was “bing, bang, boom.” I was just testing out
the new guy. I don’t think he’s ready. Yeah, well, we’ll take
your advice into consideration. -Are we clean?
-Yeah, but, Boss, the new guy– Yeah, I think you know
how this works. We’re not making a mistake
with you, are we Eddie? No, sir. Speaking of massive blunders.
Where’s Manson? -Being a good boy.
-[scoffs] You sure about that? [indistinct chatter] -Have fun, boys.
-Thanks. I’ve got my eye on you, Mikey.
Gotta say I’m confused. Why are you hanging
with that two-bit hack? -Eddie?
-Yeah. He was my way in. Why?
Who wants to know? Someone who can help. -What are you suggesting?
-A change of pace. Thanks. What direction? You tell me.
How did it go back there? Yeah… Hmm. I’d like to see you try. Hey, here he is.
Hey Teddy, how’s it going man? I thought as much. You’re wasting your time
kicking around with that loser. You think that’s a waste
of time, You should see what
I was gonna do this weekend. You need a sponsor
with some experience. If you’re smart, you’d leave
that guy twisting in the breeze before you wake up wishing
you’d taken the blue pill. -[Mike] I’ll keep that in mind.
-[Manson] Yeah, you should. This gets messy out there,
and Lady Luck’s an ugly bitch. -Lady luck?
-Yeah. All right. I’ll make sure
to bring a six pack. Cheers to that. What are you doing here, man? Probie and I are just getting
to know one another. You see, I thought I knew
all of the club’s associates in Brisvegas. How did you keep this one
under the radar so long? Easy. He’s not worth mentioning. I’ll be in touch. You can count on that. [keys clink] -[ruffling]
-[Mike] Oh shit. -Babe.
-[Mike] Hey. -You’re home.
-So are you. You’re a day early.
What happened? -Flood warning.
-Ah. Crap. Yeah, it was going so well, too.
We were lucky to get out before they closed the roads. -Super lucky.
-What have you been doing? -Uh… nothing.
-Liar. -All right.
-It’s a new jacket. Yeah. Yeah. You like it? -No.
-Oh. Okay. Looks like something my brother
would wear. Take it off. [Sarah squeals] [Ed on computer]I’m sorry if
this little scene disturbs you,
-but this is my job.
-[Manson laughs] [Manson] It’s Bill and Ben,
the crack-house men. [laughs] Oh Ed, you’ve outdone yourself.
[laughs] -[Ed]…door now!
-[Mike]The door’s fine…[news theme plays] [reporter on TV]We now know
that nine people have been
confirmed dead-in what appears to be…
-How are ya? [reporter]…a brutal
gang shooting inside a large,
illegal drug lab just outside-of fortitude valley.
-[dial tone ringing] [phone buzzing] [Ed groaning] [Manson]Wakey, wakey,
amateur Ed.
I thought your kind
slept through the day. I tried to explain to The Five
that this was going to happen, but they just couldn’t see it. [Manson]And now
I can show them.
Oh Marilyn,
did you wet the bed, did you? [Manson]Man, almost.I’ve been pissing myself
all morning with laughter. I happen to cross a certain set
of video files Number One will find, um, very interesting. Me and his prize-winning beagle.
How’d you get that? The same way I got
everything else on you, Edward. I’m just that good. [Manson]I even know
about the lies
you’ve been telling. Yeah.I know your little secret.But that’s not why I’m calling.
Turn on your TV.
[reporter on TV]
Thanks for that, Jeff.
Moving back to our main story
this morning…
[Reporter on TV]
…late last night…
-Ah! Good morning.
-[Mike] Hey babe. -What are you making?
-Eggs. God. You don’t hear that
everyday. -[Sarah] Serves them right.
-What? A bunch of gangbangers shot
each other downtown last night. [reporter]…not willing
to comment on the exact cause
of the shooting at this time.-And you got a message.
-[reporter]…they founda large amount of drugs
and manufacturing equipment.
One of the largest finds so far
this year.
The lone survivor, also believed
to be an SD member…
[knocking on door] -[Sarah] I’ll get it.
-No, no, no. -No, no, no, no.
-What are you doing? Nothing. We– we gotta go. -[knocking on door]
-[club member] Michael. -It doesn’t look like nothing.
-Oh. Yup. Okay. Come on, Michael.
We know you’re in there. Okay. Yup, you’re right.
It’s something. It’s something big. I think
those guys are hitmen. -[scoffs] Whatever?
-[banging on door] [club member] Michael,
we don’t want to hurt you.We just want to talk to you.-Okay, let’s go.
-Mm-hmm. -You can’t say it like that.
-I beg your pardon? Don’t you watch any TV?
When people say stuff like that, they’re just gonna whack
somebody. I was going to show him
a card. Oh great. Show him a card.
Oh it’s all good, mate. Michael.
We’re friends of Eddie’s. [thud] [Jeff] Ah f– [phone beeps] Yeah,
bring the car out in front. Yeah, he’s going OJ. Why’s he going for orange juice? -He’s running.
-Oh. [Sarah]
Mike, where are we going? -[Mike] Oh just, um…
-What? What are you doing? Are those guys really hitmen? Come on. Let’s– let’s race.
Yeah, let’s race. Come on, let’s race. It’s fun. Mike, I thought
you were joking around. -Who are those guys?
-I don’t know. Not sure. -Then why are we running?
-Okay. I had a little bit
of a weird day yesterday and things got a little… -There he is
-[Mike] Come on. Let’s go. Gotta run. Come on. Quick. Get Manson on the phone.
Let him know. [phone rings] -[Manson] Yeah.
-[man speaking gibberish] -What do you mean?
-[man speaking gibberish] What do you mean
you had a problem with him? [man speaking gibberish] -[panting] Oh geez.
-Mike, will you slow down a minute?
This is ridiculous. Hey, hey Michael. You tired?
I’ll give you a lift. I’ll just pop the boot. -[Mike] Really?
-Yeah. -No, we’re good. Thanks.
-Michael! Who was that? [Mike] Look. I realize
this is probably very confusing, [panting]
but I promise I’ll tell you everything once we get there. -[Sarah] Where?
-[Mike] To the safe-house. [Sarah] Oh, to the safe-house. When the hell did you get
a safe-house, Mike? -What do you do when I’m away?
-Whoa, whoa! This is not good. Okay. Babe,
you gotta go, all right? Just cut through the park,
and I’ll catch up with you, -all right?
-Fine. I’ll go. But this… not over. Michael. Why are you running? What? My girlfriend and I
go jogging every morning. You two should try it. We ain’t gonna hurt you.
No one is going to arrest you. No shit, Sherlock.
Cops aren’t as ugly as you lot. Is that so? -You need to come with us.
-No, no, no, no. You need to leave me alone. I don’t think
you’ve got a choice. Don’t! [grunting] [Manson]Are you serious?
It was straightforward.
Shit! -[Flick] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-[Manson] Oh, fuck me sideways. Change of plan. Follow her. Where do you think you’re going,
sweetheart? [bongos being played] [Manson] That’s it.
Just over here. -Mi… Mike!
-Hey, look out behind! Behind! Behind you! Ah! Little rest after your run. [Manson] Okay, go. -Hey, Mikey!
-[Mike] Hey. Could you save us the trouble.
Just borrowing some gear. Sick pajamas. Have you lost
your fucking marbles? This isn’t why we’re here. We’re supposed
to bring him in easy. Easy? Oh yeah, yeah.
Tell that to the B team. They’re at the top of the hill
sweeping up their own teeth. Can’t take Mohammed
to the mountain, you take his girlfriend. He’ll go wherever the fuck
you want. [laughs] The Five are gonna grind
your balls when they find out -about this.
-Bullshit. They’ll thank me. This chick’s like a two-for-one
deal. Get us to the yard. Fuck. Damn it! [Flick] What the f–
He’s behind us? [Manson]Yeah,
but he’s only on a skateboard.
No way he’s gonna catch us
on that thing.
[Manson] Turn left up ahead. He won’t be able
to follow us in traffic. [car horn blares] [Manson] He’s gone. Told you. -[Flick] Hey! Get off!
-[Mike] Sarah! [Mike] Baby! [Mike] Sarah! Sarah, wake up! Fuck off! [Manson] Mike,
it’s the middle of the road. -Sarah!
-[Manson] There, there. [Flick]
Yeah, I see it. I see it. [Manson]
Escape through this, Mikey. Up there.
That hill will stop him. [Flick] Huh.
He’ll never get up here. Where are you, Mikey?
Where are you? Holy shit! I’m seeing him. What’s this guy’s problem
anyway? Give it a bit more speed.
He’s got no chance. All right. Hold on. [Manson] How hard is it
to outrun a skateboard? I’m trying! I’ve had enough
of this bullshit. -Playtime over.
-[gun cocks] [gunshots] [Mike] Whoa, whoa! [Flick] Not today, Spider-man. Fuck! Well, that’s just great. [doorbell rings] [buzzer buzzes] Hey, thanks for coming, Mike. Now, listen, listen.
Look, I know you’re shitting on me right now, man.
You know what? And I deserve it, you know?
I really do. But we have to put that shit
behind us right now, man, ’cause we– Dude, what– Some heavies from the club
rocked up just as I got your text, okay? You said run
and so we ran and they started– I didn’t say run, Mikey, I said
ASAP man. That doesn’t mean skip breakfast
and don’t put your pants on. Whoa… did you say we? Sarah’s retreat
got rained out last night. When those dudes rocked up,
we were on the news and– I mean, I just freaked out.
I couldn’t just leave her there and then– and then
your fucking girlfriend from the other night
just rolled up and took her– -Who? Manson?
-Yeah. Oh, that fucking idiot. Oh man, I knew
he was gonna mess this all up. He can’t help himself, can he?
That fucking ego fucking maniac. [crash] That’s it man!
I’m gonna end this guy! Whoa, whoa.
Do you know where he is? You know
where he’s taking her, right? Fuck! [Manson]Check this out…[indistinct chatter] Hey, boss. She’s waking up. Is she now? That’s about time. All right there.
Got a lot to talk about. Here. Have a drink. Drink up. I promise you. It’s just water. That’s a good girl.
Excuse me for a second. [dial tone ringing] -[phone ringing]
-[Boss] Donny, Donny, Donny. -Showing me up like that.
-[phone ringing] You think I can extend
the deadline? Well, I can’t. -[phone ringing]
-You’re a– What? Yep? Hey boss. It’s me… Manson. Yeah. Yeah. You’re not going
to believe this. You did what? -I just– I just thought–
-What? That you were smarter than us? [Boss]That you could do
a better job?
No, I’ve got something to show– [Boss]Listen, you muppet.You gotta talk to Eddie
and smooth this shit out. And if I suspect
for one moment… -[man screams]
-…you’re playing one of your twisted
little games with that girl…I’ll come down there
myself. Capeesh?
Yeah. Thanks… for nothing. Normally we’d like to keep
things a little more discrete than this… but your brother’s given me
no choice. Mi… Mike’s not my brother,
he’s my fiancé. -[Sarah yells]
-Did I say boyfriend? -Ed?
-[Manson chuckles] Yes, you dopey bitch.
Welcome to the conversation. You twisted prick.
My brother’s dead. [Sarah yells]
I’m telling you the truth. He was killed in action
years ago. Look, I don’t know
what you think Mike’s done, but it has nothing to do
with Ed. Oh. Of course not.
You’re gonna love this. [Ed on TV]Little help, please?[gunshots in video] [Mike on TV]I don’t know.
What’d you have me do?
Yeah? [gunshots in video] Give me the phone. [Manson sighs] Call your brother. -Don’t know how.
-No. Call your brother! Call your brother! Call him! -Call your brother!
-Okay! -Do it now! Call him!
-Okay! I’ll fucking hit you so hard, you’ll have to drink
through a straw! [Manson]
Let’s go. Make the call. [Sarah] I will.
Just gotta find the number. -Sit your ass down.
-There’s no reception. Oh. Okay. Make it quick. -Call your brother.
-Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get her. Get her. -[Sarah squeals] Let–
-[thud] Oh for God’s sake. Come on. -Jeff, get in there.
-[Sarah] Get off! [Manson] Get her hand. [Sara yelling]
Let– let me go! [Manson]
Hey. Tough day, big fella. Didn’t break a nail, did ya?
And you– Stupidity must be
a family trait. Do you wanna chain her up,
boys? Come on. Let’s go. Grab her legs. -And get the handcuffs.
-Let me go! Get off! Okay, so we… came out here. Right? And I lost them
somewhere around there. -From your place?
-Yeah. -That’s awesome, man.
-Well, what fucking good is it? She’s gone
and it’s my fault, man. No. No, it’s not. Manson’s my problem, man. That’s the whole reason
I’ve stayed hidden. So things like this
wouldn’t happen, man. You, mom, Sarah,
the kids across the street. It doesn’t matter.
If Manson finds a weak spot, he’ll squeeze.
[Ed sighs] I’m gonna get her back, Ed. I know you are, man. And I wasn’t lying when I said– You know, I have been lying,
Mikey, but I wasn’t lying when I said
that we’re a tight group, all right? It might take me
a few more phone calls, -but I’ll find her.
-[phone chimes] You might not have to, man.
That. That is why I love her. Oh, dude,
I know this place, man. This is an old clubhouse, man.
Yeah. Oh, I don’t know, man.
Manson’s not the coolest kid on the block, but he does have
some sort of pull. That’s until everyone finds out
that I’m his new boss. -Yeah.
-Congratulations. Yeah. All right, I’m yet to
accept though, yeah. Do you think you can, uh,
find me another meth lab? [Ed hums] I think I can do one better. [“Stitches” by Shinobi playing]♪ When the solider lost
his way home ♪
[machine whirring]♪ The music he must face
We are ♪
♪ Put a little color
in the great doors ♪
♪ Stuck in a hole
Stuck in a hole ♪
♪ Hit with sticks and stones
and then some ♪
♪ It’s under control
It’s under control ♪
[Ed] Nice work.♪ ‘Cause your about to lift
the lid on a shit storm ♪
♪ Willing and brave ♪♪ It’s good to see you got
a little spring in your step ♪
♪ Now there’s a way to behave ♪♪ But you find all the tenant
don’t care ♪
♪ Don’t shift the blame
When the black dog wakes ♪
♪ When battles engage
inside you ♪
♪ To despise you, yeah ♪[Ed] Yeah. Here, gimme that.
You suit up.♪ Can you see it now ♪[Mike] Not a bit of stealth. You remember the–
benefit of stealth? [Ed] Don’t you talk
about stealth, Mike. [Manson laughs]Woo-hoo!
She’s drinking like a fish.
-[Manson laughs]
-[Sarah screaming] [laughs] Hey, look
at her squirm. Chug chug. Get us a top up, champ. How about now, you dirty bitch? Are you starting to get
your memory back? -Huh?
-Screw you, psycho. I don’t know anything! I told you
I haven’t seen him in years. All right. Back we go.
Easy going. [Ed] Okay, okay, Mikey.
Which one is it? [Mike] Let me check. Looks like the building
behind those cars. [Ed whispering] Get down. [Mike] Hey, I know that chick. [Ed] Yeah, I do too. Now shh.
I got something special for her. [Ed] Psst. Ed? What the fuck’s going on? I thought this was supposed
to be a simple review. Mm. Tell me about it. [snorts] [Flick snorts] -So how’s my sister? She okay?
-For now. Manson’s fucking lost it. Thinks you’ve done
some sorta deal with The Five and he’s pissed. My deal with the boss
has nothing to do with Manson. You know how buggy he gets
when you go over his head. No wonder he grabbed her
like that. Oh, you were there, were you? Huh? Do you know where she is? Yeah. You okay? -Yes. She’s in–
-Whoa, whoa! I’ll catch you. [Ed] What? [Ed] She’s a massive bitch, man.
Come on. Let’s go. Come on, princess. [Manson laughs] [muffled screams] -Get us top up, champ.
-She’s had enough. Oh fine. Party pooper Pete. You haven’t seen him?
Then we’ll call someone who has. Under Mikey? Or slack in bed? Now seriously, Mike, man.
Don’t mess this up tonight. Seriously, don’t get in my way. -Well, try not to get in my way.
-[phone ringing] -That’s what I do.
-Shit. What the fuck? -It’s Sarah, man.
-Oh shit. [dial tone ringing] Hello? Mike? Mike, no.
It’s a trap. He’s after Ed. Michael. No, it’s not a trap. -Mike, no. Don’t listen to him.
-It’s trapish. She’s trying to– Can you be quiet? It’s not a trap, okay?
But I’ll keep you in the know. [Manson]Have you seen Ed?No, no. No? No. That’s too bad. [Manson]Um, you’ve got half
an hour. When you find him,
can you give me a call back,
please? Okay. Bye-bye now.
He’s got the biggest hard on
for you man, all right. Yeah. Must be the hair, man. Psst. [man] Still. You gotta agree
that the girl’s a weird… All right. I’ll pop up
and do them from this side, -you can go around.
-No, no. I got this. All right. Hurry up, hurry up. [man] Yeah, true. -[Max] Oh?
-[man2] Shit. Blindside. [guns cock] -[Max grunts]
-[thud] Max? Shit. Shit. -[man groans]
-[thud] [Ed] Nice.
Two more unconscious bodies. Would you quit doing that?
Please? [gunshot] Don’t have a cry, come on.
Let’s go. [gunshot] [Mike] I just don’t understand
why you have to shoot everyone all the time. Look, I know
this isn’t your thing, but don’t make it
boring for me, man. Well, if you were a little
more creative, you wouldn’t have to,
you know, keep killing people all the time. Look, you can go if you like.
I’ve got it from here. Chances are they’re doing this
to get to me anyway. You wouldn’t have to
if it wasn’t for me. All right? All set? I know, I know.
Everyone’s pissed at me. Blah, blah, blah. What you gonna do about it? Out of the way, Mike.
Move, move! -Happy?
-Thanks. Jesus! Sarah. Hey. -It’s not her.
-Thank fuck for that. Come on. Come on. Man didn’t do this,
I mean what if– No, no.
If Manson wants to hurt her, he’s gonna make sure we watch.
Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go. -[man 1] What’s up?
-[man 2] She passed out again. Just wait, all right? You go around the back. I’ll run
point on the hole for two. Go that way. Don’t be late. Don’t be crazy. That’s our motto. [guard] No. No, nothing, really. Of course
I haven’t been drinking. Yeah, that’s rich
coming from you. Yeah, yeah. I’ll make sure
I keep an eye out. [phone beeps] [Mike whistles] -Where’s the service here?
-Yeah, pretty ordinary. What the f– -Mike.
-Sarah. -Are you all right?
-No. I’m a fucking hostage. Not to mention that the guy
that took me said that Ed is still alive
and you knew all about it. [chains clinking] Look, first of all…
The guy that took you, okay? Right,
he’s a complete mental case. Secondly, what would I be doing
with your dead brother? [Mike laughs] Hell yeah! Oh I– I– How–
how much did you see? Enough to know that if you
don’t tell me what the hell is going on here, you may
as well disappear as well. Where has he been? How long
have you known about it? Two days. Okay? All right,
I swear I literally bumped into him
the other night in the street. Where is he now? [club member]
That’s a very good question. Michael! [laughs] Calm down, Michael. Now that you’re here,
it won’t be long. One of The Five is coming
to sort this out. I get nervous in interviews.
Can we do this by e-mail? One of the five what? She really has no idea, has she? Well, you see, Sarah.
Your brother risked a certain level of exposure
that the members of the Hunter’s club found
highly dis– [high pitched droning] -Eddie
-Hey, rat face. How are you? -Better I get this.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no! The guard’s got the keys. Okay, better.
Go, get up. Up up. Come on, Sarah. Let’s go. [Sarah screams] [gunshots] [gun clicks] [men grunt] [grunting] [grunting] [Sarah pants] [both laughing] [Ed] Hey– Oh! Hey! -Hey, hey, hey!
-Hey, hey. You all right? -[Ed laughs]
-All right. -Hey. Let’s not tell mum.
-Shut up! -Hey there, whoa.
-Hey, hey, hey! [door opens] [camera clicks] What a beautiful moment. Oh. That’s going straight
in the Facebook. I helped
a brother and sister reunite after a tragic separation. Then I gouged
my fucking eyeballs out! Edward. -Where have you been?
-Around. [Ed] Take her back to my place.
I’ll distract him. -I’m guessing this is your idea.
-Yeah. -Where’s The First?
-On his way. Did you really not know -about Eddie?
-Uh-huh. -Then why are they after you?
-Because I screwed up. And screwing up
around these guys -gets you killed.
-[gunshot] -I have to go back.
-And do what? I’m not quite sure. But look,
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Ed and just– everything, but we don’t have
much time to talk right now. -All right?
-You’re right. -No, no, no, no.
-No! He’s my brother.
I’m going back with you. Look. I know what’s going
through your mind right now. I know what you’re thinking,
all right? But just trust me. Please. I want you to find
someplace to hide. Just like paintball.
Stay low and… don’t get shot. Can you do that for me? Please? -Yeah.
-Go, go. [woman moaning] [Flick pants and moans] -[Sarah grunts]
-[Flick moans] -Oh.
-[Flick groans] Can’t you bleed any faster man?
Come on. What is it with you
with the ladies, Manson? I saw the finger painting
you did on the girl outside. Real piece of work.
You know that? I’m a fucking Picasso
compared to you two clowns. That girl’s a piece of art.
Why can’t anyone see that? French wouldn’t call that art. Yeah? Well,
when The First gets here… he’s gonna see you
for what you really are. Nothing more than a liability. And then I’m gonna stitch up
all the loose ends. If you think that hiding
the evidence, kidnapping my sister,
killing me… is gonna trick The Five
into believing you’re not a fucking wack job. You’re dreaming, Manson. -You fucking sure about that?
-[gun cocks] Oh fuck! Ow! Fuck
a monkey’s ass! [groaning] [laughing, coughing] -You all right?
-What are you doing here, man? -Waxing off. What do you mean?
-Waxing off. Give me some, man.
Give me some. This is not the time, man.
You need to put pressure on it– I don’t wanna kiss you.
I’m not gonna kiss– -Hey, where’s Manson?
-He’s gone. [Mike] What? -[Ed] He’s gone.
-[Mike] Gone where? [Ed] He’s
fucking outta here, man. [Manson] Flick. Flick.
You out here? Come on.
We need to get the car and– [Flick choking] -[metal clanging]
-[Flick chokes] [gun cocks] -Dude, put two hands on–
-Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. I’m okay. Okay. What do you got?
What the fuck? Put that– What are you going? -This is really…
-I’m okay. I’m all right. [Sarah screaming] -Sarah, shh–
-Go, go, go. I love you, man. [Manson] You mess my girl up.
It’s time to mess you up. Shut up! -[Sarah sobbing]
-Put your head up here. [Mike] Hey, Lurch! [Manson] Drop the fucking gun,
quick-draw. [Sarah] Mike… -Drop the fucking gun!
-All right, all right! Here. -Good boy.
-Look, The Club can have me, all right? -I’ll do whatever you want.
-Yeah. I know you will. But the Club’s got
very specific rules about family. Did you know that? They can never know about us. Just let us go man, okay? She’s got nothing to do
with this. Get in here and hold
your girl’s hand. Like if it’s between you
and Ed– -Come in here and kneel down!
-All right. Okay. Please. Get in here and kneel down
next to your girl! Now! -[Sarah yells]
-[Mike] Sarah! [Sarah moans] -[gun clicks]
-Damn it! Sarah, Sarah. You okay?
Just breathe. Keep your palm tight.
Put pressure on it. -[Manson groans]
-[Sarah groans] [Manson] This’ll do. See ya Ed. -Mike?
-[Mike] Hmm. This hurts way more
than paintball. [chuckling] Okay. All right.
You’re gonna be fine, okay? Just hang in there. Just hold. [grunting] -Do something for me?
-Anything. -[Manson] Oh yeah.
-Kill that piece of shit. [Manson] Hey Ed! Lights out! -[Manson] Ed–
-[Mike] Mind if I butt in? All right. Let’s dance. How’s the girl? Where’s my goddamn gun? [Manson] Ah, there you are. All right, then.
Let’s do this, big boy. Goddamn that hurts! [Manson] Come on, Mikey. Enough with the running. Mikey. You shot me in the hand.
That pissed me off. I see you through there,
Mikey. Let’s go you little shit. Mikey. Hey-hey, Mikey. You’re making me
reload on you, man. That’s okay.
Doesn’t change how this ends. [gun cocks] It’s a shame, though. You had some real potential. Yeah. You should understand
that none of this is personal. You and I could’ve made
a pretty good team, buddy. Where are you, you little turd? -There you are.
-[grenade pin clicks] There you are.
Come on. Out you come. Huh? [Ed coughing] Ed? Hey. You all right? -Yeah? What were you doing, man?
-Yeah. [man applauds] Looks like you were wrong
about this one, Eddie. [Boss] He’ll do just fine. Welcome to the Hunters’ Club. [guns cock] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, okay. She’s with me. All right? She’s not a threat
She’s, um, she’s just… This. Not over. Let me explain… [“Trouble” by Shinobi playing]♪ Hey man it’s okay
Break back to get your pay ♪
♪ Not long till judgement day
begins ♪
♪ Hey man it’s all right ♪♪ Drink a little water
Stop this fight ♪
♪ And in the morning
feel all right again ♪
♪ You’re sleeping way past ten ♪♪ Wake up next to… ♪♪ I know I can… ♪♪ Quiet dreams turn into
trouble… ♪

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