Software Tools For SMMA – How To Grow Your Agency Using Software
Software Tools For SMMA – How To Grow Your Agency Using Software

How’s it going everybody, welcome back to
another YouTube video and in this one I’m talking about three software tools that
you should be using for your social media marketing agency and three that I
actually use currently today with myself and my team my clients and I want to
show you sort of how why these are helpful and sort of if you’re a beginner
give you a really good idea of you know how to begin to streamline your agency
so a lot of people like you know even three or four clients just like
overwhelms them completely and they don’t know how to operate okay and
really that’s where software comes in software is like a it’s kind of like a
load bearing tool like most most software’s all they do is remove
complexity for you right and they keep things simple they allow you to focus on
you know the activities that actually move the needle in your business which
if you’re in the course you know the three things that matter are getting
meetings with clients getting better at conducting meetings and getting better
at getting results for people who pay you those are the only three things that
matter and if you’re doing anything other than those three things on a day
to day basis you need to be building in better systems delegating more things or
getting more software so we’ll hop into my computer here I have a quick
presentation that I just threw together to give us a visual three software tools
for s MMA and a really cool like matrix background there so we’re gonna go
straight into tool one here and the reason I want to talk about like
clickfunnels so obviously click follows for a lot of
people’s like a total duh but if you’re a complete beginner and you’re unaware
of clickfunnels really what it is is it’s like this website builder designed
specifically for marketers to build funnels and the differentiated website
and a funnel is a funnel is like a series of pages or a series of actions
you’re encouraging a person that takes so you can attain a certain outcome
whereas a website it’s more like a hub you know you have like a logo and like
an about me and a home button and all these things whereas a funnel is more
like a you know a series of actions you land on the page it says you know step
one watch this video step two click this button fill out this form step three
you know like book a call or buy this thing or download this PDF in exchange
for your email so there’s no it’s more like a it’s more like a process so let’s
get into some bullet points as to why I use click funnels and why you would
benefit from using click funnels so first of all it’s important for building
landing pages small website sales pages lead magnet email collection pages etc
right and a lot of what you’re gonna be doing for your clients is stuff like
this from my experience right if you’re gonna be building websites it’s gonna be
primarily just little funnels through click funnels or it’ll be very simple
like honestly like a 3 page website has made one of my clients multiple hundreds
of thousands of dollars and it’s just a landing page with a video after they’re
done watching the video they can fill out a form that’s the next page after
that they can book call and then you know we have a sales team handling those
calls so really like that is it’s a three page website that was built on
click funnels in like three hours right but it’s a it’s it’s a concept that
works really really well you know so that’s the majority the work
you’re gonna be doing and that’s why I recommend click funnels
out the gate because it’s it’s really one of the biggest load-bearing software
tools that you can invest in at the start of your journey so moving on and
integrates very well with Facebook Ads tracking using pixels so if you are
running Facebook ads to a webinar funnel or you know a vesl funnel or a lead
magnet funnel email opt-in funnel who knows what call a scheduling funnel
freaking you know any commerce funnel there’s all kinds of different types of
funnels you can build and you can learn a lot about this you know from other
sources if you’d like more videos on that let me know but you know then you
can track different activities with a pixel so like for example that funnel I
told you about a second ago where it’s just a very simple three-page website
you know we’ve put a we’ve basically told Facebook hey when they land on the
success page which is the page that they’re redirected to after they book a
call with the sales team consider that a conversion consider that as success so
we’re able to track how much it costs to get a call and then we track how many
calls it takes to get a sale then we know the cost per sale so if let’s say
we’re selling a four thousand dollar package we can spend to two thousand
four hundred dollars to sell a four thousand dollar package we’re basically
profiting profiting $1,600 every single sale and
you can track that using a pixel right so that’s how creative you can get with
clickfunnels it’s really there’s a lot of room for creativity and how you track
and how you decide you know what metrics to go after it’s really good stuff it’s
really really helpful next is it’s a very easy workflow for building the
site’s yourself plus there’s a big community of users to hire it out if you
want to outsource which is actually what I’ve done many many times you know I’ll
just go and find someone I’m trying I’m actually currently looking for a go-to
person to handle the click funnel side of things because we have so many little
projects that need done there so that’s that’s a big thing to like you want to
be able to get in and get out quickly with these sorts of admin tasks right if
you’re gonna be doing it yourself it makes it really easy you can
drag-and-drop things add and remove elements to a page fairly quickly and
that’s a really important element if you are again doing yourself as well because
there’s a big community like literally there’s a Facebook group with like I
think 200,000 plus people that is just devoted to this software so you can get
on there and say hey I need somebody to do this you know is anybody capable of
doing that and you’ll get you’ll get like 30 responses okay so there’s a big
community of people that are willing to help you as well which is super
important if you want to scale a proper team so moving on to the next point you
can also save funnels to use for multiple clients to make scaling easy so
let’s say for example you are in the gosh I don’t know the gym niche just to
make it really simple very very basic very you know generic the gym niche and
you’re trying to generate leads for gyms and you have you know one client and
you’re about to take on five more if you’ve built a funnel for that one
client that maybe give us away a PDF in return for an email you can literally
just copy paste that exact funnel and use it on all five of your clients and
that allows you to scale massively so anything that allows you to just copy
paste a process or a workflow for your different clients makes things easier
and easier and easier and click funnels is really really good at that you can
save templates you can save them for later and frankly that’s the smartest
thing you should be doing you could be doing right now because if you’re
wanting to scale you want to remove city and make it as simple for yourself
as possible and I think I have one more here are you can hold up to 20 funnels
on one beginner account which should be plenty for most people it’s plenty
actually right now for us we don’t need any more than that we’ve probably got it
right now like I think 12 or 13 I think I’m actually not exactly sure the exact
number but yeah you can hold up to 20 funnels on one beginning account you
have different levels of accounts different tiers I think the beginner
cost for click funnels is $97 a month if you want to have a couple free months I
believe we have a link in the description you can check that out and
get a click funnels account today start implementing it into your agency and
also I think click funnels that account comes with a lot of training on how to
use click funnels as well so you’re not actually in the dark regard in regards
to like you know how to set up your first funnel and stuff like that they
also come with pre-built phones that you can use so like literally if I needed to
build a lead magnet like funnel for a client I could just use one of their
built-in lead magnet funnels and just literally copy-paste it change the
branding maybe add some of my own text instead of the built-in stuff and then
we’re rocking in like 15 minutes so really good software highly highly
recommended the only con the only con is that it can be a little buggy there
definitely definitely need to update their servers they’re hosting they
definitely need to update you know the way that the UI loads on a page there
can be little bugs with the text and sometimes that can be a little annoying
sometimes you think a funnel looks great then you run it by a client the client
gets a totally different looking page so that’s the only con but that is really
honestly to be expected with most website hosting platforms so or website
built in like like you know easy UI website builder software’s most of them
do that Squarespace Wix all these website platforms they all do that so I
really I’m not really not blaming them for that but that is something to keep
in mind so that’s clickfunnels really great
software to start with that’s a great one to implement I would honestly
recommend stopping this video pausing it clicking the link that I have in the
description setting up an account getting it rockin doing some research
and saying are how can I fit this into any clients that I might have now or how
can I use this to make future clients much easier and another thing you can do
with it is actually build an onboarding funnel so instead of having meetings
with clients where your banging out all these details you just
build an onboarding funnel you say hey step 1
you know upload a file you know that we need this picture from you or something
or give us your Facebook pixel ID so we can request access to it or whatever you
can ask them for information and you can check later and like a spreadsheet the
information that they in and like gave you you can say alright now that you’ve
given us your face with a pixel ID we need you to do you know we need you to
download slack so you can just have a funnel with a video on it which teaches
them how to use slack which is actually our next tool we’ll get into that in a
sec so that you can communicate with them then you can say all right now
they’ve got slack we need to get zoom so you can communicate with them they’re
over video and you can just say alright here’s the things that you need to get
now are there any notes on things that we need from you if so put them in here
and then you can just instead of getting a long meeting with them just send them
a link of a prebuilt onboarding funnel which i’ve got a
handful of buddies that do that handful of students that do that and I know that
that’s something that is fairly popular right now and the industry is like
building an onboarding process that doesn’t require any hands-on so that’s
something you do with click funnels as well so moving on though tool 2 which is
slack as I sort of already mentioned and this is just a really good communication
platform and often actually in my videos you’re going to hear like a little
notification and it’s often just slack pinging off from clients or team members
needing things from me or running things by me and it’s a really powerful
communication platform doesn’t matter where they’re at in the world they can
log in from anywhere as long as they’ve got an internet connection you can speak
with them all they need to do is input their email and then log in to your
custom URL for your slack sort of channel and then within that you can
have different sub channels so I’ll talk about that so slack 0.1 allows for
streamlines team communication as you build your team and this is one of the
most important things to came in the course you know we’re building out
actually we have it probably released by the time you’re seeing this video an
entire section on team building you know we call it the new-age team building
sort of strategy where you’re really just going online finding specialists
bringing them on board as contractors and representing them as your team to
your clients and even leveraging their results to help give you authority
because if they probably already worked with other people
four and spent you know a couple million on Facebook ads and you can use that as
leverage to get your future clients right and this software slack allows for
very streamlined communication with all of your clients and all of your team
members and what I’ll actually do is I’ll actually have different channels in
slack for each client and so right now you know we have one channel per client
and then in that channel I have every team member that isn’t needed in that
channel communicating with the client on my behalf basically and it doesn’t say
tray Cockrum is speaking it literally says the name of the team member but the
team members are trained to communicate with them and they’re getting paid to do
it as well and so that way I’m not responding to client issues all day I
have my team handling that for me so that eliminates a huge huge bottleneck
in most people’s ability to scale their agency because most of your time as a
beginner agency owner is going to go to communicating with your clients like if
you are spending like if you have three or four clients like this probably
resonates with you if you have you know any of the two to four clients and they
see your first two to four clients you are spending most of your day right now
working on client accounts okay so building a team and getting slack is
going to eliminate that completely so then you again you can focus on the
three things that we talked about in the course which is getting meetings and
building systems and processes that get meetings for you automatically which we
show you how to do generating or getting better at conducting the meeting so
you’re getting better at sales increasing your sales right on these
meetings and increasing your follow-up rate getting better at how you present
yourself how you come off as an authority etc and then it’s also getting
better at getting results which means if you are doing the results getting
yourself if you’re doing the add so the funnel building yourself getting better
at those things if it means training your team better it means investing in
courses for them building them up maybe even spending some time with them in
person and getting some more culture going getting loyalty you know getting
better at getting results really means cultivating your team and cultivating
your leadership ability as an entrepreneur or just getting better at
digital marketing really honestly don’t to make it more complex than that
understanding metrics understanding the basics and once you remove that day to
day communication using slack you can focus on those three things and focus on
nothing else and that’s the beautiful thing of the software that’s a beautiful
thing of systemising communication as a whole
I really fully believe that less communication is better not more you
want to get all the details out of the way so you can operate and then you want
to just really be doing one or two back-and-forth messages a day and no
more okay so bullet point number two here creates channels for different
clients and different projects I already sort of spoke to that but within slack
you can have like a main hub with different channels and in those channels
you can have different clients involved you can add different people to
different channels so like I have for example we have one client mark which
there’s the name of the channel is client – mark and in that channel I have
my Facebook Ads guy I’m a copywriter and my journal assistant involved in that
channel right next point eliminates messy communication allows for
efficiency at scale I sort of already hit this but let me talk about what
messy communication is typically most people like they have different clients
across different platforms they got some people that communicating with over
email some people over whatsapp some people over Facebook messenger even some
people over text some people some clients even think that they can just
call you and I know some students right now who have recently gotten their first
couple of clients and now they can’t sleep because all they’re doing all day
is talking to clients and you just don’t want to be there you don’t want to be
wasting your time talking to clients I know that sounds kind of productive you
think they’re paying you you should kind of serve them and help them however you
can but really that’s not the case at all you need to have your barriers have
your boundary and only do what’s agreed within your contract or within the means
of the agreement whether it was verbal or whatever you know we are to build a
email collection funnel and run ads to it but an active campaign sequence that
sells to those email subscribers and get you more business that’s all we’re going
to do and we’re gonna let you know what we need from you if you need anything
from us you kept you tell us over slack and we’ll get back to you when we can
like you build those boundaries and you build those barriers and it makes
operating so much easier you actually get better greater more scaled results
for clients that way and you have a lot more fun and you make a lot more money
okay so next point it’s completely free and I think that’s the last point of
this at least you know you really don’t need to pay for the proper version of
slack if you want to have custom branding then you would
want to pay for the custom version it’s like and I think you can only have so
many channels on the free version of slack but really as a beginner if you’ve
got two to four clients maybe even more if even if you’ve got like eight to ten
clients you know you can use slack to pick up the slack that you know I
couldn’t think of another word didn’t mean to make a little pun there or like
a little play on words but it worked out and freakin whatever okay next tool 203
add espresso by HootSuite so or hoot soup or whatever so add espresso this is
not something that I’ve personally used in a long time and I’ll say that out the
gate and I feel like I need to be honest with you and saying that but if you were
still running the ads herself if you are running Facebook Ads yourself or you
plan to continue to run Facebook ads yourself you’re scared of building a
team then this is kind of as close as you’re gonna get to a streamlined and
process without actually building a team okay and and this is a big false belief
for a lot people I think you need to build a team ASAP if you’ve got your
first couple clients and you’re kind of overwhelmed you’re doing a lot of work
build its freak’n team just do it right now okay it’s okay if your team even
sucks right now like you version one exists so that version two can exist
okay just get out there build a team but if you’re afraid of doing that which I
completely understand add espresso is as close as you’re gonna
get to a fully systemized facebook ad workflow without just paying a team
properly okay and what a despair so does so let’s get into the bullet points here
so it allows for easily launching mass facebook marketing campaigns by
simplifying the facebook ad interface and allowing for bulk ad uploading
tracking calling etc really really really easy interface so you know
obviously if you’re a facebook advertiser you know that the Facebook ad
interface is like really messy the UI there is like nuts like if you’re
looking at it for the first time it’s just like a bunch of numbers and like
lines and like so many buttons and just all kinds of options and it can be
really overwhelming so add espresso it kind of narrows it down really to the
only things that you’re gonna like absolutely need now you’re gonna want to
have access to your business manager you’re not gonna never use it again but
add espresso kind of eliminates all the all the buttons that aren’t used that
often and it get rid to gets rid of all the like complexity and just really
makes it very simple and it’s like here give us some images okay we’ve asked
maybe just give some copy all right we’ve got some copy
gives some headlines give us the link you want to send people to what’s your
targeting and let’s say you give it you know four images you know three text
body copy and you give it like you know two headlines for the ad and then you
give it one link it’s gonna create a version of each of those ads like you
know one for each ad copy one for each image one for each headline and you’re
gonna end up with like what like 60 70 ads automatically okay and so if you’re
wanting to launch mass campaigns as well it’ll allow you to do that so next
bullet point here is well makes running multiple campaigns for multiple clients
much easier this is another thing that’s what I think it includes and maybe it
could be wrong it’s been again it’s been a while since I’ve used that espresso
honestly since I’ve had my team I have done very little of my own ads I really
only just check on what my team is doing but it makes running multiple campaigns
for multiple clients much easier and the reason why that’s important is because
obviously we’re gonna scale you want to be able to do multiple campaigns for
multiple clients at any given time and not be so overwhelmed with the little
minut details okay and I think it may it makes it quite a bit easier because it
actually gives you really good tracking this is the thing that I wasn’t sure if
it’s still included or not not sure if it still does this or not so I’m just
gonna say this kind of out my butt but it does let you track much easier as
well like if you hear KPIs so like when you are running Facebook
ads and the basic business manager you know you have this little metrics like
cost per lead or like cost per sale or you know rows or these sorts of metrics
that espresso really boils it down to like a few key metrics that you’re
really only gonna need and you can feed it more if you want you can have more
metrics if you need but so it makes running multiple campaigns from little
clients much easier and it simplifies the workload for yourself or for team
members that’s the next bullet point here and that’s a really important thing
as well because honestly if you are doing all the work yourself again this
is just closest you’re gonna get to running a team or the simplicity of
running a team it’s just close you’re gonna get the simplicity of running a
team and also you can have team members use it if they seem to be spending a lot
of time on ads as well or if maybe they’re newer to ads and they want
something more simple you know you can have them use have
as well so that is it for the presentation and therefore that is it
for this video a couple honorable mentions for software’s that you’re
gonna want to look into as well zoom meetings you can go to zoom dot us
or zoom dot whatever your country is to zoom that you or whatever and you can
actually download the free version of zoom which is actually a really nice
video conferencing software you’ve been starred a meeting and then it generates
a link for that meeting and you can send that link to people who you’d like to
join the meeting so if you’re ever having like monthly meetings with
clients or anything like that or weekly meetings with clients whatever it is
that you’re doing in your agency just give them that link every week or once a
month and you can use that same link for your meetings you don’t have to send
them a new link every time you just know the time that you’re supposed to be on
you just click the link it automatically launches you’re in the meeting they’re
in the meeting and you get going it can automatically record meetings so you can
save those recordings for later it’s also really good for sales calls if
you’re doing sales calls you want to record your sales calls review them so
you can study them the zoom will help you do that okay really good software
all these links for all these softwares by the way in the description Kiwi my
video editor will be hooking you up with all of those links down below okay zoom
and then loom LOM you get zoom in loom loom is actually a really nice video or
sort of screen recording software so if you’re ever gonna like send a client
like a maybe an audit of a website or something or you’re gonna send them like
something you need changed on their end or they have a really complex question
that requires you showing your screen you can just record a quick loom it’s
really as simple as and I’ll just show you here on my computer right off this
presentation here you can go here to loom and you can just click start
recording and you can see my face down on the bottom left and what actually
happens is you just click start recording and it goes three two one
and the begins recording and you can actually generate a link for somebody to
then check this video out later so once you’re done recording you click this
little done button it stops sends you over to this link you
can click copy link and you can send that link to whoever needs access to
this screen recording right here which is a really really nice way of sending
information answering questions for anything like that it makes it really
easy and it’s a really nice interface to loom looks good it sounds great the
recording quality is really good and the upload time for the loom video hosting
that little link you can copy is really quick it’s really spankin quick so I
recommend that as well so this is some auto honourable mentions
besides that I don’t have that many recommendations I think the last one
would be a scheduling software like calendly acuity scheduling or schedule
once I personally use schedule once and acuity scheduling because both serve
slightly different purposes and those are for like clients scheduling meetings
on your calendar so let’s say you have inbound sales calls maybe you have a
funnel where people can schedule a call with you or your team after they maybe
watch like a video sales letter or something you can embed the scheduler on
that page they can schedule a call with your team if they’re maybe interested in
working with you you can also send the link to people over Facebook messenger
or email or Instagram or wherever you’re connecting with potential clients so
they can book a call on your calendar as well existing clients can book calls on
your calendar for like meeting it’s like let’s say they have an issue they want
to speak about you say hey I can’t handle it now we can do it like two days
from now though or whenever I’m free it syncs with your Google Calendar and
doesn’t allow any like booked times to be booked over so you can never get
double-booked too that way it’s really nice you can just wake up in the morning
look at your calendar see all the calls you got to do that day hop on them and
it’s really simple so those are some honorable mentions but I wanted to
really talk about the three that I felt like would help the beginners the most
the other three that I just talked about zoom loom and the scheduling software’s
are maybe for maybe sort of a more experienced agency owner but hey you
know who knows maybe you start trying to use them yourself so there we go you
guys hope you enjoyed this video if it was valuable for you be sure to leave a
like subscribe and if you have any questions be sure to comment down below
if you’re interested in the online program the link is in the description
we have all this stuff covered in full including sales strategies how to build
your team how to run your agency on a day-to-day level it even includes the
things like a mindset training reprogramming section I believe that the
most important thing is how you view yourself and if you’ve yourself
improperly you’re not to build a business so we have a whole
it’s like six hours of life mindset reprogramming training so it’s pretty
nuts if you’d like to invest in that link is in the description as well we
have a free training the link should be there as well if you’d like a two hour
long like front-to-back training on how to get started with your agency if
you’re a total beginner or if you’re even slightly advanced or intermediate
and you want to scale further I’ve got a really really nice training linked in
the description which talks about how I’ve been able to take my agency from
zero from scratch to over thirty thousand dollars a month in profit at
the age of twenty and I want to explain that to you in full in this training so
you can click the link in description to check that out as well I hope you
enjoyed the video and I’ll see you in the next one

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