Spencer Nuzzi…Better SKATEboarder or FINGERboarder???
Spencer Nuzzi…Better SKATEboarder or FINGERboarder???

Am I a better skateboarder, or am I a better fingerboarder? I’m Spencer Nuzzi…let’s find out. Today we are at Neal Mims Academy Skatepark. This place is freaking sweat. What makes it even radder is the replica skatepark. It’s not for skateboarding. It’s for fingerboarding. I can’t lie, I’m a pretty good fingerboarder and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Today I thought we’d do something a little ridiculous and see if I can land my fingerboard tricks faster then my skateboard tricks. Let’s find out. Before we get into this I do want to let you know I am regular foot on the fingerboard and I am goofy foot on the real skateboard. The first trick Kickflip Front Board. Oh my goodness! We are getting there. Got darkslides. Oh I’m going to get there. Dude! this corner is so tight though. oh dude This ledge is in the way. I need to get rid of it. I don’t know how many tries it’s been. All right I’m over it. Let’s try it on a skateboard. This one should be way easier. Let’s try the Front Feeble out. I did it first try. Ok I think we are going to hit the Noseslide in the Hubba… over the gap of course. I got into Crook. Kickflip Back 5-0 on the box. This is taking a second man. Oooooh…did you film that? Next up Ally-Oop 180. Yeah we are hitting some tranny. I’m not going to hit the wall ride but you get the idea. Last up I’m going for the Kickflip Tailside on the curbed ledge. Look how far I have to reach I’m like Godzilla haha oh oh I mean I’ve landed cleaner before but that was pretty good well that fingerboarding escalated pretty quickly the results came in and there was no clear winner I mean just depends if I’m having the fingerboard day or a skate day. Regardless it was a lot of fun. I mean I’ve never done that before. Subscribe to Ride leave me a comment on the video let me know what you thought and I’m gonna go get another session.

100 thoughts on “Spencer Nuzzi…Better SKATEboarder or FINGERboarder???”

  1. Dacv Gdd says:


  2. AdrianFSX says:

    This guy actually sucks at fingerboarding

  3. Gopher Balls says:


  4. Aidan Gadzik says:

    He was definitely high

  5. George Hoque says:

    shaggy from scoobydo

  6. Oscar Porter says:

    Ohhhh! We need more nuzzi

  7. Joseph Lash says:

    What happened to you man

  8. Zeke Hamilton says:

    He had a tech deck

  9. TechMechMen says:

    2:13 Oy, SUZUKI!

  10. Jay says:


  11. Ceco Dobrev says:

    You are noob on a fingerboard

  12. Drake Elliott says:

    Do it on a Real Fingerboard!

  13. BACKFLIP RC says:

    That is teck deck not fb

  14. Alo says:

    That was clearly a tech dech

  15. Mario Luna says:

    Wtf did u do to your face? Noooo lol

  16. i.hate.faraz says:


  17. Keldon Powers says:


  18. CJ says:

    The hubba needed wax

  19. I AM KATo says:

    That's a tech deck

  20. Officer Jimmy says:

    Man I sucked at Fingerboarding

  21. Islander says:

    I think he died

  22. Jallen says:

    can you stop saying öyyyyyy ouyyyyäyyy

  23. Naki Uzumaki says:

    he's still high

  24. Lukas Conrad says:

    U grew ur hair out… looks worse then a fresh cut

  25. Joseph Villanueva says:

    These ledges be sticky

  26. Gonz Wouldgo says:

    Spencer Nohhhhhhhzzi. Ohhhhhhh!!!

  27. Apollo Santaniello says:


  28. Michael Lai says:

    What the hell happened to you?

  29. Fiki Firmansyah says:

    Did you feel that? *sick

  30. Isaac Wathieu says:


  31. Sidefaced says:

    He moaned

  32. Jim Old says:

    Love him

  33. Lukas Kuipers says:

    The fuck happened to him? Heroin?

  34. Avery Rathbun says:


  35. John Mang says:


  36. Air- Ick says:


  37. Steven Haskell says:

    Ooooohh… UUOOOOHHHH…. awwoooohh.. ooooooooh

  38. SURJYAM DAS says:

    tech deck is never fingerboard

  39. Sammy Luna says:

    3:56 *moan*😂😂 (need more of him!”✊🏼💯

  40. Frisco Disco says:

    i counted the votes spencer is better at skateboard

  41. Skateboarder hunt says:

    Love Spencer nuzzi

  42. Jodi Gourrier says:

    You are a great skater but toy are better at skating than fingerboard

  43. mitochondria qt says:


  44. Mike Hunt says:


  45. Corp says:

    Academy skatepark is knarly ass hell, especially the launch pad and the foam pit

  46. Pancouver venguins says:

    I get the same shit that nuzzi gets, everyone thinks skinny people are all on drugs its fucking annoying especially when all you do is smoke weed and eat like I do.

  47. Dhurma says:

    yooo stop roasting my manz nuzzi for getting older and changing his style, yall some females sometimes fr

  48. Harambe32206 says:


  49. Yasser benaddia Yasser benaddia says:

    Ooooooooo!!! Ooooo!

  50. Ronan Erudon says:

    Spencer Nuzzi's oeeuuuuuooooooh <3

  51. Shotgunsam 23 says:

    This guy seems less like a cunt then he did back in 2013.

  52. mahfuzul haque says:

    It’s obvious thats a techdeck

  53. LilAndre says:

    He looked better with short hair smh

  54. Huge Potato says:

    2:09 best part

  55. Xtremeyoutube says:

    your face kinda looks lie miles teller

  56. Ridha Chowdhury says:

    Dude Spencer Nuzzi is actually a great skater

  57. Daniel Velasco says:

    spencer you fr gotta make more vids about you bro cuz ya lit asf mah boii plz man

  58. I dab therefore I am says:


  59. T Mars says:

    How does anyone hate Nuzzi more than Aaron kyro or any of the Braille guys 😂

  60. Emily Hand says:


  61. Luke Rickard says:

    More nuzzi 🙏🏻

  62. Rockdrummers YT says:

    Im both

  63. Trino says:

    I'm a better finger boarder ;-;

  64. Zapter 9 says:


  65. Jessica Sammys says:

    spencer reminds me of a troll.. short and really annoying

  66. Clay Soggyfries says:

    A ton of people finger boarded before they skateboarded

  67. Vittorio Crescinj says:


  68. Pigeon Spencer says:

    It looks like spencer stank and was skating the small park. They did a good job making the scare model.

  69. HSI indskoling says:

    I fingerboard for 3 years and i am only 9

  70. LlΛrt says:

    A handboarder problem solved

  71. Volire says:


  72. Angel Gomez says:

    Rip nUzzi 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


    Spencer the best guy ever

  74. я хочу покончить с собой says:

    more nuzzi

  75. cocubing Dud says:

    bring him back

  76. Norman Filth says:

    He should practice whit a real fingerboard

  77. Ethan NSB VLOGS says:


  78. Jayden GarrettStraite says:


  79. NBA 2K19 says:

    Bro I legit love this dude no homo
    Hes hella funny

  80. John Kang says:

    pull out a hair every time he goes "eaoghghghgh"

  81. mr orange wew says:


  82. Nicholas Shellhaas says:


  83. Ares Kochendorfer says:


  84. Matthew OG says:

    “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh” 😂

  85. Garfield overlord OF lasagna says:

    2:38 he makes the funniest eoghhhhhhhhhhhh

  86. Monty says:

    Anyone can do tricks with a tech deck

  87. Derek Mills says:

    Probably my favorite finger boarding video. I wanna see more stuff like this on the internet.

  88. Talen Tales says:

    6:38 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  89. Serge says:

    Spencer Nuzzi:

  90. Toe Toegan says:

    Nuzzi: OOooOWWwEE

  91. Nico Karpeles says:

    U suck at fingerboarding!
    But you are really good at Skateboarding.

  92. Marticus Orlando says:

    Sounds like coach steve from big mouth lol

  93. Corn_Beef_Trash _ says:


  94. swukelz says:

    Is that a tech deck?

  95. Spade Dragon says:

    spencer nuzzi landing something never acomplished : 000000oooooooooohh

  96. NAMI says:


  97. K Wilson says:

    You cant be good on a tech deck

  98. Adam Ševčík says:

    Spencer Nuzzi:*əœ*

  99. Kinnet says:

    90% spencer says uouwwwwww 10% vídeo

  100. SlothSkates says:


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