SPIN THE MYSTERY WHEEL challenge  –  Learn How To Make DIY games and food
SPIN THE MYSTERY WHEEL challenge – Learn How To Make DIY games and food

What’s going on guys tommorow we’re playing quick match and the person who loses gets to spin the wheel of Wheels the biggest wheel of wheels I,m sure it’s bigger wheels though, good explanation though what I explain what’s on let’s explain this So there’s a bunch of stuff so we could spin the fidgets spinner this is the main wheel it can either land on Kiss! dancing *Background songs* We have eating which is like it’s beans boozled good and bad stuff fart beans. I’ve always wanted to bring boozled You’ve never done it. No. Oh the bad means are so bad. Are they that bad? SOOO bad Okay, I’m kind of excited I’m curious to see how bad it could be like you actually might vomit The Mr. Segment is an assortment of dares and punishments from our cameraman. We have no idea Either way you guys win? And we lose so, like I said, we’re playing quick match Thank you so much quick match for supporting my channel. This is amazing. Um, do you mind if I like Go to the bathroom real quick we just started!!!! I’m actually the worst but like you can relate you can play with somebody Okay, so you guys don’t even know this but on quick match we can actually voice chat with you guys So if you want to play with me and voice check go click on the link and download it so we can play Hello, is this azzyland? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This is Azzy, how are you you want to play a game? yeah, I’m here with gloom…………. ok. Do you know who gloom is? yeah, i mean Not exactly but she is a girl you gotta happen that right I do makeup in my spare time how easy Nice nice they said like X’s and O’s yeah got him. What are you gonna do Zeke? Oh I don’t even know these are good or bad moves, but I feel like I’m killing my first game. I Respect the honesty, what’s your favorite food Zeke? i don’t think i have one. What what you like chicken or lettuce a chicken? Obviously, no one likes lettuce. No one likes blood. I like lettuce on its own Whatever Zeke Zeke he’s focusing so hard right see how you gonna win this If you lose Oh, my plan is to a win because if I lose I got to spin the wheel There’s a wheel here Zeke. You can’t spin it unfortunately Yeah, if I lose I get to spin a wheel you got to watch it on the channel Oh Has he he’s he’s just a child. What are you doing? Okay, I’m too competitive So you guys all added me yesterday? So I’m going and accepting all your friend requests and then we’re gonna play I got a challenge voice chat Let’s go this time. If Ozzy wins then that means I lose so I’m gonna spin and then if I lose I could to spin Hi Good. How are you? Give me a second What’s your name? Emma nice to me. I’ve never heard that name. It’s really hey I’m here with bloom by the way Good how are you? Do you want to play a game with us? hey, okay, so if you can’t play you lose you have to use all your Blocks, you can do it emmerich. I believe I believe Oh, Emma are you Canadian? Where is Ron Oh Oh You will use that Canadian brain, okay, I believe I love the little eyes. I’m like on a square guys. Thank you Okay, neither do I Trying to reach no you’re just trying to not run out of those but you can call my place diagonally as he gets it She knows it’s my turn. Oh my god is my turn. Really I think it’s I mean while I’m not playing with you like a soup I love chocolate do You the best laugh make him laugh more? Okay Oh, you’re winning you’re winning. You’re really talking about Peter. So badly that it ruins our day. I think we’re running out of space. Yeah Never don’t give up. Okay, we gotta get some never don’t give up and Rick in the comments Oh Well, I lost I still Congratulation, thank you. It was so much fun playing with you. Let you embrace. We love you It was really cute but it’s an oiled up fidget spinner We’re so out of shape Hello hi, how are you I Love you too. Great. Where are you from Kansas? Yeah. I’ve never been there. How is it? I’d love to go one day. Hopefully my life takes me there You should Canada’s awesome it’s a good place so you should come in the summer because it’s a cool noise snow The snow is an oh by the way, I’m here with bloom Actually knows me so you’re on video and I hope that’s okay if it’s not you can tell us So let’s play a game no pressure But as he’s going really really hard cuz she will be punished if she doesn’t so if you make me lose I have to spin A wheel make her loose have to make you have to win I got this you can be really conveying this game and I love it Me too her cats trying to make it to the other side. They’re trying to get to each other’s other side first You can block each other. I can’t lose because I have too much on the line No, no, don’t no. Don’t never don’t never give up. Don’t never give up. Never don’t give up. Just start blocking Ozzy’s way Don’t let her through I’m sorry That was so much fun So we’re gonna play with some more people, but we might call you back in a bit if we have time We love her to spin in the fidgets spinner, it’s such a wholesome happy moment. Then I was like, oh, yeah If I get the kissing one you lose two you know that right or do I win? It’s a question mark what is it? What do you have for me as he’s leaving? Because she has to set up my if it’s bad gonna be mad I was really hoping for the beans with a kiss As he’s drinking her water looking at me with the most evil smile I’ve ever seen as he I’m scared Can I open my eyes now? I need you to keep your eyes closed and shield your head back and open your mouth No, no, no. No. Yeah. Are you out of your mind? You got it and you got to make the noise you gotta go ah, I just need to know is it a bug I can’t tell you anything. Uh Popping candy. I’m really nice right. Thank you. Oh Yeah, so not all the mysteries are bad. No, but there was some bad ones. Hey, how are you? I’m good. I’m here with bloom and if it’s okay with you, we’re filming a video Awesome. Yay Okay So we’re gonna challenge you on video if you make me lose then I get to spin a wheel and get some type of punishment She’ll be punished severely should we do connect for? That was my best move. Give me yours Oh Conniving oh no, he has a plan. He has a plan. No, he doesn’t you sure. I don’t know You got a win. I got a plan if you win then I win might have to win. That’s true My plan is no plan. Oh My goodness now gloom has to spin the wheel thank you so much for playing with us anything but that Or that why not again boys, oh My luck is so bad. Okay. Don’t open your eyes. Okay, I Actually can’t hear out of this year right now Tara I got the job that yours never repair themselves It was just as close to my ears Hi, how are you? I’m good. How do we pronounce your names? Ayesha Ayesha. Nice to meet you. You’re on video by the way, I hope that’s okay Yeah Do you want to play a game with us? I’m here with gloom right now Hi, I mean if you don’t know me in my video I cuss and fart at the same time so I can bleep them both very smart Playing this are you ready? Play as hard as you can because as he has to lose this, yeah If I lose I spin a wheel. Oh You did so good it was so nice to meet you Bye she was so shy I’m so sorry. I’m so sweet. I just want to hug her the contrast between the first two Okay spin the wheel. I got to spin the wheel now guys. Okay, the fidgets spinner of Wheels, I’m so sorry. It’s a vision spinner. It’s all we could buy Well, it spins though. Yeah, I mean we might as well use it for something. Yeah, exactly. It’s never gonna be used again I don’t use it at my desk or anything like that Whatever use that what I mean, oh, yeah. Okay. So I just want to let you know peach or vomit juicy pear or booger John love chocolate pudding This is probably the best one coconut or baby wipes like nice Yeah, I’m down for that berry blue or toothpaste like they’re both kind of nice to you. You don’t want rotten egg You don’t want stinky socks like no. Oh my god rotten egg. I might actually do okay I want you to like just close your eyes and be Loose so it could either be gonna either be toothpaste or berry blue. She got the best one. Hey guys you guys ready? How does it feel what’d you get? I don’t feel right eating it. Not real Tuesday’s right. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Mm-hmm. Oh I got toothpaste. Ooh, ah It’s kind of like it’s not the worst thing in the world. I just don’t want that rotten egg so for this one if Ozzy wins and I have to spin the wheel we’re gonna have a Good old punishment this time as he’s accepting all of these frontal Accepting all the frame because you guys send me because you’re awesome And because now I have friends It’s so cool that you could talk on the phone right at first. I thought it’d be weird. But like it’s It’s really awesome. If you guys want to talk with us, please go to the link download the game add me Everything’s gonna be in the description just find it there. Hi, what’s your name? Nice to meet you. Do you mind if we film a video while we do this? No. Oh, okay. Thank you Yes, you can be in the video I’m just pressing everything until something happens. My last one though. I’m sorry. Do you mind if I destroy you right now? Oh Geez it was nice play it was nice laying with you. You’re really sweet. It was nice meeting you Bye land on the beans land on the beans land on the beans, come on beans Yeah Why don’t you want to try bean with me? Yeah. No we should do we should both get the same color Oh, okay. And then it’s like it’s like Russian roulette. Yes I mean more left the brown one. The brown one is either chocolate pudding or yes. Yeah or canned dog food No, no, no. Okay. Let’s do it. Okay. They’re the same. There’s slightly they’re slightly different. Are they so I’m so scared. Let me get these no dude. I Got chocolate pudding chocolate pudding too. Hello? Hello It’s so nice to meet you. I just want to give you a hug right now, so this is like gravity control So we have to play like this. Oh and then I died no Oh you got me Yes! You’re the best you you beat me the fastest out of anybody Hiba match goes Matt’s go Sweetheart, that doesn’t melt at my heart into like a thousand pieces and I couldn’t pick them up Get into it spin2win beans beans beans beans Alright peach or vomit we’re gonna start with that. All right. I mean I want peach but I don’t get the choose do I know Okay, the vomit one I Like I’m really excited to eat beans and all but like I might have to tap out if this is vomit cuz okay I can’t Handle, I just want my tea Baughman. Mine has lectures patches on it. I Got I Had a cup that was ready oh Are you ready for round two? Usually I stay here so that you guys can see the reaction but it was that disgusting. I couldn’t I had to run it It tastes like real vomit actual vomit. I was like how bad could it be? Could it be it tastes like you ate a bunch of McDonald’s and then done like that kind of vomit? Yeah, Oh, would you like some lawn clippings or line? I feel like this will be a breath refresher. I feel like either way It’s fine. I got lawn clippings. I think is lime. Then I got lime Oh juicy, pear or booger I don’t know if it’s done. Are you serious? Yeah. Yeah. Cheers Cheers juicy pear or booger mine tastes like cilantro Mangu, we got booger good baby wipes or coconut. Oh, I think everything I’d like this. Either way I got baby wipes I don’t maybe why soon it’s actually kind of nice. Yeah, I Hope I don’t develop a habit for eBay lives. Oh, this someone is either rotten egg or popcorn both of them sound disgusting On that note I think we should end it there because oh I Cannot handle another rotten egg and don’t forget if you guys want to play with us. The link is in the description. Thank you So much quick match for making one of the most fun videos ever. It was obviously so much fun. You guys were so sweet I love you. Don’t worry If you miss us this time, we’re gonna be playing again next Tuesday the 24th why I mean on glooms channel? I’m so excited. Come on wearing the heat make us laugh. And this hunted us. Yeah destroy us Spenny, buddy I go back. I think we should I think we should do do you think we should bring a wheel back? I kind of like the wheel. I love the wheel. It will be a different wheel, but there will be a wheel nonetheless Yes, there will let us know down below what you want on the wheel. Yeah, okay Let us know what our options are you guys should decide for us and we’ll listen. Thank you guys so much for watching We love you all so much Stay awesome, Stay safe and don’t forget to be nice to each other! bye bye!!!!! Subtitles made by fans

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