Spinners! – how do fidget spinners work? – Quick Physics Video
Spinners! – how do fidget spinners work? – Quick Physics Video

Well, it’s really great to see everyone is enjoying learning a lot of physics recently playing about with these little fidget spinners They are a really great example of a really important concept in physics which is conservation of angular momentum That is a little bit like Newton’s first law in the idea that an object will carry on doing whatever it’s doing unless it is acted upon by an external force But instead of the being just the linear motion which most of the time with Newton’s first law is what we’re talking about It’s actually this rotating motion so we call it conservation of angular momentum It will carry on going round and round and round in that circle until it’s acted on by an external moment so an external torque if you like, So, the important part of a fidget spinner is one of these which is the bearing from the middle okay? Essentially a bearing is trying to limit the effect of Friction in slowing down something’s rotation, so It’s trying to limit the friction opposing that angular momentum that I talked about just now. If you limit the friction as much as possible We put one of these in between the axle and the wheel that is spinning around it and inside each of these little teeth, there should be a ball bearing I’ve just got one on this, its lost most of its actual ball bearings Okay, and that means that in fact only a small point is actually in contact between the inner ring and the outer ring and as friction-less as it possibly can be, of course not completely free of friction but the better the quality of ball bearing ,the less friction that we’re going to have in that system and the longer your spinner is going to spin, or the less hard we’re going to have to work on our bike to keep the same speed, the less force we’re going to put in from an engine in a car, and actually, I don’t know if any of you are really interested in skating, but what makes a good pair of roller-blades or good skateboard is actually the quality of the bearings Hi, I’m only kidding. I would never take someone’s spinner!

24 thoughts on “Spinners! – how do fidget spinners work? – Quick Physics Video”

  1. unkown says:

    Cool video

  2. Joe Couchman says:

    interesting video, I have my A2 phiysics exams in June (AQA), and I'm aiming for an A*. Your videos of the worked exam questions are incredibly helpful, if you would you be able to do some on gas laws and capacitance in the lead up to exams that would be great! thanks

  3. Goku says:

    Hi sir I'm currently doing physics AS I know the content and stuff but when it comes to questions I get confused and don't know what it's asking me for. Please may you give me advice thanks.

  4. R136c says:

    Hi, do you have any tips for getting a high mark in the AS Edexcel physics papers? After doing a few papers from the legacy specification I have noticed that the questions have a certain way that they have to be answered for the full marks but I haven't been able to perfect this skill yet.

  5. Copper Carbonate says:

    I like Obi Wan and that is one of the many reasons why I enjoy your videos

  6. cut4zayn malik says:

    can u belive it sir seeraj sed they was selling figgit spinner at SPAR but wen i whent they was none!

  7. skippipotamus says:

    My question is:

    a) are there also bearings in the three arms?

    b) if so, so they contribute in some way to the longevity of the spinning?

  8. Brandon Marshall says:

    Hi I'm doing an AP physics project with a fidget spinner and I am trying to determine the coefficient of friction. Could you give me some suggestions on the best way to go about doing that? Thanks!

  9. donaldtrump VEVO says:

    can i ask a question please?

  10. mang oac says:

    "I've just got one on this.. It's lost most of it's ball bearings"
    drops bearing on table
    roll sound

  11. MrMugenwii says:

    this video had very little physics
    he didnt even explain how the outer bearings help keep the fidget spinning

  12. Aslox MV says:

    What about Centrifugal force? you missed a lot of things.

  13. Bo Dez says:

    THankyou! Every other video on how they work has useless info, not one says how they actually work! You rock!

  14. chari Muvilla says:

    Really? No magnets?!?! I am so tempted to make one with magnets spin way more and make money XD

  15. Huey Freeman says:

    Hey, idk if you still answering questions, but do you think having magnets on outer arms would help conserving or even add to the angular momentum of the spinner?

  16. Lilibeth Aspiras says:

    I have fidget spinner

  17. Frank James Bailey says:

    Why are most of the spinners made with 3 hands? I've seen some made with 2 and a few made with 5 but most are made with 3…why?

  18. Nate Bogner says:

    I couldn't figure it out. But it's so simple. Thanks.

  19. Liberty Justice says:

    1:13 aanndd… 1:20 there goes the last one

  20. John Mandlbaur says:

    Angular momentum is not actually conserved. This is a mistaken assumption. www.baur-research.com/Physics

  21. Ella Strong says:


  22. June Yoon says:

    What's the bk music? I really like it. Thanks for the vid

  23. Scp 173 says:

    Who is spinning a fidget spinner while watching this

  24. Ellen Quigley says:

    We are making fidget spinners I’m School out of bottle caps thx for this video

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