Morning I’m John Thelen, today I’m Fish
Ed I’m joined by my friend Pat Burch, it’s midsummer and the waters warming up
and man I’ll tell you what the walleyes are just going crazy and this one of my
favorite times of the year to fish because you can pull spinners on em and
I love spinner fishing! There’s a few tips and tricks though, that will help you put a few more fish in the boat and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Stay
right where you’re at Fish Eds coming up! There’s one! Got em! I was up there messing around with the graph a little bit trying to get it dialed in there’s so much going on when
you get to midsummer like this, and what I mean is you get so much stuff on
your screen because we’re into those bug hatches we’re into all of these
things that that you see on the bottom and Pat actually asked me “Are all those fish?” and I said no no some of that’s just bug hatch and a
bunch of other stuff going on, and I was looking back over my shoulder
at this and this fish just smashed it. So you know what, some of those things are fish!
That’s just the way it is. Man I love this time of the year. I love it when we get out
and start pulling spinners. This feels like a pretty good fish here. A great way to start our day. I love pulling spinners though because, oh yeah great eye to start! Look at that. Man you’re getting after aggressive fish you can just put em right on the floor here but
these fish when we get to this time of the year man they’re just flat-out
aggressive, and the best way I know to fish them at this time of
year is pulling the spinner, because you’re giving them something that you know it’s
grabbing their attention with not just flash but vibration and color and
you’re putting that crawler down there and I’m a huge believer that when you
start getting these bug hatches, I am a huge believer that crawlers become
really really important when we look at that screen today there’s bug hatch
going on there’s fish feeding in a lot of
different places on a lot of different things so one of the things that is
really good about pulling a spinner as well is we’re moving pretty fast and
given these fish, getting to the next fish from getting to the next one
and the next one, getting to those biters what a great eye to start our day nice
let’s hope it goes right there but man I’ll tell you it’s one of the neat
things about spinner fishing is you can cover ground you can get to biting
fish and you can grab their attention what a great way to start this just a
pretty walleye right there we’ll get him out of here and get back down there and see if we can get another one. a little bit more life over here. There’s one!
Look at that. Oooh that looks like a good one. It’s a good fish. That one
when I set the hook on this one he just flat-out went the other way.
When you got, Wow this is a big fish. You want me to turn the boat? You know and it gets tough to tell I mean
I’d love to tell you it’s a big fish but it’s a good one. Put a little more drag into it. I’m
barely moving this fish, and part of that you know you got to remember we’re
moving with the boat too, and when you’re moving with the boat like we’re doing
here you know we’re going almost a mile and a half an hour, slow this thing down a little
bit more, yeah this is a good fish Pat. Oooh yeah he’s pulling he’s pulling line he’s
wearing my arm out a little bit here but come on oh yeah look at that look at
that walleye that’s a big eye! Wow look at that one! This is a giant! Put it right
down here on the floor. Look at this fish man
I’ll tell you what this is probably why I like spinner fishing more than any
other way a lot of times to fish when fish are aggressive because fish like
this one right here I mean this is a giant eye let’s see where he’s hooked
let’s get him be get himself unhooked look at that he got unhooked look at
that that is a giant eye right there and that fish got himself unhooked right
when we got him netted that’s a giant fish man that’s a that’s pushing 28
inches all day long and big and fat and healthy well great fish may get this one
back and then you know what I want to do I want to show you what we’re using here
because what we’re using definitely triggered this fish and then there’s
reasons for it and I’m gonna show them to you. Let’s get this big girl back in
water what a walleye that is just awesome! There she goes. Look at that man is that cool! Here let me let me show you the spinner
rig we’re using because I think the choice of spinner rig makes a big big
difference there’s a lot of spinner rigs out there and the first to say when I
walk along those shelves back in the days I’d always kind of wonder you know
what am I looking for what am I trying to get and over the years
guys like Pat you know through all this guiding here on Mille Lacs and some of the
other guys I’ve gotten to work with a pitched in and we’ve all put together a
spinner program that we really believe is the best out there and and here’s
what it is this is the Lindy Crawler harness and it also comes in a single
hook spinner. These things are six feet long and they’re all made out of
fourteen pound fluorocarbon so you take a fish like that right there that fish
had it down and every time that fish turned that line is rubbing against her
teeth and it’s also rubbing against her gills but that 14 pound fluorocarbon, not
only can’t she see it here’s the other thing she couldn’t cut it then the other
thing we did is every one of these blades is a holographic finish and it
gives you just great flash and they’re all modeled after a bait fish and then
they all have different color beads and a lot of the bead patterns out there are
just used as spacers but we actually use these beads in such a way that if you
look at the back of our blades they’re all chrome and you actually get those
color hues flash and off of those beads and I mean it’s just beautiful looking in the
water and then the other thing we did is we use good strong number two hooks but
they’re a little bit longer in between the hooks which means I can get that
hook a little further back in the crawler and I think that can make a huge
difference right there too right so all said and done this spinner package right
here this Lindy spinner and Crawler harness package it has everything you
need you buy it take it out of the package and fish it comes in a variety
of colors but when it comes down to a man I’ll tell you these things just flat
out catch fish and they’re tough and I think that’s the biggest thing about
them if you can buy a spinner spinner rig crawler harness take it out of the
package and have it be as tough as this is and catch fish the way it does
because of its its its construction and how we built it you’re gonna be really
happy because ultimately fishing tackle ain’t cheap you don’t want to have to
buy tons of it you just want to buy what works and that’s what you get out of
this Lindy spinner and Crawler harness package.
you can see it on that fish right there boy that was awesome! Get back, get back. There he is he ate it. yep good one yeah awesome that’s that’s a great example of what
we’re doing right here now how important it is to just fish in such a way that
you can actually control your boat and pulling spinners today is the only way
to do it the winds actually coming up it’s not going down well that’s good
fish Pat the more and more it blows today the more fishing a spinner has
just been more and more important because we can’t just park on something
right now, there’s no way to do it. I would love to just camp somewhere on
fish but it’s just too rough to do that I mean you can see the wind yeah but it
just goes to show you that if you can if you can fish a presentation like a
spinner be able to go a little bit with the wind move along with what’s going on
kind of just go with the flow right you can put fish like that in the boat. That’s a
great eye right there! Let’s get him back in the water right away.

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