Steel wheels. VW custom hub cap
Steel wheels. VW custom hub cap

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36 thoughts on “Steel wheels. VW custom hub cap”

  1. jwhrivnak says:

    Great video, thanks

  2. NewRiverRepair says:

    Well done! Using what you already have with a twist to accomplish custom parts with your hands and head. Thanks for sharing

  3. NewRiverRepair says:

    Well done! Using what you already have with a twist to accomplish custom parts with your hands and head. Thanks for sharing

  4. cigarcaptain says:

    Your vids are always great

  5. mgthaking says:

    Very cool!

  6. shartne says:

    I like it.

  7. RobsPackanShine says:


  8. Alvarez Metal Works says:

    awesome. Looking forward to seeing the finished product with this bug.

  9. dunniss says:

    You need to add some luggage racks to that beetle!

  10. Velvethamma says:

    Very cool

  11. 65bellett says:

    You are one of the best D.I.Y'ers on Youtube. You are going to seed a killer set of Roof Racks for this beast!!

  12. restolad says:

    lol that wood be cool …may be copper tubing just for show …

  13. Nathan Simpson says:

    would look pretty cool with white wall tyres on

  14. carpetmantis says:

    you guys do a awesome job of making these videos. I really enjoy watching them cheers

  15. ObsessionMotorcycles says:

    Yeah, thanks Liz! lol.
    Just a question regarding fitment. are they just friction fit or did you use some kind of clamp/spring? Way cool mod and I think I should buy my missus a VW and get rid of her skyline she keeps scratching up!

  16. 350munro says:

    Where have you been boy?

  17. Keith Sherry says:

    All of a sudden I want a VW 🙂

  18. Adam Kniffin says:

    Restolad.. it is great to see your videos up and coming again. I have missed your lessons, always something interesting and very cool.
    Just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to show us what you have been up to

  19. Brian C says:

    Great! Keep them coming!

  20. brandon henson says:

    that looks awesome

  21. Thunder 88 says:

    awesome steel wheels!

  22. Tom Duffield says:

    love this video! just wondering if you can put vintage steel hubcaps on the same steel wheels  or do i need a different style of [email protected] 

  23. Jim Smit says:

    very nice

  24. Daniel28021991 says:

    Very cool, you shout add a chrome ring on the outside of the wheel.

  25. Steve Owens says:

    Nice job! understated and unique. Good choice of the maroon and black too, a very vintage looking color combo.

  26. Slappy Fistwad says:

    I cannot overstate how much better the new beetle drives with alloy 15" wheels! It is like a completely different (and better) car. Improves handling and with the automatic (01M), acceleration dramatically. Hard to find used ones that will fit the bolt pattern, but well worth it!

  27. carlosb1 says:

    I need to know why stock steel rims have all those holes around it, is it for weight saving, cooling?

  28. Revamptheindustry says:


  29. Al Bundy says:

    Nice Job. super cool

  30. john david says:

    I might try this on my punto,looks good.

  31. allordmimo says:

    I have spent months studying spray painting and found a fantastic resource at Magic Painter Method (check it out on google)

  32. Matt B says:

    Nice work, are those 16 or 17" ?

  33. Adam Wilson says:


  34. Jose montano says:

    Awesome a thousand likes!

  35. Jose montano says:

    Dude just make and sell these.

  36. NoSunBeach says:

    @0:23 looks real nice. you painted in place right over the bolts? Any special paint? I have a van with bolt on hub centers and hate that look, but I have to pull every wheel off to remove the center caps.

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