strawalz #30 loadbearing strawhouse big bales day1 -EN subtitle
strawalz #30 loadbearing strawhouse big bales day1 -EN subtitle

there is the place for them. In order to keep them dry on top of planks. A straw-construction-site looks like this
before placing the straw. floor plate done. waterproofing under the RBA Corners done. straw delivered. 48 big bales on a truck with trailer. for everybody who dismissed straw until now… This is a big deal! Six bales on top. Big bales, circa 2m x 1,2m x 0,75m Oh man, this is big! Very dense. I cant get my finger in it! A mice cant get in there either. what will she do there? She wouldt go in there. There is nothing. For the smal amount of corn, i wouldt drill me in. wow! this is a big deal! impressive! And here we have done the corners
to border the big bales. And they will come on top of these base (RBA – rigid beam assembly) Here we have a distance of three bales. We will put them there with the crane tomorrow! Well skilled! Really heavy! Well compressed! We can build houses out of it! Here we have circa 80m² and 40m² construction area….
thats heavy! this is rank. Much construction area for such an small house. I would like to build an hall with it! big! straight walls going along… ..1,2m thick, roof on top.. I feel the big bales as hall-bales. Good! To build houses works too!

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  1. landypaule says:

    Wer zu groƟe Ballen hat, kommt nicht rein ins Hallenbad šŸ˜‰

    Kennst Du neben PrivathƤusern auch Zweckbauten aus Stroh? StƤlle, Lager oder Werkhallen? WĆ¼rde mich mal interessieren, ob sowas auch in der ƶkologischen Produktion eingesetzt wird.

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