SUPER SLOW MOTION: Bearing balls vs. hydraulic press
SUPER SLOW MOTION: Bearing balls vs. hydraulic press

[Intro music] Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel! Today we have one more bearing ball video, and this one is very special, because we are going to crush steel bearing ball and ceramic bearing ball, and film both almost 100,000 fps, so I hope that we can see what really happens when the bearing ball disappears. Everybody else is about in another building, and I’m alone with my press because we are starting with this ceramic thing which is really hard. but… I think I have to crush it. I think that was pretty good! And… then the steel one. Let’s hope that nobody is going to die. [Anni: evil chuckle] Yeah, I think that is all for today. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day! [Outro music] And for today’s extra content we have one small animal that is extremely hard to spell, [Anni:] Hehehe [Lauri:] but this is something like… “Ax-eh-lat-loo” [Chuckles] Or something like that. My wife is making fun of me by making these animals that are too hard for me, but don’t let the pink color fool you. This is an extremely dangerous animal, and it can, I don’t even know what that can do, but something really mean. So we must deal with it! Yeah, that was close. [Anni: chuckles]

100 thoughts on “SUPER SLOW MOTION: Bearing balls vs. hydraulic press”

  1. James French says:

    Makes sense that they shattered as they need to be very hard for the job they do.( No one gives a fig about my comments – but it is genuine).

  2. Memelorde says:

    fuck me up fam that was dope

  3. JOON A says:

    1:13 You can see the bearing soul going to heaven

  4. Oscar Thorpe says:

    extra content axolotl

  5. Pantera Canberk says:

    metal bearing ball shouldnt be black white on slow motion …

  6. :u says:

    do hydraulic press vs millwall brick(hard newspaper weapon)

  7. Joseph Blanco says:

    I wish he would show the pressure at which these things give out.

  8. DudeNumberOnePlus says:

    You had balls of steel.

  9. Alex Bantjes says:

    "And that's how the universe was create" In a Morgan Freeman voice.

  10. LiveToby says:

    How long would that explosion part last if you watched the video at normal speed if you know what i mean?

  11. Swedish Otaku says:

    Wow, crazy shit.
    If only Gavin could be there.

  12. Joona Knuutinen says:

    lisää yksitelleen kortteja tai paperinpalasia niin että näkee montako tarttee ennenku poksahtaa..

  13. Ernests Auzins says:

    Press french press!

  14. CplShephard1 says:

    The next ball should be an obsidian ball 😀

  15. silmarian says:

    The axolotl will regenerate at you like Akira. Very, very dangerous.

  16. Eddy Galvez says:

    What are those metal cylinders made of?!

  17. Jo-Jo Beans says:

    So if you're ever lost in the woods and all you have is a hydraulic press and a steel bearing, you can use the sparks to ignite some tinder and start a fire and survive! #ProTips #SurvivalExpert #LifeHacks #LifeHaxxx

  18. xSkitZx says:

    'Mighty' no more

  19. Kyle Sfhandyman says:

    We need slow-mo on the extra content.

  20. Edward Knave says:

    Ah, the axolotl. The creature known for being able to regenerate limbs. XD

  21. NovaMan 350 says:

    I love Gaaaaaaaaooold. – Gold Member

  22. Mohawk 177 says:

    It would be cool if there was a way to crush the bearings and have some ballistics jell behind the blast shield and see the damage the shrapnel could do.

  23. Cody Morris says:

    Who else saw the eyeball blinking at 2:47

  24. sledrideing114 says:

    You need to crush a microscope! But also put something on it and put another camera on the lens of the microscope and see what it looks like!

  25. Joe Williams says:

    Awesome channel guys. Been waiting for the big bearing ball!

  26. DrSarez says:

    Cool – looking like a supernovae or a really huge space object exploding.

  27. Lee Ludtke says:

    best extra content yet!

  28. Gunther von Hoffer says:

    crush bigger, i mean much BIGGER bearing balls

  29. Aidan Morales says:

    2:17 battlefield 1 intro

  30. Mohammad Abu Sarwar says:

    the effect is real cool

  31. William Herron says:

    ceramic is pronounced seramic. 😛 damn english back at it again

  32. ApexIXMR says:

    At 1:11 you can see the ball bearing's soul rising to heaven.

    RIP ball bearing

  33. Gutmenschensmiley says:

    pls press a hydraulic press xD

  34. Leafy Roast Yourself says:

    what's the status on the mega press??

  35. Cliff Burton says:

    Kids in bearing balls could have eaten that Africa

  36. Ryan Baxter Music says:

    Do a surprise video where the item you're crushing is in play doh so we can't see what it is before getting crushed

  37. Double Dare Fan says:

    Crush ink cartridges.

  38. BlackheartRegia says:

    i find it interesting that the ceramic one created some sparks. So are they completely ceramic?

  39. Chetan Sahu says:

    Why would you crush Bearing's ball?!? 😫

  40. xx xx says:


  41. Zim Babwe says:

    Who else always imagines an older guy with a moustache?

  42. Rick Begley says:

    I no longer need weed to get high, just this video

  43. marter1234 gaming says:

    is this your last bearing ball video?

  44. Cyclopath says:

    "Pearing pall" I love Finnish.

  45. Kapteeni says:

    Hydraulic Press Channel koskako tulee se ku ootte ylex:llä vai kuvasitteko ??

  46. Leonardo Victor says:


  47. GT-Alex says:

    You should try to crush some tyres or complete wheels. Road tyres vs racing tyres could be interesting !

  48. Yusuf Petersen says:

    with the steel ball that is exactly how our universe began..

  49. it's meeh Siri says:

    Crush an IPhone 7

  50. Mr Wolfe says:

    Now its a flatsolotl

  51. isaacanimates says:

    Did it explode? I saw the ball after it was crushed

  52. Fj4nten says:

    Press a hydraulic press with the hydraulic press

  53. adam walsh says:

    Have you used a tungsten bearing ball before?

  54. mfergnani says:

    Hi, how about try to Press safety shoes!? in teory they are built for resistenza at High pressure! thanks for this Channel!

  55. m j says:

    What PSI needed to crush ceramic ball?

  56. Oshe Shango says:

    Looks amazing! Get your money's worth out of that camera and push it to the limit lol

  57. Oshe Shango says:

    The Axolotl will summon Xolotl, the God of death to kill you.

  58. Sir Bomb says:

    Definition of 'Smithereens'.

  59. AgarFade says:

    Is it only me but the fnnish eng is soo funny😂👋🏻

  60. aropupu says:

    räjäyttäkää paskaks pino vaneria

  61. AxU says:

    Mikko, sun pitäs kyllä lunta kokeilla puristaa tolla vekottimella 😀

  62. Donal P. O'Brien says:

    A seasonal suggestion for something to crush: Elf on the Shelf!!

  63. F Bomb says:

    Oxolotl, rofl

  64. RaGoose says:

    Fake, you can see the ball "escape" at 01:04

  65. geonerd says:

    Excellent! 🙂

  66. picklebomb 28 says:

    Keramik baul

  67. DNaidoo95 says:

    The music during the slow-mo was much more pleasant than the other slow-mo music you guys usually use

  68. Fabarabian says:

    Pearing Pall

  69. Alan d'Eon says:


  70. Moises Serrano Merlin says:

    I don't like the new slow motion music 🙁

  71. N M says:

    Tee jakso ilotulitteista jookosta.

  72. Otto Vuori says:

    What do you do with a bearing ball

  73. minijimi says:

    Love the extra content. How about the extra content in 10,000 fps?

  74. Steve says:

    needs a better camera for those speeds

  75. Jennifer Herrera says:

    That was so cool!! BTW, I believe the first bearing ball was ceramic, correct? Instead of saying it like keramic – with a K sound, it should be said with an S sound, like saying seramic. But it's spelled ceramic. I'm not trying to be an ass. I love you both and your channel <3

  76. CrawlerJamie says:

    Love the extra content! Don't stop

  77. A Good Person says:

    We like your balls, no matter what angle the dangle! You guys rock! Happy Holiday Crushings!

  78. Firm Clock says:

    how much pressure did it take before the bearing blew?

  79. Vlad says:

    voice is a tad annoying…

  80. Graham Tuttle says:

    Arnold's bicep

  81. Graham Tuttle says:

    next do The One Ring

  82. David Barret says:


  83. Jacques Deladurantaye says:

    fuck yeah 1:48 min

  84. Top 10 Everything says:

    make a "beri espesyal" tshirt

  85. TheKneedragger69 says:

    Awesome high speed filming!!!! Thanks so much!

  86. as role says:

    god this video was so beautiful actually especially with the perfect music choosen

  87. Ian Oliver says:

    I like the serene slo-mo music

  88. Kari-Pekka Aaltonen says:

    tehkää tämä video täysin pimeässä vielä niin nähdään mahtava valoshow!

  89. mnd says:

    Holy shit that 98k fps slo-mo looks cool!

  90. Baloodini says:

    wow that was really something with the sparks, reminds me of tiny sun exploding out there in the universe

  91. Musicman 5122 says:

    Святое дерьмо это удовлетворение

  92. Bernd Jendrissek says:

    Still hoping you can repeat a crushing of a steel ball in an argon atmosphere. To see if the sparks are caused by a mechanical dissipation of sonic energy, or a chemical reaction (finely divided iron burning in oxygen).

  93. David says:

    That was amazing! I love how academic this has become with the slow motion! It was great how different the two BB were on crush. Good job!

  94. Cooper Teffeteller says:

    requesting thermal cam for ball bearing!!!!

  95. Anadiocha says:

    axolotl, a mexican animal, it can either live in the water or in the dirt, it metamorphosis itself

  96. FelineHYPER says:

    2:50 the expansion of the universe just after the big bang 🙂

  97. Igyzone says:

    Imagine if the thermal camera would be able to show the highest temperature. You could probably power the sun for a nanosecond there, lol!

  98. Chris burks says:

    i am loving this channel already😄😄

  99. Battlemage 77 says:

    can you crush my balls?! wait…..

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