Suspended Spinner Card – Color Wednesday #61 (Inktense Pencils & Wink of Stella)
Suspended Spinner Card – Color Wednesday #61 (Inktense Pencils & Wink of Stella)

Hi Everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another
Color Wednesday video. Today I’m using this new stamp set from Art Impressions called
Fairy Spinner. It’s really fun, because it has both the front and back image of this
fairy. Perfect to create a suspension spinner card. This video is super super long. I didn’t
want to cut out any of the important parts of the assembly of the card or the painting
of the fairy, so those are included. Because of that the card is kind of lengthy, but I
hope you guys enjoy the instruction anyway. I’m stamping the fairy image or images, because
there are two images in StazOn Jet Black ink on to some Strathmore Water Color paper. Going
to be doing some water coloring with Inktense Pencils. Because I’m adding water to the paper
I wanted to make sure to use a waterproof ink. I also used Hero Arts Ultra Clean Stamp
Cleaner to clean off my stamps, because it takes of StazOn Ink unlike other stamp cleaners
and it’s also safe for both your cling stamps and your clear stamps. I wanted to show you
guys this water bucket. This is the Artist Wash Bucket. is now carrying
this bucket. I’ve been using a similar one for quite a few months now and I really love
it. It has two containers inside. They come apart if you want to use them separately or
you can have them together or in the bucket. Or you could have three different sections.
It’s a really really great bucket. I just wanted to let you guys know that Simon does
carry that now. I’m going to be using Inktense Pencils and I’m only using 6 different colors.
As I use each color I’ll go ahead and mention the color names so that you can follow along.
This is actually the third time I’ve water colored this particular image and I did quite
a few different test runs with different colors and these are the colors I decided would look
best. The first color I’m using is Matter Brown. It’s more of a reddish auburnish color.
It’s a really really pretty color. Very unusual. I thought it would look really fun on this
kind of cooky looking fairy, because she kind of makes me think of an older lady and she
might dye her hair a really kind of strange cherry red color. I’m just sure that there’s
someone out there that has a color similar to this naturally, but it’s probably very
unusual. I thought it would be fun to have this color on her hair. The thing that I learned
as I was coloring this image over and over again re-acquainting myself with my Inktense
Pencils was that you really have to embrace the different look that the Inktense Pencils
can give you. I hadn’t used my Inktense Pencils for quite awhile, probably six months or so,
and I had forgotten exactly how they work. So basically an Inktense Pencil is almost
like a dry pen ink that you’re putting down on paper and then as you add water to it becomes
like a regular ink. So it’s really intense, so I guess Inktense is a really good name
for these pencils. It’s a really intense color. It’s also waterproof once it’s dry, so it’s
great for building color on top of each other. Although I’m not going to be doing that today.
I’m going to be using just kind of the straight colors out of the pencils. Because of that
you don’t really have a lot of time to work with the color and also when you add the color
down onto your water color paper even though it kind of sits on top of the water color
paper when you add water to it, it doesn’t wash away the darkest areas where you applied
it. Now I’m moving on to Sicilian Yellow and that’s going to be for her earrings and also
later on for the star on her wand. Anyway, as you add the color down to your water color
paper, you really have to think about where you want it to be the darkest. So on her hair
I wanted those outer edges and then right along those lines to be the darkest. I kept
that top edge of her hair free from color on the pencil so when I added water it would
be faded up near the top. So like I said I colored this image multiple times. I was really
searching for a good skin color; I never really found one that I was perfectly happy with,
because they were all very orange or all very very brown. I really just wanted more of a
pinky orangey brown color. Just a really good flesh tone. This is the color that was the
closest, although I still think it’s a little bit too orangey for what I was envisioning
for this image. But this color is called Baked Earth. I wanted it to be very very pale. I
didn’t want it to be the strongest brown color that it could be. I put down very very lightly
little bits on the areas where I wanted it to be the most in shadow. I just barely let
the pencil glide across the paper, letting that water color texture kind of pick up the
color. Okay…can you guys hear that??? That is my cat freaking out downstairs. Mannie? Where are you? Are you coming in here? Hope you guys can hear that. That is his freak
out meow. I have been trying to catch that on like on a audio recording for like ages
to share with your guys. Hey! Where are you? Okay, so I’m re-wetting her face after I dried
it and then I put some Carmine Pink pencil off to the side and I’m going to pick a little
bit of that pencil up and then bring it over to her cheeks, because I really wanted it
to be pale pale pink. That Carmine Pink is really intense straight out of the pencil.
I needed to water it down before bringing it over. I’m using Neutral Gray for all of
the gray tones on this image here and I just did some really really strong color on a couple
of the stripes and then I’ll dry that to make sure that I can move on to those other stripes.
Then I applied a really really light layer of that same color, just to get that little
stripe there. After I did her hat I decided to move on to her dress. Instead of using
a regular water brush for this, or water color brush, I’m actually going to be using a Wink
of Stella Clear Glitter Brush Pen. I discovered that when you color with the Wink of Stella
brush pen, the Inktense pencils behave a little bit differently. They don’t fade out; or rather
they fade out more quickly. When I painted her dress in just regular water, the previous
times, there wasn’t much shading difference. It was kind of hard to keep those highlights
and keep the area really really light. As I use this Wink of Stella it just doesn’t
pull the color as much. I think it’s because the liquid inside it’s slightly more thick.
Slightly thicker than water and so it just doesn’t pull the color quite as much. You’re
really going to see that as I fade it up onto her backside. Her rump basically. You’re going
to see that it really fades out that color quickly. It’s kind of a cool effect. You can
get some really really intense colors right where you apply the pencil and then it fades
out rather quickly to whatever, to white. So I’m going ahead and fading this out even
more. Then I’m going to skip ahead to the other side of her. To the backside. So I added
more color. Just right around those edges and as I add the Wink of Stella you’ll notice
that only the edges stay the intense Aqua Marine color. The center areas are quite faded
and you’ll be able to really really see this as I shade the rest of the image here. I’m
just adding a little bit of that Wink of Stella around those edges and I’m starting to get
it to fade. I did rotate my paper because I discovered that it was slightly easier to
work with the color up at the top and pulling it down instead of trying to fade it up. So
I turned that around. Right here is a really good example of trying to get that color moving.
While the color fades out more quickly than using water it does give you a little bit
of time to kind of swirl your brush around and get that color moving just a little bit
before it fades out. You can really see that in this larger area right here. Just going
to add more of that Wink of Stella. I also noticed that I really wanted to add more and
more of the liquid, so I did end up squeezing my Wink of Stella Brush pen just to get a
little more liquid out and moving. I also took that colored pencil or that Inktense
Pencil and added a little bit of color right up at the top, because that area up there
had already dried so I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull any of that ink down. So I just
added that color and really squeezed my Wink of Stella brush to get that shimmer all the
way down. I really love this look especially on top of this fairy image because I had planned
to put Wink of Stella over the top anyway and this way there’s tons and tons of shimmer.
I’m going back to that gray color and I’m using the gray on her wings. I’m using this
very very sparingly, because I really want the wings to be white or even a light gray.
I don’t want them to be black. They can really can go super super dark, as you can see on
her hat. I’m just adding in some that Wink of Stella and getting those colors moving.
I also discovered that if you don’t want the color to keep fading or you want them to fade
even more quickly like I do on this, you can scribble off to the side and get rid of some
of the color that is on the brush, then it makes it a little bit easier to fade out the
color instead of having it be really dark and intense. You’ll be able to see that when
I switch over to the other wings as well. So I’m starting out in that inner area right
there by her shoulder blades. I’ll kind of swipe the color off to the side to clean off
the brush, so that as I move up into the other areas of the wing it doesn’t pull that color
quite as much. This gray can get pretty dark and intense, so I’m just pulling that off
to the side and slowly painting in those wings. The last section is down here right underneath.
I really loved how this turned out. It was more of a sketchy look. I thought it was really
really pretty and I loved adding all of that shimmer on to her dress and on to her wings.
I’m going to give you a close up shot so that you can see all that shimmer. It’s really
quite amazing how much shimmer you can get on this. Look at that, it’s so pretty. All
that glittery shimmery goodness. I also used that on the star on her wand and also on her
shoes. So, after I had finished painting the image
I needed to cut both of them out and I knew that I would be adhering them together so
I’m going to use some Stick It paper; this is a full adhesive sheet. Super super thin.
It’s great for die cutting. But today I’m going to use it as the means to get these
two to stick together. I’m putting that Stick It on to the back of one of those images.
Then I’m going to cut it out really really carefully. This probably the most time intensive
part of the whole process. It think it took me quite awhile to cut out these images because
their pretty detailed. But after I had them all cut out all I had to do was put together
the whole spinner mechanism. So, I peeled off the backing of that Stick it and exposed
the adhesive. I just had to peel up a little bit that was up by the wand. Just going to
peel that up. Then I took some light gold embroidery floss and I’m going to be using
this as the string for the suspension. So I’ll cut off a little portion and then I’m
placing it so that it starts to come in on her shoes and then goes up to the tip of her
hat. Then I’m taking the back image and carefully putting this on here. And I noticed that because
this is water color paper, the paper didn’t want to stick together so I thought I will
run it through my die cutting machine once and it will make it so it’s completely flat
and it worked great. It flattened everything out and adhered those pieces together. I didn’t
anticipate that the string is going to gather up and show through on the back of it. I guess
I had some string gathered or something underneath and it left little marks. That was unfortunate,
but not a huge deal. I mean not enough to make me start over again. I just went with
it. I just set her aside while I did some more die cutting. I die cut a circle in a
card base. This is a 3.25″ circle. I used the Simon Says Stamp Stitched Circles die
set for that. Then I also cut another piece out of some white card stock that I’m going
to do some stamping on. This is a stamp, a background stamp, from My Favorite Things.
This is the Striped Background. Going to be embossing all of these stripes, so I just
prepped it with my EK Success Powder Tool. Then inked up that entire stamp with VersaMark
Ink and pressed my card stock down on to the stamp. This is just a little bit easier than
having to press the stamp down on to the paper. It’s a little easier like this. Then you just
put some scratch paper over top and use your fingers to press that paper on to the stamp.
I then applied some Rich Pale Gold embossing Powder from WOW. I wanted to get those stripes
all nice and golden. I cleaned up some of the embossing powder with a dry brush and
then I took my heat tool and heat set this until everything was melted. I just love,
really look, of some bold stripes all in gold embossing. It’s really really pretty. In order
to put the whole spinner card together I’m taking some of this really really strong tape
adhesive. I think it’s from Be Creative. I’m not entirely sure. I’ll have links down in
the video description and at my blog. But I just cut this really really sticky paper
and put some on the top and the bottom of the circle. Then I also took the card base
and I put adhesive there as well. This is going to sandwich the string in between two
sections of adhesive, so that strings really doesn’t want to move around. Now, I’m going
to take that spinner area and put it together. So I’m peeling off the backing on the card
base and then I held the string pretty tight as I pressed it down on to those adhesive
strips. Then I took my scissors and just trimmed off the string so that it wasn’t hanging off
the edge. I’m going to bring over that other card stock, but before I do that I’m going
to add adhesive all along the front. I’m getting those corners and around the circle and then
I peeled off those backing sheets and then really really carefully adhered this down
onto the card base. I wanted to make sure that those circle die cuts match up. Now the
string is all sandwiched in between and the spinning portion of the card is basically
down, you can see that she starts spinning. I think it’s just so super super fun. I wanted
a frame to go around that circle on the front so I used that same circle die from Simon
Says Stamp and then I used another die from Sizzix to create a black frame and I adhered
that using some Tombow Mono Multi Glue. I then stamped the sentiment from the stamp
set on some black card stock and embossed it in that same gold embossing powder. Trimmed
it down and then adhered that with some foam tape. That is going to finish the card. I’m
going to show you the card a little bit so you can see the shine of the stamping and
the embossing and then also the spinning. The thing that’s cool is that you can spin
it like that put it in the envelope and then when the recipient opens the card it starts
spinning. So it’s really really fun. I’m going to show you an up close version of that
so you can see. So I’ve already prepped it by spinning and as I open it the fairy spins
all around. Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you next time. Thank you so much for watching until the very
end of the video. It’s a really long one today. On screen are three more cards that I’ve done
recently that are more than just your average card. The first one is a shaker card that
I made last Monday, the second one is kind of like a window with suspended sequins inside
plastic, it’s also a shaker card but the sequins don’t really move around too much they are
more suspended. Then that last one is a four paneled card with window cut outs. So I hope
you’ll check out some of those videos. Thank you so so much for watching and I will catch
you guys next time.

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    Soo cute. I really love watching you color and all the little details you add ☺️

  95. Mags Bee says:

    Absolutely magical card! Love it!

  96. Linda Hutchings says:

    So funny, I am an older lady with cherry red hair, my husband laughed. LOL

  97. ml benson says:

    I "need" this stamp now – so darn cute. Your videos are never too long!

  98. Sue Stone says:

    Beautiful card. You are such a talented lady.

  99. Katherine Haught says:

    My generous sister sent me the complete set of these pencils for Christmas, and they took quite some time to get used to how they work. Since then l have so enjoyed playing with them & making cards. They are for sure, very intense & just beautiful . I haven’t seen many videos with them so l was really glad to find one of yours. Thanks for all the tips, etc. l always enjoy your cards no matter what the medium. 😀✍🏻👩🏻‍🎨🖌🖌📄

  100. Katherine Haught says:

    P.S. l just finished watching this video. WHAT FUN !!! That spinning technique is so clever. I’d love to be the recipient!!! How lucky she is.

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