Take Off Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Shields/Seals
Take Off Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Shields/Seals

bjbj As soon as bearings are released from
their packaging, they re pretty much instantly subjected to the elements of the world. Strictly
speaking water, dirt and moisture. So it s important to have shields or seals on your
bearings, but sometimes they re just not enough protection and your bearings get corroded,
so now you re going to need to clean them, but before you can get inside to clean them,
we need to know how to take off the shields or seals that you have on your bearings, so
let s take a look and see what kind of bearings you ve got. Bearings come in three different
cover types. There are rubber seals, pressed-in rubber shields and removable metal shields
held in by a C-ring. Removing rubber seals is really easy. You just need to use a paper-clip
and poke it on the inside of the inner ring (just a little bit) and pry it out. Putting
the seal back in place is just as easy just lay it back on, top-flat, and just push around
the edge until it snaps back into place. To remove metal shields, you just need to take
a thumbtack, a pin or a needle, and just stick it into that little open area and pry it out.
I m going to use the end where I can put my pin in and poke it out. If you look really
closely, you can see that the end of the C-ring is cut at an angle. Now that I got the C-ring
out, you can see how the different ends look a lot better. To get the shield out, I just
need to tap it on a surface and it ll fall right out. To replace the shield, just slide
it back on top and I m going to put both ends of the C-ring in first, I think that s a little
bit easier, and then I m going to pinch the rest of it and just let it slide and lock
into place. It s pretty easy! Rusted metal shields (like this one) are not removable
and there s little maintenance that can be done once these types of bearings are corroded.
Now that you know how to easily remove and replace your shields or seals from your bearings,
take a look at the rest of the videos on how to clean them. It includes how to make a bearing
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100 thoughts on “Take Off Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Shields/Seals”

  1. Adrian Troalic says:

    On Abec 5s it's a one piece shield, rather than a C clip that it looks like it has on your video, just to let viewers know πŸ˜‰ it's also a b'stard to get off too, you just have to keep on and on at it until it lifts off, I used an old small craft knife and then I used a computer/mini flat head screwdriver to lift them up, I put some Isopropyl 70% alcohol in a small jar, I empty them into it, closed the lid and then gave them a shake, opened up the lid and individually brushed them with a bit of the Isopropyl and an old toothbrush, I shook off the excess alcohol as I was spinning the bearing in between my fingers, hearing how the bearing was spinning, gradually it became very smooth, I dried off the alcohol completely with a kitchen towel, then I applied some sewing machine oil, 2 drops, I spun them again, first horizontally and then vertically, I banged off the excess oil onto another kitchen towel and then put the 'lid' back on, but using the screwdriver by carefully pushing down only the sides, as it clipped into position, one more spin in my fingers and then onto the truck to test and then that's it, done, onto the next one.

  2. n1ko says:

    some skaters remove the shields of their bearing and skate without it. Is this recommended? thanks.

  3. Jeremy Boneo says:

    WD-40 is nice?

  4. Zukuku Senpai says:

    What lube can i apply on the non removable bearing shield?can i use oil?motor oil?or grease?please help me i have non removable shield πŸ™

  5. Max says:

    My metal shields wont stay on it, it doesnt click, what do i do?

  6. Brantuh says:

    Ok… So, today I was tightening the nuts on my wheels and I dented my bearing a little bit… It doesnt seem to cause any slowness whatsoever, infact it might be faster than some of my other wheels. So, what I was wondering, is what should I do? Should I just keep the dented shield on? I tried to take the bearing off on the axle of my truck, but it wouldnt pop out… So, should I just leave the dented shield on as it seems to pose no problem, but I cant get the bearing off of the wheel.

  7. Saulo Santos says:

    the last model of bearing it is removable

  8. jerryy538 says:

    looks like you poked a hole in the seal.

  9. Nathan Chelf says:

    1:47 broke my heart :'( why do they even make them like that if you can't open them? (without damage)

  10. Pockets says:

    Anyone super frustrated with intensely grimy c-ring removal, I found the best way is to get a normal sewing needle and hold it with a pliers. If its not lifting on one side try the other and just keep at it. πŸ™‚
    I stabbed mt fingers to the bones more than once but when I did it this way, ugh, worth it.

  11. M SuperB says:

    Great video, you are one of the few to explain how to remove metal bearings. Thanks!!!
    I had to use WD-40 to pop some of my shields off. I know you don't recommand it, but it did the trick for me. I'll still clean my bearings properly. πŸ˜‰

  12. Centralsaturn says:

    Anyone knows where I can buy rubber seals.

  13. Dawson Seabolt says:

    If my wheel is squeeking can I just lubercate the bearing without cleaning it?

  14. Los Trem says:

    sheildless looks cool and I like hearing my bearings work. and i skate dirty streets and never noticed a difference but I do replace/treat out new products allot. perks if having extra money. maybe if you are broke allot keep them in

  15. BjΓΆrn Dahlberg says:

    How bad is it to remove one shield from those pressed metal shield bearings, and have that side facing inwards? I got a 3yr old board that never got any maintenance from it's previous owner so i'm giving it some love. Trying to fix the bearings instead of replacing them.

  16. Felix Millenianto says:

    This channel is one of the best skateboard / boarding tutorial on youtube ( in my opinion ) , why you stop creating good content man :/

  17. dude dude says:

    cat get them out, think they are rubber, im just damaging them

  18. unplugged guy says:

    hey man thanks for the video. Ive tried to clean a set of rubber sealed bearing but in the process of taking the seals off the rubber got damaged and the seal comes out every time i skate making the thing just dirtier than ever. is there a way to remove the rubber seals without damaging them or are they just really susceptible to deformation ? PD: ive been using the thiniest threading needle i could find so i dont think that the size if the hinge is the problem.

  19. Avery P says:

    Why do companies make unremovable c-rings? That's bs.

  20. vias j says:

    for pressed in bearings all you have to do is pry at the gap between the tube

  21. chau2k5 says:

    I removed the shields off zealous bearings with built-in spacers. Was not a good idea. It was very clean inside and still lubed up. But I bent the shield. It's like more aluminum than rubber compared to bones reds.

  22. Ernest Chan says:

    water is a compound…..

  23. yedda says:

    Help. I'm having trouble getting the bearing out of my penny wheel. I tried to pry it in with a screw driver but it still won't pop out.

  24. damien king says:

    my fingers are sore I had to use a nail to get out the pressed in sheilds

  25. Narly_Blue says:

    what if you have ceramic bearings?

    do they need to be lubricated as well?

  26. Jordon Vilas-tucker says:

    nooooo I have the one you can't take off 😑

  27. Daniel Smith says:

    Titanium bearing? Easy? No its not.

  28. jay santamaria says:

    i watched the whole video couldnt you put the last one first so i didnt waste my time

  29. BruiseEzy says:

    thx did not know there are c rings very helpful

  30. Legendary Migsz says:

    You should take off the shield beacause the shield creates friction.

  31. Edward Runov says:

    Hey Rat Vision could you make a video where to take apart abec 9 shiver bearings?Or a video about built-in spacers?

  32. Zuhair Abushaaban says:

    I came here for fidget spinners

  33. VoltageLP says:

    Can I replace a shield with a seal?

  34. TWrecks says:

    Im going to take the bearings off my sisters crappy board and turn it into a fidget spinner

  35. GeneralGh0st says:

    Who came here for the hand spinner XD

  36. Lina Boshof says:

    I Cant do. this with my old bearings !!! πŸ™

  37. Fortnite Vids Daily says:

    My regular metal bearing dosent have a small hole

  38. Demo Leoder says:


  39. CyberRacer says:

    Came here to fix my fidget spinner which went into water and rusted

  40. Maxwell Pollville says:

    You should try build a perfectly engineered skateboard. The bearing spacer video was very informative and you clearly have a talent for this. NHS should hire you as an apprentice and give you a good access into the evolution of skateboarding technology.

    I'd buy rat vision wheel kits in a second. Comes with wheels, bearings, washers, and spacers… maybe even a bearing cleaning kit.

  41. nickie banchou says:

    "needles and razor can damage rubber flap"
    …. proceeds to damage rubber anyway on video with that huge and sharp paper clip πŸ˜€

  42. ll_itz_jay_ll says:

    well that fucking sucks

  43. Xellyon 12 says:

    its possible with the thrid we juste cute our fingers but we have do it

  44. Zaden says:

    Why is the c ring so hard to take out

  45. Uriel Velez says:

    this was very useful! thank you!

  46. Emelie Andersson says:

    Noooooo!!! I have the non removable ones…

  47. John Christoper Galo says:

    He is lying

  48. Diamond Phoenix says:

    can I remove the shield from skates

  49. Invasion Nation says:

    oh you have the exact same bearings i do!

  50. Luke Franco says:

    i stuck a fucking thumbtack under my fingernail

  51. Clan Fighter Coc says:


  52. Iofted says:

    Is there a way to make the C ring bearing spin faster?

  53. Robert Musschenga says:

    +Rat Vision, i understand the importance of bearing spacers, but what do you think about bearings with extended races? (that eliminate the need for speed-rings and spacers)

  54. throninghail59 says:

    whos here for ther figit spinner

  55. i Billieilishh says:

    thank you so much !! i was trying the remove the metal one my a skrudriver and never took it out ! i almost took a chainsaw ! Thank You So Much

  56. Vy bz says:

    I got them all off with a sewing needle

  57. Mr. Plow says:

    is there any way to replace the sheilds

  58. Alisha Woodhouse says:

    how do you remove bearings ABEC 5? πŸ€”πŸ€”

  59. THE GAMING DONUT says:

    Who watched this to make a DIY fidget spinner

  60. Angel Alejo says:

    can u take apart the second bearing to clean the balls and the rings?

  61. snap- PrinZz says:

    Yo fuck you. I watched this video for nothing!!!

  62. oowo says:

    my weak noodle arms can't get the C-ring out πŸ™

  63. Steven Lee says:

    damn it, i got the last bearing! not removable.

  64. LaBibbia says:

    useful for fidget spinners!

  65. potato boiii says:

    Dude brush it doesn't work on my bearing

  66. C Ekons says:

    +rat Vision skateboard Tech Do you make the same recommendation for inline skate bearings as you do for the skateboard bearings? or is it a bearing is a bearing is a bearing no matter what you skate? I have only been using my inlines in a roller skate rink, so there is no worry for dirt or water to damage the bearings. I have a different set of old bearings and wheels I swap out for when I go outdoors. thank you for the advice in advance!

  67. C Ekons says:

    +rat Vision skateboard Tech Also, for in-line skates, which bearing puller do you recommend? I currently have a "BSB speed bearings Gryptool one-step PushPull bearing removal with a 5/32"Allen key", but it is worn out and the bearing gets stuck on it when I pull them out. I would like to buy a new tool, but I don't know which one would be better for inline skates. i use bearing spacers, and most of the reviews I've looked at say the pullers don't work when you have spacers. thanks again

  68. Jack Doyle says:

    good channel

  69. Varntok Odus says:

    well crap I watch this to only find out that I can't clean my bearings at all πŸ˜‘πŸ˜“

  70. Trink says:

    Like I did, if you get a kryptonics cruiser. You'll see these ABEC-5 bearings on them every time.

  71. Shuayb Omar says:


  72. AKIDA HARRY says:


  73. zahidur razin says:

    the non removable ones are also removable, idiot

  74. Perry Codes says:

    Oh man… Please – DO NOT use a push pin to remove the shields!!! You can use a #11 hobby blade… just use the edge opposite the blade.

  75. Ravi sankar says:

    is there any way to remove that inner metal ring /pin ?

  76. Eniyah Dixson says:

    the one you said couldn't come off I figured out a way to get it off give me a shout out and ill tell you well just get siccors and poke a whole all the way thru then pust up in the whole

  77. Mister Flame says:

    how to remove them metal shields!! At the end of the vid
    Oh you can't. fuckin hell.

  78. Tom Salty cookies says:

    My berrings cant be removed ahhhhhhh. I just got this board and it has abec 9 presssed bearings. It squeaks like no other cause its all rusty. New bearings?

  79. Jerry Fung NYC says:

    great job!!

  80. Zinniye says:

    0:08 so water, dirt… and more water

  81. Jack Baker says:


  82. A44 Moviemakers says:


  83. audrenas mobilusis! says:

    fok you
    you litle b

  84. Dudeldani says:

    So my oust bearings are basically worthless now

  85. FrustratedBaboon says:

    Trying to mislead people again ? Anyone can open the obvious covers. You skipped over the main pressed cover. Ripoff.

  86. Blue_Yoshi says:

    Its possible to take out the seals ive done it many time

  87. ytubepuppy says:

    A note on cleaning bearings: NEVER put them in an ultrasonic cleaner.

  88. Dmitri Lebedev says:

    Very useful, thanks!

  89. Dmitri Lebedev says:

    By the way, you have ABEC 9 with a metal seal ring. I look them up in stores, and they just have pressed-in shield. What did happen to -9?

  90. Andika Angelious says:

    Nice, it's work, may i get this video to part of my video?

  91. doodoostickstain says:

    ok for the rubber ones, use the smallest flathead jeweler's screwdriver on the inside of the ring, it fits much neater, and won't tear or stretch the ring. dollar stores have a set for, well, a dollar…and supermarkets have them in the line as "eyeglass repair kits". I used to have to clean my bearings once a week from work, or they would start to fail. complete teardowns, balls and all.

  92. Wavy Vaporizers says:

    Do i remove both shields from each side or just 1 side only????

  93. Cubing Gamer says:

    I accidentally put my seal in backwards how do I fix it btw it's metal

  94. xNHx says:

    I just buy new bearings and skip this cleaning bullshit. It’s not like they are expensive

  95. Pablo Pazos says:

    For the pressed bearing shield, you can destroy one of the shields to maintain the bearing then install with the open side to the center of the wheel. To destroy it you can use a small screwdriver. You are welcome.

  96. Will28S says:

    I started to hear a rattling from my bearings. I found my fully metal cap had gotten damaged and broken off! This was from a brand new sector 9 complete with greaseball bearings. I'm so confused how this happened…

  97. Mark says:

    For everyone with removable shields: just pry them out with a knife (tutorials on that on youtube) and when you're done you can hammer the shields back in again. EZ PZ

  98. Maddy Muhat says:

    How to lubricate the type of bearing that the shield arent removable?

  99. Dough Nutts says:

    is halfway through removing the stamped in sheilds of my bearings

    me: damn this is hard there has to be a better way

    watches vid

    me: F U K K

  100. μ¦λ§λ§ˆμ‹œλ”° says:

    Fuuuuuuuuu I have the last one

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