Ted Nugent Kills Chicken on New Reality Show
Ted Nugent Kills Chicken on New Reality Show

david packard she asked at david packard
dot com welcome back to the show our program is mostly funded by individual
membership you can become a member go to david pacman dot com slash membership
we’ve got member benefits and sign up to support the show today you know i don’t understand why any t_v_
producer where tv channel would contract with ted nugent to do a reality check
show given that ted nugent said he would be better in jail by april that’s only
about a month one of the month away at this point louis right in any case he
does have a reality channel if you haven’t heard of the sportsman channel
you may not be aware this program it’s called wanted defied ted or alive and it’s a uh… the reality show where
it’s got a survivalist reality show with outdoorsy type stuff i’ve contestants
are dropped into a new jan’s ranch in the michigan wilderness and they have to
compete and physical challenges to kern money so let’s go through a couple clips
here this first one is ted nugent uh… beating a kick in dead by slamming it into the
ground it’s a very very weird piece of video and some of the contestants are or
if i take a look at this dinner talk forty eight now you have to get over because it’s
almost like being a mother and refused to change your trial papers
because it’s date actually ted nugent would know something about
that given the fact that he used his pants like a bathroom to avoid being
sent which is the uh… vietnam war but so you know he actually going to ask a
mother you could just talk to tell about it hearing this is a free range stricken
from the nugent entry entirely true this is seven creek genesis soviet foreign mixture we do right so you take this from right here and you do that alice in wonderland
founder of the reason and now we’re hello halifax back that we need is the right
so any perceived dismember it dot so then that that’s one part of the program
what else do we have uh… nugent makes on the allude comment about a female
contestant saying that she’s a humber let’s take a look at that was that
sounds compelling let’s ask let’s continue with these clips from the fed
nugent shackle however we’re only getting audio here but see if we can uh… kits and video here as well we’ve got
white white video not sure what that’s about before the lord of the what what’s going
on with their via lewis is very odd you tell me really sure okay so maybe we were not to be able to
have a i really wish we could go see if the
results so anyway the program is really incredible he continues and he says that
uh… that eating in killing their part of a spiritual orgy i don’t know exactly what that means
it’s frank is ted nugent to some people is like a uh… uh… almost a a right wing hero he is the epitome of the responsible gun
owner but i i said let’s go through the checklist right he has associate and i think this
respect for life he has the misogyny in object
objectification of women basically in his back pocket at any time to be used
at a moments notice he does the glorification of violence
he’s got delusions of grandeur he has a bizarre sexual fixation as he said that
beating in killing are part of his spiritual orgy and he also rationalize is his bizarre
behavior with christian another spiritual platitudes he’s really hitting
off all of the points out it’s a this is the use of the top of the list of
someone who is a fully well-rounded outrageous rightward it’s it’s fascinating how successful
he’s been if you think i don’t know why do you think he has been so successful
in time well i mean he where diameters music urs politics
notice as as it as a personality right well i mean i think it’s a
combination of meaning do we know of people political people
what’s a progressive people for ted nugent fans who say all and love his music i just don’t like
his politics business i mean do we know that i’d never met anyone ever heard
anyone say that there are some assuming he appeals to a select group of people
that like his music but also carpio essentially tea party you know out of control right wing people who you
know who have these fantastical ideas about
the government taking over intended that their persons that guns
everything i’ve never even heard anyone say they like his music with a suspect
topic for another day in any case i won’t be watching the show but
interesting to see him uh… just not gone conscious h it can kill it

100 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Kills Chicken on New Reality Show”

  1. Aturbo1000 says:

    It's a fucking chicken. Sometimes I think liberals just want to bitch about anything.

  2. BrotherAlpha says:

    Cut its head off. Death is much faster than a blow to the head.

  3. kathy160 says:

    didnt nugent say if obama wins he would be sent to jail or kill the president. nugent should be in jail for domestic terrorism , he sounds like a taliban to me.

  4. SlinkySim says:

    A reality show where he's being attacked by cats would be ok too.

  5. C.B. Lawless says:

    Then don't eat pork.

  6. C.B. Lawless says:

    Every one of your ancestors born before mass produced food most likely (unless they were filthy rich) had to kill and eat animals to survive. It is 100% natural for humans to get a thrill from hunting, because for the vast majority of our existence we had to hunt animals for sustenance.

    To me what is disturbing is people who eat cows, pigs, and chickens every day getting angry after seeing a chicken being killed. Every bit of animal meat you have eaten has been killed in the same way.

  7. C.B. Lawless says:

    Does it really matter how it died? It was going to die and the death was rather instant. Iv'e seen videos where people have thrown chickens into grinders there are worse ways to die than a fractured skull.

  8. elitemathlete says:

    haha cool icon.

  9. elitemathlete says:

    I wasn't commenting on hunting for food, I was commenting on Nugent's sadistic streak in enjoying killing animals, for food or otherwise. Doesn't he 'hunt' shackled endangered antelope species with AR-15s?

    He's a sick fuck.

  10. PhillipHunsberger says:

    I understand that your point is that we kill the animal anyway before we eat it. That's not my point though. My point is that people shouldn't be overly cruel to the animal before that time. I don't really see any good reason why you don't understand that point.

  11. aStrayforMyTime says:

    I know, well i think they want to make him look bad because he is for guns, MWP is kinda pulling a fox news, ego's can lie

  12. aStrayforMyTime says:

    i think he gets enough pussy

  13. devourerofbabies says:

    I want to see a reality show where he shits his pants.

  14. BrotherAlpha says:

    "Does it really matter how it died?"

    Yes. If you've ever seen an animal butchered improperly, you would know that.

    Rather instant is not instant. It is a painful way to die.

  15. Lobos222 says:

    So its survival horror?
    Your in the woods…, with Ted Nugent.

  16. John Stoner For Life says:

    i don't agree any his ideology, but that killing of Chicken is non news, its just fact of life that you can't eat animals if you don't kill those before, and that was fast as they come worth out any suffering to chicken, modern ppls are out of touch of orginal food source that they think that as inhumane…..

  17. Heartman2013 says:

    David Pakman is WAAAY more gorgeous and charismatic then Anderson Cooper.

  18. Palmetto King says:

    "Shackled endangered"?? Uh. No. If that's a claim, then prove it. If not, then you've just been set straight.

  19. Palmetto King says:

    Thing died instantly. Quite humane.

  20. 1900stratoliner says:

    Vietnam was another war the socialist or "Democrats" used to kill off Americans.

  21. 1900stratoliner says:

    Normally you just cut the chickens head off with a knife. It will shoot blood out it's neck and run around in a circle a little while. Ted just killed it without all the blood and running around for the sake of the girls I would imagine. All you nay Sayers are urbanite little dweebs that don't realize how your chicken nuggets are made. Idiot's.

  22. Gunnar says:

    I'd rather watch Uncle Ted's shows over yours..

  23. Therrydicule says:

    I "do" like some of Ted Nugent music… I think that he is one of the worst piece of shit on earth, and that his retarded statement in the media makes it difficult to listen to his music. That's the guy who could have won a lot by doing like Neil Young, Giddy Lee or Jeff Beck by shutting the fuck up about politics and just doing music until having something smart to say (e.g: Rockin in the free world).

  24. Therrydicule says:

    Yes, it's fact of life… Does it means we have to do it in non-hygienic condition like that?

  25. RottenRroses says:

    For that alone I'd like to see Big Bird kick his ass.

  26. Repair disk says:

    Yep thats Uncle Ted A chicken hawk who kills chickens. What a dirtbag.

  27. L.K. Britton says:


  28. bear cat says:

    ted would shoot their peckers off, from 100 paces, guaranteed, a quote from ted, this guitar is guaranteed to blow the balls of a charging rhino,,,,,,hay dip shit who kills the chickens for KFC, ya gotta kill it before you grill it….peta People for Eating Tasty Animals,,,,,,,rock on NUGENT

  29. TheBestWayOne says:

    He is a real class act isn't he? Don't you wish he has teaching your kids ? Daughter sons ect… Think about it.

  30. FPStennessee says:

    Yea well midweek politics u suck Ted Nugent is awesome

  31. Brian Hikes says:

    @bear cat

  32. uscivilflag says:

    Fuck all you anti American piece of shits go to Britain with Pierce Morgan. Read your constitution!

  33. Tom Winchester says:

    this is how food is processed….farmers have done this for years……i am sorry that city people don't know where and how their food comes.

  34. tobyjcanard says:

    Just to clearify what a patriot is to you: Patriot, a noun, a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government. That basically fits him exactly, so why don't you learn some definitions before you run your mouth on something your so clueless about. Oh and also, look up the word idiot, it would fit you perfectly

  35. c klein says:

    David, you really need to man up. You have never served in the military obviously. It's survival techniques. Keep on talking crap.. Love ya Ted.

  36. 320thoric says:

    Hah peta killed over 2/3rds of the dogs they supposidly saved in 2008 and also sponser animal liberation front a terrorist group' also thier second in command takes inselin which is based off animal byproducts so piss off

  37. Piringo LaHardee says:

    Your little lover there, Ted, has never served the military either so, fuck off.

  38. C.B. Lawless says:

    Okay. If you are against how cruelty the animal is treated then why do you still eat pork and promote the industry the brutalizes these pigs. Its hypocracy, you don't like what is happening to these pigs but you still eat pork. Its not impossible to be a vegan or a vegetarian, but you are not. So until you either own up to what you are doing to these animals (which is indirectly killing/torturing them) or go kosher, I don't want to hear about your fake sympathy for these fucking pigs.

  39. c klein says:

    No but I did. So bite your tongue. You can't even express yourself with oout the use of profain language. Well educated aren't you.

  40. bear cat says:

    Ted is the man, hay Invisi, you Ted and I should go hunting sometime, maybe we'll run into an old friend of ours Mr. Dick Cheney…what do ya say, shall we make a play date

  41. FloridaMike says:

    You wish you were as popular as Ted one day. You guys have a corny little spot on YouTube. The man is a legend and donates more money to charities than you will ever see in your life time. At least he stands up to his beliefs, the only reason I saw your little video is because Ted Nugents name was done as a search. Get a real job boys because you guys suck.

  42. jgbandbjb92709 says:

    Little bitch boy what do you think they do to the animals that you eat hug them to death..punk ass you will be the first to starve when SHTF.

  43. My Brothers Keeper says:

    I like his music and that method of killing a chicken is the most humane/painless way to do it. The chicken essentially has its neck broken instantly.

  44. Hambone Roberts says:

    u guys are fuckin retarted, its a fuckin chicken…ppl eat chicken!!! wtf?


  45. metalgate1979 says:

    It appears your desire to paint Uncle Ted in an unfavorable light has backfired. Maybe one day liberals will realize they are just the loud mouth minority. Don't be shocked no one agrees with you, it's the price you pay for being an anti American punk.

  46. slape237 says:

    Wow after watching that… I think ill have chicken for lunch.

  47. theairsoftkid123 says:

    bear grills kills them like that and no one does nothing, he can do what he likes

  48. depletable says:

    lol @ the "usmc" cool brag.

  49. DaveSquibbSr says:

    It's funny to watch all these bleeding hearts on here, I'd lay tend to one that everyone one of those chickens got ate, every time that you eat chicken your order and the death of a chicken, what a bunch of hypocrites!

  50. DaveSquibbSr says:

    You would think that they would realize that every time you eat chicken you ordered the death of a chicken LMAO!

  51. raredesign says:

    um, so he killed a chicken? what is wrong with that? I ate chicken today and yesterday…and probably tomorrow.

  52. WyoKid says:

    The David Peckerman Show. It's gayer than AIDS.

  53. DemonNoles7 says:

    What the big deal ??????

  54. sinkingships offools says:

    Oh you mean the people who produce engineering, medicine, and the economy you fucking lazy, uneducated, undisciplined, throw back faggot hicks depend on?
    Yeah that would be us.

  55. sinkingships offools says:

    difference is why should this fuckwad get his jollies killing it?
    Also you stick up for a for a draft dodger and put up usmc????
    contradiction much? rofl.

  56. sinkingships offools says:

    Not enough balls to shoot the VC?
    Go shoot a chicken .

  57. sinkingships offools says:

    When I saw it was so scared.

  58. raredesign says:

    I am not for the abuse of animals by any means, I am sure I have done much more for the preservation and health of animals than you since I was actively involved hands on for many years. Nevertheless, it was for show, and so maybe there is some room for criticism. I am not going to defend someone else's actions in detail, other than the fact that there is nothing wrong with killing a chicken for food, or other necessary means.

  59. raredesign says:

    The best way to kill a chicken is to first relax it has he had initially done, with it facing away from you, and then slit the jugular with a very sharp knife. The bird won't feel it or flinch, but will simply sit or walk around while it bleeds out. This technique limits the amount of adrenalin or lactic acid in the meat, allowing it to be tender and free of extra hormone.

  60. raredesign says:

    On a side note, I think you should perhaps get your anger problem checked out. It sounds like you need a good friend.

  61. sinkingships offools says:

    call me angry???? I'll stick a rusted pick axe in your head.

  62. MrAndrewstorm1 says:

    you know the song I want my mtv…….tyson is bad,cournel sanders (kfc) dont forget purdue,all mean man,bad……go suck yer thumn and cry blanket boy….waaaaaa

  63. MrAndrewstorm1 says:

    ted is a marshall and nra front man,you losers dare talk down ted you arent anybody

  64. MrAndrewstorm1 says:


  65. Agedperfection says:

    Get over it, it is a chicken dumb ass. You eat them and they are not alive when you do it. What a big bunch of pussy haters. Go Ted I'd vote for you for President because right now we got the biggest pile of shit for President.

  66. ronr570 says:

    What a bunch of tools on this show.

  67. AggravateYou says:

    Mr. Rogers has more personality than David Pakman.

  68. Grandpa the Grey says:

    If you're born and live on planet earth, the only possible way to survive is by killing your food. Even vegetarians. A carrot is a living thing… until it's pulled from the ground and consumed. An apple is a living thing …. until it's plucked from the tree and consumed. Every time you drink a glass of water, microscopic "living" organisms die when they are plunged into the acidity of your stomach. In order to stay alive, something has to die. PERIOD ! END OF STORY ! THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE !

  69. David says:

    Most people think chicken is something that comes in a bag handed to you by a person through the window at a Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food drive through. Any living thing that you eat had to be killed at one point in time. Ted Nugent did it quick and I guarantee you that chicken felt no pain. Thanks for the lesson Mr. Nugent!!

  70. Personmebe says:

    Leftist extremist yuppie rambling on, condemning my way of life and one of the best representatives of my way of life. Don't watch this crap. The guy doesn't even know where chicken comes from. We have to stop killing and packaging animals for them so they either die off or finally grow a pair of balls and do what has to be done in the real world. By "them", I mean guys like this guy.

  71. Paul Giles says:

    Men died for your freedom to put such BS on youtube. They also stood and covered their heart with their right hand for a piece of cloth that people trample, burn, & disrespect!

  72. kittypoopi says:

    Back up a few years and they didn't have KFC or wal mart take it all away and that's how it's done he is doing it to eat not feel good about his self come on people

  73. SuperMaoman says:

    I hate ted nugent and right wing retards, but why don't you cunts question your country killing innocent civilians on a daily basis with pussy drone strikes, or your constant invasion of countries ? You fat fucks have pissed off so many people that even us in Europe hate you, well at least you have allies like head chopping saudi arabia and zioinist israel. three horrible governments that deserve each other !!!!!

  74. Mr. Lane says:

    I feel sorry for you David Pakman.

  75. JustinTexan says:

    Where does "your" meat come from David Pakman..? The agenda here is clear. Spoiled brats with a camera smearing conservative-minded folks such as The Tea Party members. Haters gonna hate, and it will consume them from the inside out…

  76. Dale Bergeron says:

    Poor rocker lost his mind. Wasn't the first that fame didn't take the light from his eyes.

  77. cameron barnes says:

    Where does your meat come from

  78. ManCave .Productions says:

    Who is is this little neutered liberal pimple face punk? He never crapped his pants asswipe. Get your facts straight. He got a deferment as he was in college. Grow some balls punk.

  79. Mike Carannante says:

    It's food ding dong !!!
    It is a prey item just as much as it is for every other predator !!!

  80. Evan Taylor says:

    fuck david pakman he needs to grow some balls and stop being a little bitch 

  81. keith kasperek says:

    F#ckin jerk offs,,i can tell by your views and 70 out of 100 disliked your videos that noone actually gives a shit what you 2 meat pounders think.

  82. DB Cooper says:

    Oh my he just killed a chicken…then ate it. What a psychopath. Everyone knows that the only civilized way to get a Mcnugget is to pay someone else to kill it, slaughter it, and cook it. You two wankers are so morally superior to him…

  83. Missikech Kechqua says:

    Aside from baiting starving deer on his pansy ass private game preserve and drugged imported game animals released from cages and shot chickens are all that stooge can hit with a bow. I'd wager he couldn't use an old Bear Grizzly recurve in a real hunt. As a long time hunter I look upon ilk such as Stoogent with disgust.

  84. John Lahey says:

    Yeah so different from the other billion or so chicken deaths EVERY year. You guys need to get a grip on reality. Needs to drink and do drugs to be "normal". Really? Maybe if you got out of the city once in a while you would see how the cycle of life actually works. 

  85. pete loomis says:

    Dave you are a MORON ! Ted had a deferment so he didn't have to go into the military and is a legal way of getting out of it ! Also He didn't Dodge the draft ! The military's view if a draft Dodger is one  who doesn't register with the draft witch Ted did do & one who runs to another country to avoid the draft like Canada witch he didn't do get your facts straight and your MR president Bill Clinton did the very same thing! A lot of famous people have done it ! Also the way he killed that chicken was a lot quicker and less pain full than they do at the slaughter houses where they slice the throats of the chickens and let them bleed to death slowly so get off it man ! How would you rather go being alive and getting knocked unconscious and not feeling the pain for but a split second or getting your throat cut while alive feeling the pain and slowly dying and choking on your own blood as the heart pumps it all out ! I will take the way Ted does it quick and easy and over with very little pain !  

  86. T-ROY B says:

    I have a question for all you sel rightious lib-tards. How many of you out there ate turkey and ham last Thanksgiving and Christmas ? Hmmm ? C'mon, show of hands…

  87. random stuff says:

    these guys should just shut there mouths cause they have not one good idea or even a clue as to what they saying

  88. Gary Anderson says:

    The record shows that Nugent did indeed get a 4-F AFTER he had a student defermet and that he failed a physical. So shut the fuck up you ignorant RW sack of shit.

  89. Ron Hutchinson says:

    Liberal fuck

  90. Ron Hutchinson says:

    I guess you don't eat meat. It doesn't just appear on the market shelf.

  91. picknngrinnin says:

    It's generally a lot less humane to just start eating the chicken before killing it, but if that is what you commie fuckers think you should do, well, have at it.

  92. miisu says:

    Oh deer, he just killed a chicken…

  93. 25411959 says:

    Ted Nugent is SCUM.

  94. Erik C says:

    This is some high level cringe shit lol

  95. Patrick Koonts says:

    Libtarded douchebag.You should go live in the backwoods,not to prepare you for surviving in the wilderness,but to show your peers how ignorant and weak you are.You wouldn't survive a night out in the woods.That is a show I'd watch.lol!

  96. johnny salami says:

    Yawn. What boring show you have.

  97. TIM JORDAN says:

    Hey moron! IF you grandmother is still alive, go ask her how she prepares Thanksgiving Dinner! She is likely to say you have to ring the turkey's neck and then let it flop around until you take it inside and boil and pluck it clean to dismember it to cook it. Don't be such a liberal schmuck. And his music is great!

  98. Macus Aurelius says:

    What a couple of fucking dweebs.

  99. IM4NRA says:

    Snowflake faggot! Food idiot! We eat animals and you swallow cum! I've got a fresh batch for your Bitch ass!

  100. studdly manly says:

    What a bunch of pussies. David Pakman show. Your nothing but a whiney snowflake. Go eat a veggie burger in your mommy's basement.

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