The Basics of Playing Dominoes : What the Spinner is for Dominoes
The Basics of Playing Dominoes : What the Spinner is for Dominoes

Hi! I’m Nathan Holsey, author of the book
The Dominologist. On behalf of, in this clip we’ll be talking about the
spinner. If you’d like to know more about double 6 dominos, please refer to my website In the beginning of the game, you usually lay the double 6 first.
Once this double is laid down, it becomes the spinner, that means all the dominos can
be played on each side. First, you have to close up the sides of the domino and then
you can play on the open ends only on that particular double. There may be more doubles
on the skeleton but you can only play on the very first double that was made. So in this
case, the spinner is the double 6 and it is fully covered with dominos, leaving a 3, a
1, a 5 and a 2 open, which has been played on the spinner. After the first round, any
domino can start a new round. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the doubled but the
very first double laid to the board now becomes the spinner. So the double 6 does not have
to be laid first in order to start the game.

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