The BurgerFuel 2019 Stupid Robot Fighting League Part 01 as seen on ESPN
The BurgerFuel 2019 Stupid Robot Fighting League Part 01 as seen on ESPN

Hi and welcome to theBurgerFuel 2019
Stupid Robot Fighting League a crazy new sport invented right here in Te Puke
New Zealand I’m John Espin and I’ll be your host as
we witness the carnage that ensued from the BurgerFuel 2019 Stupid Robot
Fighting League. a Stupid Robot is essentially a life-sized humanoid shape
puppet made out of garbage. Its joints and limbs are held together with wire
loops and the whole thing is controlled with poles attached to its hands in its
feet. 2019 Stupid Robot Fighting League features eight different robots designed
by eight different people from 8 different countries. So it’s an
international competition. The competition will be set out in a four
heat two semi-final and one final format. The rules of Stupid Robot Fighting
League are very simple. The fight is one round of two minutes the aim is to
separate the Stupid Robot’s head from its body. This is a knockout and an instant
win. If the fight goes for the full two minutes then after the fight the referee
performs what we call a limb count. The Stupid Robot with a most limbs left at
the end of the fight is the winner. Let’s join with our commentators John
Hartley and Geoff Peterfy as they call the first battle. Thanks John we’re
excited to be here for the 2019 Stupid Robot Fighting League in the first heat
is coming up but first let’s take a look at Mark and Murray. Murray is designed by
Adriano Justicia and is from Spain. Weighs in at 4 kilograms with a head at
made of plastic tricycle handlebars and a body made of a hodgepodge of things
most notably that right pointer finger that you’ll see throughout this first
heat most likely. In the right corner we have David piloting Mish Mash fighting out of the United States. Built by the Stupid Robots and fans. Weighing in at 8 kilograms. A head you’ll find is a toaster oven very predominant
giant head in the body is made from the cowling from a pool cleaning robot which
you’ll see a motif with a pool cleaning robot throughout the entire robot. Mish
Mash also the heaviest stupid robot on record at that whopping 8 kilograms.
Let’s get on with heat 1 and the taunts. Mark: “Greay beards rule!” David: Gonna knock you off that chair!” Here we go
folks and off to a blazing start. Already got pieces falling on the floor! Oh it’s amazing and you look
at Mish Mash on the right side and that toaster head looks angry it’s getting
after Murray on the left. A lot of foot action. Murray’s got that pointer
finger though really attacking the head of Mish Mash over there it’s really an
exciting battle to start. We got feet flying straight up in the air though by
Murray you really got to get the feet into it. It looks like those cans on the
arms of Murray are just clanking around then we got that poke to the face. Still
there’s really no hard punches coming from Murray on the left side here so
it’s it’s amazing to see that… You know I think a toaster ovens gonna win a battle
between a rubber pointer finger and a toaster. Amazing how that works.
Oh look! Left arm is gone here Mish Mash is getting in there just punching it right off.
You have to give credit there. You see the graphic in the bottom of your screen
the left arm has fallen off of the robot. Mark down to one arm and it’s
just that right arm only use one hand though you normally see folks… so there it
is… there’s that second hand get on the action. You got to get in there Mark
you got to get in there a little extra little extra strength there for your
pointer finger. Now we get the power of the pointer so exciting. And Mish Mash
seems to be having a good time. All those toasters and all those vacuum cleaner
parts just… Again boys we got to get our feet into this this is a full-body
action. Full-body sport. Murray just staying.. Oh no! The right arm gone now. Punched off. And there we go we’re down to a limbless Murray. Now you’re
gonna get to action… You need to get the feet into it. You can control those he’s
flailing them around. Murray mark let’s go ! We got to get those feet down more of a
poke not a swot. It looks like David and Mish Mash really use it… There it is
that’s it that’s two minutes. I was gonna comment John
Espin has ended the fight for that two minutes is up and it looks like we’re gonna
have our winner as Mish Mash and David out of the USA John: So Mark no arms left on on Murray, how was that? Mark: “beat me hand s down.” John: “Yeah I supposed he
beat your hand steady that’s not a bad pun there. Very good. Okay thank you okay
so do you think the beard helped at all?” Mark:”I think it’s not so much the beard as the color it seems to do the thing apparently the lighter the lighter the beard the better it goes. So I’ve got a few more years to get there I think this
gentleman here is doing well but in the meantime yeah I got a bit too further to
go too much ginger not of gray. Stupid Robot Fighting League heat number two is
up next but first let’s meet the competitors. On the left we’ll have Aaron
with Rising Sun Honda-San out of Japan this was designed by Taka Ino. You’ll
notice the head is a fan base and the body going back to the vacuum cleaner
here. For Rising Sun Honda-Son the head really carries a lot of personality due
to the fact that the stem of the fan base was cut off with a handsaw giving
the robot an expressive mouth. So look for that here in heat
number two. Jeff who do we have on the right side. The right side piloted by
Nathan is the Great Dane fighting out of Denmark designed by Carina who was just
happening to visit New Zealand when she was roped into designing a robot to
represent her own country of Denmark. A head made by a metal mesh basket in
the body a muffin tray. Now you will see some more pool parts for robot parts.
Pool pump hose and a pool clamp make up the right arm. You really getting a
mishmash of things if I may use a name from one of our former competitors. So we
met the robots let’s get to the taunts. Aaron: “Time to take out the trash! Nathan: “Rising Sun Honda-San” Heat two underway. Aaron on the left with
Rising Sun Honda-San and Nathan with The Great Dane on the right out of Denmark. Really see the Danes there with the antlers on the metal trash basket for a
head. Yeah the face hmm Rising Sun Honda-San
one of the most expressive and you can see it is it turn if it turns right
there it is there and you can see those angry eyebrows. Stoppage maybe a slippage.
Yep we had a slippage of the hand from Aaron and not able to hold on to that piece
wood that’s operating that left arm. No foul, no penalty will just give right
right back into it. Rising Sun Honda-San coming in with that right left right
left combo and trying to attack that mesh basket for a head and you can see
some parts of the antlers flying off there. That tin muffin tin. All it
does is just makes me hungry John. The muffin tin just looking at it The
Great Dane yes getting work done then a punch to the face right there. There is some
aggressive right jabs to the face the The Great Dane.
Pool cleaner parts just disappearing right there. Flying right off.
And that’s what we love here about Stupid Robot Fighting League it’s just the
explosion of parts. Rising Sun Honda-San trying to get something done here really
attacking the head with that right arm but nothing doing so far and another
kind of war of attrition her. It’s a quadruple jab by The Great Dane just all
four limbs lashing out at the same time. The super kick punch combo and there you
see that left leg again out of Rising Sun Honda-San. The Great Dane
getting in there as well… We’ve lost an arm… Oh wait let’s take another look at it. Yep that does look like a slip from Aaron came out of his hand again and so that happens sometimes when you’re being so aggressive. Just a slippage not a limb
loss so he still gets to reuse that arm. Correct we’re all tied up four limbs
still intact including the heads.Crowd’s getting into it here. If we do end up
going to full two minutes John Espin will stop the match and we’ll head to sudden
death. Oh there’s another slip from Aaron and… He regains regains his composure
here he’s fighting on. Yep no stop there another antler piece
going away and we’ll see if the Great Dane can hold on really get a lot of
head shots in there. A big kick out of Aaron. We’re coming to the end there it
is. I knew we were getting close. That’s Two minutes and so we will head to a
sudden-death. All right in sudden death as soon as the
limb is gone that robot loses automatically and we’ll
see what happens here. The Great Dane on the right attacking those legs and you
see Rising Sun Honda-San… Is that it? looks likeit’s gonna be it. The arm of Rising Sun Honda-San coming off there in the
rain so congrats to Denmark Nathan and The Great Dane
we have our winner and heat two. Great Dane really winning in a war of stamina
in overtime sudden death. John: “Aaron that was quite a spectacular exchange of blows
there what she thoughts on the whole Jazz?” Aaron: “Oh mate it was a love being… not myself but I love my robot being in the Recktagon. Nathan brought it to us and na he got away with the
good win

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