The Club Steering Wheel Lock Review –
The Club Steering Wheel Lock Review –

5 thoughts on “The Club Steering Wheel Lock Review –”

  1. Natalie Cordova says:

    Okay! That makes more sense and I understand now. I know it's impossible to have a vehicle completely theft proof but it helps knowing the many ways to make it more difficult. Thank you for taking the time to reply back. I greatly appreciate it. =)

  2. Denise Wilkinson says:

    Can this be used on a boat?

  3. 68pointbreak says:

    2018. I still have my club

  4. Corey Lambrecht says:

    Shouldn’t the longer part be pointed to the upper left to better limit movement ?

  5. Ant Lefty says:

    You realize how easy it is to pick a wafer lock?

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