The Day I Almost Died | My Hand Ripped Off
The Day I Almost Died | My Hand Ripped Off

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  1. Kristie Sita says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much to every single person showing SO much love, support, and encouragement on this video. You guys have inspired me beyond belief and I cant wait to continue to share my life and faith with you all every step of the way. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! If I could respond to every one of you I would! Please reach out to me on instagram if you would like any direct responses, I'll do my best to answer ya'll <3

    ALSO, There are so many comments below regarding why they couldn't re-attach my hand and please know this video is coming NEXT! Turn on your post notifications to be the first to know!

  2. 심한이 멍청이 says:

    2:54 she said 9 40 thru 3 50 even tho the minutes are reversed

  3. JD vlog says:

    you are a very strong and wise lady👊🏼❤️

  4. Odezu 666 says:

    Is the hand still In the lake?

  5. Nex_Flex says:

    Your outlook on life is something else, especially how you acted at 16 most people I know would not be reacting the same being 16. Really inspired me to recognize the thing I'm capable of with what I have, really just got over the "yeah I can't do that" felling I been having and to motivate myself to continue working out, anyway's god speed.

  6. HK - 06PS - Thomas Street MS (1654) says:

    Kristie it's 9:50 am to 3:40 pm not 9:40 am to 3:50 pm! It's fine whatever

  7. Nickie Ann says:

    it woulda been cool if they let you keep your hand

  8. One-armed Bandit says:

    Wow what an amazing story I mean I just saw two of your videos and thats just crazy like to see you just come back from that and such a beautiful why this is so inspiring girl that's amazing

  9. That_Goth_bitch says:

    Omg, I feel like such a spoiled little brat. Just a few hours ago I was complaining and bitching like a child over not being able to get a medication filled as fast as I wanted it filled and yet, you're sitting her having lost a limb and not only loving life and being thankful for each breath after the fact but also during the whole accident! You're such an amazing person. God bless you. You've definitely changed my out look on life… I've by no means had things easy but I've been blessed enough to have my health. I am a recovering addict. Been clean since 6 /10 /17🙂. During my time in active addiction my life was very similar to someone in the sex trade. my ex-husband who I was stuck with for 7 years found me when I was only 17 years old and subjected me to brutal physical and sexual and mental abuse constantly. I allowed him to nearly destroy my life and almost my Spirit. Monday I got on my knees and pray to the Lord to save me to help me get away from him but more importantly to help save my only child who was caught in the middle of all this chaos and was constantly went to see the severe abuse that he inflicted upon me. I still can see her screaming in horror while I laid in the floor bloody and shaking. The next day children's services had interceded and taken her and luckily she was placed somewhere safe. I got pregnant again and was then able to find a treatment program. As my faith grew my circumstances slowly began to change for the better. my ex-husband went to prison for one of the many times he had to talk to me and I was able to continue through my journey and recovery have my second child with no complications and find my high school sweetheart. we reconnected and I divorced my ex-husband and am now raising both of my girls with my high-school sweetheart and we are now married.🙂❤️. Don't my journey has been fairly tramatic and every now and then leaves me with pretty severe nightmares I still and thankful for the things that I do have and that I was able to change my life. however there are many times when I find myself being ungrateful and seed this video really opened my eyes to just how ungrateful I've been lately. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are an amazing person 🙂

  10. Play-Ťogether Gaming says:

    Such a little cutie!! We need more people like you in this crazy world! Keep that amazing attitude! I just was flicking through youtube and found you.. probably won't continue watching you but I really hope you keep on doing what makes you happy and being a amazing role model

  11. Poke 007 says:

    My heart sank. Just the thought of pulling up a rope and seeing a hand omg help.

  12. Patience Eghosa says:

    Your an inspiration and your beautiful 😍

  13. Patience Eghosa says:


  14. Lexi Senpai says:

    As an artist I attend art school, my life revolves around art, it’s my worst nightmare to loose my dominant hand because I would also loose all the muscle memory I built over the years, I honestly don’t think I would beable to live without being able to do my passion

  15. Cyrinity Cavazos says:

    I’m wondering if you still have your hand..
    sorry lol
    stay strong though ❤️ your so pretty🤩

  16. weird person says:

    10:31 They blthhhh😂 your so strong

  17. Jerry Presock says:


  18. Jerry Presock says:

    You are really beautiful

  19. dan voyer says:

    i honestly dont know why your vid showed up in the "up next" column while looking for garlic bread recipe but im kinda glad i clicked on it keep it up girl
    edit: sry i just have to 7:58 well that proves you can have a firm grip on your life and would never let go of your dream … lol
    edit2: well thx for the little heart gonna sub just for that … and also … dont you think its kinda ironic that the one we trust to "play" with our hard earned money is called a "broker" ?

  20. stella otoo says:

    I'm new here and what made me cry was not your courage, nor your optimism but your belief in God through it all. God bless you

  21. lila7074 says:


  22. Philip Hughes says:

    I just wanna be your friend x

  23. Gaming Squirrels says:

    Y do u say ‘ambleance’

  24. LayLyra Valrian says:

    Source bless you, love your strength and faith 👽💜🙏

  25. Philip Hughes says:

    I fell of a cliff when I was a child it was an accident on a school holiday I fell 60 feet have had a 🤕 spent a long time ⌚ in 🏥

  26. Kaylee Gum says:

    8:13 the ANBLEENCE

  27. Just_alan .m says:

    Anyone else look up "I almost died" and see what up

    No disrespect tho

  28. Elijah Carr says:

    Wow ur so inspiring! New sub!

  29. Wandering Hippie says:

    @kristiesita thank you for being so brave and sharing your experience with the world. Your love of God and His love and purpose for you are so inspiring!!! You are only just beginning my dear.

  30. Philip Hughes says:

    I love theatre n dance I love Ballet elegant n gravefull x

  31. Sara Kitten says:

    This is like… My worst fear, ever I hope it's not very easy for this to happen and it has to a giant weight and fast movement. It scares me so much, especially knowing a bigger set guy could possibly rip off my arm or hand. AHH. cries

  32. karina andrews says:

    Okay I know like she lost her hand and that but…. amblience?

  33. Lydia says:

    It’s actually so encouraging to stumble upon random youtubers that pop up on my recommended that are Christians. Idk why it just makes me happy

  34. Philip Hughes says:

    Morning I have never let my disability stop 🛑 me I have such a 🌕 full life n as you get to know me But singing is my thing I'm Blacksheep n I have a few tracks out there But they are Written on true life experiences You have a lovely day N value Every day X

  35. JasmineDrawsArt says:

    Wow ur so strong I can't believe how much shock you've would of been, you taught me not to judge someone and be a better person, I wish u the best of luck on your YouTube channel and in life as it self xxx

  36. Philip Hughes says:

    I wonder where you are what you think about when you're not here when we may need you the most do you still feel our love x

  37. Natasha Bobich says:

    Omg I’m so srry that happened on my birthday

  38. Lauren Morehouse says:

    My friends dont understand sometimes why I am so "Christian" but you explain it all.

  39. Jet says:

    1,400 people disliked this…. that's scary…

  40. Philip Hughes says:

    Have a lovely day x

  41. Philip Hughes says:

  42. Philip Hughes says:

    And you are a normal strong 💪 person I sometimes don't notice your Amputation when I talk with you Dance Ballet is beautiful Mathew Bourne n his Modern ballet is good but then the Bolshoi Ballet are traditional n very good I've seen Carlos Acosta he was good but just 1 man I have seen disabled theatre But I'd love to see you perform at the theatre N the person you are is Majical x

  43. Philip Hughes says:

    N people say to fall in love Here is bad 🦋 but what happens when you do? The best singer I've seen live it should take me a while to decide but no I think its Billy Ocean His singing and stage presance N how he walks among n greets his Fans Breathtaking X Just like you x

  44. Philip Hughes says:

    I am leaving you which is a shame because you enlighten every but I give my love of life n theatre n you n then people come on n offended me saying this n that n what I can n can't do when it's your choice you will have a great life without me as I never came to b offended Goodbye x

  45. Smoke One says:

    Lend me some of your courage

  46. Daniella Prince says:

    You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  47. Daniella Prince says:

    You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  48. Daniella Prince says:

    You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  49. Jolien Franck says:

    I dont wanna be rude but what happend to the ripped of hand?

  50. Philip Hughes says:

    Have a beautiful day x

  51. Floof Cupcake Cute12 says:

    Can i put a turkey in your missing hand?

  52. Rachel Elizabeth says:

    Ambleance. That’s adorable

  53. Kathy Fettig says:

    You are an awesome, strong person! God bless!

  54. Lps Whisper says:

    If I lost my hand or anything I wouldn't be sad or depressed because I now people deal with way worse things and problems

  55. Philip Hughes says:

    Good morning I have 🏉 rugby today Keep Fit is a major part of me Martial Art Karate I did for about 14 years this taught me so much I still train everyday But my 🎶 singing is my thing as 🖤 Blacksheep 🖤 when I perform or Record the people here play a major part of me I never came looking for But when I met you that all changed Love you being an amputee or love more the person ii met n never see their disability I mean I had a very close call n almost died n everyday is a learning Curve n you know if we ever met on live or in person you won't see my disability Normal What is Normal?

  56. Philip Hughes says:

    Do you 🎨 paint?

  57. Orlando Carrera says:

    Dumb people who want attention:I got both of my hands amputated😭😭

    Everyone:dumb ass how he typing

  58. Philip Hughes says:

    I don't 🎨 paint but I do collect some art n of of course I sing n write all my own music n songs in fact I wrote a song for Felina 🐯 on here which is on Air because I found myself with her x

  59. SpartanUruk says:

    This is amazing! You have such postivity its incredible! I've never seen someone go through something so bad and still see the best outcome and have the best mindset! I just found your channel and I'm so glad I did because you are already an inspiration for me! You are an amazing beautiful person seriously! All the best with you Kristie!

  60. Dolphy Dolphin says:

    June 30 is my birthday 😮

  61. Em's World says:

    How did the rope rip your hand off? I'm confused about that.

  62. 《PattiRose》 says:

    wow you’re pretty 😍

  63. Philip Hughes says:

    And now I've found you 🧒 x

  64. Philip Hughes says:

    Let me sing u a song write 📝 you a song be part of me x as you are part of we x

  65. Johnny C. says:

    I like how you say 'ambulance' 😀

  66. JACK? COME BACK! says:

    i was sooo close to losing my index finger on my left hand bc I had cut it with a cuticle cutter and i was crying bc i had to get stitches or amputate. you lost your ENTIRE HAND. you are so strong.

  67. Freya dunn says:

    In the beginning of your 'slideshow' you had no hand on your right arm but your actually missing your left so?…

  68. Eva Kranefuss says:

    If you look up badass in the dictionary it's just her photo in the helicopter.

  69. Haylie Marie Donnelly says:

    My best friend lost her arm when she was in high school during a car accident. I didnt meet her until college but she was one of the most wonderful and life changing people I've ever met. She died almost 7 years ago, also in a car accident.

    The way she described her accident was very similar to yours. The car landed on her arm and ripped it off, but she didnt really feel anything during the chaos.

    I just found your videos and your energy and happiness grips my heart and reminds me of so much of her. ♥️

  70. Lynn Parker says:

    You are a gift to the world. I am so glad you are here and inspiring millions.

  71. maneesha maharjan says:

    I am an amputee with four of my digits of right hand amputated. I was feeling lonely and wandering if there will be anyone who would understand my feelings ever. Just then I found your video . I went through exact same feelings, emotions and experience. I am so motivated by your faith and positive attitude. Thank you so much for being there and inspiring many like me. Keep doing what you do. <3

  72. The One And Only Kaylee says:

    My wrist tingle

  73. Jenna Heddleson says:

    Me: gets paper cut
    also me: cries
    kristie: gets hand ripped off
    also kristie: smiles

  74. Elizabeth says:

    I know just how you feel about that surreal state. When my dad was hit by a van, he didn’t even realize that he could see his bones. Me being my 12 year old self was screaming my head off totally not helping at all. But thanks to the great doctors he had, they reconstructed his entire arm with metal pipes for new bones and a few skin graphs. He’s back to being my dad.

  75. ‘ Silhouette ‘ says:

    hand gets ripped off

    Hey.. my shoulder feels funny..

  76. name name says:

    Where is your hand now?

    Like no duh it’s not on you but where is it?

  77. zeitmeister says:

    Superhottie. Pretty much an alpha human. Should do a podcast with Joe Rogan!

  78. 1203927 says:

    Do you keep your hand, or was it not recovered?

  79. Lala says:

    WOW WHAT A STORY! thanks for sharing

  80. Swaggy Ahjussi says:

    She reminds me of Tom Holland for some reason

  81. Kevin Hill says:

    10-4 you're an amazing person

  82. Lucy says:

    bruh i got my wisdom teeth out and lost my mind because i couldn’t eat a salad the next day

  83. Sydney Maddox says:

    now after watching that i wonder what would happen if you broke your arm

  84. japared oakfield says:

    Respect to her for not shaving her arms

  85. malik st charles says:

    I come from a half Arab background and none of my Arab related girls have as much arm hair you do

  86. Liana H says:

    I'm still impressed that you went to the gym that often at 16 where can I get that motivation

  87. Bethany Bouley says:

    You are AMAZING. I have never met another person aside from me that would NOT go back in time and change a single thing. I find each struggle a blessing, and Gods timing is PERFECT. There is a reason for everything. If you can take something positive away from every negative thing that happens you just cant lose💪

  88. Teenu Kainth says:

    You are very very very brave mam be happy god give you long life 🙏 will you be my friend😢?

  89. Amy Valdez says:

    Aug. 17. 2019

  90. jenna jones says:

    You are amazing

  91. 88Nikoli says:

    Lucky the Ambliance got to you quickly !

  92. enter a name here says:

    Wonder what happened to her hand.

  93. kelb says:

    Yo wtf is that arm hair

  94. Stephanie Lake says:

    I watched your video on Chris Hemsworth, and then to this one. You're such a positive strong person. I really admire that. I love your spirit, thanks for sharing!! Sending much love from Toronto!!💕💕💕

  95. Veronica says:

    Amen to live in the present

  96. Macaroni says:


  97. Kayla Joyce says:

    Her: dying
    Her hand: OH HECK NO IM HOLDIN ON 👊🏻✊🏻

  98. Harmony Love says:

    My life changed forever 2014 too. March. Back injury… if I could go back I would.

  99. Felicia Cary says:

    Awesome, the same day on my birthday June 25, ((not awesome about your hand but I'm happy that you're trying and not giving up on you life because you lost a hand))

  100. Apathy Sucks says:

    Powerful message!!!!!

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