The E/O: Mike Osterman (Freestyle Skateboarding)
The E/O: Mike Osterman (Freestyle Skateboarding)

I’m a freestyle skateboarder from the
middle of Illinois and just like to dance on my skateboard. I don’t I try to
take myself too super seriously, I really like just pursuing my skating trying to
get better and better at what I do and make it look as fun as it is me freestyle skateboarding is kind of like
dancing on your skateboard. A lot of people compare a freestyle contest
to a figure skating routine where you have nothing but open flat grounds and
you can do whatever you want with it freestyle is equal parts athleticism
kind of problem-solving and also the creative side of it which is doing
tricks that no one’s done before and in ways that no one’s done before. Those
three aspects sort of make it both really creative and really technically
different. I found skateboarding through like video games pretty much my friends
and I sit in their basements just playing the Tony Hawk games and one day
we decided we would pick up boards and try it ourselves –
totally fell in love with the sport I think meeting people through
skateboarding and learning the sport itself was really motivating, but then
also finding the freestyle community sort of opened my eyes to how much more
there was outside of Plainfield I don’t know – he’s an incredible
skateboarder and has been since we were younger. By the time I met Mike he was already slaying it on a skateboard. And when I got
into my junior year of college I kind of thought well I can either
continue school or try to prolong the skateboarding thing for a while. It’s
been a lot of time spent figuring out how to take my passion and make it into
a career. There’s a lot of social pressure to like get a real job and
study medicine and do my thing and then to turn around and say I just want to
skateboard there’s definitely some pushback from my family. On the other
hand I had just won the world championship in freestyle, I had some
things going for me and I had some sort of support saying that you know maybe
there is a career in this maybe I’m good enough to make a living doing what I do.
I just want to see freestyle grow, we’ve been through like the dark ages of the
sport, we’ve seen no one participating in it making boards ourselves and like
shaving down street boards to make them freestyle shapes. Nowadays we have so
much more and we have such an easier time communicating and getting
in touch with other freestylers around the world it’s just a matter of sharing
it and getting more people involved and that’s what Waltz is really about my
company you should follow what you’re passionate about. We’re all gonna go
through rocky times and kind of some turbulent moments, but if you’re
following something that you’re really passionate about makes it a lot easier
to get through those low points. A lot of people are scared of failure, I still am
but remembering that that’s part of the learning process. I love freestyle because it’s so many things but the end of the day it’s just going out
and dorking around on a skateboard and I love that

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