Well, hello welcome to the Braille skateboarding show what if we had like an actual show we started? Everything out like that and I was like in a chair reading a book count five boxes Gabe tells me I need to be extra excited What it’s in here, Gabe? Plus Amazon Prime back to school Braille skateboarding? Oh? Yeah, fgrdfsD Ow No wonder my hand hurts so bad, look what I just did. Bent the case on the ba-ba-bearings These are nail precision titanium black ceramic eight-piece brand new bearings There’s a lot of them too when it’s hot like this sometimes. You’re just gonna Help yourself. That didn’t hurt, it’s refreshing. I just got to see what this looks like inside. This is the Neal blackout. How sick! These are so SICK! Even Gabe jumped a little bit on that. Neal blackout. Well. I’m really stoked on those I’m gonna put them on and I’m gonna manual everything box number, DOS I’ve been watching a lot of Bruce Lee films Well these are standard issue Neal bearings these are Neill bearings so far. We got a lot We got a lot of Neil Banks shout out Neal bearings I’m sorry to have to make you go through this Gabe and the rest of the Braille army but I’m dying to see what these look like whoo The insides are red the outsides are blue Sick Amil bearings five panel hat I Don’t know why I thought that was funny But I did this is an eel bearings hat and it’s a five panel Which is the kind of hats that I like the most this is authentic the classics you poems since? 1974 so I love hats, but the thing that happens is I wear them once and I skated them And then I get these giant white salt patches, so I’m gonna just have to keep this wear it on the weekends I’ll then keep it nice. Well. I think we should do this one say the next one for last See what happened with his box actually is Gabe got overly excited he opened it up. We’re just gonna make me We should just leave this like tomorrow. Okay. I didn’t just get overly excited and open the box I also got overly excited and took bearings home already you did Gabe already took bearings What Fetty? Oh yeah? I think Troy had a shirt on too You didn’t know I was going elbows on that did you Wow We got to kneel bearing company decks. I feel like maybe we should put these on the wall It’s good that sort of GI Joe vibe I think that scrape just happened from what I just did sorry to have to do this to you Gabe, but I just have to That’s how strong these bearings are should we put them on and give me a test roll all right? Let’s pop these bad boys in black ceramics and the black force wheels Oh What okay, let’s give it a roll ahhhhhhhhhh hahahhahaha It is really fast though ahhhh ahhhhh They are fast they are very speedy It’s always throws me off and I get brand-new wheels and brand-new banks because I try to manual and like it’s not as much resistance As before makes it so hard It was too fast too furious All right well these bearings are really really sick. They’re really good. They come in this awesome carrying case. They have cool colors They are available at Neil on Amazon and you can also follow their Instagram Neil underscore bearings all of those details and More will be in the description below so huge. Thanks to Neil bangs They obviously hooked us up with a lot of bearings so We’re finally gonna be able to just put on as many wheels and trucks and whatever Onto whatever kind of weird things that we want to so this is really really rad Again huge, thanks to Neil bangs definitely check him out Hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like a comment And I’ll see you in the next one all of you guys are invited to the Braille House on September 9 2017 for Aaron Kairos surprise birthday party get your tickets through the link below They are limited, and they will sell out quickly so get them while you can this is one that you do not want to miss

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    I used to skate a lot 15 years ago. I am slowly getting into it again and man the nostalgia is hitting me hard. I remember back then people were pretty hyped about bones bearings. I wonder how they are now days compared to other companies

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    Those decks and bearings are SICK!!!  I'm the hugest G.I.JOE fan from the '80s!!  Those are awesome.  Gotta find 'em!  I'm an old fart re-beginner.  I skated (mainly as transportation but a little swimming pools) back in the early '80s.  Now I'm trying to learn along with my son (12 Year old).  He wants to learn tricks and such.  We have  a good skate park where we live.  I need a decent board.  Gotta find  that Neal board graphic.

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