The Intent of the 2nd Amendment In Their Own Words.
The Intent of the 2nd Amendment In Their Own Words.

welcome back guys this video is going to be on the
origins of the second amendment, and the nature in which was written the environment and the intent by our founders. I’m going to
read some quotations here from our founding fathers those who wrote the bill of rights and
the constitution and founded this great country and this video is really for those who don’t understand the language and the intent of the second amendment beyond that small sentence that was
written in the bill of rights so we’re going to go past that and we’re going to read now some quotes some of them are directly
about keeping a bearing arms and an armed people uh… others are about to storing and
changing the constitution or amendments to it and to be wary of that so let’s read through these bear with me please and uh… mull over these words and uh… keep them for thought…please we’re going to start with this quote
here i ask sir what is the militia it is the whole people except for a few
public officials to disarm the people that is the best and most effective way
to enslave them george mason a well-regulated militia composed of the
body of the people trained in arms is the best most natural defense of a free country james madison the constitution preserves the advantage
of being armed which americans possess over
the people of almost every other nation where the governments are afraid to
trust the people with arms james madison Do NOT separate text from historical
background if you do we will have perverted and subverted the constitution which can
only end in a distorted bastardized form of illegitimate government james madison i believe there are more instances of
the abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent
encroachments by those in power then by violent and
sudden usurpations james madison the personal right to acquire property which is a natural right gives to property when acquired a right
to protection as a social right james madison we are right to take alarm at the
first experiment upon our liberties. james madison the class of citizens who provide at
once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly
independent and happy james madison the essence of government is power and power, lodged as it must be in human hands will ever be liable to abuse james madison all men having power ought to be
mistrusted james madison every citizen every citizen should be a soldier this was the case with the greeks and romans and must be
that the every free state thomas jefferson for a people who are free, and mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security thomas jefferson no free man shall ever be debarred the
use of arms. thomas jefferson the spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that
i wish it be always kept alive thomas jefferson the strongest reason for the people to retain the right to
keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in
government thomas jefferson the tree of liberty must be refreshed
from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants thomas jefferson firearms are second only to the constitution in importance they are the people’s liberty’s teeth george washington the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil
interference they deserve a place of honor with all that is good george washington when firearms go all goes we need them every hour george washington arms discourage and keep the invader
and plunder in awe and preserve order in the world as well as property horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the
use of them thomas paine among the natural rights of the
colonists are these first a right to life second to liberty and thirdly to property together with the right to defend them
in the best manner they can samuel adams the constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the united
states who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms samuel adams Are we at last brought to such humiliating
and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense patrick henry fear is the passion of slaves patrick henry is life so dear peace so sweet as to be
purchased at the price of chains and slavery forbid it almighty God i know not what course others may take
but as for me give me liberty or give me death patrick henry Guard with jealous attention the public
liberty suspect everyone who approaches that
jewel unfortunately nothing will preserve it but downright force whenever you give up that force you are
inevitably ruined patrick henry. The great object is that everyman the armed Patrick Henry those are some pretty powerful quotes i hope that uh… you paid attention and at the words rang true and you listened now a lot of people say,” Oh the
well-regulated militia we need that but that’s a government that’s
the national guard.” You’re wrong right there. It’s not. if you look at the wording and the
definitions back then the well-regulated militia was the people now the second states of the right of both now the militia is the formation of everyday
citizens it is not a government is not standing army. The founders were strictly
opposed to standing armies it wasn’t a government run national
guard the militia was loosely grouped citizens, blacksmiths ferriers, farmers, ranchers, everyday townsfolk that had arms and could then resist
a tyrannical form of government a leviathan state that’s why they put it in there Let’s read the second amendment. A well-regulated militia, COMMA
militia being necessary to the security of a
free state, COMMA the right of the people to keep and
bear arms, COMMA shall not be infringed. The reason I read all the commas in there is because the comma after state is very important it separates the forming of a militia being necessary for the
security free state and the right of the people to keep bear
arms as two separate rights but both important for the necessary security of a free state and they shall not be infringed so let… that sink in. now if you want you can go back and read uh….some of the definitions when these were written okay you can go to the webster’s
dictionary but there’s a lot more a lot more to discuss here and uh… i’d like to take a moment if you guys will bear with me as i find it here to read just for a minute the definitions of the militias at the time if you do some of your own research and even in law schools what they teach that the militias at the time as I’ve already discussed were not
state run and the state had zero control over them and that the purpose the founders had, the intent was to be able to meet force with force they wanted to have a force that was equal to or surpassing that of
the government that would be able to meet that
government should it encroach or impinge on the rights of the citizen Now, people say and argue, “Oh so you all do you think that citizens and militias should have
it was his name citizen should have nuclear weapons?” Of course NOT. I wish that nukes, nuclear weapons were never invented Now for those of you who think that there is no
ability of the modern citizen to resist the government i would argue that you’re wrong and i would encourage you to look up
fourth-generation warfare. and just to take a moment to review
history real quick especially the last century Now, if you look our esteemed government has been
involved in several wars over the last few years over the last decade we’ve been in third
world countries that without cell phones and Toyota pickups would be living in an almost neolithic state they’re fighting us with weapons that
were manufactured in the earlier half of the last century some of the AK-47’s that
they’re finding in these countries such as afghanistan and
in iraq or manufactured and uh… fifties and early sixties and they’re putting up quite the
resistance those, those rebels those terrorists. So, what i would encourage you to do is just take a moment to look at that
ponder that thought look at the resistance the syrians are
offering against their oppressive tyrannical
regime they’ve been getting you know bombed from the air mortored hit with heavy artillery and yet to this
day with sixty thousand dead the syrians are putting up an incredible
resistance and at this point almost toppling the tyrannical regime of their country So, i would argue that yes our citizens are very capable of putting up a
resistance to any form of tyrannical of evil regime now i’m not saying what’s happening
in america right now, and I’m not saying it’s going to happen but it’s it was there is a failsafe as a
firewall as an insurance policy and the founders knew that without that second amendment in
the bill of rights all the other rights could be taken away
without it without a word. and it wouldn’t matter if we offered the word our voice would be silent it was what gave us teeth as George
Washington said. the second amendment was not put in there to preserve the right to recreation and
duck hunting to give you the right to go hunt
waterfowl or pheasant with a little side by side shotgun or to plink cans
with a .22. the second amendment was put in their so
that you could be armed to meet force with force and for those of you that argue, “Oh they didn’t have have semiautomatic weapons that they didn’t
have these these guns back then.” well you know what? at the time the citizens of this country were better
armed than the oppressors, the red coats and the king’s men there were occupying
the colonies. you see the americans have what’s called
a rifle a rifled gun we had rifleman marksmen men that would mark men pick an
individual soldier out and shoot at them that was considered barbaric and unheard
of by the british the red coats who fired smooth bore muskets which were inaccurate and they would
work with volley fire in a lineup the american patriot the rifleman the marksman the
minuteman they could line up their sights pick out an
individual redcoat and squeeze off a round and drop him they had far superior weapons than the british they actually had a better force they out
forced the british and some argue that is why we won the revolution so thanks, thank you for your time i hope these thoughts can sink in a
little bit and you have the uh… interesting discussion with those that are around you and i know these are troubling times for all of
us they’re trying to sit and defend what we consider to be a basic right thanks for your time.

100 thoughts on “The Intent of the 2nd Amendment In Their Own Words.”

  1. TylerNutify says:

    And what of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791?

    Did they argue that they had a right to take up arms against the US Govt based on the opinion pieces written before the signing of the Constitution?

    It was Washington himself who with 13,000 militia provided by the governors of four states that rode against them. This is clearly not what then founders intended.

    Congress did repeal the law in 1800, but not by force of arms, but by Constitution means.

  2. joseph brown says:

    brilliant video!! Thanks.

  3. TylerNutify says:

    Yes, there is injustice in this country. But how do you fight injustice by force of arms within the context of a country founded by the rule of law and a political system that encourages change (at a snail pace).

    I support the right to self defense, and feel that a side arm is all we need. But it should be regulated no different than owner a car with training similar to that of local law enforcement.

    It's the NRA / GOP that wants you to fear govt because that is good for the gun business.

  4. Denny Ducet says:

    thank you.

  5. Denny Ducet says:

    Just so you know, I am NOT a member of the NRA. I returned all my stuff and asked them to CANCEL my membership in 2007 when they snubbed my man RON PAUL. Also, I am NOT a GOP or republican. I am a political atheist who subscribes to no party. Wise men fear governments.

  6. TylerNutify says:

    OK, I can respect that.

  7. TylerNutify says:

    Then how do you resolve the contradiction between "…self defense from man. Whether that man be state…" and Article II of the Constitution defines treason as “levying War” against the government?

    Self defense against the state by force of arms = “levying War” against the government

  8. boy named sue says:

    The government has already commited treason for the last 60 years

  9. Thomas K. says:

    Could you list your references for those quotations in either the about section or in a followup video?

  10. superhack67 says:

    Look at history where governments take away arms. For example Hitler disarmed his people and Germany became a dictatorship shortly after.

  11. EDBASSMASTER25 says:

    Preach it man!

  12. EDBASSMASTER25 says:

    You know your stuff man! I love you! haha

  13. TylerNutify says:

    IMHO, If you want a level-headed conversation, the portion of gun owners that argue that the 2nd was intended to allow citizens to defend them-self's against our own govt needs to recognize that the anti-govt rhetoric is viewed by many as a treat to the nation…. That nonsense has to stop.

    A compromise requires trust, and that is impossible with the NRA and people like Alex Jones with the "coming to take my guns away" paranoia.

    Until then, the stupidity will continue.
    The NRA is using you

  14. TylerNutify says:

    If you want a reasonable conversation, than you need to change your language from "a possible armed resistance would not need large groups of people,"
    to something like "an armed resistance should never be necessary".

    I find it funny that many gun owners show anti-govt feelings and see the police becoming more militarized is a reason to fear the government… But fail to recognize that the police are only reacting to the treat of citizens owing of AR-15 type weapons

    It is a downward spiral

  15. aatrb13 says:

    What about nukes? I want to have my own cause what good is an m16 against an Iranian nuke??? Nukes for all.

  16. TylerNutify says:

    "police departments across the nation to 'militarize' is not the legal ownership of semi-automatic rifles… it is mainly due to gang-violence and illegal weapons."

    Armed gangs have been around for over 50 years… What changed?

  17. TylerNutify says:

    Sorry to hear about your potential loss of your weapons.
    Sorry, but I don't care.

    I do care about the kids at Sandy Hook, the fireman in NY, and many others.

  18. Denny Ducet says:

    FACT: I am not a member of the NRA.
    FACT: I do not nor have I ever listened to or subscribed to Alex Jones
    FACT: I am NOT anti-government or anti-United States in any way.
    FACT: I am NOT a republican
    FACT: the intent of the 2nd Amendment was for it to be a last resort to tyranny and the usurpation's of our laws by government.
    FACT: there are 300,000,000 guns.
    FACT: Britain is the most violent nation in the EU.
    FACT: I will never under any circumstances give up my guns whether it is law or not.

  19. Denny Ducet says:

    I care about those kids too. Sad thing is, "assault weapons" make up less than 2% of gun crime. Most gun crime is socio-economic demographic related / gang related. I guarantee if you take guns away, incidents like Sandy Hook will STILL HAPPEN, because guns are not the issue or problem, or causation. Here is what I don't care about: I don't care about the anti gun crowds opinion or misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment. I don't care if you fear guns. I don't care if you don't like guns.

  20. TylerNutify says:

    "FACT: the intent of the 2nd Amendment was for it to be a last resort to tyranny and the usurpation's of our laws by government."

    Who defines when exactly the government has "usurpation's of our laws".
    It important, because I need to know when it constitution permissible for me to take up arms and commit a act of treason.

    Is it you?

  21. TylerNutify says:

    "FACT: Britain is the most violent nation in the EU."

    Two separate nations, two separate governments, tabulating their data sets to different criteria.The UK rate includes common assault — simple assault, no injuries, the lowest level of assault and "harassment".

    Comparing apples to oranges?

  22. Jacob Beachslap says:

    AR-15 is a weapon style. style does not change the damage done to people or property. If you are not from America and you are talking about our rights you are a blind fool because you have no clue what we battle everyday. And for that I laugh at you.

  23. Jacob Beachslap says:

    P.S. Work on your Grammar.

  24. Denny Ducet says:

    No one wants to go to war. NO one. Who here ever said they did? If I have a fire extinguisher in my house does that mean I want to have a fire? Please find some logic and use it.

  25. Denny Ducet says:

    I would say that if for example a government went into a ghetto and began loading the Jews into trucks, to be driven to camps, that would be about the time people say no, rise up with arms and stop the state from committing acts of genocide or what have you. The world is not black and white, things are never cut and dry. You would know the time.

  26. Denny Ducet says:

    Fear? You are the hoplophobe wallowing in a fear, an irrational, emotional and hysterical fear of weapons. Your fear of weapons is driving you to the point of erasing a fundamental right given you by the founders of this nation, the framers of the constitution. Your FEAR of guns, an inanimate tool, is a fear that is trying to take my right to own certain guns away, even though I am a law abiding citizen. Your arguments are laughable, fallible and full of holes.

  27. TylerNutify says:

    And yet that is basically what the US Govt did in WWII with the Japanese Americans on the west cost. Was that the right time to take up arms?

    If you believe in the Constitution, the answer should be NEVER!

  28. TylerNutify says:

    Yes… fear of weapons that have no other purpose than to kill is not irrational.

    Buying guns because someone fears that the government is going to do something in the future that they have never done in the past… that is irrational,

    The first is based on facts, and the latter is based on fairy tails.

  29. TylerNutify says:

    "fundamental right given you by the founders "

    All of our rights have some limitations that were defined after the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was adopted. Our founders knew their limitations and built in the methods by witch our laws can and should change over time. There is nothing sacred about the 2nd.

  30. MrReecebike says:

    God bless america again!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. coopinaz says:

    "The only thing a man need do in these times to be considered dangerous and extreme, is to go around repeating quotes from the Founding Fathers of These United States." Great video!

  32. coopinaz says:

    Without the 2nd Amendment, all of the others are useless…

  33. coopinaz says:

    "something that they have never done in the past…"??? Really? Ask the Native Americans and Blacks if the American government has ever been tyrannical in the past!!

  34. coopinaz says:

    It looks like the goat herders in Afghanistan are putting up quite the resistance to our military grade weapons… A really interesting note is that most American gun owners actually know how to use their rifles well…

  35. Tristin Hunt says:

    you are one ignorant fuck… if you really knew what was going on there you would know how stupid you look right now

  36. Denny Ducet says:

    Exactly. Trail of tears anyone? How about the flight of the Nez Pierce? Wounded Knee? Civil Rights movement?

  37. Denny Ducet says:

    Nice! A little European slave that pays 50% taxes, has almost zero say in the function and execution of their government and relied on the US in WWII, as well as the Cold War. Europe sucks, that is why they move here.

  38. Denny Ducet says:

    Oh I see your logic now, "If something never has happened, it means it never will happen". Wow. Ever heard of the Normalcy Bias? You have it bad. History shows that government has a proclivity towards tyranny and civil rights violations. So please spare me your condescending anti gun rhetoric that is based on pure fear of inanimate metal objects. The largest mass killing in a US school was done with dynamite in 1927 in the Bath School.

  39. фыапвпваы says:

    War is the mos stupid thing in the world. Patriotism is an ideological drug that makes people do things worth millions of dollars for free.

  40. Condorscondor Condor says:

    What everyone forgets is back in the seventin hundereds they did not have ASSUALT WEAPONS!! So I think it should be updated as time goes bye and if anyone agrees with me please say so we have the right to own pistols and hunting rifles and shotguns thats all fine and good but why do need high caliber military grade ar 15's someone please tell me that?!

  41. Condorscondor Condor says:

    I stand corrected lots of people do agree with me

  42. andy says:

    If you dont live in our country, you have no say. Its a historical fact, disarmed countries cannot fend for themselves. Relying on police and government takes too long look at katrina. There are too many imigrants here illegaly some most likely hostile. And lots of legal citizens are hostle. Its not your right but ours to arm ourselves. So stay in your country and live like silenced sheep.

  43. Lawrence Powell says:

    I agreed with your shitizen quote.
    Nice refreshment of the 2nd, thanks.

  44. clevership says:

    Well ar-15's aren't military grade, so yupp

  45. 007Nightfalcon says:

    The founders didn't envision youtube either.

    So get off it.

    Also, the founders saw the invention of repeating firearms. So you need to study gun control and history.

  46. SuperKrypto420 says:

    Stop making you're self look stupid.

  47. Condorscondor Condor says:

    Wtf there were no repating fire arms in 1776 or the early 1800's

  48. Condorscondor Condor says:

    I cant help but post another comment but I am an american and I do believe in the 2nd amendment but what about sandy hook and colorado god damn the goverment is not gana take all your precious guns only the ones dedicated to killing people note that does not inclued pistols and hunting rifles I am sick of the avoiding of the gun control problem and yes whether you like it or not it is a problem! So go build your little bunkers or whatever and fuck off you stupid gun nuts

  49. Kai Wüest says:

    Haha, you represent the typical american idiot. Thanks for the laugh!

  50. Condorscondor Condor says:

    Lol amerivan idiot one of my favorite songs 🙂

  51. Condorscondor Condor says:


  52. Cell O says:

    Seriously, the american people need to pull their heads out of their asses some time soon. I'm not saying that I disagree with you on this whole weapon control thing but that comment right there was plain stupid. Regards from Germany (which gladly would've renounced your reliability)

  53. SuperKrypto420 says:

    Condor not one person was shot or killed by a rifle of any kind at Sandy Hook. Colorado same thing get you're facts straight.

  54. Condorscondor Condor says:

    Does it fucking matter my point is gun control is a long time coming and im glad its here I think we all should at least it would lower gun violence im sad that people only care about there guns and not the people killed by assualt weapons across the country every year

  55. Gr33ny says:

    America, braindeads.. really, around 20,000+ deaths by guns avg per year,
    Australia less than 80
    Yup, a gun reallyy does make things better aye usa?…

  56. AFroese says:

    Median US income in 2011 according to University of New Mexico – $41,560.

    Median UK income in 2012 according to ONS numbers – £26500 or $42,747.

    Now tax laws differ between the two countries but in the UK a person making the median amount falls in the "basic rate" income taxation band and this is 20%.

    An American making the median amount would be taxed a marginal rate of 25%!

    Gender pay gap is 9.6% in UK vs 19% in the US.

  57. gezorama3000 says:

    I don't pay 50% taxes. We don't have armed police officers here. We get that you don't want to change the constitution as it's one of the very few pieces of history you guys actually have. But time to get a grip. And stop being so sensationalist. It takes away what little credibility your arguments may have. You just sound like a crazy, gun-weilding survivalist afraid of the Illuminati,Communism, homosexuality and life without a god.

  58. InqWiper says:

    Ignorant slander will not help your cause, only undermine your credibility. I suggest you try and support your opinion with facts and logic rather than lowering yourself to the level of a child.

  59. VGTheater says:

    ignorant a hole.never heard of the battle of athem?

  60. Denny Ducet says:

    Those 20,000 are mostly gang related, and suicides. Gun violence is typically socio-economic-demographic related. Less than 2% of gun violence involves the weapons they are trying to ban. Australia has high violent crime numbers, including assaults and stabbings. I live in one of the HIGHEST ISSUANCE CONCEALED CARRY COUNTIES IN THE US AND WE HAVE ZERO GUN VIOLENCE! ZERO!

  61. TylerNutify says:

    Carrying a gun increases risk of getting shot and killed

    “A team at the University of Pennsylvania analysed 677 shootings over two-and-a-half years to discover whether victims were carrying at the time, and compared them to other Philly residents of similar age, sex and ethnicity, accounting for other differences, such as the socioeconomic status of their neighborhood.”

    Newscientist . com/article/dn17922-carrying-a­-gun-increases-risk-of-getting­-shot-and-killed.html

  62. TylerNutify says:

    On average, guns did not protect those who possessed them from being shot in an assault.

    “ Although successful defensive gun uses occur each year, the probability of success may be low for civilian gun users in urban areas. Such users should reconsider their possession of guns or, at least, understand that regular possession necessitates careful safety countermeasures.”

    Ajph.aphapublications . org/doi/abs/10.2105/AJPH.2008.­143099

  63. TylerNutify says:

    The Geography of Gun Violence:
    "Firearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun control legislation."

    Theatlanticcities . com/neighborhoods/2012/07/geography-gun-violence/2655/

    Guns, Smoke and Mirrors:

    “An analysis this year from the Violence Policy Center found that “states with low gun ownership rates and strong gun laws have the lowest rates of gun death.”

    (nytimes . com By CHARLES M. BLOW : December 21, 2012

  64. Adam Steventon says:

    and god bless usa.

  65. A n d r e w says:

    What is one to do when one's rights are at risk?
    I feel at a loss for emotions over being an AR-15 owner, and wanting to preserve our right to protect ourselves from any and all enemies, foreign, domestic, a murderer, rapist, or governmental tyranny.

  66. MultiCrye says:

    Whilst shootings have gone down, break and enter rapings + robberys have gone up, actual shootings have gone UP just mass shootings down, bashings, stabbings, it's all gone up since we got rid of our guns so I don't know what you're talking about.

  67. Denny Ducet says:


  68. Denny Ducet says:

    Every weapons purpose is to kill.

  69. coopinaz says:

    Thanks for the kind words. You're right, I've never been to Afghanistan. I have been to Iraq, though.

  70. will4ward says:

    Well done. Nice quotes,

  71. Gumbypotty says:

    "If a people is led to destruction by the instrument of governmental power, then the rebellion on the part of each and every member of such a nation is not only a right but a duty."
    — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf 1924.

  72. Gumbypotty says:

    "Hitler disarmed his people and Germany became a dictatorship shortly after."

    No, the ALLIES, including USA disarmed and prohibited private gun ownership in Germany, first in 1919.

    With the 1938 Weapons Act the Hitler government deregulated long arms and ammunition, and citizens could now buy them without permit or registration. It also lowered the age limit for buying guns from 20 to 18.

    In 1945 the Allies again prohibited private gun ownership in Germany, and the ban stayed until 1956.

  73. Gumbypotty says:

    Give me a source for that quote. Is it NRA?

    If Hitler said that, why did his government deregulate long arms and ammunition? Citizens over 18 could buy rifles and shotguns without a permit after the Reichswaffengesetz of 1938. Hitler rearmed his people.

    It was the ALLIES who prohibited private gun ownership in Germany, first in 1919 and then in 1945. First in 1956 could germans buy guns again, but now under very strict control.

  74. Corey Lockhart says:

    I have much appreciation for this video and the time you took to explain some of the topics in it. Good Stuff.

  75. pyrolighterfighter says:

    Look to where the gun related deaths are. Chicago, Washington D.C.
    Guns are illegal to own there but they still happen. "More guns equal less crime" Dr. John Lott

  76. isufan89 says:

    Population of kangaroo land: 20,000,000
    Population of the USA: 300,000,000

  77. theheartyaerie says:

    You really need to put CC on here because we can't read lips.

  78. Denny Ducet says:

    I did that CC thing just for you. Took me about an hour to figure it out. Hope you like it and it came out ok! Try it now and let me know.

  79. ymp5000 says:

    Assaults in Australia are double that of the U.S., rape is double that of the U.S. and total crime is 43% higher than that of the U.S..

  80. ymp5000 says:

    The power of the sword, say the minority, is in the hands of Congress. My friends and countrymen, it is not so, for The powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? – cont

  81. ymp5000 says:

    Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans. The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments but where, I trust in God, it will always remain, in the hands of the people. Tench Coxe, Feb. 20, 1788.

  82. ymp5000 says:

    The 2nd amendment does not exist for personal self defense and so that people can go hunting. It exists so that in the inevitable eventuality that our government tries to break the Constitutional shackles our founders bound it with We the People have the tools needed to put it back in its place. The threat of government tyranny is never any father behind you than your own shadow. In the past 100 years governments have executed or staved out 1.5 billion of their own people.

  83. MegaGangsta4life says:

    I think that there should be SOME gun control but not all. Congress needs to compromise and make a law so that not any old person can go to walmart and buy a gun, but enough so that only those who truly need it have guns.

  84. LivelysReport says:

    Loved it dude… well done, and I will share it!! God bless our founding fathers and those who hold to the constitution of the US!!

  85. Denny Ducet says:

    CC works now.

  86. Denny Ducet says:

    How many people get bludgeoned, stabbed, clubbed and beaten to death in Australia? I know for a fact the PER CAPITA Australia is far more violent than America, especially the parts of America that remain civil and are yet to be ridden with gangs and violent inner city issues.

  87. danielcooper1000 says:

    Send a shock wave to Dianne Feinstein and the extreme left. Sign the petition to repeal Senate Bill SBX211. When the entire Los Angeles Superior Court Judges face felony charges for accepting money that was NOT authorized by law. That should put them back on their heels for a while.
    Google SBX211 and sign the petition. COMPLETE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKOUT, Please tell others to sign.
    I need help getting the word out. So please do your part on getting others to sign this petition.

  88. Denny Ducet says:

    to the anti gun, anti logic, liberal leftists, who wish to not tolerate my right because they do not understand my right, to those who judge me for owning firearms even though I have never harmed a soul, to those who believe a right can be taken away and things that were never intended to be rights at all can be legalized or sanctioned because their party is in power, to those who blame inanimate objects for the actions of insane individuals, to irrational, illogical, shit heads.┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  89. GioGuitarDude says:

    Switzerland…. yes 🙂

  90. iluvmym4 says:

    Thank you for posting this patriotic vid! We have to plan & prepare for Obamas final plan to rape our liberty & what's left of our Constitution!

  91. theheartyaerie says:

    Thank you! I showed to my friend and she was really glade you put the CC on there now all Hard of Hearing and Deaf people can get your message the way you said it, that really means a lot. Your message is being sent to a broader audience now. I hope this means as much to you as it does me but if not, then THANK YOU ANYWAYS!

  92. Fox Mulder says:

    Poignant historical perspective Denny!

    Thanks. Saw this when it came out, but came across my playlist and deicded to watch it again.

    Truly informed commentary!

  93. Dylan Ammerman says:

    Once again great video, Love when you do these kind of videos! Hope to see more from you, keep up the good work!!!

  94. Ralph Crabtree says:

    Good video , now would someone please explain to me why some are saying the 2nd amendment has to do with slavery. Thanks

  95. Narcissist Free -almost says:

    Thank you!

  96. Steven Torrey says:

    So essentially you are a fan of Eric Frein, Timothy McVeigh, the Tsarnaev Brothers, Adam Lanza, James Holmes-all of them exercising the 2nd Amendment right to overthrow the US Government by murdering one group of people at a time. (You are too psychotic to understand the lunacy of your own verbiage.)

  97. Steven Torrey says:

    Take your AK47 to the local police station, tell them you are there to overthrow the US Government–then send a postcard from Leavenworth Prison.

  98. Steven Torrey says:

    Yeah–those twenty murdered children had to fear the tyranny of the 2nd Amendment taking their innocent life LONG BEFORE THEY HAD TO FEAR A TYRANNY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! (Denny Ducet–Could you be anymore thoughtless, psychotic or disgusting?)

  99. Debora Weksler says:

    Rifles, while much more accurate than muskets, also were loaded much slower. It would take almost 30 seconds, and sometimes a minute or more, to reload a rifle. In that time they were often charged with the bayonet, and since rifles were not equipped with bayonets, riflemen usually had to yield to musketmen.
    Early in the war, the Americans had a shortage of bayonets. When France joined the war, they supplied muskets with bayonets, and the other accutrements- uniforms, cartridge boxes, etc, alleviating the Americans shortage of arms and bayonets. The French provided a hundred thousand muskets and bayonets during the war.

  100. Debora Weksler says:

    insurgents might not be using the most up to date weaponry but they are using a lot of fire power. I mean it is not as if they all have slingshots or anything or that you even tried to say that they did but you did seem say that they do very well with older weapons. I find this odd since the allied forces/US military has rules of engagement and the insurgents don't. their are several things which might tip the scale in their favor. One is that they are fighting on their home turf and 2 they know the terrain and corruption skews everything. Our soldiers are in their world and their culture norms all of these things make it easier for them to have more heart in vested in the fight and all the home court advantages that come with it.

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