The Most Important Part To My CR250 Build
The Most Important Part To My CR250 Build

if you don’t like seeing awesome-looking
aluminum frames you should stop watching right now alright folks I’ve got a frame
from an O 3 CR 250 which I had cleaned up in a previous video and you can go
watch that video right up here in the corner and so basically what I did
earlier is I removed all the dirt staining and grease off the frame but
this time around I’m gonna take it to the next level there’s still some
scratches left over and just inconsistencies with the finish and that
is what I’m gonna take care of today so there’s a few things that aren’t gonna
come out during this process mainly the wear marks on the side of the frame here
I’d have to sand down quite a bit of material to remove those and they’re
hidden anyways the tools for today are gonna be a couple sheets of sandpaper
we’ve got 80 grit 120 and 220 a sanding block and then of course a scotch-brite
pad to finish it off I’ll put the links to where you can buy all this stuff down
in the description 80 grit is pretty rough on aluminum so mostly I’ll be
starting with a 120 and if there’s anything really deep then that’s what
I’ll bust out the 80 grit and then the 220 will follow up the 120 all right I’m
gonna cut up a piece of this 120 and start sanding should work pretty good
just like that the key to getting a nice consistent finish is the sand in the
same direction for this frame we’re gonna sand with the shape of the frame
so going the long way you can see right here we’ve got a few scratches and I’m
gonna work those out with a 120 grit looks like those scratches worked their
way out pretty quickly I’m gonna finish up the rest of this piece now this piece has now been sanded down with
a 120 and it’s ready for the 220 grit so it really doesn’t take that much
sanding with the 220 grit basically you’re just trying to knock down those
scratches made from the 120 grit now the scotch brite pad is gonna give it that
finish we’re all after now you can really see the difference
between the two we’ve got a nice bright clean finish over here and then on this
side it is plain and dull looking before I started this little sandy project I
was gonna leave the frame how it was and call it good to go I’m glad I gave it a
second thought though man that looks amazing just gonna follow the same steps
I showed you guys on the rest of the frame
no on the inside and spots where you can’t see not really gonna worry about
that it’s mainly the spars and the cradle here that I’m gonna focus on
right now and obviously if you’re doing any sanding on aluminum wear a
respirator all right I’ve got the sparse of the
frame all shined up they turned out really good now I’m gonna move towards
the cradle and this is where it gets really rough and scraped up that’s where
the 80 grit sandpaper comes in handy and I’m actually going to mount it on to the
sanding block and that should make this process a little bit easier got the crater look and sweet and now
for the rest of the frame like the downtube in the steering head gonna give
those a sand with the 220 topped off with the scotch brite pad and then the
frame will be done what a beauty I’m gonna hold this thing
outside and give you guys a closer look at it out in the Sun the frame looks cool and all but I know
most you are wondering does this type of finish actually last well let’s take a
look at the 125 I built this bike about two years ago and I’ve ridden it quite a
bit and the frame looks just as good as the day I finished it and it really
doesn’t take that much maintenance either so all I do for upkeep is grab
the scotch brite pad and give the frame a little buff whenever it needs it just
like I showed earlier I’ll move in the same direction with the pad to get that
smooth consistent finish and that’s all it takes to maintain this type of finish
now if I had a mirror shine before a polished finish that would be a headache
to keep up on I appreciate you guys watching the video and hopefully you’ll
learn something if you want to do this to your own frame you know where to get
the supplies down below alright I will see you next time take care you

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