The New Face of the NRA |  CH Shorts
The New Face of the NRA | CH Shorts

(♪Instrumental Star Spangled Banner) – The constitution does
not decree the right to keep and bare arms. It says the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. – The NRA believes that
America’s laws should be obeyed. And we will defend the
right to bare arms… – By any means necessary. We will not be docile for our oppressors. – Right. That’s right. – Yeah. I’m sorry, you’re with the NRA? – Yes. – Yeah. – Is there a problem? – No. No, no, no, no, no. – No, of course not. The NRA thinks that
everyone should have guns. – Yes, all my brothers should have guns. And we will not rest until we are roaming the streets heavily armed. – Absolutely, absolutely. How many brothers do you have? – Our numbers grow daily with every hate crime or
case of police brutality. – Good. Good, good, good. Why do you want own guns again? – It’s my right. – Right. – Right. But the second amendment also mentions a well regulated militia. – (laughing) oh, we have
a well regulated militia. – Do you? Ssssmmmm. Wwww, where do you live again? – That sounds like a background check. – No. No, no, no, no. No, no. – We would never do anything like that. Background checks are, um, uh… – An invasion of privacy. – Privacy. Right. – A right is a right. It doesn’t have to be justified. – Correct. That’s right, absolutely. – And it is my right to defend myself against the racist government. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Alright, the government
for sure over reaches and we hate them. But they aren’t racist. – No, I wouldn’t go that far. – You would if you came
from where I come from. – Yeah, where is that again? – I’m from the land that
enslaved my ancestors. – Right, right. Alright, okay, let’s just show a little bit of control with the gun. – Gun control is not necessary. What we need is gun education. (♪Instrumental Star Spangled Banner) You see, this trigger right here, the slightest pressure from my finger, I could send enough bullets
to rip your body in half. – Let’s not be too
cavalier with this though. It could kill someone. – Yeah, guns can kill. So can knives. What, you gonna try and
take away my knives too? – Yes, what do you need that thing for? – Hunting. – Hunting season is over, man. – That depends on who you’re huntin. – Who you’re hunting? – What’s that? – You said, who. – Yeah, is it who you’re
hunting or what you’re hunting? – Who are you hunting? – What did I say? – You said, who. – You said, who. – Just now? – Definitely said, who. – You said, who. (♪Instrumental Star Spangled Banner) – From my cold, dead han…
(gun firing) (crying) – Hi, I’m Rafael from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff. And click here to leave
a detailed message. Uh huh. You what? You didn’t. I’d a did the same thing.

99 thoughts on “The New Face of the NRA | CH Shorts”

  1. Keegan Crabb says:

    The NRA supports background checks

  2. under the table says:

    That depends on who you're hunting.

  3. alex says:

    I love that they are trying to make the NRA look racist. Look up colion noir, a major face of the NRA. Black conservatives are growing in numbers

  4. lex zem says:

    This prompts racist stereotypes

  5. end says:

    Why do I feel like that guys like a black panther from the 1960s or something

  6. Andrew Couch says:

    I mean, the original purpose of the Second Amendment is to kill any politician or president that becomes too power-hungry and is against serving the people who elected them. (Enemies foreign, being Britain/Muslims (there was a declaration of war by all of Islam in the 1800's against the West, which has never been given a signed peace treaty, so killing Muslims is not illegal as they are enemies of the state) or domestic, meaning government officials)

    So, technically, the Black Panther was right. He and, ''his people,'' understand the police MUST be killed as they serve the government, not the people they must protect. Plus, any law saying you can't own a gun is an infringement and is to be automatically ignored when selling guns in the US, elsewise it's a denied right of the Constitution.


    P.S. I am Canadian, so my support of the US Constitution is purely historical in nature.

  7. mortrem76 says:

    It's one of the best CH sketch of all time!

  8. Derain02 says:

    I loved the "If you came from where I come from bit."

  9. Joel Wateres-muddy says:


  10. Little_Lion_Heart says:

    This is so accurate it hurts

  11. Alec Stanton says:

    There are 2 types of mentally ill people in this world; those who want to commit homicide and those who don't. If you don't want to commit homicide, you should be allowed a gun and if you do want to commit homicide, you obviously shouldn't be allowed to have a gun. 2 ways to reduce the homicide rate and school shootings are:

    -Impose the death penalty for murder.
    -To allow consenting teachers to arm themselves.

  12. Aeon Gaming says:

    Give guns to everyone, then nobody will shoot anybody because they'll be too afraid of getting shot

  13. Sean Purce says:

    Colion noir

  14. ED-GAMING says:

    Why are you demonising the panthers? They stood up against police brutality, no open carry laws were made to combat these groups. Shame on you, shame

  15. James Strain says:

    Finally the NRA member who represents me and my fellow Battle Buddies in our local militia. We are here to help guarantee Amerika is never invaded by any nation or army. Your welcome.

    “No one will ever successfully invade the United States because behind every blade of
    grass is an American with a rifle.” 🌱🔫🌱

    -Yamamoto’s dad after my Grandpa from Brooklyn banged his wife

  16. Thatoneguy says:

    I thought this was all gonna be like oooo guns are scary ban them but this was actually pretty funny. also im not 100% sure but I think this was pointed towards the black panthers and the NRA in the 60s

  17. James Mayo says:

    This makes me think about that Boondocks comic strip when Riley is trying to get a gun from the NRA.

  18. Jorge Soler says:

    i was hoping one of them would say: "it's actually whom you're hunting"

  19. Sonny Liveringhouse says:

    To rip your body in half! The intensity in his voice is so damn funny.

  20. Akshay Nimkar says:

    White Americans needed guns to control other races, not for freedom. Many countries proved that peaceful protests can lead to freedom and democracy.

  21. Vincent Tavani says:

    It's "whom" you're hunting.

  22. HONG says:

    How this video only got 1.3m view?

  23. SNIPERVIPER141 says:

    We need to take guns away from black people, got it.

  24. Remi Autor says:

    This but unironically.

  25. Tesseract 14 says:

    The NRA is anti 2nd amendment

  26. Super Scales Animals says:


  27. Seamus Lee says:

    The Black Panthers literally went on the streets and shot every white person they saw, and here are people in the comments defending them and blaming "racism".

  28. MrSinthan says:

    This is the best shit I have seen.

  29. Maps plus says:

    That’s not what the nra thinks, they don’t want people walking around with guns they just want to have the ability to have them

  30. Darcy Bhaiwala says:

    I'm relieved it was Raph that wrote this

  31. Thug Rose says:

    2:14 could send enough bullets to rip someone. No. All Automatic guns are banned, Semi automatic rifles don’t work that way CH.

  32. gravilo pricip says:

    Guns don’t kill people,stupid fat Americans kill people. ISIS is jealous of the number of deaths the NRA is responsible for and the rest of us in civilized actual democracies have no sympathy for your weekly mass shootings.

  33. Max Kopstein says:

    "yes! Is there a problem?" raph's facial expression killed me 😂😂

  34. Patrick Pastor says:

    Fat Oregon white men don't count as a militia.

  35. moeed malik says:

    Don't you guys know, Colion Noir ? He's black and a major commentator for the NRA.

  36. The Florida Man says:

    His trigger discipline is horrible. Also the nra was found by republicans to teach boys about gun responsibilities to fight the confederacy

  37. tyrongkojy says:

    I want more gun control in America, and can't think of a better way than arming the black and muslim population en masse.

  38. Shaun Tryon says:

    As a Trump supporter and an NRA member I have to say that I think african amercans latinos etc should arm themselves. You guys have more in common with us anyways. God guns and community. Screw you SJW's I'm out. But no for real join us

  39. Daniel Boger says:

    This really could work. Liberals, black people, muslims, etc go out and get guns in mass. shit would change over night.

  40. Andrew Rothweiler says:

    The real funny part is all the idiots in the comments that think this is a real information piece. When its just comedy.

  41. Frantz Fuller says:

    And that ladies and gentlemen pretty much summarizes the hypocrisy in our so-called democracy… It’s all right if it’s all the white that’s the gun issue in a nutshell

  42. Bulletproof Samurai says:

    Blacks have bulletproof skin and dont need guns foe protection.

  43. Darragh Meehan says:

    The main spokes man for the NRA is a black man. He has a YouTube channel if you want to go watch. His name is Colion Noir. I also think this video is funny because by trying to say members of the NRA a racist and don't want black people to own guns it actually say black people are not responsible responsible and want to "hunt someone". I'd also just like to point out the NRA dose not ask what race or sexual orientation you are when you join, literally anyone can join the NRA. The NRA has also fought for the rights of black people to own guns. Seriously go watch Colion Noir's channel if you don't believe me. He go's into a lot more detail then I could in a YouTube comment.

  44. TheScottishLord says:

    While yes the BPP was founded on the grounds of protecting other African Americans from police brutality The group eventually developed into a Marxist revolutionary group that wanted to make all African Americans exempt from the draft and have all of “white America” to pay compensation for the centuries of exploitation. They also called for the release of all African Americans to be released from jail. Now these are facts that I came across just from skimming the web like the very top I’m sure they still did a lot of good. I still believe that all states should allow open carry but there should still be background checks (of course).

  45. TYLERACTSOUT says:

    "That depends on who ur huntin"

  46. Lets talk says:

    Ah!! Collegehumor is back y'all!! 🙂

  47. Max Hangsout says:

    This, but unironically.

  48. Braden Sorensen says:

    A video that makes fun of both sides of the political situation in a bunny and comedically innovative Fashion !

  49. Snake 123 says:

    2:14 that gun is semi auto so that makes no sense

  50. Allysa Grables says:

    never gets old

  51. Goah Way says:

    Literally the story of the nra vs the black panthers and how concealed carry and open carry laws started

  52. charlye5 says:

    I couldn't resist sharing this on FB with the caption "This cracked me up! All of a sudden the two guys on the side slowly started leaning Ronald Reagan AND the NRA circa 1967 ala the California Mulford Act. Hehe!" Well done to the folks at CollegeHumor for this gem! =D

  53. J Moore says:

    LOL!!! Love it!

  54. Harrison Geiser says:

    Join the SRA!

  55. Connor Kent! says:

    "Who your hunting?"

  56. Strave says:

    I got an ad for "Tactical Traps – Locking Hidden Gun Shelf" after this video.
    YouTube no.

  57. Mikael Nevear says:

    Colin Noir disagrees

  58. Peter Bollwerk says:

    This is amazing

  59. dannovarius says:

    Hasn't this bit been done before?

  60. Voxle says:

    liberals will never be as cool as the Black Panthers'

    hammer and sickle gang

  61. Granta Manta says:

    The right to own guns isn't to own guns it's the capability to rebel against tyranny and defending that right

  62. The Boom says:

    Why are they making the black Panthers unreasonable and then scared of guns.

  63. Private Cheeks says:

    You know raph had some good trigger discipline till the end

  64. Joseph Van Jaarsveld says:

    i don't live in the US i live in Canada, but i think that like pistols is understandable (with background checks) for people to own and something more like bolt actions for hunting and all, but seriously think that if you want something like a AR15 or M249 that its a no from me chief, i think that "big guns" are best kept in shooting gallerias for fun in all cause they are fun. But don"t try and tell me when you wake up and hear someone breaking into your home your going to pull out an AK or SAW to defend yourself cause that's preposterous.

  65. kiancavella says:

    The right: "the left is full of cucks who are too effeminate to bear guns"
    """the left""": …
    The actual left: laughs in t-34 medium tank

  66. Missing Apostate says:

    This is stupid

  67. Chuck Reichenbach says:

    Lol, let's not forget that the NRA armed and trained blacks to fight the Democrat KKK.

    RACISTS like to make everyone believe that all blacks are radical Black Panthers. This video is racist. Way to go, leftists. Way to further stereotypes against blacks. Shameful and disgusting.

  68. Donut Dude says:

    Oh hey, it's Colion Noir.

  69. Nate Dwyer says:

    No irony, Rafael's character is expressing exactly why I believe in gun rights. Except for the end. The 2nd amendment isn't for hunting.

  70. vera says:

    I love this so much, it’s funny because it’s true

  71. The False Rabbi says:

    The NRA was for most of its history, focused on teaching firearms safety since there were no significant gun restrictions proposed until the 70s or so. My main issue with them is not with their positions, but more with their delivery. They are constantly using these obnoxious catchphrases like "from my cold dead hands" instead of actually producing the facts which are clearly on their side. It not only panders to the lowest common denominator Republicans, but these militaristic buzzwords just come across as needlessly brash and make them sound like lunatics. Their rhetoric is just not fitting for the current situation in the country. A while back they made a video basically threatening Iran should it ever attack the US, which is extremely dumb since Iran will never, ever have the ability to do that. This weird, jingoistic nonsense makes no sense for a group that is focused entirely on domestic politics. It doesn't excuse the left's absolutely ridiculous narrative that it is a pawn of gun manufacturers who somehow control the US Congress with a mere 5 million in annual donations. For those who don't know, that basically 1 dollar for every member of the NRA. The NRA has influence because of how many people support them, not their donations. It makes perfect sense that the vast majority of the 100 million gun owners in the US want to protect their right to own guns, not to mention the millions who don't own guns who still support their fellow citizen's rights to bear arms.

  72. Lord of Alicorns says:

    Cough cough china laughing at us

  73. Dead Pool says:

    I'm siding with the black guy on this one. Everyone should have guns. It is our right to have guns.

  74. Jay Obrien says:

    Ok this is his best skit

  75. lelev says:

    national revolution association

  76. hussein hussein says:

    Enjoyed this skit more than i should have. Right to bear arms, it's not a privilege because it's a right.

  77. Sport Skills says:

    Lol I love that video

  78. Harriet Potter says:

    Raph looks pretty sexy in this sketch tbh

  79. Woodsman says:

    Colin noir. Black. With the NRA. Cool guy

  80. Stephen Sams says:

    Black guy is unironically based. FIght on brother!

  81. bceaser1 says:

    Wow….the irony is that College Humor is demonstrating how racist democrats are about black people owning guns….just wow…

  82. Hephaestus says:


  83. GET_Snaggletooth says:

    I just died. I'm in tears.

  84. Ellie McFarland says:

    it's almost liek the NRA doesnt fight for real gun rights.

  85. PUBG Player991399 says:

    I doubt most NRA members are racist

  86. dj swanstar says:

    3.8k white gun owners hated this video because the truth hurts

  87. 1 2 says:

    Rewatching after the ElPaso and Ohio mass murders by alt-right white supremacists. Takes on new meaning.

  88. Jason Luong says:

    Right-wing ideology. The most confusing and contradictory collection of thoughts you will ever find.

  89. Nik110512 says:

    So basically blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Asians should apply for guns and join the NRA.
    I bet you guys would get sensible gun laws then.

  90. BMGipe45 says:

    <gun fire>

  91. Phoebe Gilbert says:

    So true.

  92. Jacob Smith says:

    Funny but misleading

  93. Pete Hamm says:

    You convinced me gun control is racist.

  94. ccggenius12 says:

    This comment section is full of people "um, actually-ing" the same history fact, and people quoting the video. I choose to add the third type of comment: the one pointing this out.

  95. Ivan Rasmussen says:

    "we will defend the right to bear arms" best joke CH has made in a while

  96. Mirtheous says:

    Oh the irony.

  97. Evan Taylor says:

    Shit this is funny they should actually advertise this in america

  98. Salim Sivaad says:

    Boy…how the bitch came out of Raph's voice when he accidentally shot that M16 was so funny…OMG!

  99. Ahmed Mahmoud says:


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