The New Grow Room & Wagner Power Roller Review
The New Grow Room & Wagner Power Roller Review

Hi I’m Mike and we’re back to the
project list today in a very echoey room as we start a project that includes a
total revamp of a portion of the shop and a new grow room for Aaron we also
take a look and review a new tool on the ranch it’s all coming up today on Our Wyoming Life. Welcome back to the project list a list
that continues to grow it never seems to shrink it’s on the wall right here
behind me in the shop where I have to look at it multiple times per day and if
you happen to be here you’re looking for something to do head on over and grab
yourself a project today we start a brand new one that’ll help the ranch
grow literally or figuratively I can never remember which one of those it is
we have to clean we have to paint which will actually give us an excuse to try
out this little number this is the Wagner smart roller sidekick power
roller system I picked it up today at Menards and we’re gonna put it through
the paces and see if it’s worth the $79 price tag that it holds a room in the
shop is actually changing purposes since the day we came to the ranch the shop
has kind of been a headquarters and the room and there’s one room in the shop
that it could always be considered ranch central that room we’ve always referred
to as the kitchen and it was a kitchen at one point but for the last 30 years
or so it’s been an area where my father-in-law
Gilbert used to come in and take a nap and eat stewed tomatoes right out of the
can which was kind of disgusting we’ve used it to make bottles for cows Aaron’s
used it for storage of veggies before heading to farmers market and it’s also
held up well its fair share of beer over the years but now it’s time to change
purposes of the room once again Aaron’s been using the basement of our house to
start vegetables for the last few years for the gardens and as our kids get
older they like to play down there more and more and Aaron also wants to
consolidate her operation as well as expand as she grows more not only for
our gardens but for her nonprofit as well edible Prairie project as we head
back into the growing season in the high tunnels it’s time for her to get started
with her new plants that means little tiny greenhouses then
table growing under lights until the plants are big enough to go into the
high tunnels and for that we’ve decided that the kitchen in the shop will become
Aaron’s new grow room but really what is a grow room a groom room for us is
someplace that all of our seedlings can be started before some are transplanting
and spring transplanting it’s also going to be a place where we start growing
micro means we’re moving into microgreen
production in the spring of 2020 which is something exciting and new that we’ve
never done here on the farm before before she can have the grill row of her
dreams lots of work needs to be done and the
first part is cleaning out the room this is all has to be moved because we need
to get started in basically sealing the room up grill rooms are inherently humid
and by painting all wooden and drywall surfaces with a mold resistant and
killing paint we can hopefully reduce if not eliminate the dangers of mold in the
room first though everything it means to go well almost everything including the
kitchen sink first day of spring and I just want to sing to everything that’s
moving every single thing I wanna say to the kids play going loop-d-loop
the rainbow-colored bouncy balls and their ice cream schools got my shoes in
my hand and my feet in the sand I got twenty Dawkins
in a row like a little marching band and they say to the carpals in love and the seagulls
above and any other living single creature I can think of I wanna sing I wanna say the only thing left in the room is
Aaron’s industrial fridge that can state mostly because it doesn’t fit out the
door without removing the wheels which takes another set of hands that I don’t
have today the light fixtures also are getting replaced so they need to come
down too and then we sweep and we can get to painting Zinser mold killing
primer will be applied first today that should kill any bacteria mold and mildew
that might afflict this room and prevent it from happening again
our wagner power painter is set up on the gallon of paint attached directly to
the can a suction hose attached and then that hose goes straight to the roller
after taking the machine on the paint flows up the tube and into the roller
where we can start applying it to the wall by the way don’t worry about the outlets
we’ll replace them to worry more about the amount of paint that’s coming out of
this thing this little button right here is supposed to turn off the pump
allowing you to control the amount of paint coming out of the roller obviously
it’s not working okay so here’s how this thing’s supposed
to work when you turn it off you push the button and it turns out the longer
this button is a Erica loosing their button that runs down this post what
it’s doing is the exact obviously turn it on it starts pumping painting push
the button all you want and Michelle you got paid every birthday so the booklet
says that to troubleshoot it you make sure there’s no kink in this airline
which there is not and that’s pretty much the whole gets thinking that there
is culture so the thing doesn’t work either way but it still works as a
roller down there by myself I just flip on the switch leg pumps paint and roll
it off and go back and forth like that for now anyway so that’s what I do on
and off working my way around the room then the ceiling and eventually the
floor covering every last bit of wood and drywall with primer this is really
just part one of a process that will continue on for the next week or so the
next step is getting everything installed and ready to go so we have
ordered new shelves new lighting the sink needs to go back in and of course
we need to finish painting the grow room and we’re also gonna try a different
style of light bulb this year which is kind of exciting typically we’ve just
used a light fluorescent bulbs we’re going to do a few things a little
different this year with the lighting so yeah
the room is a lot whiter than before this roller though still a piece of crap
I have to decide if I’m gonna take it back or if I’m just gonna throw it in a
dumpster I do have to admit though that I’ve never really had luck with these
automatic rollers I don’t know why maybe just they just hate me but I really
don’t like painting so I think that’s where they keep on getting me eventually
I’ll learn my lesson but for now let me save you some money and some aggravation
and probably a new sweatshirt don’t bother with the Wagner power
unless you want to get paint everywhere then it’s perfectly fine all right
so Aaron has us lined out on what is next we’re gonna get another coat of
paint up in here then it’s new lights and then shells upon shelves of
everything green I have my own plans here as well I want to try to build a
small hydroponic system probably started out with white house or something easy
just to see if they can be done and Aaron said that for all my hard work I
get a little corner so why not thanks for coming along please subscribe
explore the ranch live with us and this room will be the beginning of many many
plants that translates to income for the ranch market farming has become a vital
part of our ranch life and moving it out of the basement Alice seems like a
logical step to make we’ll see you next time until then have a great week
and thanks for joining us in our wild in life

100 thoughts on “The New Grow Room & Wagner Power Roller Review”

  1. james a Joachim says:

    take it back

  2. Red Cossack says:

    Great to hear Market Gardening is becoming some of your diversified income stream.

  3. JB Weld says:

    Painting in a Stetson… I too like to live dangerously.

  4. Benglator1 says:

    I hope OWL and EPP continue to be successful as it is nice to watch the small steps you take adding or adapting to further grow your endeavors. You have a natural way of telling a story that I think gives all who watch a comforting feeling. Time is a precious commodity though so make sure and save time in your day for each other and kids. Be cool! 🙂

  5. Jason Livingston says:

    Painting is easy! (to screw up). Hire a pro

  6. Thunder Ridge Homestead says:

    Take it back. No sense spending that $79.00 if you can get the refund on a piece of crap. Spend that money on more shelves. Also… while I don't want you painting here, you could come by and clean. Man are you FAST. LOL.

  7. Schoentrup Farms says:

    The new MIKEelangelo! A painter in a cowboy hat!

  8. Brian Pritt says:

    I have never liked the Wagner Power painters so I tried their Paint Stick. It was easy to use and you manually add paint with a lever that's on the stick while rolling.

  9. Recovering_Californian says:

    oooohh…that kind of grow room.

  10. Amber Fanning says:

    Did you try double-clicking the button as it's on or holding the button until it switches the controls

  11. MetaView7 says:

    you should have got the spray painter. It is a lot easier, especially for large surface areas.

  12. Mary Palm says:

    you're wife is so blessed! Good job!

  13. Dbirdey Capozzi says:

    Super!! Can't wait!

  14. FUNNYBOY12375 says:

    For 70 i would return it

  15. Stoney Ridge Farmer says:

    Lots of work prepping for the short growing season! Looks great guys!

  16. LucasWerewolf says:

    1:48 kinda freaky flicker D:
    Though my pc was dying on my for a second.. Or youtube was dying, either or.

  17. Mitchell Gourley says:

    Good luck

  18. willie boggs says:

    Wagner, tubing/hose,n paint alwasys equals trashcan fodder.

  19. FireBallDigger Harbin says:

    Sprayers work a lot better mike and faster to

  20. FireBallDigger Harbin says:

    Sprayers work a lot better mike and faster to

  21. Jane Pecor says:

    The Wagner power paint sprayer doesn't work either. It would spray fine and then either quit or put out an extra heavy spray. No rhyme or reason. Needless to say, I returned it.
    You are doing great on your new project tho..

  22. canyon dewey says:

    Are those plaques from the National Western you took off the wall?

  23. jamie miller says:

    Buy a good roller cover, watch a few videos on how to paint (there is more technique than people realize) and leave the gimmicky stuff in the store. Point 2, please cut in the room with a brush before you roll.

  24. Luke Palombo says:

    Mike if you want to try to grow veggies hydroponically I would start with a hydroponic medium like rockwool. It will be the easiest to start in my opinion and it will allow you to focus on all the intricate details like PH and PPM. Best of luck…..might look into fodder, little bovine treat.

  25. daniel drumm says:

    You should done air painting (spray painting)! It’s way easier and easy to clean up

  26. J D says:

    I think you spent more time troubleshooting that tool than painting. Sometimes non tech works the best. Basic painting tool is the best

  27. Cpcsof1 says:

    Wow, thank goodness you were painting the floor too! Those power rollers are more trouble than they are worth. Cleaning them up after use is a pain. I recommend using a heavy duty $15 roller frame, extension pole and a $10 lambswool cover. You can get a roller screen that fits a 5 gallon bucket to roll out of. When you dip the roller into the paint, don't dip it deep enough to get paint on the metal rod on the roller frame to avoid drips. Lambswool covers don't send a shower of paint drops off as they roll along like polyester covers do. After you finish, scrape excess paint off the roller to make cleanup easier. Also, lambswool covers clean up much easier than polyester covers. Remove the cover after cleanup and clean the frame too.

  28. Mike Hamilton says:

    Mike, take the Waggoner Power painter roller back. Get your money back. Good luck on the room.

  29. Lady Jay says:

    Mike take it back and take your family out for dinner. OK maybe dessert. But take it back. These manufactures get away with it every time you don't take it back. Money is too hard to come by…take it back!

  30. lonnie jacobs says:

    we have hydrophonics here 100 miles north of you. we use koi for the fish part and they can take the cold (inside temp can get down to 34). and the heat in summer (up to 100) they grow fast and are good to eat. glad to see you all are still working on alternitive income for the ranch. best wishes

  31. Sneak 66 says:

    You got paint all over your hoodie, but none on your Stetson hat, how did you pull that off?

  32. Jennifer R Jaeger says:

    Next: how to remove paint from a nice hoodie… 😉

  33. The Photographic Auditor says:

    I had the Wagner sprayer when they first came out. Biggest POS, finally gave it away 5 years later.
    Look into Seville Classics NSF shelving out of Torrence, CA.

  34. David Dlouhy says:

    Was that a Gateway computer box at 3:26?

  35. Peter Larson says:

    Seems like Wagner stuff from the big box stores has always been junk. 20 years ago I bought a Wagner paint sprayer & it never worked right.

  36. Ryan Holte says:

    Hey Mike. Hope you do a video on your hydroponic set up. I just bought parts to set mine up last weekend. We can learn together.

  37. Steven Kietzke says:

    Had one of the roller paint
    Yes POS
    Took it apart did some mods works great.
    Good luck

  38. C C says:

    Hi again MIKE!
    Thx for the mention the other vid! You haven't heard from me for a while because I've been struggling with some very crappy health issues and ALL my notifications were shut off which was a huge aggravation!! After checking everything that was the case. Suddenly then I have zillions lol which was crazy but thinking all is ok now except health issues. Happy you got back to the ranch safely and busier then ever! I would have told you a big NO on the paint system! Soo frustrating soo messy soo awful!!!
    Exciting for Erin with the microgreens as I enjoy them on sandwiches. They're fast growers too. Always nice to have some down type time to do other things before you start the ranch rhythm once again. Must tell you both how happy and proud I am for you both for flourishing like you have with all the different things you're doing. Been a long time now following you and commenting and seen and heard all the great things you've tried and done. Looking forward to the months ahead this year for a good year for you all. Thx for sharing Mike and nice to see you once again!

  39. Junk Box says:

    It's not you Mike it is Menards crap!

  40. Steven Steller says:

    Love that beer from Chippewa Falls, WI

  41. David Turney says:

    Take it back

  42. David Turney says:

    Yes We Already knew about that roller!!

  43. Daniel Lamarre says:

    A roller, a pan, foolproof !

  44. Stephen Mortimer says:

    Ask the really old timers (guys and gals) about eating canned peaches and tomatoes out of the can… there is a very real dietary need there… DON'T BE A SCOFFER !!

  45. Susie Huckvale says:

    I’m gonna be watching this adventure of yours! I’m moving to
    Laramie soon, and thought I couldn’t Garden there…. but a grow room…. I like it! Please keep posting about this! Thanks

  46. CE W says:

    We used a Wagner sprayer and it was junk 20 years ago.

  47. tod456 says:

    At least you kept your hat clean!!!

  48. Brian Dee says:

    Take it back Mike (probably cost the company about 10 bob to buy in from China).

  49. Earl Jensen says:

    just do not buy Wagner. hydroponics are awesome try basil grows like a weed with hydroponics.

  50. tammy sarrazin says:

    isnt that where the girls wash the eggs ?? they need a space in there too hugssssss from Ontario Canada

  51. Raj Beekie says:

    I am guessing user error with the Wagner Power Roller.

  52. dc102dc102 says:


  53. Quazie Wabbit says:

    I have grown plants hydroponically for over 50 years. Check your email.

  54. Brent and Natasha Derksen says:

    Maybe a paint sprayer next time? Might have better luck.

  55. Corey Shelman says:

    Hydroponics of Kale for you Mike lol

  56. Sandy says:

    With my mom's love of repainting the inside of the house every couple years we all (mom, dad, and my three siblings) have tried just about every one of those never to be sufficiently damned Wagner contraptions to speed the process along and not a damn one of them works the way they claim they do. Good way to make a godawful mess though. And now that we're all grown, a couple cans along the way make for a good laugh too.

  57. Dannie Sims says:

    Mike, I was thinking of your calf sale video, I wonder if you could possibly sale your calves through video marketing instead of the regular sale barn. I know here in E Texas if you have a truck load, they come out, video, sale, and haul the calves to the buyer. Just a thought, hope you have this option in Wyoming.

  58. Marshall Weber says:

    Much Love From Kentucky As Always, Keep Up The Great Work!!!

  59. Gene Murphy says:

    I have the Lyle Wagner power paint brush

    Thankfully we couldn’t paint underway on my submarine

  60. Gene Murphy says:

    If your paint is sprayable buy a sprayer

    Kale loves hydroponics

  61. Bryan Cole says:

    Paint everywhere but the hat good job

  62. Cat Lockhart says:

    Did anyone else notice there was paint every where but the hat ?

  63. Brian Hubbard says:

    Yeah, been there done that. Waist of money on Wagner.
    Looking very white, waiting too see the finished product.
    God bless you and your family.

  64. Mark Nasatka says:

    Good info (not about the power painter, I already knew they were crap) can't wait for the follow up video. Thanks

  65. Joanne Ganon says:

    I would at least report it and get your money back , what a mess!
    At least you got around it and got the job done, that's what's important!
    JO JO IN VT 💕☃ 😊

  66. Claire Miller says:

    You do not work in slow motion fast motion you get er done

  67. farmer frog says:

    Hey Mike, definetly return the paint roller and get your money back. Love seeing product reviews. Also wanted to ask at 4:17 point in video is that a water heater? Can you give me details about were to get it? Hope you have luck with your hydronic corner.

  68. Dazie Bennett says:

    How funny = so it’s OK if I can’t find that yard sale auto paint roller I bought a few yrs ago & if it is were I Think I put it lol it might not be my self learning ability if I can’t get it working lol = thank you cuz I have 1600 square feet to paint SO you just saved me hours of self doubting lol thank you very much

  69. Raynona Bohrer says:

    Wow get your money back! Kept the receipt I hope. Great video. I really hope yes room works out.

  70. Dazie Bennett says:

    Oh ya your going to love microgreens I just learned them myself lol took me a while to get a steady’ish supply = my climate is hi humidity most of the year so I haven’t find tuned that part but heat seemed to be a big factor so I ran a hillbilly test using an old electric blanket covered with used plastic before buying a heat pad = Can’t say for sure what’s happier the heat bill – lettuce or microgreens lol so I’m keeping my taky looking set up for a while lol

    Ya it was a slow marketing start hear cuz most people didn’t know about microgreens = I gave allot of free samples & the few people that did know about them quickly became regular customers SO by the end of farmers market season I made a little starter guide book that has pictures of popular food with microgreens like Sandwich – Salad – top roman & hamburger with a list of microgreen name – nutrients & flavor = like spicy – not spicy – mild – peppery = I can’t remember if it’s Jonny’s or true leaf but one of them has flavors on several not all ANYWAY people’s reaction was better getting a free sample with info but it was too late in the season to know if it’s worth the ink = now the funny part was both me & another vender had the same results lol then last summer (market raised venders rent) lol guess public was asking for us microgreen girl’s SO ya it’s working slow but sure = lol oh I better stop lol you’ll be addicted soon enough lol 👍

  71. speshul says:

    I bought a sprayer for a fence. Piece of junk too.

  72. Arlene Adkins-Zell says:

    Oh my, thank you for the product review

  73. Sid Dean says:

    Mike go over to mhpgardner for great videos on hydroponics. He uses Kratsky methods which are almost foolproof.

  74. Stephen Kennedy says:

    👍 Can I Buy Sweatshirt with PAINT on it ? I kinda like it.
    PS I hate Wagner Power Rollers actually bought em twice hoping for better results.
    Looking forward to seeing grow room finished 👍💙☺

  75. Rhonda Mitchell says:

    I so love watching you and your ranch keep it up .

  76. TR Bowlin says:

    You paint like I do. More on me than on the wall! Looking forward to the build-out.

  77. Matt Steitzer says:

    Mike, what is the song you played?

  78. Rhonda Mitchell says:

    Use a sprayer .Your wife is so pretty.

  79. Waulda Caulkins says:

    Remember to tape over all wall outlet plugs.

    Oops, too late.

  80. Bob says:

    Airless sprayer for me all the way!! I too hate painting

  81. Clear Creek Farm says:

    Always a great video

  82. MrMantraMan says:

    Erin is a great gardener. Speaking of sales, your egg peeling vid sold us on an Instapot and we love it.

  83. Angry Twizzlers says:

    That review kicks ass!! No bs opinions. Thanks

  84. Bobby Susemihl says:

    We bought that power roller and had the exact same experience. We gave up after about half of a 10' wall and returned it. For $80, take it back, Mike.

  85. John Wade says:

    Well, I won't be buying one. The Earlex sprayers are pretty good, but very messy.

  86. Bama Boy says:

    Please tell me you're going to put the beer back

  87. Cotton Hollow Distilling says:

    Is that room heated? You aren't supposed to paint below 50 degrees. You get very poor adhesion. But, no sense worrying about that now.

  88. Flyboy68 says:

    Painting, baseball bat, take a baseball bat and beat your head till the thought of painting is gone LOL I hate to paint

  89. Raptortrail6 says:

    Certain"weeds"" can be really profitable 🤔

  90. Swamp Rat says:

    There is more paint on you than on the wall.
    Weed is easy to grow…just throw the seeds on the ground, water it with the dregs/heel of your beer bottles and it will grow. Some real water occasionally helps.

  91. Robyn Morris says:

    Take the piece of cr** back and get a refund. I totally agree with you it is much easier and quicker to trash it….the Wagner company will not make products better unless it hits them in the pocket book.

  92. Austin Blanchard says:

    Y'all NEED to try a fodder system to cut back some of the expenses of feed for the cattle and horses it only takes 7 days to initially get started then you can have high quality nutritional feed for the animals everyday and eventually could help with the hay situation.

  93. Ernest Sabatino says:

    What happened to your old farm house remodel that you started a couple of years ago. Left off at kitchen remodel and never heard no more

  94. sue mcfarlane says:

    Strawberry’s do really well in a hydro system

  95. Joyce T says:

    My experience with painting a concrete floor with paint is that it peels up and you have a mess. I think you need some paint designed for painting concrete.

  96. Melanie Westberg says:

    4Carl, All If you are not settled on shelves – – try these. I uses both the 2X4 and 2X2 versions on casters in my shop storage area and love them. If you use non-rotating on two corners and rotating with locks on two corners, the area is like bookshelves. Photos of my mods if requested. Painting is a pain.

  97. Jesse Hires says:

    Ya, had problems with the Wagner sprayer as well.

  98. Ernest Boatwright says:

    Just as soon as you said Wagnet

  99. Cante Maza says:

    At 5:06 what is that? It flows behind him

  100. Brent Crowder says:

    Hydroponics is great idea. But aquaponics is better. You get two crops and a usable byproduct. You get your plants on top of the water and you get fish under the water. The water can then be used to water the rest of Erin's plants. It is a great way to start seedlings and then transfer to soil vs starting seeds in soil. Almost twice as fast growing time. Instead of selling tomatoes Erin can also sell tomato plants in 6 or 8 inch pots, about a foot tall or so and sell for a premium price.

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