The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear: Grizzly Man
The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear: Grizzly Man

MARK: Okay, got that paw, okay uh. 00:06
COMM: Like millions of people around the world Mark Dumas loves nothing more than to take
a swim. But for him there is a rather massive difference as Mark swims with a polar bear.

100 thoughts on “The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear: Grizzly Man”

  1. Y says:

    Dad : Doesn’t want polar bear.
    Family : Gets polar bear anyways
    Dad And Polar Bear

  2. Cleiton says:

    Nunca imaginei que essa amizade seria possível. Um urso branco de estimação ? Parabéns

  3. Winston Craig says:

    One day the bear says f..k this makes his head into a hat 😳

  4. Bill Phillips says:

    Is that polar bear licking him or tasting him😂

  5. Shadow Kung says:

  6. tony cratf [• •]/ says:

    1:22 when thanos se toma una selfie con un oso Polar jajajaaj
    In english: (edit)
    when thanos takes a selfie with a polar bear XD

  7. D Larson says:

    The clock is ticking on this friendship lol

  8. cory skipper says:

    Which one is the polar bear?

  9. Pascual Angelo Eusebio says:

    The polar bear is playing with his snack

  10. Rmz ck says:


  11. Erma Nunez says:

    I didn't even watch the full video but I can tell you it's because the polor bear thinks he's one of them

  12. The Authentic says:

    I swim and with my wife is the same

  13. TriggeredByTruth says:

    This may be cute and all but a wild animal is always a wild animal and one day it may turn on the man and no one should be surprised.

  14. hole Mr.Black says:


  15. 1keykneedeep says:

    News Flash = Man eaten by Polar Bear. These things always end bad.

  16. Natalia Varegkina says:

    🐱💕ваааууу!!!!! Супер!

  17. Gazan Lock says:

    Ohh so this was the guy. I heard a bunch of robbers broke in to his house. No news of them breaking out tho.

  18. Johnny Lie says:


  19. MMR says:

    Best guard dog ever!

    Burglar 1: “Let’s check out this house!”
    Burglar 2: “okay, I hear they have a pool, so they gotta be loaded!”

    spots huge polar bear roaming freely around in the backyard

    Both at the same time: “NOPE!”

  20. Zavoc says:

    Is he dead now?

  21. Tali Tales says:

    Hugging a polar bear is a world dream to me :3

  22. i will steal your kneecaps says:

    Where did he get this dog???

  23. Agapito, Juliano says:


  24. Gamal Abdalla says:

    This bear is going to eat u one day mark my words

  25. ROMANS 1:16 says:

    yea…nobody’s robbing that house

  26. Wutangkilla1 says:

    Just found out he recently died in a bear attack. Rip 2019 😔

  27. dicolamia54 saba says:

    Gli animali ci stupiscono positivo

  28. Tolga Somay Uzun says:

    1:26 wow i like that photo so much

  29. Mister W says:

    Babe, there is a polar bear in the neighbor's pool.

  30. LUKHIAN says:


  31. bobby cowper says:

    66 million views , that's saying something.

  32. rcysiFg2 says:

    One Day…………

  33. victor ramirez villanueva says:

    Increible…este hombre y este oso son…extraordinarios

  34. Tavo_official says:

    Donde estan pardo y pam pam

  35. vicente el gamer pro says:


  36. Reflect Greatness_ says:

    I hope one day the bear doesn’t turn into it’s real ways & eats him like these other stories have been

  37. ShadezFN says:

    I can swim with a polar bear too I just might not survive🙄

  38. Laura hurtado says:

    The bear be like, i need all this meat for myself in winter !!

  39. Ivan Diablo says:

    next scene is bear sleeping w/ a full belly and 1/2 body next to him

  40. DeathStone20 says:

    1:44 imagine you tackle the bear


    Sólo falta que digan que son pareja, hacen el amor.

  42. Emre 81 says:

    Let's get dangerous!

  43. Queen Friday says:

    Hope he don't mistake him for fish someday

  44. Space says:

    "Yeah we have a pet too, just a bit bigger than your cat though"

  45. Karen Golar says:

    Polar bears are the strongest.
    Stronger than Tigers

  46. Ugandan Metal Sonic says:

    grizzly man is basically a animal whisperer

  47. Annie Collard says:

    The bear is cute like

  48. ruski gril xd says:

    Thubnail is look like that one picture in facebook bear and cow hah

  49. TC 328 says:

    Was he having sex with the bear at the start?

  50. Leonida says:

    Sedative sedative and a lots of sedative…this bear is under drugs

  51. Κώστας Σαμαράς says:

    Welcome to the United States… where everyone can have a polar bear pet in their backyard..

  52. Masko Mc says:

    Todo el mundo se puede bañar otra cosa es que te pase algo y a todos nos puede pasar


    The polar bear is a paid actor

  54. Mike Scott Nguyen says:

    F for the people that come to their backyard to swim in their pool without their consent.

  55. MrDanDan says:

    How did you get a pet polar bear dude

  56. Roberto landini says:


  57. Elga Salvador says:

    The animals are
    BIUTIFUL (expecially my wife😂😂)

  58. Ultranationalist says:

    Lets hope for a happy ending to this story. They usually don't end well.

  59. Roch says:

    YouTube: Man and bear? Naa
    7 years later

    YouTube: Man and a bear? Why not.

  60. Antonio Maurer says:

    1:54 deja vu

  61. Adam Qassamy says:

    Its like a big dog

  62. Michael Bryant says:

    He’s probably having sex with that beat and that should be against the law.

  63. davidrockstar22 says:

    I bet you no one gonna break in his house when he is out on vacation….

  64. TIAN FZ says:

    Yo tambien puedo jajajaja mentiras xd

  65. Corben Peach says:

    That’s one big puppy

  66. iRealZeta says:

    The song fits in perfectly lol

  67. Don’t get trapped In this shitty world says:

    This is sooooo cute❤️❤️❤️

  68. MonkStin Y. says:

    Someone : You should never play with ur food
    shows this video to her/him

  69. Tano says:

    I clicked on this video just so I can complain in the coments about how this is not a grisly bear.

  70. Kanwardeep Singh says:

    is he still alive?

  71. Maddie Manaois says:

    Man: *was a friend POLAR bear

    proceeds to call him GRIZLLY man

  72. OG Fight night says:

    Wait until he gets hungry

  73. 柊柊 says:


  74. Nab PuuhaPete says:

    How did you find that comment?

  75. santiago Escobar says:

    Yo quiero un perrito hace

  76. heisenberg walter says:

    this golden retriever is big

  77. Parallel Earth says:

    He can't bear the pool

  78. Jacob Doll Vlogs says:

    YouTube be like:
    2012: na
    2013: na
    2014: na
    2015: na
    2016: na
    2017: na
    2018: maybe

  79. The Sam says:

    El agusto bañándose con un oso, y yo matándolo a puñaladas..

  80. k-7857 خالد says:


  81. XxWolfieNightXx says:

    I want a Polar Bear !!! The re are so cure 🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  82. Azuroh says:

    Does this guy still have the bear wit him

  83. Dark Zeus says:

    I want a polar bear

  84. Vulgar Science PL says:

    0:04 now THAT'S a bear hug!

  85. 飯田紘一朗 says:


  86. Tokyo777 mark says:

    what a great friend! never betray you

  87. C0rill0 says: heres a fun little contrast for you

  88. Rebok Fleetfoot says:

    you want to make sure that fellow does not get in a bad mood, if he does, you are dead

  89. Lucy Wong says:

    All fun and games until one day polar bear bites your head off

  90. plainjane says:

    Why do people do this…

  91. Damarschae says:

    Not the Grizzly Man I remember.

  92. El Maestro says:

    wich one is the bear ?

  93. François Cauneau says:

    Thanks to your tutorial, I know exactly what to do next time I meet a polar bear. I specially appreciated the selfies. If still alive, I will send you mine…

  94. Cristian Hernández says:

    2 osos polares <3

  95. Kryptos4u says:

    One day hell get eaten, and i hope someone is recording it.

  96. Marco Castro says:

    parecen hermanos

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