The Scariest Fidget Spinner
The Scariest Fidget Spinner

– Greetings gamers, I’m Prudence, and I’m here with my brother Zack Say Hi Zack -This is dumb -No, it’s not! I bet by now. You’ve heard about these things called fidget spinners -What if they haven’t? -Shut up you son of a- I went online and got a fidget spinner to see what the big deal is about these things. -This is a bad idea -How is this a bad idea? -Anything with you is a bad idea -It’ll be fine, here let’s test it out. -Is it supposed to look like that? -Yeah I think?, I special-ordered it I think you have to turn it on -Um? Is this normal? -Oh? I didn’t know it could do that. -I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that Prudence. -No, no, I think it just has a special mode or something. It’s harmless Run for your life! -I thought you said it was harmless! -I was wrong! I think we’ve lost it. -Why does this always happen with you? -Be quiet. It’ll hear it us. -Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. -OH MY GOD! It’s wonder woman! -How are you even here? -I am always here to help those in- -NO! -Zap her first she’s the one who started all this. -ZACK, YOU MOTHER-! It was just a nightmare. I better cancel my order for that fidgets spinner before- -Prudence your fidget spinner is here! [Outro]

100 thoughts on “The Scariest Fidget Spinner”

  1. Lilith says:

    0:46 Her faace 😂😂😂

  2. Sauce Patroll says:

    i died when she sayd : Shut up u son of a…. lol

  3. Relican says:


  4. Little Dreamer says:

    you guys should do a '13 Reasons Why' spoof 🙊

  5. Elijah Garcia says:

    well you need to learn your math bitch because there's four (watch them at five nights at Freddy's)

  6. Winnie K says:

    That vampires knight poster👀

  7. Chloé Lee says:

    RIP Prudence

  8. Benita BaThel says:

    omggggg vampire knight!!!!

  9. Knez Fikol says:

    Zach, blink twice if Prudence's keeping you hostage.

  10. Angel Alvarado says:

    I love your videos 😂 I died laughing This is one reason why we need to get rid of all fidget spinners

  11. Angel Alvarado says:

    anyone else got that theme song in their head?😂

  12. stop sleeping on monsta x says:

    My opinion on fidget spinners in a nutshell.

  13. Eyiwunmi says:

    The Zach and Prudence videos are the best and anyone who disagrees can be sentenced to death by fidget spinner

  14. Thadius Meyers says:

    I want a fidget spinner that zaps people!

  15. Icon Mason says:

    How do you make their lips move to the sound of ur voice

  16. Kurt Gonzales says:

    "I WAZ RONG"

  17. Kelli Sees says:


  18. Kitty Haze says:

    i love how well this is made and i also love how you use the sims 2 my fave sims game

  19. Apocalypse _ says:

    do a new PLL Spoof pls :c

  20. ilisapeci waqairatu says:

    Can you do a 13 reasons why video☺

  21. Snow says:

    please do riverdale

  22. Snow says:

    Riverdaleeeee pleaseeeeeee

  23. cyanne russell says:

    You should do riverdale

  24. SeventeenYearOldWhore says:

    can you plz make another Pretty little liars spoof there my favs

  25. Estella Moon says:

    0:46 0:47 0:48 the face shit is so funny

  26. Estella Moon says:

    0:46 0:47 0:48 the face shit is so funny

  27. Estella Moon says:

    0:46 0:47 0:48 the face shit is so funny

  28. Myra says:

    As an owner of a fidget spinner I can confirm that this is 100% accurate

  29. Ty Baker says:


  30. gaming channel says:


  31. Vitor Hercules says:

    Zack is gay, right?

  32. cowboy king says:

    The fucking vampire knight poster sjdjsmdm

  33. Karianne Da Costa says:

    Vampire Knight ♡

  34. ANNOYED says:

    Midget spinners are so watermelon 🍉

  35. mikeyjaynes92 says:

    Do you do your videos off a PC or a Laptop?

  36. Music Lover says:

    anyone else think zack looks like Eugene from buzzfeed and prudence looks like loser mona?

  37. A Garcia says:

    0:47 and 1:05 killed me 😂

  38. champion says:


  39. bonnbel says:

    0:46 I'm dead lmaooo

  40. bbria28 says:

    "Hail Hydra!"

  41. good bye says:

    "Zap her first she's the one that started all this"
    "Zach you mother"

  42. Harvey G. Syrinfellow says:

    the fucking video buffers in a fidget spinner omfg what is this

  43. Crywolf says:

    I would love to see them have their own YouTube channel that be awesome

  44. are you kirring mi irrriya?? says:


  45. Apo Pancakes says:

    Zac looks like eugene from Buzzfeed.

  46. Maro B. says:

    Gave me nightmares

  47. Fabian Bonilla says:

    these are my favorites!

  48. Just for imvu // says:

    how tf is the loading logo a figdet spinner

  49. Sister Patrick says:

    oh they're siblings…

  50. Lulu Bonba says:

    She has a vampire knight poster

  51. owo says:


  52. Makeupby Andy says:

    Zachs cute!💖💖💖

  53. 1996 - 2017 says:

    Prudence and Zach are me

  54. Wandering_Podkins says:

    i thought you said it was harmless???!!!
    prudemce is so watermelon

  55. Dolph Fox says:

    SIM!! GM!! productions
    SIM!! GM!! productions
    SIM- Oh it's over

  56. Yusri subki says:

    i thought the song said Sim…Gm.. KARDASHIANS

  57. Jennifer Martinez says:

    There Fucking screwed

  58. Madison Longley says:

    That Wonder Woman cameo made my life! 😀

  59. Mae Lavern Sibayan says:

    dafuq is up with zack's overly detailed face I LOVE IT

  60. Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director says:

    Lol that no at 1:05

  61. Avish Misra says:

    Can you please make more of theses I love these guys😍👌😭😭😂😂😂😂🙌🙌❤

  62. Shiny Smeargle says:

    Im always there to help those in-
    In what? In tacos?
    Its 2:00 am and i should be sleeping

  63. Dakota olsen says:

    Zack is my favorite character

  64. Laura Beth says:

    I laughed just looking at the title. Then at Prudence 's voice. This is SO WATERMELON

  65. KaidenHockett says:

    Miss them sm

  66. Dhityous says:

    I like this prudence and zake character and that story about demon daughter.. But i confused wich kardashian spoof include the story and wich one from first to the end…

  67. Marleyan Babe says:

    1:13 is that picture on the left a joke on the intro to SnK? The frame looks like it's the one where they show jean using the OMV gear.

  68. Conor Garrett says:

    Can you do a spoof of the Blair witch project with Prudence and Zack please?

  69. Kaden Nguyen says:

    1:14 omg i love that vampire knight poster

  70. Tiffany Mejia says:

    I want more prudence and Zack!!💕

  71. g u k k e u n i e says:

    00:05 What, the fuck was that zack

  72. Onigiri Kitty says:


  73. M K says:

    make more Zack & Prudence videos, please!!!!

  74. Delano says:

    Omg i can't😂😂😂😂😂😭 but zach is watermelon tho😍🍉

  75. Paola Carrasco Lopez says:

    Why did they stop making theses

  76. Chimchim Noodles says:

    So Watermelon

  77. Ghastly Dragon 10 says:

    Shut up no it’s not

  78. •Toko Animates• says:

    oMg iTs wOndEr woMen!

  79. Smiley Junior says:


  80. alnabielr says:

    We need more prudence and zack

  81. Guardian_Blues says:

    It’s funny how at first I though Zack was an asshole but learned it’s all Prudence xD

  82. Kora Death says:

    What happened to the show

  83. Kora Death says:

    I ant my daddy zack

  84. Muni gamerHD says:

    Run for ur life
    I thought u said it was not harmless
    I was wrong

  85. Ana Lucia Leguizamón says:

    i miss this

  86. Ana Lucia Leguizamón says:

    i miss them

  87. Alejandra Lopez Ortiz says:

    Prudence is the best many loves

  88. Itz Camila says:

    0:47 XDDDD

  89. Robert Bennett says:

    So not watermelon

  90. THE_ PROPHET_38 says:


  91. Madison Longley says:

    Even though she got zapped, I LOVED the Wonder Woman cameo!

  92. Queenie Weenie says:

    Is this sims 2 or 3

  93. tannith says:

    bring them back

  94. Missy E says:

    0:46 This is so NOT WATERMELON

  95. Ayesha shekh says:

    Okay at 1:15 I can see vampire knight poster

    Vampire knight is anime series though

  96. Garry Stories says:

    “Don’t worry i’ll protect you”


  97. Rosalina Star says:

    First of all why did that small ass fidget spinner come in that big ass box🤣

  98. Itstilbert says:


  99. Itstilbert says:


  100. Angel Chan. says:

    Are you a weeb?

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