– What is up guys, Junior here, with Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, and we are here to bring you
the top 19 wheels of 2019. These are the hot wheels from 2018, combined with the new
wheels released for 2019, and we have a special guest, Mr. Shawn. – (laughs) A special guest now, huh? I get it, it’s good. It’s good, it’s fine. Okay Junior, get us
kicked off with number 19. (champagne cork popping) (laughing) (glasses clinking) (jazzy dance music) – So we’re gonna start with number 19 and go all the way up to number one. So starting with 19,
Anthem is now available at, and that’s the biggest
thing to take from this. This is the Anthem Defender. This is their most popular selling wheel. It’s got removable inserts, a lot like some of the Rockstar Wheels, and there’s others out there. You can take these, paint
them, matched to your truck. It’s more of the rugged, outdoorsy style, as far as Anthem designs go, but now they’re on Custom Offset’s site. I’m sure they’re gonna blow
up, seeing as they’re available on more than just – Number 18 was new in 2018. We know it’s gonna be hot in 2019. A lot of it’s been waiting
for the inventory to come in. It’s now set to come in, as you guys know. This will be running on CO2 right now. Axe compression forged wheels, So these are compression forged, which causes them to be light weight. They’re coming out with
different color options, and they got this sick cap
that basically allows it to be dual-drilled, but you
can run your spiked lug nuts. – So number 17, we have
the Xtreme Force XF-6. Now these are true directional wheels, meaning you have two sets,
one for the left side and one for the right side of your truck. The other thing Xtreme Force is doing that looks extremely amazing is their brush finishes. There is not many companies
out there that have this, other than American
Forged, Specialty Forged, so they’re a cast wheel company
that have two-directional, and these sexy brush finishes. They definitely have that going for them. – So for number 16,
we’ve got the DWG, DW13, which came out of nowhere 2018. They’ve been really hot,
selling a pile of them, and I believe that the reason is, they’ve kept the branding
to a almost minimum. They’ve got a five-point
star in the center. They’ve got nothing on the lip, and they’ve gone with
a really flat, clean, thin spoke, directional design to kind of give you that forged
wheel look and a deep lip, but they’re keeping it low, low price, and I think that’s why
they’ve been so hot. – So it seems like
everything that Hostile comes out with ends up turning out
amazing and doing really well, and I expect the Hostile Jigsaw
to be no exception to that. This is based off of their forged design. That was turned into a cast wheel, so you can see a lot of forged
qualities in the thin spokes, all of that stuff that
the forged wheels carry, but at a more affordable cast price-point, and it’s also that split-spoke style that you’re seeing out of a lot of the wheel companies
that are out there today. – Number 14 is the Fuel Assault. The minute I saw this wheel, I went, yea! Fuel’s making a giant concave wheel. Super aggressive spokes that come out past the lip of the wheel. We knew it was gonna be a hit,
and it absolutely has been, all of 2017, 2018. I expect it to keep going to 2019. – So number 13, we have the
whole American Force line up. Now they’re coming out with
new styles and designs, every single day, it seems
like, and their newest thing is their Concave Series,
which is like a hybrid style, lip and a concave face. And they’ve also got their new 30X16 that was just released at SEMA 2018. – Okay, you guys, number
12 is a Hostile ALPHA. Junior called it, I picked the STRYKER. 2017 SEMA, he said this was gonna be hot. It has been, ever since. It’s still going strong. I think the biggest
reason is that concave, deep lip, hybrid styling. So they kept with the clean spokes, big, heavy milling around the spokes. You got the dimples in
there, deep lip, hybrid. It’s a bomb, just like
you said so, Junior. ♪ Who can say where the road goes ♪ ♪ Where the day flows ♪ So, for number 11, we have the
ARKON Crown Series Victory. So yes, this is our wheel brand. We are a little bit biased, but we do still think
it’s gonna be amazing for 2019 for a couple reasons. So this is the ARKON Crown Series Victory. It has real hardware,
it has a removable ring, that you can paint the
color of your truck. If you want to customize the
face or the lip or whatever, you can get that done and use the ring to cover up the paint line. It’s also a proper directional, which is probably the biggest thing. So it’s true directional, ARKON’s term for it is proper directional. It means you got a left side and a right side for your truck. It’s also exposed lugs, and
it’s got rivets around it. Clean as (beep). – And I helped design it. Hey, you guys, we are
down to the final 10. Number 10, RBP 65R Glock
is much like its brother, the forged version of this wheel, and you’re gonna see
that it’s a split spoke, and then it’s got this
one random, every other, so it’s a very different design. You don’t typically see that. A lot of times they try
to balance everything, and I think that might be
what’s getting people’s eye. And also a nice, big lip, because the spokes dive
back just a little bit. RBP Rolling Big Power, a name
you’ve known for quite awhile, kinda coming up the charts
real fast right now, with the 65 Glock. – So for number nine, we
have the Vision Rocker. Now this is kind of a new
style to the truck market. It’s kind of modeled
after the mesh wheels, that a lot of the cars have. It’s got super thin
spokes, super flat profile, with a decent length on it, and I’m sure that’s why a lot of the truck guys are loving it. It also comes with some cool color ways, like the gray and black we have here, and it’s also at a super affordable price, which is probably the
main reason why people are picking up these Visions. – Okay, guys, we got number eight, is the Ultra Hunter. If you wanna know why
this wheel is popular, we’ll go back to the old hundo test. It is a 20X10 with almost a six-inch lip, and it’s mega cheap. That’s the only reason. – Number seven on our list, designed here, in house,
by Mr. John Chartier, is the ARKON Alexander. This is a proper directional
wheel, thin, multi-spoke. It’s also a hybrid, so
it’s got the concave face, and it’s got a lip to it. This one is super hot already
and it’s only on pre-order, so they think 2019, it’s going to blow up. (mouth exhales forcefully) – Number six, we got the Hostile SPROCKET. Arguably the best Hostile to date, and definitely still pushing as one of the top selling Hostiles. You’re gonna see it’s
got the exposed lug nuts, super flat face, super clean
milling all the way around, and it’s gonna have that
split-spoke, mesh feel, where it’s a directional wheel, but it’s not a directional wheel, so you’re not that worried
that it’s not true directional. Just super well done. Hostile, still top of the list. – So we’re down to the top five. You may be seeing this and be like, are you kidding me, the
Moto Metal 962 again? Well, yes, it is still hot. Black and milled, the Moto Metal of 962 is one of the cleanest, most
simple designs out there, and that’s why everybody’s running them. It’s a 20X12 with a five
and one-half inch lip, standard sizes, and you’re
looking at it right here, and they have the sizes, they have chrome, they have black and milled,
and they look good on, basically, any year body
style, in my opinion. – Numero cuatro, for four
or five years running, is gonna be the Fuel Maverick, again. Like the Moto Metal 962,
it’s a super clean spoke. This one’s got more of a taper to it, and I think it just gives
it a little bit more of an elegant look, with just
a little bit thinner spokes, and I think that’s why
it stayed hot again. 2019, guaranteed. – Alright, down to the top three. We have the Moto Metal MO970. Just like the Moto Metal
962 and the Fuel Maverick, it’s been around for the
last three or four years. It’s been hot for the
last three or four years. Simple design, it’s a lot
like the Fuel Maverick, just a little pinch in the middle. The more popular version,
I think, of this, is the machined face
that a lot of people run on their trucks, that
they run all winter long, type of thing, where it matches a lot of the chrome accents and
pieces on their truck. But super clean wheel, super simple wheel, and still super popular. That’s number three. – So we are down to number two. Gotta admit, we’re gonna
cheat once in awhile. Yours truly designed it,
it’s the ARKON Lincon. You’re gonna see it’s a
concave hybrid, deep lip, because the lip never ends, goes all the way through the spokes, we created no ridge in there. It’s gonna have exposed lug nuts. You can run those spikes. It’s gonna have a small
center cap, no rivets. All we did was listen
to what you guys told us to make, and, pop, that’s why we’re assuming it’s
gonna be number two in 2019. – So now for the number one wheel, we have the TIS 544. A lot of you are running
this on your trucks. You probably see it if you
go to any local truck show. It’s modeled after the TIS Forged F51. You can see a lot of similarities, thin spokes, split spoke, no rivets, just TIS off-road around
the outside of the rim. The cap has removable inserts
for spiked simulated lug nuts, because it is a closed cap, but it gives you that spiked look. This is the hottest wheel
on the market right now. This comes in your black
and milled, your chrome, and there’s an exclusive, custom off-set, red, brushed edition
that looks super sexy. You’re gonna wanna check it out, So that’s what we got for you guys in the top 19 of 2019. Let us know your thoughts
in the comments below, and remember to subscribe, (glasses clank) – I’ll see you guys in 2020. (jazzy dance music) (glass breaking)

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