These Wheels Will Change Scootering FOREVER!

Raymond made my voice all high my voice does not sound like that. Did you make this one, huh? Started days off with a couple of things number one. These throwback sticker packs are officially available at remove order calm Yes, that does include the knight Lama sticker So if you guys want one of those sticker packs There are only a hundred of them on the website and then they are gone toast no more. Absolutely Never gonna see another Knight Lama sticker who sticker anything like that? This is your chance If you guys have one of one of these sticker packs for a very long time You got to go right now. WW are more calm get yours before they are gone. Absolutely Forever number two. I’m down here at Madison ditch right now And this is looking pretty freakin good. If you guys miss the video, you can click that car right now We redid this entire quarter pipe it took about five hours of work. It was me Brando, Jess and Tito We worked so hard on this thing We do have some minor cracking for sure But it’s mainly along the edges and it but it feels pretty solid Like it’s obviously hard because it’s concrete the main spot that I’m worried about. It’s kind of up here in this corner spot It’s just kind of getting affected right now We did leave it like this because we figured nobody’s gonna be riding right here Which is why we’re all wrote all of our names right here But we do have a large crack right here if that starts to get wider I’m gonna cruise over to Home Depot and get some filler to fill those in I might just go ahead and do the same for all these spots that do have some minor cracking just because it would be a good idea just to have it looking nice and Just to prevent those from spreading any further But the main concern is the center of the ramp and the center of the ramp is looking freaking prime. It’s smooth There’s not a lot of issues in the center We do have like a small spot right here Which I don’t know if somebody messed with it when we left or something like that I don’t think anybody did but there is a small imperfection right here and a small right here in the middle but everything else is looking pretty freakin good little worried about the hi in right here just because this is always the first thing to kind of go and start to fade away or get chunky or Whatever, but if it starts to happen, that’s a really really easy one to fix. There’s no curve to it or anything It’s on flat ground. We’ll be able to patch that up really nicely, but I main concern was getting this part Right right in the center because this was absolutely Haggard before we made it a roller on the top I know this part is gonna break away pretty quickly people start to install this thing which is gonna happen But this quarter is more of like a jumper up onto the bank right here or just to do err tricks or whatever It’s not a super good core to you guys So if you do end up coming down here to get a quick session on the ramp that we built Please be respectful of it, but do not come for at least a few more days because it might look dry right now But if this suffers any direct contact like with a peg or a deck it will break away quickly So, please please please please please do not come here do not come here and ride this ramp yet We put a lot of work into this and I really want to see the community enjoy it for the next 10 plus years because I know that I’ve enjoyed it for the past 10 years and I would really like To see that happen again don’t want this quarter pipe looking like this in a week. This sucks. Don’t want to see this So again the second time please do not come here Do you have my spray bottles to kind of cure this thing up a little bit making sure that it’s drying nicely You guys probably think of like we talked about drying nicely just spraying it with water It’s just to make sure that it dries correctly essentially hoping to avoid more potential cracks things like that. Yeah, it’s looking pretty good So far, so give me a couple minutes. I’m gonna get this entire thing sprayed down really quick I think it’s gonna do it for now still got the names on there, which is really cool and the screw of course But yeah, they’ll do it first spraying it for now. I’ll come back here tomorrow and check it out. I donated The gallon of water to the lady that lives here I don’t know what her name is But now she’s got some Water, but I’m gonna head out for a medicine for the day and I think I’m gonna go see what everybody’s up to. So spot number two You know last night I was kind of kicking myself a little bit thinking like dude You could have gotten that quarter pipe smoother and we could have if we sat there and worked at it for the next like four Hours or something like that. We probably could have gotten like perfect but going back there today I realized you just it’s not a skate park. It’s a DIY spot. It’s not supposed to be super super smooth That’s not what DIY spots are about. So today. I’m a lot more proud of it But right now we are gonna go to the skate park and see if there’s anybody there riding We are over here at Cal Oak skate park right now and I want to show you guys something very very new to the entire Scooter community right now that you definitely have not seen before the all-new nd wheels. Now, these aren’t just any kind of wheel I know how well you guys can see that but that says try bearing and these are a 30 mil wheels These are wider than the normal Lambo try bearing means exactly what you’re thinking. These have three bearings inside of them You guys probably thinking why do these wheels have three bearings? What’s the use of that three bearings means that the surface area of the actual axle is longer wider? Which means that more weight will be displaced throughout the wheel which means that your brains will last longer at least That’s the theory. I know that sounds really confusing. But I swear it makes sense. Now. How does that work? There’s three bearings inside of there which means that there’s two spacers inside of there that are spacing each bearing apart normally There’s only one spacer with two bearings to make sure that they don’t clamp in and touch each other same method applies here Although something that I think might revolutionize the sport of scootering is the tread these wheels have tread on them on the actual Urethane you guys can see there are small Indentations on the entire wheel that has a purpose and it’s the exact purpose that you would think grip These are not brand new wheels. I have written them a little tiny bit You guys can see there’s like a couple of scuffs on them like that and a small amount of wear on the top the reason That I am writing my Lambos right now is because I screwed up the bearing and one of these trying to get it out because I wanted to see how everything was put Together not a good idea because now I can’t act Ride these and I want to but I’m gonna throw them on for you guys. I’m gonna ride around on them So you guys can see exactly how these things ride availability. I don’t know I don’t know when these wheels are going to be available at local and be dealers although from the looks of it on Instagram It looks like these wheels are gonna come in a black urethane a blue urethane a gold urethane as well as a clear urethane So relatively neutral colors, but you guys know me having this blue deck I’m definitely getting my hands on the blue set like a bluish glitter – I’ll put the photo right here so that you guys can see It see it’s like a blueish glitter same with the gold Gold’s kind of a gold glitter really really neat It’s a different concept and I’m very excited to see how it affects the scooter wheel industry But let me tell these things on really quick and give them a shot. Oh God Sorry, Jess. I’m bad Thanks. Here is our wheel. Now if you guys are thinking about getting these wheels, just so you know You are gonna need different spaces for the back of your deck These are my baby facers and you will also need a 30 mil wide wheel compatible fork Plus. These are 120 So you also need a 120 mil compatible fork. So to see you all now One down one to go For the record the reason I was trying to take this entire wheel apart because I wanted to see how everything worked and I messed up one of The bearings so that’s why it’s probably gonna sound that good because I done did doodly-doo that broke it but let’s ride All right Got both the wheels on there now as well as the new pork definitely want to start it off with some fast and like turning Maneuvers so we’re gonna start off by going down get some speed and Get in the gap. Oh, man. I went almost a flat say still Michael four we got Probably the most interesting thing about these wheels is when I turn you can hear the fact that I’m like kind of leaning on one Side of the wheel because you can hear like a high-pitched squeal very different for us scooter riders. It’s not like a bike Nice let’s drop in and get like a little squiggly with it and see if you feel a difference dropping in Yeah, I could definitely feel a difference because of the wider wheel you guys can probably hear it listen listen closely Here’s a little squeal these wheels are a little bit heavier than my lambo are so that’s a little bit different for me Let’s get a back-to-back flip flip train with Jess. I will go first high-five. Yeah, this is nice My back foot was moving around so much. All right, Jess first Oh Close all right round two That was a little bit on my end still landed it are you trying double flip? All right, Sal okay Do the wheels feel grippier, yes. Yes in a sense. They definitely do especially when you’re turning but do the wheels feel faster That’s the question because there is a wider wheel right now No, and the reason is because I destroyed these bearings if I had fresh bearings I’m sure they would feel faster because my wheels said I was just now riding have relatively good bearings in there But I exploded this back one and I have to tighten it more than usual because I screwed it up They’re still pretty quick. Although if I do want to continue to ride them. I’m gonna have to do those repairs flip up again Let’s see you Michael to a flat. He can’t Oh Actually pretty close. Okay, Michael, I feel you look That was wrecking sketch drop it in. So you get this You try to do it again I saw you fourth attempt my hands are so dirty right now, it’s disgusting for the Tamsin flip whip you just our booth in this one today, but That’s all I’m thinking. God still filming for a flip flip. Oh, yeah v go for Jess’s flip flip Vi go coming up, aren’t you sponsored by scooter zone or something sixth attempt for desk? Freaking leap forward just Jesus to front-flip whip so you can’t loop out like you are. Nope. Click the car right now We’ll just land this flip with this go. This is a seventh attempt. He says yes, I’m not as confident Jess I’m sorry so avid. Oh You barely got it Hey in the front scoot I got your back I clicked no on the card who you are proving me wrong What do you think about that? That’s it. It was amazing. That’s it. What do you want me to say something more than it was good or amazing. It was legendary Hey, you got my back sure attempted. All right deal and would it be For a first attempt ever that was pretty good I’ll back that. I’ll back it I want you to ride these wheels and tell me what you think about them turn a lot and give me your honest opinion likes Turned seize their grip hear my fucking hands. Yes, see if they’re grippier. Like lean really far. See what you think Alright right around the park a little bit and come back let me know what you think You leave it and bye your hands are probably dirty now cuz mine are really dirty Oh Raven made my voice. Oh, hi, my voice does not sound like that. Did you gonna make this one, huh? Now you’re gonna make this one deep follow me on instagram water You know back you have known. Oh My gosh jess is about to get skewered Okay, please have the number three with an extra. Jest kabob Of every clip I gotta got you know us on no-whip how they feelin Oh honest opinion Like like if they suck tell me they feel good They feel grippier a little bit. Yeah. Yeah a little bit turn more You can feel like when you turn you can you hear that? Yeah, is that weird? I agree and my voice doesn’t sound like what Raymond put it right now Yeah, I don’t know some it sounds exactly like that. Don’t you agree? Yeah. Yeah early days agree Bring a trip with Jeff. We’ll catch ya on yours or mine mine Boom yeah, your hands are dirty Now you get dirty hands and you with dirty hands and you get dirty hands if she doesn’t sound that bad right now On there. Make sure you guys get your vital good. He’s got the vital girls on there and they be chillin Here you go, Nate. Have a good time. Feel those wheels Nate. Hey Michael, how are you? You work on your scooter building skills. Have you built another scooters? It’s the last time when you built mine, not yet He’s gonna be my personal scoot mechanic when you grow up right you said yeah Nate says he wants to get close for the video but I told me she probably do it on his because mine is a lot bigger than his so go ahead and it what you Want to do I do backflip out of the fly it all back in And first you’re gonna list is a backe from Nate No problem. Now he’s gonna stubble with Ya a Mug another one, ah grease. There’s sixty out of the five Thank You Hana coming up drop it in Front side three two come out I can get that Benihana Keep riding man keep doing your thing in the end. The wheels are really really cool and like I said I’m really excited to see what the entire rest of the scooter community thinks about these wheels when they do come out I got to Take him over to a shop soon and get those bearings out because I really need to switch them because I brought them Michael’s gonna ride it go for it. Dude have some fun the perks of being a pro. Everybody wants to ride your scoop That is totally fine with me right now. I’m freaking starving. What else is new? So I’m gonna go grab something to eat

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