This is how I close the rear doors correctly. | KRONE TV
This is how I close the rear doors correctly. | KRONE TV

In the past when my grandfather was swearing he often said: “Fellow you can’t close the door!” So today’s truck drivers do not have to sing the same song we will give you some advice regarding the correct handling of closing doors of the Mega Liner and Co. By the way a topic out of the community. A sticker on the right door remembers the driver at every door opening of the recommended in the following closer described procedure. The message of the pictogram is: Bring together both door leafs in the middle of the trailer before shutting the doors. If the right door is opened very wide the weight of the solid steel door keyword lever arm multiplied with weight force leads to such a high moment that the rear frame could be twisted slightly. This could cause that the locking hooks of the rotating rods do not fit smoothly into the lock box anymore. At a Mega Liner I have the chance to lock and secure the right door in the standardly implemented DoorFix: Which allows me to close the left door easily with both hands. Positive side effect: At strong wind you can prevent accidents caused by shutting doors. The DoorFix is not standardly equipped in the Profi Liner but can be added optionally. If there is no DoorFix available the doors can still be closed unproblematically. But in this case you should fix the right door with the door stop on the side until the left door is closed entirely. Nevertheless a Profi Liner without DoorFix is from my point of view like a pot without a lid on it or Romeo without Juliet. And this drama should be avoided. Shouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “This is how I close the rear doors correctly. | KRONE TV”

  1. Vorname Nachname says:

    Ich liebe eure Videos. Werde bestimmt nie was mit den Aufliegern zu tun haben, bin jedoch von der Technik darin begeistert.

  2. Bärnhaard Kraft says:

    Regel Nummer 1, wenn man Türen vernünftig schliessen will. Der Auflieger muss Gerade stehen und nicht in sich Verschränkt. Das sollte bei dem Hallenboden kein Problem sein. 😉

    Wenn hier aber schon Communitywünsche erfüllt werden. Wie wäre es mal mit einem Video in dem man zeigt wie man bei einem Megaliner den Aufbau sichert wenn man mit Überlänge der Ladung fährt und die Türen offen bleiben?! Da sieht man mitunter grauselige Versuche auf der Autobahn umherfahren!

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