This new electric skateboard has one big flaw
This new electric skateboard has one big flaw

– I’m Becca Farsace with The
Verge, and this is a Dot board. It’s a modular electric skateboard, and y’all, it’s kinda sick. (upbeat music) There are three models of Dot boards. The Compact, the Cruiser,
and the Transporter. All of the boards are made
of a composite of maple, V.ply, and fiberglass. The Compact and Cruiser
rock pinstripe decks with kick tails, while the Transporter is a wood grain drop through. Each board also has two rear red lights that act as brake lights. All right, first, the Compact. It starts at $1,279, and
the main advantage here is its size and weight, with the disadvantage being its range. You have the option of one or two motors, with the second motor
costing an extra $170. The speed maxes out at 18 miles per hour, and it can get up to 12 miles of range. This board whips, and
it’s super easy to carry. But for full range, speed, and comfort, with the con being weight,
Dot offers the Transporter. This board starts at 1,599, and it is absolutely the
Cadillac of the Dot lineup. She whips, she whips! If you pop those 120 millimeter wheels on, it feels like you’re
riding on a damn cloud. I got real comfortable, real
fast going really quick. You can get up to 24 miles
per hour on this thing, and max out at 24 miles
of range, which is insane. You give up portability though. I mean, this thing is
huge and it is heavy. Carrying this would be a pain, it’s definitely an A to B
board with no stops in between. Now the Cruiser sits right
in between the Compact and the Transporter. It starts at 1,299, with a max speed of 18 miles an hour,
and 18 miles of range. I think this is the sweet spot in terms of sizes for
electric skateboards. I mean, number one, I just
have a wider stance on a board, so I appreciate that extra room, but also, if I had to get on the subway, I could easily pick this
up and take it with me without it being a huge hassle. The remote is a little different. So you have an acceleration
and a brake on the back side. I found myself using my pointer
finger and my middle finger to accelerate and my ring
finger and my pinky to brake. The remote definitely
took some getting used to, and I was often afraid of accelerating when I meant to brake. And if you pair that with this
board’s quick acceleration and quick braking, it’s
all just a little spooky. But what I did love about the remote was the tiny screen on it. You can see a speedometer, you can see how many miles
you’ve gone in your trip, you can change settings. This board is also not waterproof, it’s definitely not made
to be riding in the rain. If it does get wet though, it’ll indicate on the remote
that your motor is wet. The unique thing these
boards are doing though is how customizable they are. With each board, you have the option of how many batteries you want and on the two smaller boards, you have the option of how
many hub motors you want. One motor will provide a 15% hill climb, and two motors doubles
that to a 30% hill climb. Batteries each provide
around six miles of range, and each one will cost you
an extra $200 per battery that you add to your kit. Motors are swappable via an Allen key that is stored in the front truck, and batteries just pop right on and off by using the Allen key to unscrew them from the top of the board. I was able to change out the wheels and the motors in under two minutes. And batteries were just as easy. Okay, so there is one big
flaw with these boards, and it’s in its
regenerative braking system. Basically that means that when
you’re riding and you brake, it’s sending power back
into the batteries, which in theory is wonderful. And Dot even says that when you
charge your battery to 100%, it actually caps the battery
just a bit below that so that if you brake when
you start on a full battery, well, it’ll have room
to send some power back. The problem is, if you start
at the top of a very large hill with a full battery, like I did, and you go down the hill, well, when you get towards the bottom, your brakes aren’t gonna work anymore because your battery’s gonna be full. So here’s a video of Phil and I quite literally
riding off into the sunset. (wind roaring) Oh my god, it’s not slowing down. – Just hold the bra–
– And this is the moment I saw my entire life flash before my eyes. It felt like the worst speed
wobble I’ve ever experienced. Basically under my back foot, it felt like the brakes were pulsing, like they were attempting to brake, but not actually braking. And then that made my
back leg start to wobble, and then I looked at the remote, and I was going 27 miles per hour. And there’s absolutely no way I could have jumped off the board. So overall, it was a
terrifying experience. This brings up a good point though. When you’re riding an electric skateboard, there’s like this false
sense of confidence, right, that like you can brake at any time, you can accelerate at any time. But the truth is, if you wouldn’t do it
on a normal skateboard, you probably shouldn’t do it
on an electric skateboard. I did reach out to Dot about this issue, and they responded by saying
the remote will alert you if you try to brake while
the battery is full. The alert will be a
repeating haptic signal on the remote and a low brakes
message on that tiny screen. But during my experience with the board, I never received those
messages, and even if I had, I feel like they would’ve
been too little too late. Dot, please, please fix this. (upbeat music) So you could buy the base
model of one of these boards and say in a month or even a year, update to two motors
or add more batteries. But that’s also relying on
Dot staying afloat in a market that has seen companies come and go, and also seen companies like Boosted completely dominate the field. But what Dot’s doing is
actually pretty unique. I mean, skateboarding is about
changing out your wheels, your trucks, your deck, and just being able to do it yourself. And its really cool to see that come to the electric
rideables market. (upbeat electric guitar music) Woo! (upbeat electric guitar music)

100 thoughts on “This new electric skateboard has one big flaw”

  1. The Verge says:

    What would your dream location be to test an electric skateboard?

  2. Danny H. Dao says:

    with those prices and that significant bug, the writing is pretty much on the wall for this company. Personally, with that money, I'll buy an e-bike in a heartbeat. The best form of green transport that mankind has ever invented.

  3. JonUK4 says:

    Absolutely no mention of the legality of these.

  4. Maiku says:

    The regenerative overcharging applies to every electric skateboard. She should have known better if she had ridden these things before, or she's acting for dramatic effect. The fact that she had complained to Dot about this issue means that she's not familiar with electric skateboards, which also invalidates her "expert opinion" on this review.

    I'm surprised that there is no talk between the difference between HUB driven motors and belt-driven motors.
    As the hub, driven motors design are well known to have underpowered braking systems.
    Again, this is due to lack of experience with the field which also further invalidates the review.

    This video feels like when an IGN game reporter is not familiar with a game genre and is forced to make a video about it anyways.
    However, her approach to the video is better than the other videos with the guy talking about Boosted Boards or the Electric Bikes. So sometimes, you can't win.

  5. Anindya says:

    When I press break, I want the damn thing to b stopped…. not some haptic feedback…

  6. Phantom4Flyer says:

    That’s not a drop through. A drop through is where the board mounts to the bottom of the trucks. That board is just a dropped deck.

  7. hunter klugh says:

    so you can’t break and it’s waterproof and it’s over a grand, au revoir!

  8. Gero Lindenberg says:

    An electric skateboard is supposed to be a mode of transportation. Not being able to break when the battery is full is not "one big flaw", it's an absolute no go. You have to be able to break no matter what.

  9. SuperJumboJames says:

    Lets test this in a location no one will use this in

  10. 10K Subs In 2020 Challenge says:

    Like – Hover Board

    Comment – Electric Skateboard

  11. Meowdy Partner says:

    That remote is so stupid! Its seems way to easy to press it wrong

  12. Level Up Editing says:

    The thing is, Casey has promoted Boosted so hard for years, that ALL competitors have to enter the game virtually flawless. For DOT to come in with a great offering that has a fatal flaw that's "Terrifying" is a real bad move.

  13. Dank Daily says:

    You realize every regen breaking e board / onewheel has this issue. There really isn’t anything to do because the regen is caused by the rotation of the motor.
    If you live on a hill only charge it to 90-95% easy peasy. If you look in the manual it explains this.

  14. S S says:

    What happened to good old fashion bicycles? Or even e-bikes

  15. jetho says:

    Wait what?!
    Why the f do you choose to design your board in a way that your braking system completely fails when your battery is full? But their „solution“ is even more moronic: THE REMOTE VIBRATES WHEN MY BRAKES WON‘T WORK?!
    „Gee, thanks for the info. I will now proceed with crashing.“

  16. kushagra K says:

    Starts at $1279.
    Me: 🙏🏽

  17. Vassilis TOULOUMTZOGLOU says:

    The flaw is the reviewer who took a fully charged electric mobility device, forgot the laws of physics or how regenerative breaks work and then blamed it on the maker of the device…

  18. Jelle says:

    Maybe an emergency battery for breaking?

  19. Matias Baldanza says:

    I would certainly call that "issue" of not being able to brake with a full battery a FATAL DESIGN FLAW.
    I recon that skateboards are not safe, and that might even be part of their appeal, but not having a way to brake without regenerating battery is a disaster waiting to happen.

    And no, the "you're using it wrong approach" ála Apple is NOT a solution.
    Will they place a safety sticker stating "Do not use downhill with a full battery"?

  20. Sebastian d'Anconia says:

    Outstanding location for this review! so well shot, love it

    I've been aware of that issue with regen braking, is there any company that's addressed it? aux battery for overage?

  21. Elliot Jenner says:

    I can't see using this for anything fancy. You can't do lots of stuff due to worrying about damaging the battery packs on the bottom.

  22. Sharath Shaiva says:

    Once i was riding bicycle downhill and the breaks got broke, luckily i didn't jumped and took a deep breath and pressed the break rubber with my legs and stopped it…. that was the worst thing ever happened in my life

  23. rohan sharma says:

    Thank God you are Alive 🙌

  24. Louder says:

    That is not a drop through deck.

  25. ChristofferLou says:

    Sound like you need to learn how to ride a normal longboard first and brake with that. Then you could go on with this video

  26. chrislips says:

    Love seeing Becca review electric skateboards! This was a lot of fun. I hope Verge can do more Esk8 videos with her – there is a huge market beyond Boosted that is affordable and just as competitive in specs.

  27. Slickdeals says:

    How would you compare it to the Boosted Plus?

  28. NotAGamer says:

    The breaking "issue" is pretty normal in a lot of esk8's. It is generally a good idea to know how to foot break / knwo how to ride regular boards at similar speeds before esk8ing

  29. C.T. Wellington says:

    I welcome the competition in the market, but I can buy a car for $1500. I'll buy one in a few years when they're ~$300. Also can't brake when the battery is full?? they could have just diverted the regen power to a resistor on a heat sink

  30. ADIL saleem says:

    Love it happy to see it

  31. Marcus Bennett says:

    I must be getting old, because when you said 1599 I envisaged you meant $15.99 and I was like … finally something I can afford. Oh well, I'll be back to dreaming again.

  32. Jedidiah Smith says:

    Converse < PF Flyers

  33. Control-Z says:

    That's why you foot brake and 27 mph is easy maybe try carving or just don't start out on an electric longboard until you learn everything on a normal longboard.

  34. Owen Wilsey says:

    I wish the Verge would do there research before posting their thoughts. All electric skateboards will eventually loose breaking power if you apply breaks going down a hill. This is because the Battery Management System (BMS) doesn’t allow the battery to be charged over a certain voltage (depends on the battery) this results in the batteries shutting down in self preservation. It is possible In theory to have the breaks always work even downhill but this would have a pretty significant negative impact on the batteries. You should always be aware of this no matter what electric skateboard your riding (even Boosted!!) next time Verge do your research and this video would have been better. Also it’s possible to slow down by carving hard or power sliding….

  35. Paul Kent says:

    The fix is to learn how to go fast before you go fast.
    Foot breaking and sliding are skills everyone needs to know when taking skateboards above their running speed.
    As an ambassador of the sport it's kinda your responsibility to lead by example.

  36. Kel R says:

    What does feel like compared to a onewheel?

  37. Joshua Schwarz says:

    Do you know about any plans for sale in Europe? Great, honest review, thanks for that.

  38. Bird-Kid says:

    0:30 minor board taxonomy error: that's technically not a drop-through, but a regular top-mount. (maybe a slight drop-down at best?)

  39. Mike Novelli says:

    And this is why you should know how to foot brake. Learn to skate before you jump on a board and bomb a hill… If you don't already know how to foot brake you have bo business being on an electric skateboard. That makes you a danger to yourself and others and is super irresponsible.

  40. Ayman Suliman says:

    Yooooo love this host

  41. cgauer says:

    A load dump resistor in case it hits real 100% battery charge? Like trains (resistive elements)… Just make it sure protecting it well agains burns…

  42. Kael says:

    "12 miles of range" Y'all need to learn how to ride electric unicycles.

  43. b145701s says:

    Still dont understand why people dont buy a good longboard instead…

  44. Dom says:

    I just want to say Becca is great. That's all.

  45. Zachary Laborde says:

    Isn’t this a problem with all electric skateboards that have regenerative breaking?

  46. Arete Qin says:

    So finally how did u stop it?

  47. Stephen Orion says:

    Big flaw isnt the brake. It's over 1000$ that's the flaw lol

  48. Hayden Weir says:

    Best verge host, full stop.

  49. ytxstream says:

    How are they supposed to fix it without breaking the laws of thermodynamics?

  50. My Account says:

    Dat Rolex Daytona at 3:04 though

  51. Mohammed Yaseen says:

    Its existence?

  52. Aaron Gagne says:

    Could they find a way to convert excess power into heat? Cap the speed at a certain limit, and any additional speed is just dumped through a resistive heater of some kind? That way you always know you have enough braking power for the total inertia of board and rider.

  53. says:

    I must be getting old and didn't understand a lot of those terms. What's a subway?

    Seriously tho, it shouldn't be that hard to add a mechanical braking system that takes over when the batteries are full, or perhaps a heater element to bleed off excess energy.

  54. DREDRE says:

    so did you fall

  55. Anton Slizzardhands says:

    Who is buying these and in what cities of America?

  56. DREDRE says:

    we demand the footage

  57. Sean Page says:

    Legit the worst electric skateboard video I have ever seen

  58. Mogen Cheng says:

    so you cant brake if the batteries are full…….

  59. Marko Dragojevic says:

    Use one foot to slow down or stop, problem solved 💁‍♂️

  60. 1234bmt says:

    I've fallen twice on a skateboard going over 30. I was very lucky honestly. The feeling when you get the speed wobbles is absolutely one of the weirdest, most terrifying feelings.

  61. Illuminate The Dark says:

    What is the best Point-and-shoot Cam at the moment? I really wanna get one for the pics i wanna take with my phone but then don't cos of lacking zoom or dynamic range aso…

  62. Alexander Caley says:

    This is the case on every board with regenerative braking unfortunately. Considering your reviewing though I feel you should have mentioned that

  63. iamdmc says:

    He hasn't convinced me
    Just wanted to yell "Shut up Wesley"

  64. fourty7 says:

    ..I'll just wait for the generic brand for $100 on eBay

  65. Jonathan Gil Santillan says:

    she is so goals

  66. J knowledgenet says:

    All outrageously priced, for something their ordering from China for a few hundred bucks. Most the companies if you buy like 10 they'll put your custom logos, but hey 10 boats thru them will cost the price you'd pay dot for 3

  67. James Spencer says:

    I don’t really understand how you expect this company to be able to fix this. It’s literally Physics. When you brake, you take kinetic energy and change it to something else. If the battery is full, then there is no way to add more energy without damaging the cells. Aka, if you know you’re going down a big hill, dont charge to 100%.

  68. YewTewbe says:

    So HOW DID YOU SLOW DOWN!!! That's all I want to know and you didn't answer it 🙁

  69. Colin White says:

    Dot is doing nothing wrong, don't go down the hill if you cant powerslide at that high speed. Thats downhill boarding 101..
    You git men and women going down mountains as high as 64 MPH!! They hit corners and slow down or even stop if necessary..

    Only ride what you can control..

  70. Darin Walker says:

    I’m sure it will only take one time before you go downhill on 100% charge again 😆.

  71. Jordi Parra says:

    There’s nothing they can fix regarding no regenerative brakes when the battery is full. It’d simply fry it. If you happen to live at the top of a hill, all you can do is simply charge to 80% instead. It’s the exact same “issue” with boosted boards. I have a boosted, and if this is an issue, with the Ride app, you can set it to stop charging at a set percentage. It’s clearly stated in the Boosted manual though. I’d be surprise Dot didn’t mention it in theirs. You’d have read it before going downhill… 🙂

  72. Marc Lamparter says:

    Not waterproof, but obviously your gonna go outside.
    No breaks when charged but obviously you're gonna go down hills.
    A'right, someone bring me the privileged "geniuses" who made deez damn boards!!!

  73. Benbot says:

    I wish I lived in a world where this was a viable mode of transportation.

  74. asCii88 says:

    What a ridiculous bug!

  75. Him says:

    This is such a good video. Wow.

  76. Ryukachoo says:

    And this is why I'm really confused why Regen brake systems don't have a fail safe to dump power into a resistor or back into the motor coils. Both of which will still slow you down

  77. Financial Shinanigan says:

    The price is too damn high!!

  78. Aadithya krishnan says:

    I'm buying a boosted board…

  79. cosmo olversatil says:

    Ehmmm. These are way too expensive I got 2 with 18mile range 24mph max speed for $850… I might pay that for an "all American made" or some charity reason. . And all e skateboards have that problem with the braking, which is something you can solve yourself by, idk maybe, THINKING AHEAD.

  80. Chuck Maddison says:

    Hi, nice board. The brake thing is quite common sort of. My Razor x has higher voltage pack than factory for more speed, guess what no brake with full charge. My Black Hawk, not had problem. Have heard of others yes. I recommend to learn foot braking just in case.

  81. Gabriel Meyer says:

    got my meepo for 400$ hahah and it goes 25mph

  82. Tymoor Husain says:

    This is how all electric skateboards with regerative braking react to that scenario. There should be a clear warning in the box but this falls on the user, not the company. A little harsh to feature it prominently in this video and title imo

  83. Brad Evans says:

    Hopefully people will support them!

  84. RAES Studios says:

    Better than the Boosted Board?

  85. black magic753 says:

    You cant break on a full battery? Why???

  86. Richard Gleaves says:

    Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

  87. Ramon Solorio says:

    Several flaws actually, but cool boards. Almost every e-board and onewheel have similar braking scenario at full charge.

  88. Taymur Khumush says:

    I ride a scooter with huge wheels and I barely survive holes and street cracks. How are people riding these at 15+ miles an hour?

  89. Slaik says:

    Bruh for this amount, buy the boosted mini

  90. Praveen says:

    Hey David imel , what are you doing here, go write the article

  91. Tamang Amir says:

    I would rather buy iphone 11 pro max and ride Uber 🤣 jk.

  92. Michael Maurakis says:

    Yeah the prices start there. You start to get into high end evolve board territory with the pricing without the high end evolve performance/range. Lame

  93. Devan Marie says:

    Becca! This video is awesome and now I'm subbed:)

  94. Simon Mei says:

    This board for 1300-1600? I smell bankruptcies for this company

  95. matthewweaverworks says:

    😱🛹Becca got so lucky she didn’t wreck. I did that on a long board and got all tore up. 🛹Literally🩸

  96. Andrew Warner says:

    So how did you stop?

  97. lavkmr1 says:

    Mmmmmm verge

  98. UK Night Hunting Vision says:

    Was going to watch 'The Verge' video, then was being made to wait with an enforced '20 Second Advert'; got bored after a few seconds and moved on without watching my first 'The Verge video. 'The Verge' do something important, do something positive and remove enforced adverts!

  99. Flawed World says:

    Just buy from Meepo lmao dont waste your money.

  100. TBA8o8 says:

    for over a grand the braking should always work indefinitely….like why even take this thing to market. You know whats around that price range (I know technically more) Boosted; and their brakes always work.

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