Thule  Roof Rack Review – 2008 Honda Accord –
Thule Roof Rack Review – 2008 Honda Accord –

Today on our 2008 Honda Accord we’re going
to be test fitting the Thule Rapid Traverse roof rack system, part number THARB53 for
our aero blade, part number TH480R for our foot pack, and part number THKIT1560 for our
fit kit. We’ll begin our test fit by assembling
our fit kit to our foot pack. To do so we’ll take the pad and insert
it onto the bracket here. As you can see, they are the same shape so
you’ll just want to press the perimeter of that pad onto the bracket. With that pressed on we’re ready to put
our clamp on there. We’ll pull down here, line this up.

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  1. L-train Zero says:

    Is it a universal rack that will fit on an older Honda model, 2001?

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