Trimmer Repair – Replacing the Thrust Washer (Ryobi Part # 791-181561)
Trimmer Repair – Replacing the Thrust Washer (Ryobi Part # 791-181561)

Hi, I’m Mark from In this video, I’m going to show you how to
replace the thrust washer on a Ryobi trimmer. The thrust washer is a nylon washer that provides
a bearing surface between the trimmer head and the trimmer spool. Without it, the two plastic portions of these
parts would rub against each other until they created so much friction they melted together. Replacing the thrust washer is easy to do
and I’m going to show you how.Thrust washers, as well as many other parts, can be found
on our website. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the bump head knob and the spool. I’ll use a small pick to pull C-clip away
from the shaft. Now remove the plunger and the plunger spring. Now remove the E-clip, the slider, and the
two slider springs. I’ll use a pair of split ring pliers to do
that. With the slider removed, now I can access
the thrust washer.I’ll pull the thrust washer out with a pick. Now install the thrust washer. Now install the two slider springs back into
the outer housing. Now the slider
and this gets secured with the E-clip. Now install the plunger spring and the plunger. You’ll notice that there’s some angled faces
on the plunger. There are also angled faces on the slider
and I want to align those together. Once in place, I’ll press the plunger in and
secure it with the C-clip.Now I’ll install the spool. The spool comes pre-packaged with trimmer
line already on it and often the two lines are twisted together. This is just for shipping. What I want to do is pull the lines away from
each other so I have them extending out both sides of the trimmer head. You’ll notice these clips on either side of
the head and those are to temporarily hold the line while we insert the spool into the
trimmer head.Line up each of the trimmer lines with the eyelets on the trimmer head and then slide the head over the shaft. Once in place, I’ll give a tug on the lines
and that’s to pull them away from those temporary clips. Now secure the spool with the bump head knob. Because of the spring on the knob, you’ll
need to press in as you secure it. That’s how easy it is to replace the thrust
washer on a Ryobi trimmer. If you found this video helpful be sure to
give us a thumbs-up and leave a comment.

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