The thing in it Screams in excitement Woah-oh! [intro music] You guys ready for it? Yeah! Well, it’s kind of like ah Like an unboxing surprise Woo! I like it Already! I love surprises! Okay, It’s not a dead animal or anything scary Okay, everyone, plug their ears I mean, eyes Close your eyes and close your ears! What We Doing x2 Close you’re eyes! were doing a unboxing surprise In this box I have a surprise for you guys The rules are one child at a time pulls out one surprise. No fighting, no kicking, no biting, no screaming, no punching. [no complaining] No complaining No attacking each other Alright! We get it! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! No roasting! Unless it’s, like, really funny Rock, paper scissors Shoot Close your eyes! It’s not gonna explode or anything *screams excitedly* Headphone… rip headphone users. I’m sorry! Wait a second One at a time Ok, two at a time. Two at a time. Ok, wait. No no no! Two at a time! Guys, guys, two at at time. Guys, just to let you know I ordered a bunch of these, Fidget spinners wait!, how many are there? [dad says he doesn’t know]


  1. Natalie Rowlands says:

    Can I have 4 figet spinners for no money

  2. Suzie Thomas says:

    The 100

  3. Bobi Gruia says:

    Rich line mädchen

  4. Kermit De frog says:

    Omg my ears that's so loud

  5. AKASH GAMER17 says:

    I hate fidget spinner

  6. Ciaran TDP says:

    Roll the wheel on the table

  7. gillian & rob russell says:


  8. Vương Lê hùng says:

    do you like undertale?

  9. Yousra Hamington says:

    i alrady have the first golden one

  10. Arcelia Gloria says:

    He scremd so loud😮😶

  11. Griselda Longoria says:

    You have 7 fidget spinners not 6 did any one see that

  12. Ghost Gamers says:

    0:59 My ears are bearning

  13. jill_gymnast_2346 says:

    Fidget spinners use distract people from work, and it doesn't help u concentrate. My opinion! Lysm eh bee family!

  14. L Squad says:

    I'm aloud fidget spinners at my school but not slime

  15. Harrison Collinge says:

    My ears now hurt cheers lol

  16. some guy that wants subs says:

    I had headphones 😠

  17. Sergio Hernandez says:

    Brando. David. mazzoni. flores

  18. Sergio Hernandez says:

    Brando. David. mazzoni. flores

  19. Sunflower XX says:

    Its band from school

  20. Zaher Rammal says:


  21. Sunny Perez says:

    You guys cheer me up

  22. Golden3_Gigi Love unicorns says:

    Fidget spinners aren’t cool they’re dumb they are for kids with autism not to get stupid veiws

  23. Danilo Escoto says:

    tha girl its so overaacting

  24. Madhu maitan says:

    Yes it's banned…..I love you guys …. especially miss monkey

  25. foxy loue says:

    It's fine

  26. Shauna Garcia says:

    Actually studies have shown that figet spinners do not help ADHD or anxiety nothing

  27. shkal alex says:

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  28. Lil Spoiled says:

    Why didnt that boy already have one… seems like he needed one 😑🤦‍♂️

  29. ASHLEY CHEN says:

    Good thing i turned my volume down before this vid

  30. Video Wiz says:

    I remember being the first in my class to bring a fidget spinner in, like people actually asked to spin it

  31. Khalid Gg says:

    You are a foolish mad crazy & a drama queen

  32. Aidan Robin says:

    you can roll the wheel on the table! I have that one

  33. Okoyo Okoth says:

    I <3 you guys so much you are ☆s 😘

  34. Okoyo Okoth says:

    Mistake of using headphones R.I.P ears and all headphone users 😢😢😢

  35. ebony barnes says:

    Whos watching this in 2018 and its not viral anymore? 😂

  36. Igor Ilijoski says:

    Hey wanna play a game?

    What slime are you?


  37. Tamara-Lee Parker says:

    Em bee family i think your channel is the best i hope never stop doing what you do ps you people rock with asomnes

  38. קורן נגאוקר says:


  39. Krish says:

    No screaming 0:42, scream0:56

  40. Zacharyhg - says:

    BRUH the boy's reaction was dumb!!! ITS A FIDGET SPINNERS it's so dumb ah!

  41. Ellie Rose McCulloch says:

    Love you guys

  42. Mario Sierra says:

    can you give me

  43. Met Product33061 says:

    Whoa whoa don’t get too hyper

  44. Brianna Hoang says:

    Slime fidget spinners and Pokemon cards are banned in my school

  45. Peter Faamasino says:

    spinner so fanny

  46. Troy Birkner says:

    NO!!!!! NO DAB!!!!!!!!!!😹😹. Just kidding.

  47. Troy Birkner says:

    I love dab spinning

  48. Bonzo dog says:

    This was the first video I watched of yours and I'm soo happy I did you are so funny

  49. Alanna Hill says:

    I liked it the smooth fidget spinner that didn't have any found and I liked it the colorful one because it spins a long time

  50. Demi Swainston says:

    Were not allowed toys at school. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😣

  51. Amberplays lovedogs says:

    It is sooo cool 😃😃😆💝

  52. EmderBoy HD says:

    jesi ti krstio tvog malog posto dozivljava orgazam u videjo zapisalu?

  53. Jenna Goldenberg says:

    Are you guys aware that you are on an inside Edition video about fidget spinners?

  54. Abby Adair says:

    When he screams, I DIE LAUGHING!!!

  55. Melanie Moetu says:


  56. jason's_ bsp says:


  57. Yaniortiz11 says:

    You guys suck

  58. BIG Dan says:

    ha why are you so excited

  59. carlos 1227 says:

    quem veiopelo giga

  60. Jhzer Jhzer says:

    Do you even go to school

  61. la fresa kawaii says:

    Boy Mouse 00:2

  62. Kyndall Fire says:


  63. Brandy Huff says:

    my teacher bannded them the first day

  64. Khy says:

    i'm getting a rainbow one in two days it's a #1 BEST SELLER!

  65. Driver Aungpao Th says:

    Tomo news?

  66. Luke Palys says:

    pliz delit youtube chanel

  67. Randy Legaspy says:

    He needs to calme down 🙂

  68. Ahmed El Baz says:

    I actually did spin my fidget spinner in the class and the teacher saw and she didn’t do anything

  69. Илко Евгениев says:

    I live in bulgaria i love this family and this guys too

  70. Asrael_070 says:

    Robot de Platon…..

  71. Pramila Shukla says:

    wow you are so cool

  72. Shabana Shaikh says:

    U guys r awesome I love miss monkey so much and I like her songs even

  73. Flynn Rhodes says:

    O0:2 ok. Somebody call the doctor

  74. LITTLE JOE says:

    the create of fidget spinners you should be thankful for and you should be sad because she suffered and she didin't make a single penny

  75. lilxjoee G says:

    Waste of garbage

  76. It’s me Franco says:

    Omg the new videos she looks like a whole new person omg I miss the old miss bee lol 🙁

  77. Franka ly says:

    My best fighet is at 2:39
    My option

  78. Vanilla_ Playz says:

    The 00:01–00:06 Is sooo funny when he screams XD

  79. Rob Donovan says:


  80. my youtube page says:

    crazy house

  81. Sofia Elise says:

    1:00 r.i.p headphone users😂😂😂

  82. Lucretia Chambers says:

    You’re suc Do you


    When fortnite wasn’t popular at the time

  84. ExpertTigerGamer Play says:

    Ms bee always sing

  85. Văduva David Lino says:

    I mare thenk

  86. Văduva David Lino says:

    Îs îs David

  87. Sunanda Narkhede says:

    What a nice fidget now I will get the fidgets

  88. G Van Wyk says:

    Giwe me one pls

  89. Антон Русанов says:

    Идиоты, это же надо так радоваться обычному подшипнику.

  90. Theyoutubelover 0008 says:

    The scream of mister monkey XD

  91. Sandra Gonzalez says:

    Their made for peolle or kids with ADHD

  92. AngeloMHD says:

    2 years later : TikTok


    0:58 when when you find your adoption papers

  94. TheDisturbBoy HD says:

    0:58 im in the hospital

  95. Jennifer Kellogg says:


  96. MelonanTV says:

    [screams in pterodactyl]

  97. Evan Williams says:

    6:07 “look at the sound”.

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